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Anxiety in Mass Observance /conformity

November 08, 2021 Patricia Worby
Rebel Health Radio
Anxiety in Mass Observance /conformity
Show Notes

In this short audei I talk about how anxiety and lack of emotional connection plays a major role in the development of mass formations of culture like the one we're in at the moment. Psychology has much to teach us about how even out elected leaders, traumatised as they are already, cannot lead us to a state of freedom as their minds are mobilised towards threat. We are all instates of low emotional resilience right now.
My thoughts an interpretation on a Pandemic podcast by a professor of psychology here
There are 4 pre-requisites for the kind of cultural narrative we are seeing during this pandemic:

1. A disconnect from community/family/collective structures 
2. A lack of meaning in our lives (jobs or lives that give us no joy or meaning)
3. A free floating anxiety
4. Unresolved aggression

The effect of these being in place (and Brexit in the UK was the perfect playgroud) means that when we have no overall connection we will look for a false sense of groupthink to attach to (a very narrow focus) that does not allow for dialogue, dissent, informed opinion outside of the culturally prescribed narrative. Instead, anyone who does not agree is vilified, ostracised and alienated - and in the current context is also excluded from a lot of the things that make life meaningful: freedom of movement, freedom association and medical freedom in the assertion that 'we're all in it together' which eulogises some of those doing their jobs (NHS workers) whilst not rewarding them financially or recognising the huge sacrifices other people are forced to make when they cannot get treatment for the more routine problems (and indeed the more serious ones - cancer treatment for instance). Let alone the huge waste of resources and desperate lack of funding for mental health services that will surely lead to more anxiety, more alienation. 
This is how totalitarian governments operate before instigating draconian measures to eliminate certain groups.