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S2 Ep 4 - The Harry Potter Edition and details of our LIVE SHOW!
October 25, 2018 Viv Jones and Maria Hoey

We can't claim to be Happy Potter fans without talking about our love for all things HP. In this episode we talk about how we have been able to impart some of the things we love onto our children. Spoiler alert - they are Potterheads (and we couldn't be prouder!) In true TSMM style, somehow we end the show talking about 90s fashion. 
Also if you need to find a way to get pen out of a sofa, we happen to have a story about that....
Wanna come see our LIVE SHOW with Leeann and Michelle on 11/17/18? Buy your tickets here:
(if you are listening after the show, We're very sorry. You missed an extravaganza of fun!)

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