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Choose Your Own Mare of Easttown

May 27, 2021 The Cool Table Season 1
The Cool Table
Choose Your Own Mare of Easttown
Show Notes

After the penultimate episode of Mare of Easttown, it's becoming increasingly clear that we get to choose our own adventure ending: Do you think it's some combo of Rosses who are to blame? Is it the Dylan-Jess-random friend trifecta? Or are you sticking with Siobhan? None of the details are coming together to give us the answers this week, but we still have plenty to talk about.

Join Beth and Amy (follow BlessAmysHeart on Twitter) at The Cool Table as they break down all the theories in this final speculative episode of Mare of Easttown.

EDITOR'S NOTE: We said in the show that there will be a week break from Mare of Easttown on HBO, but THAT IS NOT TRUE. <dorks> Episode 7 WILL AIR on HBO on May 31st. 

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