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Wild & Cruelty Free Beauty - Marisa, Wild & Cruelty Free

November 13, 2023
A Kynd Life
Wild & Cruelty Free Beauty - Marisa, Wild & Cruelty Free
Show Notes

After ten years trialling beauty products, Marisa founded Wild & Cruelty Free - an online boutique featuring a carefully curated collection of tried and tested vegan beauty products. Marisa's always loved beauty, having started blogging over a decade ago and gaining a qualification in makeup artistry. 

Everything changed for Marisa during Christmas 2018, when she saw an Edgar's Mission billboard on the highway, featuring a picture of a pig and the statement "My name is Penelope Sue, not dinner". This image hit Marisa's heart, feeling a lot of sadness and guilt, so she told her husband Jason she didn't want to eat animals anymore.

It didn't take long for Marisa to make the connection between beauty products and animal testing, vowing to no longer use products tested on animals. Thanks to some thoughtful conversations with a vegan on social media, seeds were planted about products not truly being cruelty free unless they are vegan. This extended Marisa's circle of compassion and she decided to go vegan at the start of this year.

Wild & Cruelty Free was born out of Marisa's love for beauty and cruelty free content creation. Marisa values giving back to animal charities, providing a monthly donation to an animal organisation based on the sales from her business.

In this episode, Marisa shares how she researched beauty products for their vegan and cruelty free merits, as well as customer advocacy for brands to go vegan and future plans for Wild & Cruelty Free

For the month of November, Wild & Cruelty Free will kindly be donating money from every sale to Victorian Lamb Rescue.