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Religious Persecution In Former USSR

January 27, 2021 Barry Farah Episode 9
The Barry Farah Show
Religious Persecution In Former USSR
Show Notes

Today on Culture Shift Barry Farah interviews a young woman named Kristina, who moved from Moldova when she was eight years old. Kristina’s family came to America to escape religious persecution in their country which had been under the Soviet Union’s rule. In this episode Barry Farah and Kristina discuss what that persecution was like for her and her family members, including her great grandfather's imprisonment. Join us today as Barry Farah converses with Kristina about the importance of the freedom of religion, how it is foundational to our freedom in America and how devastating it would be to lose that freedom in this Country.

Tweetable quotes:

“Since I am from another country, I have another perspective, and my opinion is, no matter where you go, everyone wants to live in the United States.” (3:20) - Kristina

“In Moldova, you were not allowed to believe in God, you had to be an atheist, and if you believed in God, you were put in prison.” (5:12) - Kristina

“To personally experience religious persecution under coercive powers is eye opening.” (8:42) - Barry

“What you see in the United States is exactly what they did in the Soviet Union, they first start by shutting down churches.” (10:18) - Kristina

“We have the constitutional right to open churches, we should not have to close just because a governor says so, they are not a king or queen.” (12:45) - Christina

“We are in a country where we are free to do the right thing.” (13:30) - Kristina

“The freedom to believe is essential for your overall well being. You benefit from the freedom to believe.” (13:54) - Barry

“People take better care of each other when they are full of faith.” (14:01) - Barry