Roll Play Grow: A TTRPG Business Podcast

013 - Managing the Wanderhome Kickstarter & Figuring out LLCs with Jay & Ruby of Possum Creek Games

April 23, 2021 Courtney Stover / Lightheart Adventures LLC Season 1 Episode 13
Roll Play Grow: A TTRPG Business Podcast
013 - Managing the Wanderhome Kickstarter & Figuring out LLCs with Jay & Ruby of Possum Creek Games
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Hello & welcome to Episode 13 of Roll Play Grow, the podcast for tabletop entrepreneurs, creators, and fans. I am Courtney Stover of Lightheart Adventures, and in this podcast, we talk to the creators behind the brands in the tabletop role play gaming space about who they are and how they are turning their passion for gaming into a career. 

I have been looking forward to today’s interview for SO long. Last fall, we funded a Kickstarter that was WILDLY successful for a little game called Wanderhome, and I actually did a blog interview with the two people spearheading the project. I’ll link that blog post in the show notes, and if you want to learn more about Wanderhome, I highly recommend you go check that post out.

Check out the blog interview here!

But today, I got to talk to those same two wonder people, Jay Dragon and Ruby Lavin about so many things. We talked about all the logistics of running a successful Kickstarter, everything they’ve been doing since the campaign ended like setting up Possum Creek Games as a LLC, all of the logistics they’ve had to manage with artists, layout, printers, merch fulfillment, setting up on online store--y’all there is a gold mine of information in this episode, and also, they are just SO FUN. I know that y’all are going to love learning from the two of them. I know this episode is a bit longer than what I normally strive for, but again, it was just such a good conversation, I couldn’t cut it off early. 

Before we jump into today’s episode, it’s business time. First up, we do have a Patreon for Lightheart Adventures and Roll Play Grow. It’s a pretty cool place, and you have options on whether you’d like to follow the adventurer track, which will get you maps and adventures, or the merchant track, which gets you some fun bonuses around this podcast. If Patreon isn’t your jam, you can also support the show by subscribing, sharing with your friends and leaving a review! Reviews are super important for this show to be able to grow, so if you’ve been hanging out and you like what you’re hearing, please drop me a review on your podcast platform of choice. 

Alright, let’s go talk to two of my favorite people. 

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Jay & Ruby Introduction
How did you get into creating games?
Taking the idea for your game & launching a Kickstarter
Project Budgets
How did you find your art team?
Planning for stretch goals
Factors for beating your funding goal on day one
What did you do the day the Kickstarter ended?
Establishing a business with kickstarter funds
Learning various administrative tasks through trial & error
Pros & cons of
3rd party fulfillment
Plans for Wanderhome after the Kickstarter
What has been the most challenging part?
What has been the most rewarding part?
Upcoming projects
Where can people find you?