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Intentionally Fabulous After Divorce

February 23, 2022 Maureen Ross Gemme Episode 58
Emerge. Evolve. Lead.
Intentionally Fabulous After Divorce
Show Notes

My guest on the show today is Kelli Calabrese. Kelli is not in recovery from addiction, she is with us today to talk about something that many people in recovery go through, and that is divorce. She empowers women to overcome the grief, fear and rejection of divorce so they can heal and create a fabulous life. In fact her business is called “Intentionally Fabulous!” 

Kelli has been in the fitness, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle industry for 35 years and is an entrepreneur now helping women through divorce as a certified divorce coach. She has appeared as an expert on all of the major networks, has 3 best selling books and has spoken on stages internationally. She takes a spirit, mind, body approach to whole life well being. 

She is a single mom to two collegiate athletes and one of her favorite past times is cycling.

Book Recommendation: Forgiving Forward by Brue Hybel

You can reach out to Kelli here:



Her newest best selling book is here: Success Habits of Super Achievers. Get her free chapter: Fearlessly Pursuing What Sets Her Soul on Fire. which talks about ordinary people who extraordinarily difficult things occurred in their life and they overcame it and took their pain and turned it into purpose.


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