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April 29, 2021 Dr. Charles Boyer/Deb Chisholm Episode 12
Keys for New Leaders
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#012 - How ME POWER can help new leaders be BETTER leaders.  Join host Dr. Charles Boyer as he and his guest, ME POWER creator Deb Chisholm, discuss the program she has developed.

Hello again, and welcome to Keys for New Leaders, a podcast just for YOU.  This is your host, Dr. Charles Boyer, but you know that I’m just Charlie to YOU, my friend.  I have a special guest this week, Deb Chisholm, a long-time friend whom I know well but have never met – in person, that is.  We’ve become good friends through many hours of online coaching sessions, classes, webinars, and Zoom calls as each of us has developed new programs.  I really admire her work and the program she has developed, called ME POWER.  Here’s a recording of our recent session.  Enjoy!

***(discussions between Charlie and Deb)*** (transcript coming)

Topics:  Me Power – how it works and how it helps;  the Imposter Syndrome – how it affects our work and our self-esteem;  Values – how to live in sync with your values; and Challenges that you face.

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This has been a real treat for me to have Deb as my guest on Keys for New Leaders.  It was good to learn more about ME POWER and how it can help you be a better leader.

The next Episode will help us put our funny bones to work and develop our LAUGH POWER.  A good sense of humor is such a wonderful thing to have and enjoy, so come prepared to smile big and laugh bigger!

Until then, stay safe and well, my friend.