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On Curiosity and Being Human with Dr. Peter Williams

September 29, 2021 Episode 47
Happy Doc Student Podcast
On Curiosity and Being Human with Dr. Peter Williams
Show Notes

If you are feeling stuck in your program, it might be because your curiosity muscle is weak. Ask yourself: Have you stopped asking why?

Learn why your curiosity muscle is so important and how to exercise it with Dr. Peter Williams. 

 Peter completed his PhD at Texas A&M in Educational Human Resource Development and was teaching faculty how to teach online before the turn of the century. Currently, he's Associate Professor and Interim Assistant Department Head of Ed Leadership at Texas A&M Commerce. He's been teaching and advising doctoral students since 2009 and loves working with adults to figure out how to make sense of their complex worlds. When he’s not helping his students develop their curiosity you will find him strumming his ukulele, roasting coffee, and telling dad jokes.


  • Embrace that you will never know everything and start getting curious
  • Don't forget to PLAY!
  • You can infuse joy in your journey by simply reconnecting with your innate curiosity.
  • Any barrier or challenge will look different if you can view it through a lens of wonder, which makes room for humor (and who couldn't use more of that?)
  • When you read  published research, ask questions: 1. I wonder why…..and 2. Isn’t it interesting that…?
  • Use questions to lead your Literature View
  • Pique the curiosity of your committee, tell a story (a mystery story) with your dissertation.
  • Don’t be afraid of dual emotions: Frustration and curiosity can be a powerful mix!

Curiosity is the antidote to judgment. When you look around the world today, it’s easy to see people have stopped being curious. Be part of the solution – Get Curious! 

As promised – some Dad Jokes:

1. What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved.

2. Did you know curious people live longer? That's because curious people are lifelong learners. Learners are also known as pupils. And pupils dilate [this is where you laugh] 

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