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Magnetic Abundance with Rebecca Whitman

May 10, 2023 Jodi Season 3 Episode 13
Today is the Day Changemakers
Magnetic Abundance with Rebecca Whitman
Show Notes

Welcome to season 3, episode 13 of the Today is the Day Changemakers Podcast.

This week my guest is Rebecaa Whitman. Rebecca is a beacon of light for women all over the world. Having graduated with honors from Princeton University, she is now an award-winning life coach, child acting recruiter, and certified empowered woman. 

Unfortunately, Rebecca thought she always felt like she had to perform for love and approval. She was playing national tennis at the age of 8 and ended up being recruited for Princeton’s team. After a tumultuous few years following her graduation from Princeton, she was able to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an actress in Los Angeles. As she became immersed in the industry, she found herself working in child acting enrollment, a job she has been involved in for the last twenty years.

In this episode Rebecca shares a very personal story about domestic violence during this episode. It is important to note that many women live in an unsafe situation and there is help out there.  If needed, please click this link for support: Domestic Violence Support | National Domestic Violence Hotline (

Rebecca Whitman also has a podcast titled the “Balanced, Beautiful, and Abundant Show” which provides strategies for navigating life. She interviews inspirational individuals and shares advice to listeners through the stories shared. 

Rebecca calls herself the “magnetic abundance mentor” because she feels that women must remove themselves from environments which trigger their fight or flight mode and instead harness their “feminine energy” to attract abundance. Her “mission is to help overworked, overwhelmed women go from burnt out to balanced, beautiful and abundant.” She is a fountain of wisdom for those in need and women who are seeking advice are encouraged to follow her practice. She can be found on her website, instagram, twitter, and youtube under the name Rebecca Elizabeth Whitman. The fastest way to reach her is instagram and her DMs are always open.

Next week my guest is Robt Martin Seba- Shreiber. Robt has been at the forefront of intersectional social justice for decades first as a schoolteacher for over 25 years during which he forged the first Gay Straight Alliance in an NJ middle school & now as founder & Chief Activist of the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice in Princeton wherein he has created innovative all-inclusive support programs & built a dedicated LGBTQIA safe-space for queer youth, families, & our elders that is open every day with trained volunteers to welcome all with the care & respect they need & deserve.

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