Many Lumens with Maori Karmael Holmes

Season 1 - Trailer

December 17, 2020 Season 1
Many Lumens with Maori Karmael Holmes
Season 1 - Trailer
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A sneak peek at Season 1 of Many Lumens, a new podcast by BlackStar, hosted by Maori Karmael Holmes.

Maori Karmael Holmes (00:02):
You're listening to Many Lumens where we talk about and find meaning in the intersections of art, social change and popular culture. I'm your host Maori Karmael Holmes.

Arthur Jafa (00:16):
Young Black filmmakers ask me, you know, you seem to have sort of chosen the fine arts context. I didn't choose the art world, the art world kind of chose me.

dream hampton (00:32):
But I remember baby dream being told that I wasn't going to have any friends if I always had to be the doctor and the teacher.

Blitz Bazawule (00:44):
Talent is subjective, you know, and, and what people's abilities, it's, you know, what, what, you know, what good is the best cinematographer who doesn't believe in that frame?

Janicza Bravo (00:56):
Why I am, where I am in this is because I have always been true to myself. It's because I've been comfortable with saying no.

Jason Reynolds (01:08):
I believe that I have 26 letters, 26 letters to, to put it into a multitude of arrangement, to cast a spell amongst humans, it's like it's the wildest form of alchemy.

Maori Karmael Holmes (01:26):
Visit us at to subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. @manylumens. Many Lumens is brought to you by Blackstar.