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Air Quality, Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts with Chris Whitehead
Air Quality, Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts with Chris Whitehead 38:59 Conservation Economics, Carbon Capture, and Climate Change with Larry Selzer 48:01 Controversial Projects, Environmental Justice, and Consulting with Emily Gulick 44:21 Hydrology, the Lumbee Tribe, and Kombucha with Dr. Ryan Emanuel 41:46 Tech Careers, Turkish Culture, and Ecotourism with Mehmet Secilmis 47:11 Equity, starting a non-profit, and Doctor Who with Clinton Johnson 51:22 Leadership, Environmental Justice, and Electric Vehicles with Antoine Thompson 54:25 Archaeology, Field Work and ACRA with Cinder Miller 54:35 Smart Construction, Air Force, and Stormwater Management with Nadean Carson 48:30 Alaska, Problem Solving, and PFAS/PFOA with Shannon Oelkers 50:31 Career development, Mentorship, and the Future of Environmental Careers with Kevin Doyle 44:33 Birding, Environmental Justice, and Green Obsidian with Sierra Taliaferro 51:49 ESG, Finance, and Technology with Matthew Sekol 43:30 Career Development, Offshore Wind, and NEPA with Ted Boling 54:35 Biodiversity, Wildlife, and Sustainability with Godfrey Oyema 38:04 ESG, International Careers, and Life Advice with Dr. Ricardo Calvo 48:10 EPR LIVE from Fort Lauderdale 1:02:46 Ecotourism, Bubble-Netting, and National Geographic with Rachel Crane 53:08 Freediving, Empowerment, and being an Imperfect Conservationist with Mehgan Heaney-Grier. 52:57 Port Everglades, Coral Restoration, and Certifications with Erik Neugaard 48:53 Science Communication, NFTs and the Metaverse with Sunny Fleming 54:00 Extreme Environments, Climate Change, and Permafrost with Dr. Kimberley Miner 30:43 Early career success, equitable opportunities, and finding confidence with Anthony Wilson 34:52 Oceanography, Heat Domes, and Getting "Stranded" at Sea with Dr. Larry O'Neill 50:18 Waters of the US, GHG Emissions, and the Supreme Court with Fred Wagner 54:38