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Call in the Bounty Hunters - Co-Creator of HUNTDOWN - Tommy Gustafsson

March 05, 2021 Heroes of Gaming Season 1 Episode 6
Heroes of Gaming Podcast
Call in the Bounty Hunters - Co-Creator of HUNTDOWN - Tommy Gustafsson
Show Notes

Tommy Gustafsson is the Co-Founder of Easy Trigger Games, honors us from the deep north of Trollhättan, Sweden. This is the guy behind the story, graphics, concept, music, and art direction of the greatest hard-boiled 80's cyberpunk styled retro platformer arcade shooter ever: HUNTDOWN.

Tommy talks about the process, influences, and challenges making his first game with his team at Easy Trigger Games.  Discussing all this job titles and responsibilities he is doing, Tommy covers everything from background design workflow to the creation of Huntdown's identity with an impressive soundtrack.

After 6 years of effort Tommy looks back on journey with pride knowing that he, his team, and their distributor (Coffee Stain Studios) continued to push for excellence in every aspect of the game. 

Easy Trigger gives us all hope that even if it's your first game you can still make something incredible.  They understand that the people who have the dedication and desire can achieve greatness, even if "normal society" thinks they are a little on the outside.  That is why their company slogan is: 



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