Conversations with Lily

Ep11 | Dance Your Pain Out

February 16, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 11
Conversations with Lily
Ep11 | Dance Your Pain Out
Show Notes

In this weeks episode we talk about lily’s passion, Dance. 🩰 

In an interview style Rob asks Lily a bunch of questions about her life and dance & what it means to her. We also give huge shoutouts to her dance studio Dance Unlimited. 

Also in this episode:

-  Invisalign Struggles
-  What Level are you? lol
-  A word from our sponsor
-  This is how dance is actually graded according to Jodi (incase you are interested)
"  'Levels'  are just for Summer as we combine certain ballet grades. Not everyone takes summer classes so in order to have enough kids to run classes, we bulk them into "levels". So Level 1 is Grade 1 ballet, Level 2 is grades 2-3 ballet, Level 3 is grades 4-5 ballet and Level 4 is Intermediate Foundation - Advanced ballet."
-  Be an "answer"
-  Lily's vision of dance in her future
-  Lily's potential future children & dance
-  Favorite Styles
-  Whats the worst part about dance?
-  Best performance?
- "People recognize me on the street, NBD"
- Aren't you that girl from Kool Kids?
- Best memory
- Sometimes a little push outside our comfort zone is all we need.
- Toxic positivity
- Kind of... but not really ;)
- "I gave all my wiseness away"
- Dance Dad or Dancing Dad?
- Why DU?
- Best friendships
- Dancing human?
- Teachers need more credit
- Humans before Dancers 💜
- Lily's special outro for this episode
- "The Buzz"

If you have a kid who is interested in dance or you are looking for something for them to do, to be a part of a unique special culture, get exercise, compete, &  stay out of trouble, Here is a link to the gosh darn best dance studio in YEG. Check them out.

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