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#FemaleFridays with Dr. Perri Young

October 01, 2021 Christa Gurka
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
#FemaleFridays with Dr. Perri Young
Show Notes

Episode 076: Female Fridays with Dr. Perri Young

Today on Female emPOWERED, my #FemaleFridays guest is actually someone I know personally from allllll the way back to high school together — Dr. Perri Young. She is an amazing physician in Miami and I’m excited to have her here today.

Of course, we talk about COVID-19 and vaccines, but we also talk about women’s health, menopause, and more! 

The importance of accurate health information

Dr. Perri Young is an internal medicine physician with a degree from the University of Miami (Jax Memorial). She runs a solo practice and is transitioning into a concierge health business (which is why my podcast is important to her 😉). She is always looking to share the correct information and help people find information in the right places. 

Dr. Young and I talked about how she makes health easier to understand and how she is always trying to educate her audience and clients about different situations, issues, and misinformation. We also discuss COVID-19 — and I learned a whole lot of amazing information! Tune in to this episode if you want to learn from a super smart lady!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Dr. Perri Young discusses her schooling, solo practice in Miami, views on medical education, and her family.
  • Discussing her approach to giving proper medical information to patients and public
  • A COVID-19 Q&A
  • The difference between the Delta variant and original COVID-19
  • Questions about Delta's Viral load, effects on children, booster shot, asymptomatic disease, testing, and more
  • Her recommendations for testing and isolation 
  • The COVID-19 vaccine 
  • Putting the pandemic into perspective for our generation
  • Long-term effects of COVID-19 even on young people
  • Dr. Young’s recommendations for real-life COVID-19 situations 
  • Business policies regarding COVID-19
  • The “Pro Choice” (vaccine) Discussion
  • Figuring out menopause 
  • The value of women after 50

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