Conversations with Lily

Ep19 | Papa

July 06, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 19
Conversations with Lily
Ep19 | Papa
Show Notes

We are back babies! We missed a week again! Ugh, summer. 

This is a really good one. 

This episode is dedicated to Rob Corno Sr. (aka Papa C.)

We have a really authentic & Real conversation about losing Papa (aka, Rob’s dad\Lilys Grandpa) recently. We talk about our feelings about it and go through what happened. 

Also in this episode:

  • It’s cooler when she says it
  • Laughing at cancer
  • She wanted me to cut this part out… (I didn’t)
  • Seriously F&$k cancer
  • Short recap on what happened & lilys first time hearing it
  • Did we do the right thing? (Rob & Stacey) not telling Lily all the details
  • Lily is a tough cookie
  • Her honesty is so real & refreshing
  • Shes not botteling ok Rob!? Jeez
  • Blue ford rangers are a trigger
  • Papa's work recap: how he got his dream job
  • He was so happy
  • His light touched everyone he came in contact with
  • Lily wants to talk to a therapist
  • Lily says hi from when we are posting  this!!:]
  • Stacey and B go for dinner for the first time in a long time
  • We had a record breaking heat wave here in Edmonton
  • Praise the lord for AC
  • Jolly rancher bubble wrap
  • We had a family day
  • Rob’s still doing Intuitive fasting
  • Missing bad food today
  • Glamping. Its how we do.
  • Brief intermission to check on the dog
  • Planning a movie date with Kiera
  • We are famous now.
  • We Love you Papa! We miss you so much. ❤️ 

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