Getting Gamers

3 - Friendships through Gaming

December 11, 2020 Getting Gamers Season 1 Episode 3
3 - Friendships through Gaming
Getting Gamers
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Getting Gamers
3 - Friendships through Gaming
Dec 11, 2020 Season 1 Episode 3
Getting Gamers

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You think that gaming means social isolation? Hears us out as Perf, Divi and Nailter join the fight and talk about their friendship through time and space. We’re also throwing in a few more facts while we’re at it!

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You think that gaming means social isolation? Hears us out as Perf, Divi and Nailter join the fight and talk about their friendship through time and space. We’re also throwing in a few more facts while we’re at it!

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Juke  0:10  
Hello humans and welcome to getting gamers, your guide to understanding the gamers in your life. I'm your host, Juke, my pronouns are they them. And today I want to know more about friendships and gaming. So I asked Divi, Nailter, and Perf to come and talk to us today.

Perf  0:26  
Hi, it's  , my pronouns are he him and I'm still as awesome as ever.

Divi  0:33  
Hi, my name is Divi, pronouns are him he

Nailter  0:37  
Hi, I'm Nailter my friends is he him, and I'm the best Auriel player.

Juke  0:45  
Alright, so before we get into the subject, the viewers probably already know where Perf got his name from. And you can go back to Episode Two to hear more about Perf's gamertag. Divi, where does your gamertag come from?

Divi  1:02  
my gamertag come from when you want to create a gamertag in games. When you take popular ones, it's always taken so you can't use it, you need to add 123 at the end bla bla bla. And I didn't want to do that, I wanted to have a specific name that I can use in every games. So I just looked for a real druid in name. So a Druid that really existed in the ancient Greece. because I like Druids, that's the only reason. So it sounds cool. Like, Oh, that's a real Druid. He didn't summon wolves and things like that, but it's still really nice. So I looked on Wikipedia for real one. And I made two typos in his name. It was not intended just, I made two typos. So we ended  up in Dividiacos. But his name is Diviciados.

Juke  2:02  
Okay, okay, so it's like a switch.

Divi  2:03  
Yeah. So it's really a unique name that I never saw anywhere else.

Juke  2:08  
Yes. And now most of us call you Divi. And when I met when I met both of you, I met you with your gamertag. So it took a really long time for me to learn your names. And when I did learn your names, I was just like, no. So it's not just on the podcast that I call these two, Divi and Nailter. I have my own friends that have met them, from not even through Perf, but through me and still call them Divi and Nailter. My best friend hasn't met Nailter and she calls him Nailter because that's the only name she knows. She's really eager to meet you actually, because I've talked about you guys a few times. She has no idea what your real name is. I don't even think she knows that Nailter is your gamertag, I think she might think Nailter is just your real name. Unless your Facebook friends, I remember your name because of Facebook. But like when I look you guys up on Facebook. I never look up your real names. I always write Divi and Nailter and I'm like, Where are they? I can't find them.

Nailter  3:24  
 Yeah, I feel you on that one

Juke  3:26  
So nailter where's where's your gamertag from?

Nailter  3:28  
It came from my head. It was just a random name that came out of my head. for like World of Warcraft all my character's name, it was just like a my mage was named Morcash. Why? No idea. Warrior's name? Abachish I don't know why it's named like that. So my name is Nailter because that's a first name that came out of my head, I was like you know what! Nailter!

Nailter  4:07  
I like that though. I think that's really fun. Because when I was first looking for a gamer tag, it was 'grace in space' for a while. And when I came to visit you guys at LAN ETS last year the guy at the register called me by grace in space and I was so like wow, someone's calling me my gamertag and I really liked it. But then when I was starting to actually get into it, and like really want a gamer tag, I was like, I want something cooler.  I invested energy into trying to find a proper gamertag and changing my handles because I was like, You know what, I really like Juke, I'm going for it. So I think I think it's really fun that your brain was just like Nailter and it really works. I feel like it's suits you because when I found out your real name. I was just like

Nailter  5:01  
Even my friends when I was around Divi and Perf. They were like, who are you talking to? Oh, yeah, Max. Oh, yeah.

Juke  5:10  
I really like it because I really see it more. When hanging out with you guys and with Perf's friends, people using gamer tags and I just find it so fun. It's so great.

Divi  5:21  
It's fun. Like, it's like you have a second name. Yeah. And you can you can see who are your gamer friends. 

Perf  5:28  
I love it. 

Divi  5:29  
I love it.

Juke  5:30  
Yeah, I love it too. And it bleeds out of the gamer friends because my friends call you guys by your gamer tags.

Nailter  5:37  
Also, you can you're never like, I which alex are you talking about, which etienne or louis are you talking about. No, no. Just one Divi. There's one Perf. Yeah, that's it man.

Juke  5:48  
Exactly. Or like whenever would mention, let's say Divi to like Pam, another friend of ours. And I'd be like, Oh, sorry, and then say his name. And then she'd be like, it's okay. Like, you've done the mistake so many times. I know who you're talking about you know. So before we get into like the the juice of the subject, I think Perf has some interesting facts that he looked up about friendships and gaming and all that stuff. So if you want to hit us with that.

Perf  6:19  
I've got a few from five or six different sources that we're going to show in this episode description. Yeah, here it goes. among boys and girls who play games with others, over a network 90% of network gaming boys and 85% of girls are playing these games with friends. They know in person.

Juke  6:39  
that's still a big percentage. 90-85% is like there's like everyone.

Perf  6:48  
Yeah. So everyone, you've seen a game, about 90% of them know each other.

Juke  7:01  
So like when you're playing against people in a game, there's really high chances that that other team is a group of friends.

Perf  7:08  
84% of boys who play network games say they feel more connected to friends, when they play compared with 62% of girls.

Juke  7:17  
84% is a really non negligible percentage. And 84% of boys from what I understood that play say they feel more connected with their friends. And I feel like a huge thing that you hear all the time is that gaming takes you away from your social life, when in fact like this, the science at the moment is proving that it makes you closer.

Nailter  7:41  
60 plus percent for girls is also a big number. You wouldn't expect to have 60 plus percent of the girls feel more connected with your friends.

Juke  7:52  
Yeah, cuz like this media and society is telling us that like, oh, girls don't game.

Nailter  7:59  
Like 60% of the girls is more connected. Like, Damn!

Perf  8:15  
all right. Next one is 23% said that their favorite aspect of playing a game was grouping and interacting with other people and a further 10% said it was chatting with friends and guildmates. So we can say that one third of players favorite aspect of games is socially related.

Juke  8:43  
that I think is like really surprising for certain parents to hear, parents that are worried that their kids are isolating themselves by playing video games. But more than a third of the people, the reason they play is for the social aspect. And I think in Episode One, I kind of mentioned that, I don't talk to all my friends every day, you know, there's not a lot of my friends to whom I speak to every day. But you guys talk to each other. Pretty much every day, pretty much like we will leave Divi's house and then Perf will tell him 'talk to you in a few hours'. I don't have that with any friends, right? I spent hours at their house, and then I'll be like, 'bye. Talk to you in two hours.'

Nailter  9:27  
to be honest, it makes sense because humans are social creatures, even though a lot of them are like shy in person and don't want to talk. Video games and social media give them a medium to talk to people. So it makes sense. Even though you can't talk someone in person because you're shy. Being able to play video games gives you that social aspects that as a human you want. 

Juke  9:53  
I think having the video games there and being the focal point ,The awkward silences are a lot easier to deal with because.

Perf  10:04  
the game is the focus. Yeah...

Nailter  10:06  
it almost feels like because you're in your comfort zone. You play video games, you know that type of environment. If you're at a party, like, Ah, damn, I don't know anybody here and I need to talk to people don't feel comfortable. Your games give you that gateway to talk with people.

Juke  10:28  
Yeah, because I think a lot of us wish we had a crutch that would make it so that no awkward silence is ever awkward. And I think in gaming, that's the the perfect thing that there's no awkward silences. Because there's always something to do.

Perf  10:41  
It just removes the awkwardness from the situation.

Juke  10:44  
Yeah. And to a certain extent, which is something I've mentioned many times that I feel like friendships that are made through gaming have kind of stronger bonds. Because if you look at just me and my group of friends, I've never done team building exercises with them. I've never had to strategize with them. I've never had to do teamwork with them. I've always just chilled, we've always just hung out and talked, but you guys have to like work and learn how to communicate with each other even when you're frustrated that this person did a really bad move and lost the game. But it's true. 

Divi  11:21  
Yeah when he plays Asmodan

Perf  11:27  
little Heroes of the Storm inside.

Juke  11:31  
But it does work your communication skills of saying I'm upset right now, this guy was stupid and cost us the game. And I have to find out how to say it.

Divi  11:40  
It wasn't my fault.

Perf  11:43  
It's true, though. It's very formative in many ways

Divi  11:49  
to add to what you just said. Like you share the same passion. Yeah, of course you have some interest with that person even outside gaming. Because you're usually when you like the same things with other person, like us, We love hanging around play board games drink alcohol.

Nailter  12:11  
You have such a sweet voice.

Divi  12:12  
Hahaha you can cut that out

Perf  12:15  
No! Keep it my love! keep everything! 

Juke  12:19  
Yeah hahah ok haha do you have more facts?

Perf  12:24  
I do! MMO RPGs which are

Divi  12:27  
massively multiplayer online role playing games.

Perf  12:34  
Yeah. They're highly socially interactive environments providing the the opportunity to create strong friendships, and emotional relationships. The study showed mmo RPGs can be extremely social games with high percentages of gamers making lifelong friends and partners. So that's it and I would reckon it's true not only for MMO RPGs we are playing another game which is MOBA.

Juke  13:01  
Okay, so Heroes of the Storm is not an MMO RPG. 

Perf  13:05  

Divi  13:07  
stands for some multiplayer online battle arena.

Juke  13:12  
Okay, but Warcraft is also a MOBA.

Divi  13:16  

Perf  13:18  
Warcraft and Starcraft are both RTS

Perf  13:21  
real time strategy

Juke  13:23  
Okay, I would have thought Heroes of the Storm was the same as that.

Divi  13:26  
There's like, there's three different kind of games like totally different. and to add on to what we just said, recently, one of the biggest streamer of World of Warcraft died. And people, gathered from all around the world to honor him. 

Juke  13:47  
Oh, that's so cute. 

Divi  13:49  
So yeah that's like the bond we're talking about.

Perf  13:54  
It's worldwide baby.

Divi  13:55  
Yeah. Like on the game, like,

Nailter  13:58  
they all went to the big church in the game and stood there for hours and hours and hours. And there's multiples servers and all the servers were full of people doing that. To pay respect to the one person that had such a big impact on the gaming community.

Divi  14:18  
Blizzard even made NPC (NPC is non player character) in the game in his honor as well.

Perf  14:27  
The first half or about three quarters of both males and females said they have made good friends within the game. The average number of good friends being seven. Many peers even went on to meet in real life. The study proved popular with the press, mainly because 10% of the participants reported having at least one romantic relationship with someone they had met in game. Mm hmm.

Juke  14:57  
We actually have a friend that I think everyone here's met. They met their wife through a video game and ended up moving changing countries.

Nailter  15:20  
they met in World of Warcraft?

Juke  15:22  
I think so. Yeah.

Nailter  15:23  
Yeah. It's always World of Warcraft

Perf  15:25  
Yeah, three quarters. 75% said, they're good friends. And actually seven good friends online... it can be much more than non gamers do have as real good friends in real life. I don't like using real life because gaming is part of real life too...

Nailter  15:42  
The normies

Juke  15:43  
Yeah, the normies. But I can imagine it. Because if I just look at like people I've met through Facebook groups that live in the States that I've never met before. I have pretty  solid bonds with a few people that I've never seen in person, but I've met through Facebook. So I can only imagine having to fight for my life alongside that person online. Like it would create a stronger bond, especially when you're playing with like strangers. Like if you're just three friends, and it's teams of five, you keep getting like two random people that aren't doing what you want them to do. And then eventually you find these two extra people that are actually like vibing and playing the way you want to play, then you're like, yo, we need to play together more because other people suck.

Nailter  16:28  
Yeah, I've met a lot of people through gaming. And thanks to that, being friends with those people, then met even more people, even though it wasn't through gaming, but because of gaming. Yeah. I've met those people like I've met Divi and Perf through gaming. Thanks to them I'm able to meet you and same thing with Val, meeting her made me meet so many people.

Juke  16:55  
It's true. There's crazy bonds that are created. When we went to a festival together, and Divi was there. I was telling him: a year ago, you were at Osheaga. And you were like saying, oh, maybe I'll see you. And at the time we weren't like, super close. It wasn't a big deal that we didn't see each other. And then a year passed. And now we're like, pretty fucking close.

Divi  17:13  

Juke  17:20  
I would have never ever expected that off of a person I met because my boyfriend was gaming, you know?

Divi  17:27  
Yeah, I would never have thought. but every time I came at your booth, you weren't there. I was just like Okay she doesn't give a fuck :P I'm just kidding.

Juke  17:38  
awnn hahaha. Perf do you have more facts.

Perf  17:40  
It's the last one. 36% of respondents to a certain study develop a lifelong friend though chat while gaming more than 20% of those friendships have lasted at least five years, and over 3% have persisted for more than two decades. A full 8% said they have found marriage or partnership via conversation. And that's it. (Juke laughs) There's another small stat that's not required...

Juke  18:07  
the small stat is that there's a small statistic of people who have found affairs online, cheated on their partner with people that they found online, which is like less of a positive stat. But still out of 500 players over a third of them found pretty good friendships and significant bond and then like some lasting two decades. Like that's a pretty big deal. 

Perf  18:38  
Well that's me and Zik

Juke  18:40  
Yeah, but even like, if I look at like this friendship that we have here like it looks like that type of friendship that's just gonna keep going. It doesn't seem like a momentary friendship.

Divi  18:51  
I don't see like a reason why we would stop talking

Perf  18:56  
we're already on the threshold of five years if I'm correct

Juke  19:02  
well, we can we can get into that. We can jump into that. Because you guys all met through gaming? And if I'm not mistaken, but I could be wrong. You guys all met through Heroes of the Storm.

Perf  19:17  
Yeah, that is correct.

Juke  19:18  
who met first? Did one of you meet the other? Because of...

Perf  19:21  
I think Divi and Nailter may have met before?

Divi  19:24  
Yes. Before in person,

Juke  19:27  
but through video games. How long have you guys met

Nailter  19:30  
it wasn't through video games that's the thing? Because we met in person. That was our first really interaction, because what happens is for the LAN Ets 2016 I was looking for a team for Heroes of the Storm. And two weeks before the tournament. I contacted the team. They're like, Oh yeah, we need someone and we had one practice game. I never met those guys, I just played one game with them just to practice. And then that's it. Two weeks later, I was with my gear, going to the table, putting my PC on the table and there's like a tall guy, a handsome tall guy with a beard. And just like you walk towards the table, and I look at him like, he's pretty nice. Like, I just plug my stuff and he asked me if i was in his team...

Divi  20:51  
That's not what happened. I sat down because I came right after you. You were playing a game I think. And I was like, Oh, hey, what's up? What are you doing here? And you told me: I'm in your team man. I remember that. Like it was yesterday.

Nailter  21:13  
Yeah. We never saw each other. I didn't go on Facebook to stalk you. I didn't have any idea what you look like.

Divi  21:23  
because we were five and one of the five players choked. So we needed a new one. They came in. And our team leader told us Oh, yeah, I got somebody he's called Nailter. We played a game but that's it. so when I arrived. I had no idea. 

Juke  21:42  
Is that the picture that you showed me earlier? 

Nailter  21:45  

Juke  21:45  
So you guys won?

Divi  21:47  
We won that whole tournament after that. We didn't lose.

Juke  21:50  
You guys. Like hardly... you guys played together once and you guys ended up winning the tournament? 

Nailter  21:55  

Perf  21:56  
First place?

Nailter  21:57  
First place, didn't loose a single game.

Divi  22:00  
Yeah, it was a level of play was not as high as it was, you know... the game was starting. It was not big at the time. But we were proud and everything. But when we did tournaments afterwards, it was really harder.

Juke  22:22  
Yeah, but still that's crazy. So the first time like the first real time, let's say that you guys play together. You won a tournament.

Perf  22:30  
That's crazy. So you still met through gaming?

Nailter  22:34  
Through gaming. But our really first interaction was in person. Yeah, we didn't know each other was like, Oh, you're in my team. What?

Juke  22:43  
Yeah, and for context. Lan Ets is a competition of video games, where there's many video games competing, like many different competitions within this big place. And LAN is because it's all computers being on the same network 

Divi  22:59  
Yeah. LAN stands for local area network.

Nailter  23:03  
it is the biggest one in Canada,

Juke  23:10  
So other competitions of the sorts won't necessarily be called LAN ETS, ETS would be more specific to here. I'm imagining...

Nailter  23:19  
Yeah, cuz ETS is the school.

Juke  23:22  
Oh, okay.

Divi  23:24  
It's organized by a student club in the school.

Juke  23:28  
Oh, but that's huge though. I didn't realize it was organized by students.  Because it's really fucking big

Divi  23:37  
to run that place. need to be big! Because it's really expensive.

Juke  23:41  

Perf  23:42  
How many people is it already?

Nailter  23:44  
2000 around? now they're like renting the 'palais des congres' every year because it's

Perf  23:51  
getting bigger and bigger.

Divi  23:52  
I don't think there's something bigger here.

Nailter  23:58  
Olympic Stadium And dream heights is getting the Olympic Stadium.

Juke  24:02  
Yeah, true. That's crazy. So who has met Perf first? And you guys met because you were just randomly paired together by Heroes of the Storm?

Perf  24:14  
Not quite. Because after what Divi and Nailter lived at their first Lan Ets. I actually played some games with Divi because I was entering their team. So at this point, we didn't know each other. And then we went to Quebec City for a show match

Divi  24:34  
went to Comic Con.

Perf  24:35  
Yeah, Comic Con.

Divi  24:36  
This is the first time I saw you in person. I remember you were with your ex. Yeah,

Perf  24:39  
that's right. This is

Divi  24:40  
the picture is in my head. This is why I just flashed like five minutes ago.

Perf  24:44  
The first time I saw you, we were sitting in row of chairs. And I said Hi, I'm perfection. 

Divi  24:50  
Yeah I remember that.

Juke  24:51  
It was just like, hey, we've gamed and that's it. So we know each other's names and that's it.I didn't know it was that far back but that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker  25:06  
I met them there at the  Comic Con and then when I went to their place in sherbrooke to do some Hearthstone party.

Perf  25:16  
Which is a card game.

Divi  25:19  

Juke  25:23  
When did you guys like start to a point where it started to feel like friendship.

Perf  25:27  
So this first encounter was in

Nailter  25:30  
 2017. Cz the Lan Ets that we met with in 2016. Comic Con, Quebec was in the 2017.

Divi  25:38  
It was not far after that, because the first lan party of Hearthstone, It was for the night of the Frozen Throne? It was in 2017-2018. 

Juke  25:56  
Well, it has to it can be further than that. Because I met you guys in 2019. I think.

Divi  26:01  
So yeah. Maybe a couple of months, we started playing HOTS online. It's blurry a little bit because it's been a while, but we played online after that. And I met him in person in Sherbrooke a couple months later.

Juke  26:16  
And so at what point do you guys go from people you met through playing video games, to playing video games and being on discord together?

Perf  26:25  
Well, I mean, maybe it's a huge step for some people. But I feel that for competitive gamers, it's not much of a big step, because it's a necessary step for communication. Because otherwise you can't really compete if you're not communicating good enough. Because everything in the kinds of game we're playing happens in a split second. And if you just take the time to type it, the moments gone already.

Juke  27:01  
Well, in Episode Two, I was talking about the simple fact of me having to look up four letters to write g l h f. is too much time. I don't need to look for those letters. Right now. The game just started. I'm freaking out.

Perf  27:16  
You're gonna freak out tomorrow and you're gonna try Grubby's game.

Juke  27:19  
Oh, yeah, we decided that this Sunday. I'm going to try to play Warcraft.

Divi  27:22  
Oh my god. Okay. Yeah. 

Nailter  27:25  
You better take the time to type glhf at the start of the game. Okay. You get good at typing glhf! 

Juke  27:41  
he convinced me because he said that the first times we play, we can play against the computer, of course. So I'm gonna be more comfortable playing

Perf  27:58  
So yeah, if we come back to me and Divo, we've known each other for about four years.

Juke  28:06  
And so um, so you guys all started on discord pretty much as soon as you guys...

Divi  28:11  
it wasn't on discord though. It wasn't released yet. It did not exist. It was either Skype or Team voice or something

Nailter  28:20  
Yeah, the good old days of Skype.

Juke  28:22  

Divi  28:24  
Yeah, Discord is recent I think it's two years or three years ago.

Juke  28:29  
Cuz now discord is like all the time.

Divi  28:31  
Yeah, it's offficial. like everybody's on Discord. 

Perf  28:33  
it's really a platform to rule them all. Yeah, definitely. I'm sorry, Skype, but

Juke  28:40  
Yo Skype sucks we can just say it!

Divi  28:51  
It was all that was gaming. they're all migrated to Discord.

Juke  28:58  
Yeah, yeah, at least most of them. So what did you guys use at the time? Skype?

Nailter  29:01  
I think when we started to play all three of us was Discord. Skype was already dead. I was still using Skype when I was playing professionally but when I joined the North arrow team, it was was discord

Juke  29:19  
what's that?

Perf  29:22  
it was French Canadian. 

Nailter  29:26  
heroes of the storm team sponsored by Earth root gaming.

Perf  29:30  
Yeah. It's the actual team week that may made us know each other.

Nailter  29:41  
 the thing though, we lost to the high console team.  that perfection was playing in 

Perf  29:48  
Yeah, I was bench warming this one though.

Nailter  29:51  
He destroyed.

Divi  29:53  
Still you went against us.

Juke  29:55  
So you weren't in the Canadian team? You were in another team?

Perf  29:59  
I was in High Council.

Juke  30:02  
what it was that based off country of origin or was it based off of

Nailter  30:07  
another French Canadian team

Perf  30:09  
another French Canadian where Zik was on this team. So that's why I was in there. Like I said, I was bench warming. So I wasn't at the Lan ets which they won

Juke  30:21  
bench warming just means to be practicing?

Perf  30:24  
Yeah,I was not one of the five main players

Juke  30:29  
Yeah, you're like a sub.

Nailter  30:31  
But that's how I found out Perf was a person

Juke  30:35  
Was playing against getting beaten? hahaha

Perf  30:37  
I did found the name High Council. it wasn't 100% me, but I generated most of the  question about the name of the team. 

Nailter  31:01  
It was like playing against 5 Perfection.

Perf  31:06  
I wasn't on my peak performance at the time to be honest.

Juke  31:09  
Well, you still wreck them from what I understand.

Nailter  31:11  

Divi  31:12  
We got stomped that weekend.

Juke  31:14  
So how did it happen?  all three of you started playing together and whatnot. Because eventually you guys ended up ... when I met all of you, You guys were competing together.

Nailter  31:25  
I think it's really because when we made a team for Soft and round for the Lan ets two years ago.

Juke  31:39  
so lan ets where I met you guys. you guys were called soft and around? 

Nailter  31:44  

Nailter  31:51  
I think we were looking for players so we talked to divi, and he was down. And then divi, you're the one who said yo perf. Cuz that's when we really started playing all three of us because we were looking for a fifth. And he was like, I know a guy was perfect for that. Perfection, hahaha because before that, like we knew each other, but we never played.

Perf  32:20  
together. Yeah, we became serious at this point.

Divi  32:22  
Yeah. Like practices and...

Juke  32:25  
yeah, because when I met perf, he was like, already practicing pretty seriously. And then at the beginning of our relationship, he was talking about getting into this competition and coming to Montreal for that competition. And at that point, he wasn't coming down to Montreal every weekend at that point, so it was like a big deal.

Perf  32:44  
Yeah, I had to hide from you that I was sleeping with divi in my car. hahaha

Juke  33:00  
I came on the last day that you guys were there because was the only day I could come. So you guys made it pretty far from what I understand.

Divi  33:09  
But we made it better than we thought would have. We took one game from teams that we were like, we have no chance. and took the game so well, we left with our chin up.

Nailter  33:23  
Yeah, the competition was pretty high in that weekend. Cuz the team that won the collegial tournament was there. so yeah the competition was pretty high

Divi  33:44  
level of competition was at its apex. Yeah.

Juke  33:48  
And you guys didn't consider yourselves trying to be professional?

Nailter  33:53  
at one point, yeah,

Perf  33:54  
it was right after a few months after the cancellation of a HGC.  So we were still at the peak of it. But it was on a downward slope,

Divi  34:04  
HGC is Heroes global championship, it's the professional scene scene of a blizzard. Like it's made by Blizzard, for the best teams of Heroes of the Storm to compete against and with the big prize pool at the end. So it's the best players around the world competing in this league. And like the lan ets where we were, two or three months before that there was an announcement from Blizzard telling that they canceled that.

Juke  34:35  
that's what I was remembering is that not long before the lan ets the whole thing about its Heroes of the Storm losing its funding and Blizzard like pretty much letting go of Heroes of the Storm. I remember having conversations with Zik, him saying the whole competitive scene was over. And I was not understanding the depth of video games, especially at the time. I found it really confusing. That there was still competitions going on. But it was still it's still big like there's Heroes of the Storm is still pretty much

Perf  35:07  
everything that's left is community based.

Divi  35:10  
Yeah. I think yeah, there's the best players still playing. And there are like, recruiting players making deals. the prize pool is like $500 or something like that. It's really, really small. It's community base.

Juke  35:29  
what are the biggest prize pools that you guys know of, because for me, like you say, price pool is still $500. 

Divi  35:35  
it's to $500 per person. 

Perf  35:37  

Juke  35:46  
Well, the prize you guys won the first time...

Nailter  35:51  
750 dollar

Juke  35:53  
for five people. I was not expecting amounts like that.

Nailter  35:57  
Yeah, I'll take the $150.

Divi  35:59  
yeah but league of legend at lan ets was 3000. 

Juke  36:05  

Perf  36:08  
I can't remember. But here in Quebec, the gaming scene is not as developed as it is in United States or Korea where the prize pools are in the matters of millions of dollars in they fill Olympic stadiums with people just looking at the screen in the center.

Nailter  36:26  
And being a professional gamer in those kind of games is pretty big. they can make $100,000 per year just because of contracts and all that stuff.

Juke  36:35  
Yeah. Well, I remember the first time I walked into lan ets. I was just so impressed. Yeah, it was the most impressive thing I had seen in the world of gaming of like..

Divi  36:46  
this is happening

Perf  36:48  
serious shit

Juke  36:49  
Yeah, like you guys, at some point, we're doing something more serious. So I just walked around. And then further you saw like projectors, with people playing on a stage. And I was like, I'm a musician at heart and a theater kid. And for me, I would have never imagined two people with a computer sitting on this stage playing to be stage worthy, you know, but This is huge. And those people had two people standing behind them taking notes the whole time, which I figured was to tell them like, where what they did wrong or something. But there was people standing sitting behind them, taking notes, and then handing at the end of turns notes to them. And I was like, fuck

Perf  37:31  
probably Coaches that give feedback to their players after the game. And I mean, ever since this Lan Ets, we've been keeping in touch for a few times a week at least. Yeah,

Divi  37:46  
yeah. I don't believe there's one week that we never talked to each other.

Juke  37:50  
Not from my perception. You guys talk several times a week,

Perf  37:54  
even sometimes several times a day.

Divi  37:56  
Yeah. Even a 12 hour Blitz.

Juke  38:02  
That has happened? 12 hours of the same game?

Divi  38:05  
We played like crazy.

Perf  38:07  
 We did that once.

Juke  38:09  
Did you guys set out to do that ? 

Divi  38:15  
Were just like, nothing planned today. Okay

Perf  38:20  
I don't recommend it though. Cuz I think it was a trigger for My body issues. Yeah. Don't do that, guys.

Juke  38:27  
Yeah. 12 hours, you got to stand up like grubby. doing his squats after his games.

Divi  38:34  
After each game. We need to do a five minutes mandatory squats.

Nailter  38:37  
I used to be the guy that plays 12 hours a day, seven times a week. Like during the weekend, play video games all day. I come back home play video games.

Juke  38:50  
Yeah, you do seem like the type of person however that has a very forgiving metabolism.

Perf  38:59  
He's a shapee boy. Yeah.

Nailter  39:01  
I used to be really skinny like no strength at all. Just Yeah. After starting to work out, like going outside do some like biking and stuff. I feel better when I play video games. I can play for longer. I am more consistent. I do better in video games. So working out actually made me better at playing games.

Perf  39:27  
That's proved

Juke  39:28  
Yeah. Well makes sense. It works on your whole like health.

Perf  39:31  
The main thing that's working is the brain in video games. mind and body. It's real in video games too.

Juke  39:39  
Absolutely. And so just to come back to our main topic about you guys and your friendships and gaming. And I think I'm correct in saying that the game you guys play the most together is Heroes of the Storm.

Perf  39:53  
Sure thing.

Juke  39:54  
Now that Heroes of the Storm is more like slowly going away and we've passed Lan ets, Is there another game that you guys like often the three of you or more together or is it generally still Heroes of the Storm?

Perf  0:04  
Still a lot of Heroes but we have a few other games that we've played together

Divi  0:09  
 We tried among us, of course.

Juke  0:11  
Mm hmm.

Perf  0:12  
I haven't tried it yet. But...

Divi  0:14  
oh no?

Nailter  0:14  

Perf  0:15  
I didn't 

Nailter  0:17  
We need to play Among us to gether!

Perf  0:19  
I know!

Nailter  0:22  
GTFO is a game that we play. I mean, we used to play a lot. Now. We just played when we are all three and Val. We played Diablo two a little bit until you know

Juke  0:34  
you died  

Perf  0:35  
we could we could start on the game still.

Juke  0:37  
I've played pummel party with you guys.

Divi  0:41  
It's really nice, that game is really awesome. We plau Hearthstone but Nailter..

Juke  0:45  
you don't play Hearthstone? oh no yeah because you play magic, right?

Divi  0:47  
Me, Perf and Zik. We do some Hearthstone tournaments. between friends. Like I said earlier.

Juke  0:53  
I'm training to be part of you guys one day.

Perf  0:56  
Yes. I'm rooting for you!!

Nailter  0:58  
We need to make a fund raiser to buy Zik a ticket to Montreal.

Juke  1:03  
he's known about this project. I think even before you guys because purple still living in Sherbrooke when I came up with this whole concept and talked about it with zik

Divi  1:13  
ok! its been a while?

Juke  1:14  
Oh, this has been brewing! I have been.. the first time I came up with this concept was with the title of the podcast was getting gamers and as soon as I told perf about it, we were like sitting in bed cuddling, and I'm telling him about this idea that I have. And then he gets out of bed and he starts making a spreadsheet about all the ideas that he has, and all the topics. And he was like No, no, this needs to happen. I have so many ideas. Oh my god.

Nailter  1:38  
its like 3am : need to record Everything.

Perf  1:44  
Pretty much. Yeah.

Juke  1:45  
So other than Heroes of the Storm. I'm like, talking about specific types of games. Are there types of games that you feel are more prone to friendship building?

Perf  1:54  
Any games that requires a lot of communication, really. Yeah. 

Divi  1:59  
team based game of course. Like all the friends I made is when I played in a team with them. I never played against a person and say hey Let's have a beer. 

Perf  2:13  
Yeah. Teamwork base game. 

Nailter  2:17  
I've met a lot of people through world of warcraft. it's an MMO RPG. It's made for people to connect with each other and do stuff. So

Juke  2:26  
it's true that if I just get beat by someone, I'm not like, ooohhh

Divi  2:29  
yeah you're not prone to be like, Oh, yeah nice game

Juke  2:34  
absolutely. Do you guys feel like there was a deciding factor where you ended up? Hanging out without playing video games

Perf  2:42  
board game was a big factor. Yes. Playing your video games also have board games and vice versa?

Juke  2:49  
Mm hmm. I think the first time I met Divi other than gaming, was because Zik had an innerverse creations events that he made in Sherbrooke, where he did like a DJ event and you came to support him

Perf  3:07  
It was a night event. Yeah, it's a rave. It was a rave 

Juke  3:13  
yeah, the first time I really chilled with Nailter was board game related. I think board games are a great segue from 

Divi  3:21  
a great transition

Juke  3:22  
Yeah. Real Life friendships.

Perf  3:24  
Yeah, we all have this nerdy vibe. Yeah, chill, open vibe. That makes it easier for everyone.

Juke  3:31  
Absolutely. And I think it's, it's still, I don't know, I think I would have never expected that from these when I first met you guys at lan ets. to now where, in the building of this podcast, which is for me and perf like this huge part of our lives that we're trying to build basically a company. you guys are some of the first people I turned to when something new happens for the podcast. when the artwork came out, I was most excited about showing you guys and like I remember nailter having  this huge reaction. I think for me a big part of why I started the podcast was also like getting to know you guys and getting to understand gaming through Perf, but also through you guys you know, because I was understanding gaming through Perf, but then understanding gaming through the lens of these great bonds that are created through it and like this connection of talking to your friends every day. which I don't even do! and people used to see me as the definition of extroverted! I think you guys are a huge reason why this podcast was created or is being created is because like you've helped me see this side of the world and through a different lens that I never really got to experience before.

Perf  4:54  
I have to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for this moment.

Nailter  5:00  

Juke  5:00  
I think it's also like super fun that you guys are the first guests on this podcast because I think you guys are such a huge part of why it exists without knowing that you're contributing,

Nailter  5:10  
I feel honored. 

Juke  5:16  
so if there are terms that we have said in this episode that you don't understand, don't worry, we will be covering all of it. But just in case I miss any Why don't you tweet us @gettinggamers to let us know what terms you don't understand and any other questions you may have about their side of the world. Make sure to check out our other episodes for any terms that we have already covered and our website where we build a glossary that gets updated with each episode. If you yourself are a gamer, and you have noticed that we have gotten something wrong, please do not hesitate to write to us too, so that I can make sure the information that we give out is as accurate as possible. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook with the handle @gettinggamers with an S and you can find me on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch @Juke_ish. We get a lot a lot a lot of help if you guys go and rate and review the episode so please go rate this episode. Guys. Do you guys have anything to plug?

Nailter  6:18  
You can follow me at or Instagram @theNailter, I'm also a personal trainer. So if you're a gamer that's trying to get in shape. Feel free to contact me on either Twitter, Instagram or twitch

Juke  6:33  

Perf  6:36  
Yeah, if you guys want to see some perfection plays you can come and see me at my twitch channel which is perfectedl with an L. I don't have a schedule yet, but it's coming  in the upcoming months.

Juke  6:59  
I'd say like every quarter of year perf gets like this craving of Resident Evil runs that every like three, four months he's gonna get this craving and then he's gonna do many speed runs and they're gonna all be on Twitch. It's like a cyclical thing. 

Perf  7:16  
i got admit its true

Divi  7:23  
I don't stream yet. Maybe one day

Juke  7:25  
maybe one we'll infect him

Nailter  7:27  
I believe.

Juke  7:30  
All right, well, thank you guys so much for coming on this episode. GG.

Perf  7:34  

Divi  7:35  

Nailter  7:35  

Divi  7:36  
well played!

Juke  7:37  
The artwork for this podcast was made by my dear friend Arielle. You can find her on Twitter @prophetpossum and you can find her on Instagram @prophetOpossum. 

job's done.