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Episode 35: 4 Summer Workflow Tips for the Entrepreneur Moms and Dads

June 27, 2022 Ang Stocke
The Brilliant Creative, Business Coaching for Creatives with Ang Stocke
Episode 35: 4 Summer Workflow Tips for the Entrepreneur Moms and Dads
Show Notes

Hey gang. I am here to talk to the mamas and the papas out there who have just had a week or two of the kids at home for summer break.


If you’re like me, you are really feeling the kids in your space.

Previously, the space was clean and quiet.


Delightfully clean.

Delightfully quiet.


But now…the kids are home.



No matter where you are at…or what the summer dance looks like at your house this week, most of you can benefit from these workflow tips. 


Ok, here we go.

I’ve got 5 tips for you.

And they are all from experience.

Extensive experience.

(They are discussed in the podcast, push play today!)


1.   Tip number one: For GOODNESS SAKES be reasonable.

Specifically, Set reasonable expectations for yourself. 


2.   Second tip is to pre-determine an end-time to your workday. 

This helps slow your highly focused and on-fire work brain down. 

This is how you create reserve at the end of your day. 

This is how you create a buffer to protect yourself at the end of the day.

Ideally, the end of your workday is not 5 minutes before you need to relieve the sitter..

Also, you also might want to choose a time to consciously “shut down” your work brain. Your work brain is powerful and it might need a conscious direction given to shut down. 


3.   Tip number 3: Block 4 hour work times, with 30-ish minute buffer there and back.

Most of us take the first hour to just get reacquainted with the task/s we are going to do.

The 2nd and 3rd hours are usually really productive. 

The 4th hour you can come out of it a bit, and finish…whatever that looks like for you. For some it will be actually finishing a task. For some it will be stopping in the middle of something and wrapping up that task for the day.


4.   Tip number 4: Consider adopting a summer state of mind. Or if that’s not for you this summer, remember lots of others HAVE a summer state of mind.


Getting your summer schedule sorted out, and figuring out your summer work spots can be a challenge if you’ve got kids at home. Can I encourage you to be gentle with yourself as you are figuring this out? It takes a little FIGURING. It takes some THINKING AHEAD. It takes some TRYING. It takes some REFLECTION. And as my Grandpa Jim would say, it takes some TINKERING. 

This summer, as you are getting things sorted….consider the above tips and don’t be afraid to tinker with it a bit. You’ll get it done. Just keep going. And give yourself grace

Best of luck with your summer schedule…and Happy Entrepreneuring!!!


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