Conversations with Lily

Ep22 | Trips & Snacks & Breeds oh My!

September 06, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 22
Conversations with Lily
Ep22 | Trips & Snacks & Breeds oh My!
Show Notes

After another month hiatus we are back again! In this episode we talk about what has been going on in the month of august & the first couple days of Grade 6. We also took a final summer family  trip to Kelowna. Pool time, Snack tier list, technical difficulties, Finding out Kola’s breeds and more!

Also in this episode:

  • Back to actual school after a year of online
  • First 2 days of grade 6 recap
  • reunited with a good friend
  • Sitting at the front of the class
  • technical difficulties (headphone problems)
  • Yawns are seriously contagious
  • Hey Google! (Stop it!)
  • Kelowna!
  • We did a plane
  • VRMBO?
  • Lily gets her own room! (the tomb)
  • lily rates our VRBO condo out of 10 
  • Rob spent way too much time trying to find dive toys
  • “ I’m sweatier”? Weird flex
  • Dinners out with adults suck
  • Breaking down a Canadian snack tier list
  • We spent over $100 on snacks and tried them all in one sitting
  • We break down all the snacks and how we rated them as a family
  • The Pop-tart effect
  • We found out Kola’s Breeds! (Supermutt)
  • He is being a jerk today


Our Actual VRBO Unit that we stayed in Kelowna:

The snack tier list we did:

The company that did Kola’s DNA test:

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