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The Arktos Chronicles

Obrastoff, Indest, & Randle

Theodore Andrew Obrastoff has been creating plays, musicals, rock music and more for over four decades. At one mystical juncture he created the region of Arktos and it’s chief city, Tighna. Within the borders of this very real and yet something more setting, Obrastoff provided an environment for many of his unreleased works. In a sense, Arktos is Mr. O’s Opus; his greatest work. It wasn’t until the Covid Epidemic struck that the inspiration to publish this idea came into focus. The center of life in Tighna is her amplitude modulation (AM) radio station, KARC—The Circle. It made sense to embrace a radio drama as the medium of sharing this mystical world.Tighna town is perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle, just inside North Alaska. She originated as a city of solace and of hiding by people with mental illnesses escaping Soviet persecution. The leader of these people, their advocate was and is the man Nicholas. His son, Nicholovitch (now known as Jack Yukon) both constructed and operates KARC Radio. Other on-air personalities include Mic Thunder (morning drive) and Blake Easy (mid-day), and Jack himself covers the nights. On either side of the Road going north out of town there is a Russian Tavern/Inn on the East side, and an Irish Pub/Inn on the West side. There is the Polar Depot where a train comes through as needed. There is Dinah’s Café and any number of shops. Along with Obrastoff, the show is voice acted by Robb Randle (the Jordan River Project) and Mike Indest (New Orleans radio director). The three-part Pilot Episode begins airing on YouTube, released in three parts, beginning December 20th, the 22nd, and finally the 23rd. For the realistic radio drama experience, the audience may listen (view) each part as they roll out, or they may wait and listen to each of them together at a time of their choosing. The show is and will always be free for listening. Volume 1 of The Music of Arktos (digital CD) will be released soon and the price will be far less than a normal musical release.

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