Getting Gamers

10 - Adding to the Gamer Glossary

July 26, 2021 Juke & Perf Season 1 Episode 10
10 - Adding to the Gamer Glossary
Getting Gamers
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Getting Gamers
10 - Adding to the Gamer Glossary
Jul 26, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
Juke & Perf

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After a long covid break, we come back with an expansion of the glossary, explaining a few more terms related to the world of gaming. Juke also gives you a little sneak peak at their first experience within a friendly tournament!

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After a long covid break, we come back with an expansion of the glossary, explaining a few more terms related to the world of gaming. Juke also gives you a little sneak peak at their first experience within a friendly tournament!

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Art by Arielle:  

twitter @ProphetPossum

instagram @ProphetOPossum

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Juke  0:10  
Hello, and welcome to Getting Gamers, your guide to understanding the gamers in your life. I am Juke, my pronouns are they them.

Perf  0:18  
And I am Perf. My pronouns are he him. And today we are expanding our gamer glossary. But first, tell me, what have you been playing lately?

Juke  0:30  
So, once again, it's my turn to answer this question normally Perf is more the one to talk about what games he's been playing this week, but

Perf  0:40  
yeah, but there's been something special.

Juke  0:43  
So this week, there's been a friendly Hearthstone tournament, that Perf's friend Zik originally planned. This is the 12th edition?

Perf  0:58  
That's right. Yeah. There's also a Divi was planning now with Zik

Juke  1:02  
Yeah, but I mean, Originally, it was Zik. And then Divi joined the team of like, the planning committee, I guess. And it's a friendly tournament, but it's it's gotten bigger too, people from the Hearthstone community that no one's no one's met. Like at some point, Divi went on like some Facebook groups and just invited people, right?

Perf  1:22  
Yeah, yeah, it started off with just us basically me, Zik, Divi. There's another guy. That's a Guigui that you don't know. Yeah, but I'm pretty sure you guys will get to know him at some point. But then yeah, divi expanded the search for players in just Facebook, Hearthstone community groups. And we got up to a pool of around 15 players, I would say, in a moment,

Juke  1:54  
I guess. But all this to say that I finally got the courage to join the 12th edition of this tournament, and I have been so nervous. I prepared like all week, just like played Hearthstone, all week, preparing for it, and like making little notes in my agenda.

Perf  2:19  
I'm so proud of you. You've been doing a lot of work on that. It's not just some notes, you've been looking on two different sites for inputs and strategies and knowledge and you've been looking through grids and stats, and it's been a few hours of work behind all this.

Juke  2:38  
I've been nerding out. But it's because I was always too nervous to join the tournament that the guys did, because they just they're such good players. the main people of this that are participating to this tournament are people who taught me how to play Hearthstone. So it's very nerve wracking. So obviously I felt like I had to really prepare but my first week So this gets to it. So this tournament last two weeks, first week just just finished yesterday and I did pretty well. I won three out of my four matches.

Perf  3:19  
Yeah, that puts you in the top three for this week. Equality with two others that are also have nine points. I'm not going to explain to you all the...

Juke  3:28  
Yeah, Someday we'll do a proper episode explaining like Hearthstone and the tournament with the guys. But yeah, I'm pretty proud. Like I don't know how week two is gonna go because I think like it like for the second week people can change their decks and stuff and I didn't do any changes. So I think people are like honing in a bit more on their, their skills and and I'm gonna kind of just stagnate where I am but like, I nine point is way more than I thought it would do. I was hoping for like, one or two points, you know, like winning a game in a in a few matches, not like a full match. So I'm, I'm pretty pretty hyped about that. Just sometimes Perf looks at me and I'm like, staring into the void. And he's like, What are you thinking about? and im like My games? Just how proud I am. how excited I am. 

Perf  4:17  
You've been so so cute all this way.

Juke  4:20  
I felt really bad because when I won against the Devi and why I already told perf this what I'm telling you guys like when I won, I went holy shit because I really wasn't expecting to win and that was the first match that I won was my match against to be  and I'm used to like muting myself or just playing with perf so I'm used to people not hearing my like, 

Perf  4:43  

Juke  4:44  
Yeah. But yeah. Yeah, it's been it's been pretty nice. It's been a confidence boost.

Perf  4:55  
Exactly. And you guys are bound to have an episode dedicated to Behind the scene of this friendly tournament,

yeah, eventually, for sure. Now, especially that like COVID is coming down, we've we all have our first doses of vaccine, we're gonna be able to start interviewing people soon.

That's gonna be great. It's gonna be a lot more interactive in the upcoming weeks. Yeah.

Juke  5:26  
Fun stuff. So why don't we just jump into the meat of it?

Perf  5:31  
Sure, just throw me some words, and I'm going to try to explain it my best.

Juke  5:35  
So I think the first thing we should start with it was a listener request. So right about when we first launched the podcast, second player, which is a blog and twitter account, which is where I knew them from, wrote like, a small article about us and the release of our podcast and mentioned that they would like to have the definition of what yeet means. I feel like yeet is very common. Now nowadays, like, just like, the younger people are saying yeet. And a lot of older people are being like, what the hell is this?

Perf  6:11  
Pretty sure you could explain that one? just as good as, as me or even better?

Juke  6:17  
Well, my understanding of yeet is like, like, discarding something intensely. So like, throwing something out the window would be yeeting something out of the window. Or expulsing someone from an airplane, you know, like the expulse button, you know, they would you be yeeting someone from the airplane? I guess

Perf  6:35  
it's an an extreme form of throwing something.

Juke  6:38  
Yeah. Or someone or Yeah, or like a vigorous way of discarding something or getting rid of something.

Perf  6:48  
I guess that would be it. Because even in my language, and it's not something we use very often. I thought it was more of a tabletop games. Word type of thing.

Juke  7:00  
I feel like it's used a lot in like, a games that like maybe younger people are using, like, I feel like thewhat's it called? The fortnight community maybe uses it more? I don't know. I definitely think that it's becoming more and more common, like I see it come come up in memes, and stuff like that. So I really don't know where it would have originated from I guess we could have Google that. But that's not what we do.

Perf  7:30  
Actually, one of the first times I've been hearing this therm a lot was during our d&d sessions.yeeting the dice a lot

Juke  7:40  
Oh, yeah yeeting The dice Yeah, like, if you're rolling dice, and they like, fly off the table. That that's another way that it could be used. I feel like however, I don't know, my, in my, in my experience, is a term that like is becoming really more commonly used in just like, any situation that like, even not game related. And I feel like I feel like the same way twerk ended up in the dictionary. I feel like yeet someday will end up in the dictionary. Because it's being used way more 

Perf  8:16  
wait twerk is on a dictionary?

Juke  8:17  
 Yeah, twerk entered the dictionary, I was still in high school, like in 2012. something like that, twerk has been in the dictionary for years.

Perf  8:29  
I guess it's not the kind of word I'm actually looking for in the dictionary.

Juke  8:33  
Because, because nothing else describes that movement. There's no other word for that movement other than twerk. So like, I think it's, for me, I feel like it's valuable that it's in the dictionary, even though I cannot twerk for my life.

Perf  8:49  
I kinda feel disappointed. 

Juke  8:50  
Oh, my gosh, you're so late on this train, you're disappointment is no longer valid. 

Perf  8:56  
You can't invalidate my disappointment like that :P Why should we acknowledge this kind of movement?

Juke  9:06  
First of all, your man. So I'm sure you very much enjoyed twerking. So like,

Perf  9:11  
 doesn't mean we shouldn't be ashamed of it. haha

Juke  9:15  
No, I think twerking is great and very, like normalized now, it's just that there's no other way to describe that movement. You know, I don't know. I think it makes sense. And in the samein that same path, let's say, I would say that yeet is probably gonna end up in the dictionary because it really describes the, the emotion or the

Perf  9:42  
(singing) bless my hole twerking on a pole! That's all I could think of. haha

Juke  9:49  
haha like, Yeet really is unique in the in, in the in the emotion that it portrays. You know, like to yeet something, you know, in the same way, we're trying to define it and we're like, you know, to vigorously discard something or to throw something or and we're finding, searching for the words to properly define it. Like, for me, that's an indication that it really suits what it's trying to do really well. You know, I don't think any other word can replace yeet

Perf  10:22  
is going to be a word and amalgam of words to describe one word.

Juke  10:33  
 anyways, that's my, that's my view of of eat. 

Perf  10:37  
Pretty much all I have to say. 

Juke  10:41  
I think I pushed you too far with the twerk being in the dictionnary

Perf  10:44  

Juke  10:47  
so the next one on my list, I'm going in no particular order, except the order that I wrote them down is APM. I don't remember what APM is it actions per minute.

Perf  10:58  
That's right. It stands for action per minute. That's a good effect right there. But, uh, yeah, it's, it's used mostly in the video game worlds. And then again, mostly in the games that requires a lot of action for a minute. Of course, such as , Warcraft . What's ...I covered this in the glossary? But with

Juke  11:26  
Warcraft? Like what type of game it is? It is. Oh, come on. You're the nerd.

Perf  11:33  
I know. its not a  MOBAs it could it's something 

Juke  11:39  
Yeah. MOBAs you guys need to click a lot like, but I noticed I want to play MOBAs I spam click when I don't need to be.

Perf  11:46  
Yeah, I think pretty much everyone's guilty of doing that.

Juke  11:51  
But wait, no, it's an RTS. OMG I out nerded him this is staying in the podcast. 

Perf  11:59  
I got to develop my skills in editing. So i can edit it out

Juke  12:03  
I have more points than him at Hearthstone. I found that RTS before him. I am becoming the ruling nerd of this households

Perf  12:09  
im falling behind. And let's well let's swap roles. I'm just gonna be in your seat. Yeah, 

Juke  12:17  
so APM 

Perf  12:19  
Yeah, you tell me now,

Juke  12:21  
I don't know. But actions per minue, is a click an action

Perf  12:26  
Yep, it's one action. 

Juke  12:27  
Okay, so why didn't they say click per minute?

Perf  12:30  
Because it's not only clicks, it's clicks, plus all the other keys, you're pressing into keyboard? 

Juke  12:37  
Oh, I see. Okay, so it all counts. So if I, if I click like, a b, w, click, click, W click click, like those are all actions

Perf  12:47  
that are going to count towards the action per minute count. A and B are not really often use it's a it's something that's going to be shown in a few games sometime with third party application. And sometime there's just an option that you can check within the game I didn't understand that you get the action permanent counter. Oh, okay. It can actually be shown somewhere in your screen. 

Juke  13:22  
But does  it really like help you to see that number

Perf  13:28  
 it can affect you in some ways and meaning if you see it dropping below your average maybe you're doing something wrong or maybe you're just tired you just slowing down this game. So it's an indicator of your performance but higher is not necessarily better because if you just click randomly in the screens still going to or click random keys on your keyboard is going to register it's going to register it and make it just pump up the number without without me really adding

Juke  14:08  
so like me like I'm a spam click you're like crazy like I stress click it will be like a high number but it wouldn't mean anything

Perf  14:14  
let's say you spam click a lot in hearthstone in the map for nothing

Juke  14:20  
its not for nothing I spam click for the satisfaction. 

Perf  14:28  
the present satisfaction but its not gonna positively affect your game

Juke  14:33  
Well, I would argue that' spam clicking my map at Hearthstone positively affects my game.

Perf  14:39  
Most of the time it negatively affects it because you're not focusing on any of your like next turns. You're just wasting time clicking shit. But yeah, you get it. Yeah. And most, I think most pros, let's say The RTS game pros are around 300. Action per minute.think some of the best can go up to 400. But that's not the case for most of them. 

Juke  15:18  
Interesting. I wonder what mine is. 

Perf  15:23  
Aside from clicker games, where you, of course, you get a click a lot. I don't think there's much need outside of RTS for this kind of stats, maybe some MOBAs if you're more most extreme players out there. But um, I think that would be the full extent of it.

Juke  15:50  
Interesting. And you're hearing us throw out terms. Dear viewers, like RTS and MOBA. We have covered these terms in previous episodes on types of games. But also if you want, just like the quick definition, you can go on our website we have a glossary. And we update the glossary with every episode. So if you're looking for those quick definitions, you can go on our website Ctrl F or look in the search bar. You'll find it real quick. We got you. 

Perf  16:20  
Yeah, I'm going to update that. 

Juke  16:22  
Yeah. And next term is a term that I think people use more frequently because I think even my mom like in the business world uses this term to say that there is like another way of saying, Brb, but it's AFK. It it's not like a way of saying brb because Brb is just like, be right back. But AFK would be away from the keyboard. Yeah, so I feel like even in the business world, I feel like my mom's used AFK to say, like, cat like, I won't be able to talk.

Perf  17:04  
I think it's one of the most popular one. Because it's pretty straightforward, usable outside of the gaming world, too.

Juke  17:14  
Yeah, like, I feel like in the MSN days, people use AFK.

Perf  17:18  
I think so. MSN, right. bringing back the memories memory. I kind of feel like I want a wiz you, you know.

Juke  17:27  
Is that when the screen would shake? Yes. I really missed the one where it would knock on the screen.

Perf  17:33  
Oh, yeah. Like it was a window? 

Juke  17:35  
yeah that was a good one. I really liked those animations. I don't understand why chats don't still have those types of fun screen interactions  Like we have stickers on messenger and stuff like that. But we don't have like those animations that pretend to be like, inside your screen, 

Perf  17:52  
like breaking the forth wall. 

Juke  17:53  
Yeah. There was a few. I really liked them. I miss msn. 

Perf  17:58  
We are going astray now. 

Juke  18:02  
Okay, well Away From Keyboard. I don't really think we need to define that more Do we?

Perf  18:07  
Oh, no, I don't think so. It's pretty close to be right back. And yeah, just signifies that you are not in front of your computer for a few minutes seconds or? Yeah, you're in a few hours if you get caught in something else.

Juke  18:22  
Exactly. And another one that's really common is lag. I think people people who watch shows experience lag too, I imagine.

Perf  18:32  
Yeah, lag is closely related to to the second word, we're gonna go right after with this, which is Ping. But uh, yeah, lag is mainly a delay of the server's response. That gamers and pretty much everyone actually experience for every actions that you do on the internet. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty much it.

Juke  19:02  
I feel like people get lag all the time when you're watching TV and you freezes. Or if you're like, doing something, and like, a lot of times when we say our computer froze, the other people will say it lagged. But it was not necessarily freezing. Right? It's more like a bug like momentary like UH And then it continues.

Perf  19:21  
Yeah, it's it's, it's also generally used to as a synonym, to bugs or freezes. It's more of a umbrella term. Yeah. For these kind of words.

Juke  19:38  
Yeah, I feel like we even use it for people sometimes, like when you have a brain fart. Sometimes I say like, Oh, my brain lagged. Or I lagged. Yeah, exactly. Or like in the podcast sometimes, like when I'm editing and I'm like telling perfect. Oh, at this point, you can really hear me lag because I like hesitate on my words or whatever.

Perf  19:55  
stutter a bit. Not being sure what's about to come out of your mouth. 

Juke  20:00  
Yeah, I think perf and I when we're recording alone, we lag a lot. 

Perf  20:05  
Oh, yeah, I do, of course, especially when I have to find some more words I'm not used to use in English. Yeah, yeah. So

Juke  20:13  
well, especially when it's the two of us sometimes, like, we just stare at each other, and then it just becomes blank, we both lose completely what we're trying to do. But you lead up to the the next word, which would be ping, which ping, I have a hard time understanding, but it's used really calm. Like, I hear it a lot in like professional gamers and stuff like that.

Perf  20:35  
Actually, the way I would explain it. Ping is going to be directly related to the amount of lag you experience. The ping is a number. And the higher it is, the higher the lag.

Juke  20:53  
Because the higher the lag, like the chances of lag,

Perf  20:57  
not directly related to lag, because ping is a Yeah, the number is in milliseconds. Okay, so it's a it's the time it takes for the server to  respond to your to your inputs.

Juke  21:14  
Okay. And it has to do with like, Wi Fi quality internet quality. 

Perf  21:19  
yeah it's directly related to internet quality.

Juke  21:22  
Yeah, so it goes I remember when we were adding this to the list of terms we wanted to cover today. I wanted to put it on the list because I thought it's really useful for your parents to understand what ping is, when when they're talking to you about internet or when you're trying to have a conversation with them about quality of Wi Fi? Or, or why if you're competing, you might need them to not use the internet, let's say let's say you don't have like Unlimited, high quality internet like we do. I assume if you were going to compete, you might tell your mom Hey, could you not be on the internet for this to this time? So for my ping,

Perf  22:06  
if required? Yeah, certainly it goes. A good ping is within a below 100 milliseconds. Even then, one 100 is noticeable to in certain games and could be impactful.

Juke  22:24  
 Is ping similar to like the upload download speed, or hasn't

Perf  22:29  
 Not really, I wouldn't say , for that we'd have to go further. But right off the bat, I want to say it's really related to that.

Juke  22:38  
Okay, it has to do with server, meaning the server to host the game.

Perf  22:43  
It's related to the server, because let's say internet speed is one thing, but your distance really related to the main serve of the website, the game, you name, it, is going to affect the ping number

Juke  23:02  
So to that extent, if you're playing an online game, how far your opponent is could affect

Perf  23:08  
exactly so that's why when, let's say Grubby, is playing in Europe, And if he has to play against anyone that's in Asia, or Latin America, North America is being is going to be very high, let's say 400 to 600. And if in real time, this would mean there's about half a second delay to every of his action. So this makes everything a lot harder for the person with who has a bigger ping cuz his brains gonna register everything about half a second late on his opponent,

Juke  23:51  
so that that delay would represent as if I click on my opponent to attack them. My Computer registers that click half a second later, my opponent could have moved

Perf  24:02  
That's right. Okay, exactly. So it's gonna give an advantage to the person who has the lower ping Yeah.

Juke  24:12  
I think that's I think it's a very valuable term to understand because even me who's like starting to understand a bit more the terms and the whole world of gaming it's it's something that I hear used a lot and isn't isn't as straightforward as I something like upload download speed where the, the, the name pretty much explains it. Like ping just is a sound to me anyways, so I thought, Yeah, I think that's a very valuable one. And if you're like a parent or someone who lives with a gamer and and, like, discusses internet bills, or has discussed internet quality and whatnot with your gamer, it is worth Understanding what ping is and it really will facilitate the conversation with your gamer to understand like some small, quick, easy terms like that, that really contribute to the conversation especially like such in such crucial situations as competing and whatnot

Perf  25:20  

No, I was just about to say that there's a much more in depth explanation for about what's paying and what's underneath this concept but I think we covered the basic

Juke  25:35  
Yeah, we're not professionals here. Okay, then there's two terms on this list that I really don't know at all. There's the word scrub you told me that that that scrub was a synonym for noob

Perf  25:53  
it is but I would say it's an even more negatively charged term 

Juke  25:58  
oh yeah? Cuz I will never heard scrub other than the song no scrubs. (sings)

Perf  26:06  

Juke  26:07  
for me but like a scrub in that term is like  a guy that like never pays his share and like, like you know, lives at his mom's and you have to pay for the supper and blah blah like and that like mooches

Perf  26:21  
I guess it couldn't even be related to that...

Juke  26:25  
So would it but like so what a scrub be a noob in the sense that like they're new, or what a scrub go as far as to be a person who's like the game but who mooches off everyone else in the game in the sense of like like when I first started playing Borderlands with my ex, they stayed at their like level 30 characters and then I went on to level zero characters. And I wouldn't even fight like I would just be around them while they fought and I would get XP from that. Would that make me a scrub?

Perf  26:59  
No, that will make you a noob for sure. But that would also make your ex somewhat of an asshole. but not a scrub

Juke  27:10  
Okay, so then what differentiates a scrub from a noob

Perf  27:16  
I would say scrub is just harsher. Most closer to trash talking. Yeah, I think that would be the best description.

Juke  27:27  
Okay, I see. And the one right after that. I have really no idea: scrim.

Perf  27:34  
Scrim is good. In the competitive world scrims are practice with the oponenents you could actually have or other good teams, because you can practice against people. Nobody knows just with the normal matchmaking from any given game. But you could also just message some people you know, that are good at the game. That would be worthy to practice with.

Juke  28:10  
So like when grabby messages his friend that's really good at playing Night Elf to practice againstnight elf, that would be srimming? 

Perf  28:17  

Juke  28:18  
Okay, so when I play against you guys preparing for the tournament that scrimming? 

Perf  28:23  
It would be Yeah, it would be very close to scrims. 

Juke  28:26  
Okay, and let's say like, what, right before I played my first games of the tournament this week, I played with guigui and he madhimself decks that were copies of the decks that you guys put. So would I have been doing a scrim with guigui?

Perf  28:45  
Yeah, pretty much. The question that arises with this is I taught this term was more reserved for teams. 

Juke  28:55  
Okay. Okay, interesting. 

Perf  28:57  
But I would have to check if there's actual scrims for one v ones. 

Juke  29:03  
Interesting. But okay, soyou've heard it more in, in team game setting. So when you were playing Heroes of the Storm, and you were going to compete at LAN ETS, so if you had asked like a specific team that you knew you might compete against, right, then that would be a scrim. And is it used? Like in a verb setting? Like, can I say scrimming? Or do you just say like a scrim.

Perf  29:23  
No you can use it as a verb if you want to.

Juke  29:27  
 I mean, I do whatever I want anyways, hahaha

Perf  29:29  
yeah of course. in my defense, I'm not sure if it's if it works with one v one situation, but why not? Because I've only used it and played competitively in teams. So yeah.

Juke  29:46  
Interesting. I mean, if there's a gamer out there who knows the answer and let us know you can tweet us @GettingGamers. And you can find us on Facebook @GettingGamers as well. Tell us Your answers to our questions. And then another term that I was surprised was in the gaming world and did it mean what it means and just the everyday world? cheesy?

Perf  30:14  
Yeah, it's cheesy is not something very cute or too cute?

Juke  30:19  
Every everyday world cheesy like cute lovey dovey stuff, you know,

Perf  30:26  
I can't even say exactly the origin of it, but I know the essence of it. Doing a cheese or cheesing someone in a video game? (Yes, it can also be a verb, cheese is a verb everyone) is to use a strategy that would normally not work, or is not very common, and is relying mainly on the element of surprise to work. So it's something that no one really does. That is not acknowledged as a working strategy. But is used in very specific ways. Very, very rare. To take your opponent off guard.

Juke  31:21  
Yeah. So something like, um, I mean, I use heartstone a lot as an example, because it's the only game that I really like, fully dedicated myself to. But let's say in Hearthstone, there's like specific plays in this specific cards that you keep in your deck for specific plays. And deciding to do this strategy to throw your opponent off guard, that may be not an optimal strategy, but it is focusing on throwing your opponent off guard. That would be cheesy.

Perf  31:58  
Yeah, exactly. That would, that would be doable by bringing a homebrew deck something that you created by yourself. And maybe making some somewhat of an sub optimal deck. But makings, a combination of cards, that's going to be very, that might be very hard to organize well, or forecast, well. That would create a very big effect, if it works, if it actually works.

Juke  32:31  
I think the best example, the first time I really learned the term was in Hearthstone, there is a card that's like a quest, like a goal that if you achieve this goal during your game, you have like extra bonuses. And that specific goal was like healing yourself, for the priest cards. And whenever you would put that goal, the game guarantees that you're going to have it in your hand when you start so that you can put it immediately as you start. But whenever you put it, since you have to heal yourself, a lot of people you play against, they're not going to hit you until they have like a huge amount of damage that they can do. Because they don't want you to get your bonus from healing yourself. So then I had decided that I wasn't I wasn't gonna put that card. Because I was tired of people not hitting me and waiting for like 10 turns or whatever, before doing damage. And because the game is so boring when no one's doing anything and just waiting. So I would just hold on to the card, even though it wasn't the optimal thing to do, I would just hold on to it, and then eventually drop it and try to heal myself really fast to get the bonuses. And then you you had pointed out that that was like cheesy in the sense where they think they're playing against a certain archetype. And then boom, I changed the archetype, 

Perf  33:50  
yeah, it could be considered cheesy. 

Juke  33:52  
I feel like for any noob listening to this, my explanation did not help at all. 

Perf  33:58  
I mean, you've been explaining it very well, in my opinion. So 

Juke  34:02  
yeah but you're a gamer. What do you know? 

Perf  34:05  
I mean, it was clear. 

Juke  34:07  
Thanks. It was just teasing you. I love you. 

Perf  34:11  
I love you too. 

Juke  34:12  
oh no :3

Perf  34:13  
Yes. Oh, yes, is the correct answer. 

Juke  34:18  
And we have another term on the list. But before we go to that term, I realized that a term that's worth mentioning, I don't think we've defined it before. But after having decided on my gamertag I realized that my gamertag is also a term. 

Perf  34:38  
It is Oh yeah. 

Juke  34:39  
So juke from what I understand. Because juke for me, if you listen to Episode One is short for jukebox. And I know that in the dancing world to juke around would be to like dance around I think. I'm not really sure. But in the gaming world, I think juke means to like fake one way and then go the other

Perf  35:00  
 But I think I think it's interesting that you brought up the this term from the dance world. Because it's pretty much what it is because it's dancing your way out of dangerous situations. By using movements skills during battle

Juke  35:19  
it makes me think of in soccer, when you're two people face to face trying to get the ball from each other. And then the guy pretends to go one way and then immediately goes the other day to like, fake you out of it.

Perf  35:31  
Yeah, that would be juke joking someone

Juke  35:33  
Yeah, I don't know if that's the term they use in the soccer world as well. I would have to ask my stepbrother he would probably know but yeah, that's that's kind of the definition we're for juke would be like to dance around or to fake one way go. The other kind of type of thing of the word juke is also used for when you're in the doorway with someone and then you both, you both try to let each other pass but you both go the same way. So you have that awkward dance in the doorway of blocking each other. I think that's also called juke or juking. Yeah, I think that's the word for that is awkward. So yeah, that awkward dancer like, Oh, whoops. Okay, you got no Okay, you go.

Perf  36:16  
But I can see all the parallels to make in the gaming world too. Yeah, cuz that's pretty much what it is just using movement to deceive or escape.

Juke  36:26  
Yeah. And I kind of like I realized Late that I chose my gamertag to be a gaming term, but I kind of like it because it feels like a very clumsy thing. Like to juke is like a very clumsy like, Oh, they don't know where they're going type of things. So I feel like it suits me anyways. Even though it was initially meant to be jukebox l

Perf  36:54  
it has a good effect because it can. I don't know if we've defined clutch I think so.

Juke  37:00  
Sure, but we can redefine it if we want just in case.

Perf  37:03  
Just Yeah, clutches is when you the odds are against you in a certain play. But you play so well that you actually it turns out you win. Oh, you you overcome the obstacle.

Juke  37:18  
Okay, you know, I had the wrong definition in my head for clutch.

Perf  37:22  
And jukes are part of a good clutch.

Juke  37:27  
Okay, so to do a juke is part of a good clutch

Perf  37:31  

Juke  37:32  
Okay. Interesting. 

Perf  37:34  
I guess it would be in more action games. 

Juke  37:39  
Yeah, I would imagine that.  see clutch for me, I thought was just like, a really nice play. I didn't realize that it was specifically like when the odds are against you. And you succeed.

Perf  38:02  
I mean, it's part of a nice or great play to

Juke  38:07  
see because like me, I've had clutch use more in like my everyday life I haven't used. I haven't heard clutch used much in the gaming side of things. And so like to say something is clutch is to kind of say something is on point. You know?  And so the last, the last word on my list here is greedy. And I put it there because it feels like straightforward if someone had to tell you that you did something greedy in a game. But I find that the gaming definitions for this still, it's a bit different. Yeah, it's different than that the everyday definition for it. Cuz it's not only related to sheer gold or value. Yeah, exactly. Like I can be a loot ho and still not do greedy plays.

Perf  38:59  
Exactly. I mean, it's still related to value. But something greedy even in just a card game could be retaining some cards, trading some of your HP which is your hit points. Yeah. Trying to make more efficiently the turn after a while using the less amount of resources.

Juke  39:28  
Yeah, so like taking a risk and hoping it'll turn out well

Perf  39:40  

Juke  39:44  
Because I did a play when I was playing against guigui in hearthstone I like I left my turn, thinking that he didn't have enough damage to kill me. Thinking I had, like, killed enough of his minions to survive an extra round. And then when I passed my turn, he said, Oh, that's greedy. And then he killed me. And I was like, Oh shit, wait, like, what did I do? Because, you know, I was trying to learn. Then he explained that because of a specific minion that was on his board, he still had the full amount of damage to kill me. So it was, it was greedy of me, because had I  properly done my math and realized that he had enough damage to kill me. I'm having still ended my turn instead of conceding would have meant that I was hoping that he wouldn't notice that he had enough damage to kill me. And so that would have been greedy.

Perf  40:46  

Juke  40:47  
Okay. Yeah. 

Perf  40:50  
So guys. You got to do your maths. Yeah, good gamer do maths. 

Juke  40:55  
Yeah, gaming is definitely a lot of maths. 

Perf  40:59  
A lot of it. 

Juke  41:03  
yeah so that's why greedy is it does feel straightforward, like a as a term, but it is slightly a different definition. Because it's about a play and not about a gain,

Perf  41:16  

Juke  41:18  
So we covered this episode, definitions for yeet APM AFK. lag scrims scrub, cheesy, greedy, ping juke. And I think that's pretty much it. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I was gonna say video. I hope you all enjoyed this episode. Always refer back to our glossary our Twitter and our Facebook at Getting Gamers You can find me at juke_ish on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, and probably others that I'm forgetting right now and Perf you have anything you want to plug?

Perf  42:06  
I guess i can plug myself and my twitch

Juke  42:08  
Yeah, you've been you've been pretty like I'd say about maybe once a week almost streaming lately.

Perf  42:14  
Yeah, it's been more consistent lately. It's perfected with an L

Juke  42:22  
Yeah. on Twitch. It'll be in the description of the episode lately. You've been streaming like, what's it called? darksouls? That's a an RPG?

Perf  42:32  
It's it's a single player game. It's more of an somewhat of an open world. RPG. Yeah.

Juke  42:42  
I thought open world was only online. 

Perf  42:47  
not quite. 

Juke  42:50  
Okay. So it just means okay, because like Minecraft is open world. 

Perf  42:53  
Minecraft is open 

Juke  42:54  
and you don't? Yeah, yeah. Okay, I see what you're doing. Okay. All right. And probably some more Resident Evil now that there's more expansions.

Perf  43:03  
It's, it's coming up in a few months. So I've got time already go done with the village that came out like last month. 

Juke  43:12  
Okay, so keep an eye on that. And I 

Perf  43:18  
but if you if you like, Resident Evil series, I'm often making fast runs of Resident Evil two. So. Yeah. 

Juke  43:29  
Yeah. You're pretty good at your Resident Evil two speedruns. 

Perf  43:34  
Yeah, it's it's not real speedrun as I'm not skipping everything, but I can do everything pretty fast till

Juke  43:42  
I see. Maybe we'll do an episode about speed wins someday. Yeah, definitely. Leave us a comment if you're interested in an episode about speed runs. Alright, other than that, I hope y'all have a great day. And we hope to see you back here soon. gg 

Perf  44:02