Be Great at Motherhood and Business | Angela Henderson
Women Thriving in Business
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Women Thriving in Business
Be Great at Motherhood and Business | Angela Henderson
Aug 24, 2022 Season 6 Episode 5
Nikki Rogers

Yes, you can be both a great mom and a successful entrepreneur.  You do NOT have to choose one over the other. 

I believe that both endeavors require superpowers and that the two roles can complement each other if you are committed to making them both work for the life you want to create. Being a mother is both an empowering and incredibly humbling experience. The same can be said of entrepreneurship. The universe has so much potential for us to discover and enjoy. We can take care of our families, run our businesses, and practice self-care, all because of our superpowers and by asking for help when needed.

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You will be astonished by how quickly things manifest once you decide to pursue something and actually start doing it. You have to trust yourself and believe that you are capable of doing whatever it is you have set your mind to. 

In this episode, we are joined by Angela Henderson, a business consultant, author, entrepreneur, blogger, mental health clinician, and, most importantly, a mother. She provides assistance and direction to women so that they can successfully manage their businesses while also maintaining their personal lives.

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We also touched on the following:

  • Why does mindset matter?
  • The impact of workplace bullying on your mental health
  • Why hypnotherapy is  recommended for  your healing journey
  • Focusing on our internal perspective

Other Resources Mentioned:

Thriving Points:

  • I can be an amazing mother, but I can equally be an amazing woman in business.  You can have both. You don't have to choose. - Angela Henderson
  • The universe is working for you, not against you. - Angela Henderson
  • Be the hero for yourself. - Nikki Rogers
  • My life is my responsibility and every day I make choices, ultimately it's up to me how I handle these situations. - Angela Henderson

Get to Know the Guest:

Angela Henderson is an international award-winning business coach for women, international keynote speaker, and podcaster who helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5-figure months and then onto 6/7 figure years without burning out in the process.

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About the Show:

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