Conversations with Lily

Ep20 | Back to the Futu...Past?

July 12, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 20
Conversations with Lily
Ep20 | Back to the Futu...Past?
Show Notes

This week we talk about a bunch of random stuff. Things are opening up and getting back to normal. We are all double vacc’d except Lily.

Also in this episode:

  • Dads are cool. ’Not’…. See?
  • How weird would it be to go to a concert post covid?
  • New studio lights
  • Lily’s exciting weekend
  • Shopping with friends
  • Lily’s room Reno
  • Mildly not right
  • We got into an actual fight on the podcast…
  • Rob gets aggressive about the house & rooms
  • Lily almost quits the podcast
  • we sorted it out off air.  All good.
  • The Future
  • What lilys excited about
  • Stupid bossy floor arrows
  • Nona's bday dinner @ Japanese Village
  • She missed out on the calamari 
  • Do you eat or drink soup? Serious question.
  • Made by Marcus is fantastic
  • Lily has food regret
  • Weird flavours
  • Is there actual Hay in there??

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