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#FemaleFridays with Olesya Webb

October 15, 2021
Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life
#FemaleFridays with Olesya Webb
Show Notes

Episode 80: Female Fridays with Olesya Webb

Olesya Webb was an elite level gymnast who began to travel the country performing day in and out as a professional contortionist and acrobat. You can imagine the beating her body took as a result. She began practicing Pilates as cross-training and it quickly became vital to help her avoid injury and stay healthy.

Olesya became a Pilates instructor in 2018 and she is fiercely passionate about helping her clients get out and stay out of pain as she has experienced this first hand. She currently teaches out of her studio located in Houston, TX.

Over the last few years, Olesya has experienced burnout and adrenal fatigue...something many of us in the fitness industry have gone through ourselves at one time or another. Listen in as we discuss how to create boundaries, decide what to say yes or no to, and her journey from being a gymnast to the pilates instructor she is today.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Getting to know Olesya and what she does
  • Her journey to Pilates 
  • The impact her instructor had on her life
  • Getting her Pilates certification in 2018
  • Experiencing burnout and adrenal fatigue 
  • The art of saying no
  • Deciding how to prioritize and what to say yes to 
  • Transition to working for herself
  • Slow progress is still progress
  • What her current day to day is like and what’s on the horizon

Be sure to follow Olesya on instagram at @pilateswitholesya and check out her private sessions at https://pilateswitholesya.com/

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