Managing your wetlands
Straight Talk with NDFB
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Straight Talk with NDFB
Managing your wetlands
Oct 04, 2023 Season 7 Episode 2
Emmery Mehlhoff and Alisha Nord-Donnelly

Straight Talk with NDFB hosts Emmery Mehlhoff and Alisha Nord talk to Matt Retka about ND Ag Wetland Trade, a program to give farmers an opportunity to buy and sell wetlands. 

Matt  works for Stantec, the engineering firm contracted to facilitate the development and establishment of bank sites and work with landowners through every step of the process.

In this episode, learn: 

  • How ND Ag Wetland Trade gives a tool to farmers who are interested in field drainage.
  • More about how the program works. 
  • What it looks like to sell credits. 
  • What it looks like to buy credits.
  • How the program provides a work-around for the Swampbuster program in the 1985 Food Security Act that prevented farmers from draining their land. 
  • More about NDAM, and the six agricultural groups in North Dakota overseeing ND Ag Wetland Trade.

 Interested in NDAM’s ND Ag Wetland Trade? Contact Matt Retka 701-893-2322 or email him at to learn more.

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