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Episode #8: Tarantula Burger
April 15, 2018 Chuck n Josh

Papa Johns
Identify as Black Woman
End of the World
Drinking Kills
Sex with Animals Vote
Boob Attack
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?
Texting End of Movie
Mark Zuckerberg
Peanut Allergies
The Titanic
Abraham Lincoln
Boston Marathon
Black Lives Matter
Cliff Driving
Brett Favre
Jackie Robinson 
Soccer Love
Screwdriver Shooting
Huey Lewis / Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac
Skid Row & Motley Crue
Taylor Swift / Worst Female Cover Songs / Eternal Flame
The Sinatra’s
Chris Stapleton
Ann Frank is a Belieber
Will Ferrell
Cool Teachers
Tarantula Burger
Star Wars
Must See Movies
Red Oaks and Everything Sucks
The Simpsons
Sopranos Movie
Mitzi & The Comedy Store, Pauly Shore
Genital Breathing Turtle
Andre The Giant
The Sandlot
Tom Delong, Aliens & Joe Rogan
Seth, Rogan Movies
Anthony Michael Hall 
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