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7 - Pause the Game! - I Caaaan't !!!

February 08, 2021 Juke & Perf Season 1 Episode 7
7 - Pause the Game! - I Caaaan't !!!
Getting Gamers
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Getting Gamers
7 - Pause the Game! - I Caaaan't !!!
Feb 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 7
Juke & Perf

Being asked to pause the game while playing online by your parents or partners is an age-old classic for many gamers. This situation can cause frustration on both sides, but there are ways to overcome it. Stay with us as we address the matter with our special guest Wizz! 

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Show Notes Transcript

Being asked to pause the game while playing online by your parents or partners is an age-old classic for many gamers. This situation can cause frustration on both sides, but there are ways to overcome it. Stay with us as we address the matter with our special guest Wizz! 

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Blizzard Cookbook : HearthStone Innkeeper’s Tavern Cookbook (Chelsea Monroe-Cassel)

Art by Arielle:  

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Juke  0:09  
Welcome Travelers to Getting Gamers, your guide to understanding the gamers in your life, I am your host, Juke, my pronouns are they them.

Perf  0:18  
And I am Perf my pronouns are he him. And today we're gonna talk about Pausing the game!

Juke  0:26  
And to help us talk about this wonderful topic today, we have our dear friend, DJ Wiz fromb district dubz, what are your pronouns?

Wiz  0:39  
my pronouns? He!

Juke  0:41  
Perfect. And before we get into the topic of pausing the game, I wanted to know, where does your name come from? Because we normally start off every episode asking our guests about gamertags I know that Wiz is your DJ name. is it also your gamertag? And where, How did you come up with it?

Wiz  1:06  
after 50 cups of coffee?hahaha No, I think it was actually, um, I think once you're doing, you know, something like this, like a podcast or a radio show. It's always good to have, you know, an allias. It's catchy, you know, people get enthralled by Okay, DJ, where's that? That's interesting. We want to know who this guy is. It brings that Mystique around of wondering, oh, Who's this guy? Who's that? You know, it really want to know who it is. So it's all about the mystique of the name. And I think that's one of the reasons why I wanted to, you know, have that name as to, you know, suspense, and all that sort of stuff. So yeah, that's one reason why I wanted that.

Juke  1:49  
Amazing. And do you use whiz as your gamertag? Also?

Wiz  1:52  
Um, no, my my gamer tag is different. And it's Abba crumby 42. So, yeah, but wiz, is my allias on my show Yeah.

Juke  2:09  
That's awesome. Well, thank you for sharing that.

Wiz  2:12  
No worries.

Juke  2:14  
So today, we wanted to talk about pausing the game and I just want to let our listeners at home know, if there are any terms that we mentioned in this episode that you don't understand. You can check out , where we build a glossary that we update with every episode. And you can check out or our other episodes, but also like, write to us on Twitter, on Facebook @gettinggamers if you have any questions, and we will make sure to answer your questions in future episodes. And without further ado, let's jump right into it. Wiz, have you ever heard or had an argument with someone about pausing the game in the sorts of your mom or someone else in your life says pause the game and then you answer. I can't and your mom just really can't understand why you can't pause the game.

Wiz  3:10  
Because I'm in the middle of wanting to get to the next level. I haven't got time to sit down and eat 10 bowls of carrots are my daily fiber when I finally get through the most important game of the day. Every time Juke! every single time. It's ridiculous. All I want to do is to have a refreshing peaceful night but no I have to eat my five a day every day. And without that the game has to say pause but they don't realize the importance of this game.

Juke  3:40  
Mm hmm 10 bowls of carrots your vision must be

Wiz  3:48  
my vision is I think I actually am turning into a rabbit. And guess what's on the meal tonight? 

Juke  3:58  
I can just imagine wiz at home eating only carrots

Perf  4:02  
after 50 cups of coffee

Wiz  4:04  
yes it's the annual meal 10 bowls of carrots 50 cups of coffee mix that it makes the dream come true.

Juke  4:10  

Perf  4:11  
I can easily follow you with the coffee maybe not with a carrots

Juke  4:16  
I don't remember the last time I saw perf eat a carrot

Wiz  4:18  
we just need to you know sit down and have a nice 50 cups of coffee. And then and then we need to play a game because then we will just we'll just never get off it will be on there for 25 hours just just glued to the screen.

Perf  4:37  
When this COVID thing is over and then you come over to Canada Quebec. We shall do this.

Wiz  4:45  
No, we will definitely man all the way.

Juke  4:49  
And wiz Do you play online games?

Wiz  4:51  
Do I play online games? Sometimes? Yeah, I'm not as common as a console game. But um yeah, I can't Usually I will play some online games. not as common as you know what I normally do, but whenever I get the chance, if I see something that you know, is quite drawing, then I'll give it a go. Mm hmm.

Juke  5:14  
I noticed in the list of games you play that you send to me you play stuff like fortnight and League of Legends and stuff like,

Wiz  5:20  
oh, fortnight, yeah. played in a while, but when it when it came out, I was just like every other kid.

Juke  5:31  
And that's, like, that's a game. You can only play online, right? Yeah. Alright, so that's also a game that you can't pause,

Wiz  5:38  
unfortunately. But now I don't live with my parents so I can have all the time that I want.

Juke  5:45  
No one's nagging for pausing a game. You can also stop eating carrots.

Wiz  5:53  
Oh, yeah. But, you know, after well, nearly all my life eating carrots, you kind of just get used to them now. In fact, in fact, carrots are actually I didn't realize how beneficial they were every carrot you put in your eyes. But then another one. Another one

Perf  6:13  
i should have known this trick way, way, way before

Juke  6:17  
I feel like the carrots and the coffees are getting to wiz

Wiz  6:21  
can you imagine? 

Perf  6:22  
So you haven't been really confronted with the situation where you have to explain to your parents or your partner or whatever. The fact that you can pause the game

Wiz  6:35  
my partners the most, my girlfriend's the most annoying when it comes to coming between me and games. Because you just don't do that. And she knows it. And she tests it. And she'll she'll make some excuse. You'll give the little pretty pleased eyes. Can we go? Can we go out for a drink tonight? I'm sorry, can you not see im busy? It's like, I told you 50 times. I'm playing a game tonight. I'm playing a game tonight. you know im playing the game tonight. I'm playing a game tonight. How many times do I have to say this is like writing the book.

Juke  7:08  
It's true. Because like, especially if, it sounds like you're warning in advance. Like, look, tonight I'm playing a game means kind of like I'm busy. It sounds to me a bit. Like if your girlfriend was telling you, hey, tonight I'm watching a movie.

Wiz  7:24  
But it's like the only time I get you know, well, then COVID it's the only time I get to see my friends. The only time I get some peace. So it's just hard you know, most of the time I'm preparing for my own show, or I'm doing stuff with her. You know, and it's just it's the only time even if it's one day, you know, I put that time to myself. Yeah. It's like it. You know, every time sometimes if I don't get my way and I'm out having a drink, then my eyes are on her. But then I just see the magical fairy princess, I didn't manage to rescue from the tower in level two.

Juke  8:04  
I love that. And I think it's, it's, that's another really good point about you saying is the only time right now I get with my friends if she was telling you, Hey, I'm going to watch a movie with my friends. And then you came in the middle of that to say, I want you to stop watching a movie with your friends. So you can go out with me. She would never accept that because she she told you Hey, I'm going out to watch a movie with my friends. You wouldn't even think of interrupting that, you know.

Wiz  8:35  
But yeah, i think that's exactly at the end of the day. It's not like I go into a cinema, see her with her friends get a remote press pause and say, okay, you gotta leave now. You know, like, it's like, I do that. But, I mean, she knows how important video games are to me. She knows, she knows it's my... their my form of peace. I like being in my own world. And if I don't have that, then you know, it's it's, it's just not, it's not fair. Every individual likes their own peace bubble, and my peace bubble is video gaming. So at the end of the day, that's what I do.

Juke  9:15  
Absolutely. Perfect. And I was the same thing in our in our relationship. It was important for me to understand what gaming meant to him early on. And when we moved in together. A huge important part of moving in was I told him because he used to live with roommates. And they had a way of functioning which I really liked, which was if my door is closed, then it's as if I'm not home and if my door is slightly open and you can come bother me if my door is fully open that I'm open to being social. And I told him I think for us it was super important when we moved in together. That Perf had a door because that way I knew what when I could or could not bother him when the door was closed and meant he was in this bubble. If the door was open I could come bother him. If the door is slightly closed but slightly open, it means he's busy, but he can be bothered. And I think  that the door really represents a lot.

Perf  10:13  
it's a basic communication skill that you have to develop right from the start as a gamer to make things clear.

Juke  10:22  
Yeah. And communication through it all.

Wiz  10:25  
Yeah. It's funny, because, you know, sometimes when she comes over, she doesn't actually live with me. but she comes over some night and then I'm there. And yeah, I've got my remote, and I've got my, my controls and the games on and she'll go, are you okay? And I'll be like mmm, she says, Do you fancy carrots for lunch? And I was like mmm, shell go is it alright if I stay over stereo, but I'll be like mmmmm, because I'm so entrenched in you know what I'm doing? Because, you know, especially if I'm playing a game that I absolutely love, then I'm like, I'm sorry. The only thing you're gonna get for me is mrrr or mmm , you know, it's just because, you know, gaming, just it gets you so into it, and I get so into it. And the one thing I hate is, I'm not good with uhm What's the word? What's the word? juggling three things at once? So yeah, yeah, multitasking, I'm not good at it. So like, it's, you know, if I was, you know, playing my game, and then my girlfriend wants to speak at the same time, it would be really hard for me.You know, and but that's just how it is.

Juke  11:38  
But But actually, it's been proven scientifically that our brains can't multitask. So people who say that they can multitask, they're actually not, they're actually kind of lying because your brain physically can only do and can only focus on one thing at a time. And just that you think that you're focusing on two things, but you're just like, alternating really quick between the two. But multitasking is actually like, not a real thing our brains can do.

Wiz  12:09  
 basically impossible.

Perf  12:11  
Yeah. I love how your explaining the way you are gaming and the way gaming affects your life. Because I've been relating to pretty much everything you've said so far. And the pausing characteristic of a game is important because an online games which you're not playing that much. You're minimally affected by any gaming time you have because you could pause the game, which I gladly do whenever I'm playing a just let's say a game I do offline for the campaign in the story. But I have been confronted with me not being able to pause the game, both with my parents and my partners in my life. It can be pretty annoying in many tensions can come out of it. And it requires lots of explanations to them. As of why I am able now to pause the game and why another moment I won't be able to

Juke  13:23  
Yeah, also, especially in online games. Well, you don't have the time in the moment when they say oh, can you pause the game, I have to talk to you and you're like I can't, you're in the middle of something, you don't have the time to explain why you can't like on the spot. Because you're doing something you're in the middle of a fight or whatever. And so, like, often, like moms or parents are gonna be like, oh, pause, and then you're like, I can't and they're trying to talk to you. And it's absolutely 100% normal to be frustrated when you're in the middle of something and someone's trying to make you explain something that you don't have the time to do. Like I have ADHD. And in ADHD, it's super common to say if you're trying to distract me out of something i'm doing i'm gonna be ,not aggressive but I'm gonna be like, sharper you know, and less in a good mood because my attention is on something particularly you know,

Wiz  14:19  
I you know, your not being rude by you know, ignoring the individual whos trying to get hold of you when you're playing the game. Because you would have just said at the start I'm not going to be able to communicate well tonight is because I'm playing the game is that okay? So you know, you tell them in advance that the fact that you're not going to be able to speak to them they can't really say, why you ignore me? it's that's rude.

Juke  14:40  
Actually, ignoring the person in that moment is actually you respecting your own boundaries and that is super important.

Perf  14:48  
That's why the little door mechanism is important. a major good factor and I'm very lucky for it is having a very understanding partner That can let you go on with your passion and eventually create a whole project around it.

Juke  15:07  
Yeah, build a whole business and podcast around trying to understand your boyfriend.

Wiz  15:13  
awnnn yeh

Perf  15:14  
think you're amazing. You're amazing too wiz to come and be a part of all this

Wiz  15:18  
awwwn no you two are amazing!

Juke  15:20  
 Well, I think a big part for me about why it's easy to respect your gaming is because I think in general, the problem the issue that people have with gaming is that they don't respect it as its own thing. Because if you were watching a movie, or watching a TV show, or reading, even, I wouldn't interrupt you like that. I'd be like, Hey, are you busy? And then you'd be like, yeah, obviously, look, I'm busy. I'm reading or watching a movie or something. And then I'd leave, because that's the basic level of respect. I think normally everybody has around that, you know, and I think that for me gaming, it's like this obvious thing, where it falls under the same thing as reading or watching a movie or watching a TV show, it means you're busy, but for some reason, I feel like a lot of people don't respect gaming and I think a lot of parents are like annoyed

Wiz  16:00  
you hit the nail right on the head Juke and as well. Well, people need to respect what you like to do, I'm a very busy individual, sometimes I have to plan weeks of programming on my show, I have to plan six hours, seven hour eight hour shows, three hour shows, you know, it doesn't matter, you know, sometimes, I'm not going to be there to be able to talk, sometimes I'm going to be so preoccupied, I honestly will not have the time. And if people can't respect that, then it's kind of not having faith in what your partner or your friend is doing. It's clearly not showing faith in that. And it shows quite disrespect in to, you know, yourself or, and the industry that you love so much, you know, the reason how I can produce such amazing shows. And the reason how I can get people to come to come together is because I have the time, people leave me to my own devices to do what I need to do. If I didn't get that if I had calls consistently or come on zoom, or, you know, go out running or go to the pub, I wouldn't have the time to put together you know, a really great show. And it's all it's all really key. In my opinion.

Juke  17:37  
Absolutely. I think that was such an amazing episode, and that the conversation was so great. I really loved everything you brought to the table wiz

Wiz  17:49  
I absolutely loved it. I'd love to come on again, I would definitely like to make it a recurring thing I can be your, your annual British spokesperson. 

Juke  17:58  
oh my god, I would love that. Well, we have so many episodes that we want to work on. And eventually we want to work on explaining specific video games, you know, like having full episodes that are there to explain a certain video game that way in the future. When some kids mom is complaining about GTA they can send them an episode of getting gamers and say, listen to them talk about GTA, you'll understand why I play.

Wiz  18:23  
Yeah, and that's such a great, such a great thing. Because then you know, they can get inspired by what you're doing. And then you and then you realize what you're doing is is you know, extremely helpful.

Juke  18:36  
I would I would love to I would love to realize that.

Perf  18:40  
Thank you I would gladly love to have you back on our podcast too

Wiz  18:45  
Oh man, no worries, you know, I'm always down.

Juke  18:48  
And well, before we let you go.absolutely want you to plug your your radio show your podcast, you want to tell us a bit about district dubz 

Wiz  18:57  
District dubs is the most unique show that you'll ever come across. It provides the, it provides the flair that is missing from entertainment. When you listen to a radio show or podcast, you want to be entertained. You want to have topics that you know people are gonna love talking about. So, you know, what you guys are doing are, you know, it's so interesting, because you're starting, you have something different every time and you engage the people with something that they love, and I think that's great, you know, some some podcasts, they don't do that. Our show is you know, it gives it gives us the chance to you know, blend radio and podcasting together. the reason I made the show is because I want to break into the radio industry. I want to prove that, you know, I'm a great presenter. And that I can, you know, I can showcase that. I want to make it big. So the reason I made district dubz  is because it's to show, To record episodes, hand them into big radio companies to show them look, look at look at the commitment I'm doing. Look at what I'm creating here. The fact that I can, you know, I can get music guests on to perform live I can I can come up with all different game show concepts, discussions, special guests, you know, it's different shows. So like, we got history shows, politics shows we got, you know, gaming shows art and design. So you know, the word diversity Really. That's what district dubz is all about?

Juke  20:32  
Yeah. And I think for the listeners at home, if you if you've made it this far, in the episode, you have clearly realized that that Wiz is an amazing host, and has the perfect voice.

Perf  20:47  
Yesterday, right after the interview. No. Well, yeah, we were saying, at the same time that you were having a great animator voice.

Wiz  20:58  
Oh, that means a lot to me, guys. Honestly, that means a lot to me. But, you know, I'd love to have you guys on district dubz again, you know, we are a big, big family. We've got presenters from, you know, not just England, we got some from the Netherlands, we got some from the US and to have you guys at some point, you know, once you expand, we can, we can definitely look at collaborating, which would be insane. But I really, really feel that I've gained that really two great friends and yourself and I'd love to, you know, still chat to you guys. Maybe we can have a zoom call at some time to you know, just chat. Because I think that we make really good friends.

Juke  21:35  
Absolutely. And we're gonna have to try to play video games together at some point for sure.

Wiz  21:41  
Oh, we have to try and play video games together.

Juke  21:44  
Well, thank you so much for coming on. For the listeners at home. If you're looking for the podcast, we're @gettinggamers on Twitter and Facebook and @getting_gamers on Instagram. And you can find me @juke_ish on Twitter, twitch and Facebook. Perf Did you have anything you wanted to plug today? 

Perf  22:05  
I would like to plug uhmm it's gonna be a little more special than usual. But the cookbook from Hearthstone.

Juke  22:14  
Oh my god. Yeah.

Perf  22:16  
Which is the Bob the innkeeper and he's having a lot of good recipes for us. So if Blizzard listen to this sponsor everything we do from now on.

Juke  22:31  
Yes, get blizzards attention.

Perf  22:33  
And we're gonna send pictures of all the meals were prepared from Bob's recipes on our website

Wiz  22:38  

Juke  22:41  
We're gonna have to make a special carrot meal just for wix

Wiz  22:45  
oh you have to make me a carrot meal. I'll just dissect it literally all.

Juke  22:51  
And on that wonderful carottiie not. Thank you for coming. GG

Wiz  22:56  
thank you

Perf  22:56  

Wiz  22:58  

Perf  23:26  
job's done.