Conversations with Lily

Ep26 | Nuvo!!

November 01, 2021 Rob Season 1 Episode 26
Conversations with Lily
Ep26 | Nuvo!!
Show Notes

In this weeks Episode we talk about our very first road trip for a dance convention for Lily! Nuvo!! We had a blast. 

Also In this episode:

  • More non-interesting things happening at school
  • Gearing up for Halloween 🎃 👻 
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • It is Jack!
  • Lily’s going to get her chair confiscated 
  • Yes we can hear it. We don’t like it. 
  • More Technical issues 
  • Bad words.
  • Nuvo!!! With our DU Crew!!
  • Calgary Road trip
  • Abby & Lily.  Buds! 💜 
  • We are so grateful for Deb. You’re the best.
  • Saturday. Long freaking day.
  • Chicken Fangers
  • We didn’t get to watch. 😔 
  • Audition was tough. Feelings were had. 
  • Swim Party
  • Dinner with the crew
  • We don’t know what we are doing.
  • Thank Goodness for Jodi & Sheena. 
  • Lily is a geezer
  • No Awards for Lily this year. Next year we are going for it!
  • Miss Jodi!! They are always listening. 👂  😉 
  • Sus
  • Lily rates her first Nuvo experience out of 10.
  • Great Experience.
  • Thank you Jodi & Dance Unlimited for a super fun weekend 
  • Its Brysons Birthday!! He’s 26. Charcuterie & Video games on the menu

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