Conversations with Lily

Ep14 | School

March 09, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 14
Conversations with Lily
Ep14 | School
Show Notes

In this episode we talk all about Lily's school experience so far in her life. She has been in 2 different schools so we talk about what that was like to change and be the "new kid" what she misses and loves about all her schools including this years online experience this far.

Also in this episode:

- We are pro now, legit. We think?
- We got the Invisalign back!
- Magicians is an amazing show.  Not kid friendly.
- Musical Theatre & Lilys part in the play
- Elephants upstairs
- Why did we switch lilys school?
- Math is still hard
- Teacher shoutouts woot woot!
- Kindercooking
- Candy smoothie
- Principal for the day
- Fashing
- The worlds grossest doughnut & what happens if you get it
- German school but not learning German
- A little bit "Learny"
- Rob would be the worst teacher
- Bye Felicia
- The Pros of online school
- Proud Dad 💜

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