Conversations with Lily

Ep8 | The Shows That Made Us

January 25, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 8
Conversations with Lily
Ep8 | The Shows That Made Us
Show Notes

Its Jan 22, and its Rob’s 40th birthday!! In this episode we talk about Rob’s birthday shananagans & our favourite childhood TV shows & what we loved about them. This was a super light episode & lots of fun to record. Lots of nostalgia for us and possibly you as well. Enjoy! We nerded out on our own and didn’t know what each other was talking about.

Also in this episode:

  • Dad jokes (they still work for now)
  • Rob turns 40
  • People put stuff on your lawn when you’re 40
  • Eggs benny from pip is delicious 
  • Should you work on your birthday?
  • Lilys secret surprise (hope you can hear it)
  • Top 3 
  • We won’t list them here you’ll have to listen! 
  • We are terrible at explaining what shows are about
  • Don’t jump down the stairs
  • Are they still called “figurines”?
  • I am not a brony I swear
  • Rob’s bad at basic math 
  • Lily yawns a lot 
  • Giant brain who lived in a robot legs?
  • No one liked Caillou. No one.
  • Creepy talking Sun/Sons?
  • Heart is not an element who ever made captain planet.
  • If you are responsible for hiring people to explain shows… Don’t hire us.
  • Stephan Urquelle 
  • Rob’s favourite show to watch with his mom as a kid
  • Our Current favourite shows at the time of this recording to wrap it up.
  • Ew, David. (True fans will know)
  • Live studio audience  Yes or No?
  • Comedian hack. You’re welcome comedians. 
  • Worlds best sign off!!

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