Virtual Gold

Virtual Gold, Episode 2 - A Lute For Christmas

December 21, 2020 Western Season 1 Episode 2
Virtual Gold
Virtual Gold, Episode 2 - A Lute For Christmas
Show Notes

Join us for an extraordinary journey of a Pacific yew tree's transformation. From destruction comes renewal, from adversity comes new beginnings. In this delightful, heartwarming story by Susan Adams, an old yew tree named Emily faces the axe. After initial concern and bewilderment, she embarks on a journey during which she experiences a new world, meets new friends and, in the end, discovers there is beautiful life after life. Suitable for all ages.

A Lute for Christmas was inspired by the story of endangered yew trees, hundreds of years old, which were cut down in the forests of BC and Washington for taxamine, a precious pharmaceutical enzyme. Like African elephants poached for their ivory, the bark was stripped, but the rest of the tree was discarded. The wood was stock piled in a lumberyard, destined to serve as fence posts. 

Produced by Early Music Studio. Recorded and edited by Stu Goldberg (Stu Goldberg Studios). Originally released 2010-10-01.

Read by Anna Hagan, accompanied by Clive Titmuss on harpsichord and lute.

A bit about this episode's artist:

Anna Hagan's long and accomplished career was honoured with the 2013 Jessie Richardson Theatre Award for Outstanding Career Achievement. In 2014 she was honoured to be Woman of the Year by UBCP/ACTRA. 

 She was an associate director of the Arena Theatre Company, a professional repertory company, where she directed and acted - among other plays: Waiting for Godot, The Merry Wives of Windsor, She Stoops to Conquer, and Hay Fever.

She served as assistant director of the Stratford Festival’s Young Company and was mentored by the internationally renowned director Robin Phillips, Anna then went on to be one of three Canadians invited to participate in the International Directors Seminar in London, England.

Her extensive acting credits include The Music Man, Our Town, A Man for All Seasons, - the acclaimed World Theatre 2000 production of The Mill on the Floss (Soulpepper Theatre, Toronto). Vancouver audiences will have seen her in A Delicate Balance, Old Goriot, Half Life, Home Child, Three Tall Women, The Dining Room, Homeward Bound, Red Birds & Escaped Alone. 

Anna was the Artistic Director of Western Gold Theatre, for a total of 12 years. She now serves on the Board of Directors.