Conversations with Lily

Ep 32 | We're Back

September 27, 2022 Rob Season 2 Episode 31
Conversations with Lily
Ep 32 | We're Back
Show Notes

Holy its been soooo long! in this episode we do a recap of the whole summer…. well what we can remember anyway. 

Also in this episode:

  • Headphone thing broke. Super fun.
  • podcat
  • trying to dicipher the show notes from the last episode
  • world record for NOT doing a podcast
  • sumba…nope…scuba… nope snorkeling
  • Jeep life
  • Competitions 
  • “You get a diamond!, You get a diamond!”
  • Maisey & Tristen PIT winners
  • year end, party at the Cooke’s
  • Lily is still a teacher trainer
  • Shout out to Ryan! He wears the logo.
  • we learned that “Thats Cool” sounds like “At School”
  • DU Intensive! Diego!!
  • No summer trips this year
  • We built something in the basment for lily
  • no one knows what the ikea thing is
  • Jr High!!!!!! What?!
  • Lily talks about how its going
  • Rob got punched in the face, In grade 8.
  • Shout out Amalia 
  • Making new friends 
  • Finished lyrical solo
  • oh and Lily has an attitude now. Its extra. Fun.

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