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The Game Changer - Head Coach of NBA2K Boston Celtics CLTX GAMING - Ricco Phinisee

September 20, 2021 Heroes of Gaming Season 2 Episode 2
Heroes of Gaming Podcast
The Game Changer - Head Coach of NBA2K Boston Celtics CLTX GAMING - Ricco Phinisee
Show Notes

Ricco Phinisee brings the attitude and experience of a winner to his every day actions.  His schedules are tightly packed with tasks and goals geared toward helping gamers excel. Pushing them to reach their true potential on the court and off.   

As a Head Coach of the Boston Celtics NBA2K Team (CLTX GAMING) he brings the leadership to his team in the game and in the gym.  Ricco shares with us strategies for being a clear headed and clear eyed professional gamer with healthy living, exercise, and nutrition which he incorporates in his team's preparations.

Starting football at age 6 and playing Madden with his Father showed him that the world of Traditional Sports and E-Sports can operate in concert with one another.  His experience grew through high school and college surpassing those around him and daily absorbing the philosophies of teamwork, determination, and courage under pressure. 

He formed teams, ran tournaments, and of course became a legendary pro within the NBA2K community.  When the NBA2K League saw this winner driving spirit and skills they scouted him to join CLTX GAMING as the Head Coach where Ricco brings his talents to every day.

As a Certified Personal Trainer for professional gamers he insures that core fundamentals of teamwork, discipline, and punctuality are included in physical workout for the focus and camaraderie required to operate as an elite team. 

Teaching the young minds of gamers and leading by example.

At a young age Ricco was surrounded by sports athletes and participated in the training regiments that would be instilled within him and would become the foundation for the company he created called RPW. (Ricco Phinisee Workouts)

RPW helps players build their strength, boost confidence, and create a healthy competitive mentality to maximize performance on and off the big stage.

Ricco is striving to change the narrative and help gamers reach their full potential across the country and around the world.

Website: www.rpworkouts.com
Twitter CLTX GAMING: @CLTXGaming
Twitter: @RiccoPhinisee
Instagram : @riccophinisee
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/c/riccophinisee
TikTok: @riccojphinisee

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