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Possibility in Action™

Robert Pardi | Author | International Keynote Speaker | Life Coach

A podcast where we broaden our perspective and empower ourselves through storytelling. This podcast was crafted after my third book titled Possibility in Action©. I define Possibility in Action™ as taking desire for positive transformation and putting it into action. It is not just about leveraging change for growth, but it is being empowered by the attempt itself to pursue dreams. It is about striving to identify new possibilities, then claiming and leveraging them to achieve a broader, more fulfilling life. My goal is to highlight people who exhibit those qualities - qualities that are available to all of us. The trick is to move away from comparison and move towards admiration. I have learned something from everyone I have ever met and what I hope is you will experience the same through these conversations. This is about self-growth and personal development. No fixing is required! All that is required is valuing your uniqueness and living in harmony with that uniqueness. Ready?