Conversations with Lily

Ep21 | Banff

July 27, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 21
Conversations with Lily
Ep21 | Banff
Show Notes
This week we are back with another episode after a week hiadus. We talk about our trip to Banff. It was a our first family getaway in over a year. It was fantastic.

Also in this episode:

  • Lily goes for the awesome 4some sleepover
  • Rob breaks down the production of an episode
  • We love the mountains
  • Fires... Ugh
  • Rimrock’s! See what I did there?
  • Room with a view
  • Are we Karens??
  • Leonardo is the best waiter. EVER.
  • Go eat there for breakfast and request his section.
  • Castle Jump… Pad…??
  • All the way to banff for Chili's. 
  • The Pool at the Rimrock is wicked
  • Are you shrinking?
  • Lilys wants to be friends with random strangers we met in the hot tub who were on their honeymoon, So we stalked them.
  • Leave it to us to make it weird
  • The Gondola adventure
  • The Fight at the top of a mountain
  • Lily goes to the top of a mountain for the forst time
  • Shopping
  • Cows ice cream! Wow.
  • Great food and service at Park
  • “If you learn from it, it’s not a failure” -Bob


Where we were:

The hotel we stayed at:

Primrose restaurant: (Where Leo works)

The Bow Falls walk: 

The Gondola:

This Ice Cream is sooo good:

Park Distillery:


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