Conversations with Lily

Ep25 | Golden Birthdays & Covid

October 19, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 25
Conversations with Lily
Ep25 | Golden Birthdays & Covid
Show Notes

Woah! Its been a while again! We are at 25 episodes! In this episode we talk about how the covid has finally hit our house. Lily’s multi-day golden bday celebrations. & we are recording in a new location!

Also in this episode:

  • Recording the poddy in a new location
  • Lily gets the “Vid”
  • Or did she? DUN DUN DUN!!
  • Holmes & Watson discus thier theories
  • Sketchy mic setup
  • “Don’t touch them!”
  • Bob is getting old, should we retire him?
  • Special suprise guest Gedo bardges in
  • Who even has 5 birthday celebrations?!?
  • Thanksgiving/ birthday celebration #1
  • What the heck was that large bang??
  • Making cakes
  • Actual birthday Celebration days #2 & #3
  • Lily turns 11!!!!
  • Fantasy land hotel again?
  • Can you guess what room we stayed in?
  • Hint it was a theme room.
  • Do you even go to school anymore?
  • Lily gets entitled about hotel rooms 
  • Lily still can’t beat Rob in mini golf, maybe one day.
  • Birthday celebration days #4 & #5
  • Ecsape room! Super fun! Jumanji theme.
  • “Someone got ran over by a car” Context please.
  • Contacting Spirits
  • Rob is a fan of escape rooms now
  • Forced to watched scary movies
  • 2019 Birthay is still the favorite bday ever

Links: The Escape Room we did for Lily’s Bday. Super fun, check it out.

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