Conversations with Lily

Ep9 | Top 10 Daddy Daughter Dates

February 01, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 9
Conversations with Lily
Ep9 | Top 10 Daddy Daughter Dates
Show Notes

We try and go on dates together and try to spend some quality time together weekly. We call them Daddy Daughter Dates. In this episode we talk about out favourite daddy daughter dates we have been on. We did it in kind of a weird way it's a bit confusing. But we get our list done and tell you our favourite dates and explain what we did on them.

Also in this episode:

  • Lil’s Riddle
  • Bob. Our new mascot
  • Can you hear the washing machine? 
  • I still want a wall.
  • We are so unorganized 
  • We thought we were doing good
  • Throzen?
  • We like mini golf
  • Talking about how we “should” have done it on the podcast…
  • Smash that subscribe button!
  • We also like spending time at WEM
  • Why are you speed talking?
  • Lily punches the mic a lot
  • Our first time at deadmonton. She was 8! Proud Dad.

Links to our top favourites:

Deadmonton Haunted house (Rob’s number 1):

WEM Mirror maze/Mini Golf :

4D Movie experience:  (this is what we did when I pulled lily out of school)

Corn Maze:

Koo Koo kangaroo:

Galaxy Land:

The Rec Room:

Table Top Cafe:

Waterpark (Lily’s number 1):

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