Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life

Getting To Know You-Tips to Better Understand your Ideal Community

January 12, 2021 Christa Gurka
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
Getting To Know You-Tips to Better Understand your Ideal Community
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode! Have you ever read someone’s website or social media post and thought "Yes.. it's like you're in my head!"? Well, that’s because that company really understands their ideal customers. Do YOU understand your customers like that? Let’s find out in today’s episode!

I want to start by sharing more background on my story and the journey I took to get where I am now. From side hustles to accidentally falling into entrepreneurship to business expansion, I’m letting you in on how I stepped out of the role of business owner and into the role of CEO and visionary for the company. 

In the second part of this episode we’re talking about why it's really important to get to know everything you possibly can about the people you work with. I’m talking about understanding your Ideal customers.

Hear about…

  • The 5 pillars of marketing 
  • The first pillar of any successful marketing strategy is attraction
  • How to book more of your best clients by knowing WHO they are and WHAT they want
  • Understanding your ideal customer at an emotional level 
  • How to get the results you want to close the gap between marketing and sales
  • A crucial and fundamental piece of the marketing puzzle that most people skip or miss altogether

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn in this episode…

The four basic frameworks of people's behavior:

  • Reference Points
  • Reasons
  • Resources
  • Replacement

The more you know about how your ideal customers think, feel and behave, the more you can identify how to nudge customer decision-making. So, I want to encourage you to start your business or grow your business with one dream client in mind…and know that your dream client may evolve over time!

Do you want more of your best clients coming in your door? Tired of working with clients who don’t mesh with your style, or who complain about your rates? I want to invite you to check out the Ideal Customer Intensive, for female healthcare, fitness and wellness professionals. This step by step guide breaks down exactly how to define your ideal client, how to research their needs and wants with a market survey, and how to find out YOUR unique way of serving them. You can check out the Ideal Customer Intensive at christagurka.com/ICA

See you in the next episode!