Roll Play Grow: A TTRPG Business Podcast

031 - Redesigning Our Haunt & Publishing Indie ttrpgs with Jamila R. Nedjadi

October 15, 2021 Courtney Stover / Lightheart Adventures LLC Season 1 Episode 31
Roll Play Grow: A TTRPG Business Podcast
031 - Redesigning Our Haunt & Publishing Indie ttrpgs with Jamila R. Nedjadi
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Our guest today is a very talented indie ttrpg designer with over 40 titles on Jamila R. Nedjadi. He also has a Kickstarter for the second edition of Our Haunt that just launched a few days ago through a partnership they have with Possum Creek Games. Our conversation covered everything from all of the lessons they’ve learned and how they’ve refined processes over the last few years, to digging into how he’s updating Our Haunt to a new version for this Kickstarter. Jammi is incredibly talented and has a lot of wisdom to offer about game design. We’ll have a few more interviews in the coming months with folks who’ve been working with Possum Creek Games, and I know you’ll enjoy all of them. If you aren’t familiar with this company, you might recognize game titles such as Wanderhome or Sleepaway. I interviewed Jay Dragon and Ruby Lavin about founding Possum Creek back in episode 13, so if you’re interested in learning more, I’d recommend checking out that episode after you listen to this one!

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Alrighty, let’s go chat with Jammi.

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Jammi Introduction
Getting started publishing on
All about Our Haunt & making a 2nd edition
Jammi's design process
Deciding on game mechanics
Our Haunt Kickstarter
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Other upcoming projects
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