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022 - American Association of Community Theatre - Oregon Town Hall
August 22, 2018 Chris Murphy & Sarah Fuller
In episode 22, the Community Theater Heroes (Chris Murphy and Sarah Fuller) sit down with David Cockerell (Marketing/Communications Director of AACT) and Chris Serface (Managing Artistic Director of Tacoma Little Theatre and on the Board of Directors of AACT) immediately following the incredible Town Hall Meeting for Oregon Community Theaters held at Twilight Theater Company in Portland, OR on August 11th.

In this episode we are also joined by Danyelle Tinker (Executive Marking Director of TTC) and Dorinda Toner (Artistic Director of TTC) who helped organize and facilitate the Town Hall meeting.

This is a great episode to learn more about the AACT and the benefits and support the organization provides to community theatres throughout the United States. We encourage all community theatres and even individuals to become members of AACT.

You can learn more about them and find out about their upcoming conferences and events by visiting

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