Between 2 Perms

Between 2 Perms S: 1 Ep: 10

March 22, 2021 DJ LO-L Season 1 Episode 10
Between 2 Perms
Between 2 Perms S: 1 Ep: 10
Show Notes

We made it to episode 10!! We decided to switch it up and feature supporter & friend to the show, Royce Smith from the Royce Smith LLC in Center City Philadelphia (1500 Walnut St.).  DJ LO-L and Royce tackle topics from RACE in America, Coming 2 America, and of course, Matt the Bachelor (again?!?!?!)

Royce Smith LLC specializes in: 
3 Major Categories:

Personal Injury:
Car Accidents
Slip And Falls
Any Injury Or Death Caused By Neglect/Negligence

Medical Malpractice:
Injuries/Death Caused By Doctors Or Nurses
Failure To Receive Quality Medical Care

Wills & Estates
Prepare With A Power Of Attorney To Handle The Unexpected
Protect With A Health Care Directive To Help Doctors Make Critical Decisions
Provide With a Will To Ensure Your Family Receives What They Deserve