RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard

RockStar Radio with Billy Gerad for 12-25-20 weekend

December 25, 2020 Billy Gerard Season 1 Episode 7
RockStar Radio with Billy Gerard
RockStar Radio with Billy Gerad for 12-25-20 weekend
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Join Billy Gerard a he talks with Timothy Plan founder and president Art Ally.  Bethany Braun-Silva from joins the program with great holiday stress relief ideas.  The OG, "Jersey Girl" Marie Ruffolo jumps in with some good news for whale, and insight on hot TV, movies and more.   Miss Drew is by with two new words to challenge Billy's vocab or maybe his creativity, lol.  Joan Gelfand with her new book, insights on writing and more.  Finally our own Dr Susan Lindner talks about way to make your new year bright

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Welcome back Rockstar radio with Billy Gerard you are here on the USA radio network. It's so glad you are along. Have you have not heard of it? Well do you if you have not heard of the Samaritan's Purse, I dare say you live under a rock the Samaritan's Purse.
Charity Navigator says they are a five star rated, non denominational organization providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting folks around the world. But I think the Samaritan's Purse may be best known for their thing called Operation Christmas Child. And this is this idea where we're churches and folks around around the country get together and then they put together a box of Christmas gifts, christmas toys, christmas things, and they are distributed to the needy all over the world. Bart alius. Here president and founder of the Timothy plan has joined us and his organization decided as an organization, they were going to this year engage with Samaritan's Purse. What a giant rock star welcome, Ark. Thank you for taking the time to join us. Well, my pleasure, Bill. Thanks for having me, Billy on it. Awesome. So we here's what I want to understand. You run the Timothy plan is a investment plan of considerable size. You have a you have a big business there. How does an idea like this float all the way up? to you the idea of the Christmas child? Yeah, we're gonna go belly. I mean, Bonnie and I, my wife had been doing this for years, the boxes, but this year, our employees came and said we want to do it. We want every one of our employees have an opportunity to fill a box. Will you pay for all of the shipping? And of course I said absolutely.
Now, you know, we are a national organization. Our headquarters are in Orlando and you know, we just sort of coordinate things. So you're
So we only have 30 employees here. But money managers are all over the country, the administration is all over the country. So just the headquarters staff decided to do this and every employee participated. And how could we do otherwise? I mean, it's little enough for us to do and thank God for Franklin Graham initiating this years ago and continuing it, what a what a blessing it is, you know, and it really is more blessed to give than to receive and we were just honored to be part of it. I agree that it might my kids have been involved with Samaritans person, Operation Christmas Child up here on on many occasions. Tell me a little bit about the Timothy plan. You are one of the leaders in this idea of responsible investing. Yeah, we were the first and I guess that was because for some reason, the Lord just picked me out, took the two by four with my name on and wack to me. Yep, we are biblically responsible. And that is not politically correct these days. But we did launch 25 years ago with a commitment, we are a mutual fund family 12 funds. And our commitment to our shareholders is that we will never invest a penny in any company. That is, for lack of a better term, Billy pursuing an unholy agenda, whether they're involved in abortion, or pornography or anti family entertainment, or non traditional married lifestyles, if publicly traded corporations are involved in that stuff, whether directly or funding, we will not own the shares of their company, no matter how good they look to the world, for our shareholders, so we really are a biblically responsible mutual fund family. You know, here's a semi technical question, what I'm not sure how, how many people really understand the use of the proxy, when you are a shareholder? Are you you guys stay after your your voting rights with all of the companies because I know
a lot of there were organizations that would use their shares, that would take the ship that would take the voting rights of mutual funds in an attempt to to sway management one way or another. Well, that is being so abused today. And it's usually by the wrong side. Our side doesn't do a lot of that. We do vote proxies. We task our money management firms to vote the proxies on financial issues. But if it's moral and biblical, we are the ones that will vote the proxies for for those issues. So yeah, we do do proxies. There you go. You are listening to rock star radio with Billy Gerard on the USA radio network. We have the president and founder of the Timothy plan art alley on the phone. What got our conversation started, as is the Timothy plan. And their main office decided this year that they would all jump in and and support the Samaritan's Purse, Operation Christmas Child, and that got us going down the road of responsible and biblically responsible investing. So that leads me to have to ask, because I would say was you were going down the list of biblically responsible investments, I'm thinking of myself. I don't mean that sounds like a limited choice of, of investment opportunities. How has this been?
Well, excellent. When I launched this 2016, we actually are 26, almost 27 years old now. My friends on Wall Street said you are nuts, I would have I would have, I would have been one of those.
Well, so what do you mean, you know, my wife still says, oh, by the way, but so what do you mean, I said you cannot create a mutual fund investment program that will screen out some of the largest, most profitable corporations from inclusion in your portfolios and expect to get good investment returns. Well, Billy, my response has not changed over 26 years. My response to that is the same as it is now if you are a Bible believing Christian.
Obedience Trumps performance every single time. Absolutely. If you're not a Bible believing Christian, there's a whole world of investment you can you can be in. But we are here for those that really care about what the world's going on in this upside down culture we live in and we are not going to participate in it. But I think you're asking if you're screening like that, what's left to invest in? Yeah. And that's a great question.
And the real answer is, I mean, we do the deep research here at our headquarters, I've got a team of five full time people that know what every one of these publicly traded corporations are doing beneath the radar. And you might be surprised to know that we screen out of the universe of domestic companies, which is about 8000 publicly traded companies large enough for us to invest in, we screen out, just under 10%. Wow. So but it's growing. I mean, it's, it's increasing the sum. So our money management firms have 90% of the universe to make their selections of what they believe are the best investment candidates for our various funds. And, you know, my comment about obedience Trumps performance every time. We haven't changed one iota. But that does not mean you do not get good investment performance. We're pretty darn competitive, as we've shown over the 26 years that we've been in business, and our shareholders are very happy that they're not compromising their biblical beliefs, to try to earn an extra half a percent or something in the marketplace by compromising their beliefs. So we were here we're not judgmental, we, this is what we do. If people care about this, we're here for them. If they don't care about this, there are 10,000 other mutual funds. Very well run, amen but if but if they're not screening, how they invest, you're gonna end up owning companies you don't want to participate in if you have these values.
Rockstar fans if you have if it is on your mind as we head now into 2021 iF 2020 has caused you to rethink how perhaps your money is invested, the Timothy plan is your very real option. You can find out more at Timothy plan ti m OTHY Timothy where you can see their options in learn more about what they do. This is Rockstar radio with Billy Gerard we were very pleased art to have you on and the best of luck in 2021 and from the front from us here I want to say thank you for actually going the extra mile and doing something planting a shade tree under which you plan not to sit in doing something for someone you don't know i mean it was really I think that's very very well