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SvB: Ep147 Theo and Benja's New Year's Resolution, Katt Williams Controversy, 2024 Predictions

January 08, 2024
SvB: Ep147 Theo and Benja's New Year's Resolution, Katt Williams Controversy, 2024 Predictions
Show Vs. Business
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Ep147 Theo and Benja's New Year's Resolution, Katt Williams Controversy, 2024 Predictions
Jan 08, 2024

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, kick-off 2024 with a banger of an episode. New Year’s Resolution between Theo and Benja, Katt Williams and the Shay Shay Club, Thoughts and Predictions for 2024.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, kick-off 2024 with a banger of an episode. New Year’s Resolution between Theo and Benja, Katt Williams and the Shay Shay Club, Thoughts and Predictions for 2024.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is show versus business where pop culture meets pop money with your host, the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja. So Mr. Benja, what's been going on? Oh 

Mr.Benja: man. It is the new year, 2024. People talking noise already. We got bombshells and bangers. Oh man. Cat Williams is coming through. We got a whole year of awesomeness.

We made some big strides and we're going to tell you all about how 2024 is going to happen. As well, because we're just, mentalos like that. We've just got that mind power. We can see the future. This is going to be interesting because we're changing up the format a little bit. I just want to jump in and let everybody know.

Before we had these news stories, and that's fine, and that's great. But Theo and I go back. How far is it, Theo? Oh, decades, man. Decades. Oh, man. Yeah. We go back. We found that our banter was really going well, and we think you guys would really like to have our stories integrated more into a conversation, as opposed to a news thing.

This is just a little behind the scenes. Don't go telling your friends what we're doing. Just let them find out later. But, Theo, let me ask you this. How are your resolutions going, man? You got them already. You quit them already. What are you doing? 

Theo Harvey: And the six, statistically into the January is where my ends their resolution, right?

Yeah. I was just thinking about what you're saying. Yeah, man, we do go back, man. I think I was telling you, I went to my storage unit over the break and then I went into some. Some boxes, found some old pictures of you with one of my ex girlfriends. I was like, Oh my goodness. I was like, what is this?

We go back, man. Oh my goodness. I told my wife, I said, man, this life, man, you just forget stuff. Anyway, I digress. Digress. All right. So yeah man, I don't do resolutions anymore. I think I haven't done in a long time. Resolutions are great and wonderful. losing weight, do all that kind of stuff. My, I said goals, right?

And I've done that consistently for years, but this year I'm just been super hype. And we talked about on previous podcasts because I had opportunity to do Dr. Benjamin Hardy, the author of 10x is easier than 2x. He had a eight week program at the end of the the end of 10, 23, help you prepare for your goal setting for 2024.

So that just really energized all my thoughts around that. And so I've been super hype. Oh, yeah, I definitely highly recommend anyone definitely read the book. He's going to have another book coming out called Rapid Transformation, I think. Yeah and basically some of the, probably some techniques.

So I thought it was awesome, man. So he's an author, right? So check this out. So now is he, getting insight of his stories for the book that he's writing and he's getting more data from his, his group, he launched at the end of the week to help his new book that he's going to launch. But he also asking us to do a video and seeing how it helped them.

So now he's already got recommendations and stuff like that for this book. He's going to launch probably in the spring time. So I was like, man, this. And I think he might be doing this new format for all his books, right? Some kind of eight week kind of challenge program that someone pays to get into it.

And then basically, he's got like a rough draft of a book and he's going to just give it to these folks. And cause he made a sign at NDA. And so I thought that was interesting. So it's like a new way, launching a book. It's creating a mastermind group for the book and, but it's enhancing the book as he's getting inside.

Anyway, so I digress on that. But I thought that was interesting. Yeah, did you have any comments on that? 

Mr.Benja: I thought, yeah, that's a in a gym there. A lot of people wonder about, buying courses from gurus. I don't even know if you call Dr Benjamin Hardy, a guru. He just happens to be an author who's talked to a lot of them.

But, no his stuff is great. And it's funny, his format actually sounds like an evolution of a Tim Grawl. I don't know if you know that guy, but Tim Grawl basically wrote the format for that, that was his book, your first 1000 copies, but he basically wrote the format for gurus getting out all of their books.

And I think that was just before the free book thing happened where you just send shipping and handling. He was basically like Hey, he did Daniel pinks drive and Steve Pressfield. I believe his name is. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oversubscribed. 

Theo Harvey: Oh, Warburg. Okay. Daniel Priestly. Does that name sound 

Mr.Benja: familiar?

Sounds, that name sounds familiar, but I don't know who it is right off bat. Okay. 

Theo Harvey: But yeah. Oh, wow. So like I said, it's everyone has their kind of format of how to get their books out. But yeah he's a PhD, right? And he's just really, so really how Dr. Benjamin Harden not to go down a rabbit hole too much, but he came to prominence because he worked with Dan Sullivan, who's a big time, strategic entrepreneur coach for like decades.

And so he pitched him and they wrote that book who not how, and he basically pitched yeah. Dr. Pitch Dan Sullivan on say, Hey, I can accelerate your knowledge set, but let me write the book for you. And so he partnered with Dan Sullivan to write these three books, who, not how 10 X is easier than 2 X.

And then there was the other book he wrote. I forgot. It's off the tip of my tongue. But anyway, so he wrote three books and they were bangers. Yes, the gap in the game. Yeah, they were all bangers. And it's amazing. So yeah, it's a lot of knowledge set and he's bringing it to his own. And so he talked about it in the in the eight week session, he said Hey guys, yeah, I was with him and then I tried to read up and I guess Dan Sullivan's decided not to re up with him.

So it's like a little bitter at first, but he said, I shook it off and I just, I used that past, not as pain, but as fuel, to help me get to the next level. So I was like, there you go. And yeah, he was very transparent in it. And I was very, honored to be a part of that process.

So make a long story short. Reason I'm talking about this is because the, it helped me reshape how I think about my goals and goal setting and really sometimes I would get frustrated and angry because I would look at my old notebooks and say, I didn't do this. I didn't do that. And that kind of reshaped my thoughts around that.

Now I'm looking at the progress I did make and give the focus 

Mr.Benja: on that only. Yeah, I think that's a lot of people's problem. We're not problem, but that's an obstacle that trips up a lot of people when they don't know. And this is, I have a different version of goals, which I don't do anymore.

I actually don't do goals. I do like resolutions and I'm offering off operating off a trajectory. But anyway, no, the whole idea that you don't know what the future is going to be, so you can't really tell how you're supposed to do it or how it's going to feel and what you'll think about it as you do it, you just have to get out there.

And then you're like, Oh I stumbled a little bit. It's not like I failed. I just need to adjust some things. Yes. 

Theo Harvey: And that's and, but there's also, he's, It's also, it's like the future and the past, they're just tools. That's basically what he's telling you. It's not, you're not defined by your past and you're not defined by your aspirations for the future.

You just use them to help you now. And that's really what's eye opening to me. So to your point, the future is always a draft, yes, you write it down, so I'm going to do this and do that, but it's changing, you might know new things, you're like, Oh, I really don't need to do that.

And that's how you rapidly accelerate your future goal into who feel like you could be in your future. So likewise, you don't get hampered down by all the regret and pain from your past. Cause all the things you should have did that's, that was always my issue. I was like, I looked through all my books and Oh man, and do that dish.

I didn't do that and do that. And then you like, I don't feel like doing anything.

Mr.Benja: Thank you. Yeah. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. So that, that was, so make a long story short, that's energized me for this year. And so even this week, I already had some peak experiences. Like I was able to take my daughter. I went to part of my goal setting was finding who's right. Who do I want to connect with to accelerate my business, obviously some business goals, financial goals, some personal health goals I'm trying to achieve, but also relationship goals.

And so I was able to combine two, I really three. I went to Ryan McGann's conference the attention summit in St. Pete, which is about an hour here from Tampa. If you don't know Ryan McGann, he's a behind the scenes guru. Okay. He works with the big names like Grant Cardone and Chris Cone, if you know him and he'd worked with Alex Hamozi previously.

And his claim to fame was the short form. He went all in on TikTok and made TikTok a thing for these gurus. And so he was hyping that at his summit. 

Mr.Benja: This is, I love what you're doing here and I just want you to realize that this is the highest I've seen you just about steps process development.

I think I've ever seen you. Is this like a special moment where you can look back and say, wow, that was the moment where I flipped into, yeah. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, definitely. I leveled up, man. That I've been a bit really, I leveled up when we had a conversation. I never forget Mr. Benja is when I saw Grant Cardone and the undercover billionaire.

And we just went all in on that a couple of years, about 18 months ago, almost. And that was the kind of the period when I got clicked on to these whole gurus, like the Myron Golden and the Russell Brunson. And then I had some of these. And so now I've been really focused in on like, how do I just continue to Invest in myself, right?

And so that's what's been keeping me elevated and keeping me excited. So yeah, I appreciate that and Seeing the light that's in me you know shine, but yeah I've really been very thoughtful and then to your point, you know putting content out there with my own brand At the real deal harvey i'm saying a lot of the same things, And people are reaching out to me.

One person reached out and I was able to help them. They were like how do set your goals? You get, because there's so many things to do. And I told him, yeah, it's easy. I used to get like that too. Very overwhelmed, because you got all these ideas you want to do. And then I got this one idea from Rose hand and she suggested, and people have said this before, but like you, you feel you should only have three goals, right?

Maximum, but you also should probably compress them into 90, 90 days. And so I told them, and this is what I've been doing. Like I write down everything that I'm thinking about. All I want to do is I want to go to, Mount Everest. I want to go fly a plane. I want to do this. And he's okay.

What's the top three that I want to do this quarter and just stay focused on those things. Yes, that list is still there. You'll get to it. But. At least you're knocking off three things off that list. And that's part of the gap in the game concept. Yeah. So anyway, make a long story short, man. So I went to St.

Pete, I had the summit and I had the chance to bring my daughter, my 11 year old, she'll be 12 this month. And so she attended with me little racy rhyme again, gets a little spicy with the language and some of the commentary, but. I was trying to show her the behind the scenes of how some of these TikTok influences go by.

Oh, very nice. So she learned a little bit, how much can she learn as a 11 year old? That's always the, but hopefully 

Mr.Benja: the seed is there's to me when, cause my mom used to bring me to stuff, my dad used to bring me to stuff and I always got the idea that, oh, wow, there's a much bigger machine behind all of this.

There's something that's causing all of these people to show up here in a Saturday morning, we're doing all this work and I'm like, what kind of conference thing is this? My mom's okay, if we're going to do this and go there and go talk to these people and I was like, okay, I didn't know the opera world was this crazy.


Theo Harvey: crazy. You don't want to stay in opera after dark is wild.

YEah. So as in, then afterwards for lunch, we had sushi. And then if you don't know, in St. Peter's birthday, it's a dolly museum. So I took her to the dolly. I've been there. Yeah. I did too, when I was in high school, 20 years ago. And Dolly, man, it's that, that blew my mind too.

I don't know how much she soaked it in, but he was just, ahead of his curve. And I was just seeing his evolution from what do you call impressionists, right? Where it was just like, flowers, Monet, this landscaping until realism, and how everything's looking freaky and funky.

And then how he got into his evolution into more religion and and science, right? Some of those big murals that he has, right? With crosses and then the atomic chemicals. And then also some of the optical illusion one. So it was, like, amazing. And I think she was excited about it.


Mr.Benja: know what he called his art, right? What do you call it? People were asking me, do you think of yourself as a surrealist? Are you a, grotesque portraiture? What do you call yourself? And he said, hand painted dream photographs. That's what I do. Hand painted dream photographs. That's what he 

Theo Harvey: makes.

I love it, man. As an artist, I know you can go more detailed into all the different styles and the different formats of what he's doing there, but I was just impressed, man. Just and hopefully my daughter got a lot out of it and I definitely felt that we both got a little closer.

So relationship, I got closer to my daughter. Good job. With business wise got some potential new who's I met some high level guys who could help me with some on Facebook ads and So it's a relationship Financial and then what's the other one is health? Yeah, we got to walk around a nice little park.

So that was health wise. So I had some healthy food. So yeah, man, I knocked off three goals in one day, man. Boom. I did it. Done for the year. 

Mr.Benja: What about you, man? I'm going to go ahead and say it, man. You should mark this time as special, the turnaround from two to 2023 to 2024. I just, I see it in the way you speak and the way you.

You think about things a little differently. I like it. I like it. Love it. 

Theo Harvey: Appreciate it, man. Thank you. What about you, man? What's, what you got going on? 

Mr.Benja: So I was playing around with some different formats and I decided, let me go back to what I was doing on Instagram, but just do live audio.

So now I'm doing a faceless podcast, live audio. I'm really pumping and this go all goes back to threads. I kept going through threads and I was like, what's threads going to say about this content? I want threads to be the first. So you know what, they're probably better with audio content. Maybe if I just make a simple blog and list all the podcasts there, it doesn't kick them out to YouTube or whatever.

It just seems like more of a threads thing. And the podcast is creativity threads life. That's like the next iteration of the ADD experience. It was, it's great, man. I jumped back in the driver's seat and was like, whoo, do I remember how to talk shit? Let's see.

And it just flowed. I was like, yes. And it flowed great, man. It's a whole different format than this. And, but I think that I got a lot of good practice here. Just talking with you. You help me get my facts together. Sometimes you're like, no, hold on now, Mr. Oh, shit. What'd I say? But yeah, so I'm clocking it in at an hour pretty trying to stay at that range But some people jump in the comments.

Sometimes it goes longer. 

Theo Harvey: It's so so wow. So you're talking for a whole hour So when you have a topic or you have a topic list and just go through it or how do you that's a long time to talk about yourself. I'm hey freestyle. 

Mr.Benja: I'm not talking about myself, but I'm talking, 

Theo Harvey: yeah, by yourself.

That's what I meant to say by yourself. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Oh, that'd be pretty awesome to talk about myself for an hour. So what did I eat last night? Oh yeah. No it's fun. I do it. I do it pretty much nightly. So Monday through Friday, I just sit down and that's another thing. I didn't want to do the camera version and all that.

Cause it's just harder to get everything together. I if I do it at different times a day, sometimes a little light comes in through the window. I don't have blackout curtains on this one window yet. So it's slightly messes with the light. Eh, just screw it all. So I get in there, just turn on the mic.

Hey everybody, boom, start talking noise about a topic. I generally have it's all about creativity. That's why it's called Creativity Threads Life. It's but about entertainment, personal creativity, improving yourself so you can create a better environment around you and some aspect of creativity.

But we're going to talk about Cat Williams in a little bit. Yeah I just went through and talked about Cat Williams and Joker Peters and. It was a great time and people jumped in the comments and I'm flowing with it again, this after thread, because I start talking about it on threads, like in text mode.

And when I get a conversation going, I'm like, you know what, I'm going in on, I'm going in live tonight. We can continue this there and later on, I'll post the link back and it's great. Just having fun. 

Theo Harvey: Love it, man. I love it. So that is awesome to talk that long, man, about just off the dome and building up and I love what you're doing, building up conversations, right?

I think that's always powerful. If you can build. More of a conversational and you like a moderator if you will, but they give new ideas as they're talking Man, and then that's how you build true community. So I definitely commend you on doing that. Mr. Benja That is something that I'm striving for to figure that out over time But because ultimately that's what you want, if you become quote unquote guru really you really want guru Basically, everybody's looking at you.

It's okay, what you gonna do? It's Oh, it's all on me now, but if you could create community like Dan Henry it was what's he call it? The get clients university. And so I've been looking at that. So I think Dan Henry got tired. And so he was like, I gotta figure something easy to create this community.

And yes, he's still there to interject and everything, but you see so much. Cross talk. Everybody's communicating, helping each other, doing stuff, and that's what you want, because now, you can step out. So yeah, man, kudos to you, man. Keep pushing it, building it up, and yeah, would love to see how you evolve it, man.

Yeah, this, the evolution of Theo and Ben, man, Mr. Benjamin, we are always on 

Mr.Benja: the move. But, So let me ask you this right quick, if you have a goal in mind, I was about to say a resolution, but if you have a goal in mind for your 90 days or 30 days, however you decide to break it out, do you take that goal and put it in a form where you're putting it out to the world and trying to manifest it by, by speaking at first and by visualizing it and everybody it's Hey guys, we're doing this and I'm doing this, we're going this way.

That's what's happening. And everybody's Oh, And works with you, or are you more? Let me keep this quiet. Let me just. Push this process until it pops out at the end. And then you're like, okay, I did this. Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: that's a good point. I got several different goals as you can imagine. So there's goals, personal goals, and those are ones that, especially with this new Ben Hardy concept, I'm going to evolve those constantly because I'm going to push the envelope every week, every day, every week, every month.

So I have ultimate goal when I'm trying to achieve the next 90 days, I'm focused on that and then the next year, but then I'm trying to accelerate those by, I said, I'm going to do this in 90 days. Can I do it in a month? I said, I was going to do that in a month. Can I do that in a week? I said, I was going to do it in a week.

Can I do it in a day? And so I'm trying to play with that. That's personal. Family goals, when me and my family sit down, everybody writes their goals and yes, I give them my three months goals. And so we all sit down and talk about them. So yes, I do express more intimately.

And then I got my business goals and yes, I display it to my business partner and then to the rest of the team. But yeah, those are like the three levels of goals I have. And so two of them I do, I am more vocal with it with groups, but the first the personal one, I'm really keeping that.

In house because I want to see how fast I can accelerate it. Making that internal challenge this year. 

Mr.Benja: I think I've, I think I've gone completely dark on any of the manifesting by speaking it out because as you said, you change by the week, the month or whatever. And you're like screw it.

I got to change that. And if you put a resolution out there that said something like, I'm going to lose 25 pounds. But in reality, you just wanted to be able to run up the steps of the library because You ran up the steps of the library last time and you passed out and rolled back down and everybody was, everybody, you're like

plop plop. Yeah. yEah I've completely gone dark on a lot of resolutions. Like I only told you about the podcast pretty much when I had already started into it and it was already happening. It was already a thing. And then it's so for me what I'm trying to do, did I tell you about remarkable resolutions?

Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Let me ask you this. Have you heard about remarkable resolutions? This is my new thing and I'm going to drop it here. I've tried it out for the past couple of years. I'm going to drop it here on show versus business as an exclusive. Yes. I do it. Called remarkable resolution. I don't care.

I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care how you set up your goals, your priorities, your objectives, your aspirations, your strategies, tactics, your trajectory, any of that. I don't care how you set up your goals. What I'm wondering about is whatever resolution you make, is it remarkable?

And by remarkable, I mean that in the literal sense of the word, can What you do cause somebody to remark almost against their will. So if you say you're going to lose weight and you tell people and you write it down and you put it on your board or whatever, I don't care about any of that. What I care about is did you do it to the extent where someone says something?

Are you walking into your grandma's house and she's boy, you look slim. You're like, that's right. And she's going to try to give you biscuits to fatten you up. But you're like, nah, grandma, I'm sorry. She's like, why? And you don't tell her because you're not worried about telling it to anybody. You're worried about being remarkable in any sense of the word.

It's crazy how much that, that bugged me with one, one little bit of this person. I know I had this resolution going on and I won't explain it here, but I was like, I have to present such a force of reality with this resolution that they're there. They've got to acknowledge it in some form or fashion.

And then at some point, it's like we cross paths and they're like, I acknowledge you. And I'm like, That's right. That's right. 

Theo Harvey: I like that. I like that. That's a good way of looking at it. And to be honest, now that you went into that framework, you have mentioned that before. But I'm glad you rephrased it again because it does make sense.

And Dr. Benjamin Hardy talks about that. He says personal victories precede public victories. And so basically that's what you're doing here. You're elevating yourself so high. Those public victories, are really seen. And then also he talks about that floor concept, by elevating your floor and your character, when you start saying no to certain things, like I've be honest with you this week, I would say no to a lot of my team.

I was like, Nope, I don't do that no more. You're going to do it. Nope. I can't do that no more as a, now my flow has raised up. And so now they're going to be like, dang what's the deal doing? Or for instance not to interject, but I was just thinking about this one thing. Remember before the pod, we talked about some of this and I had mentioned to you that so every week my team, they do a data analysis of our YouTube channel and all that stuff and see what's happening.

Sometimes I can't make those videos, so they record it for me. I think I mentioned to them, say, Hey guys, we're at this level. We're going to 10 exit next year. We've got a thousand across all platforms, followers, let's get to 10, 000 followers. And by the end of next year, I'll listen to them.

And they were all three of them on the team. They were like Theo said something about 10, 000. I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know how that's going to happen. I love it. Cause now they were marking on my, the future goal that I've set. That is something that they can't even perceive.

So to your point, that remarkable concept, goes on all the different dimensions, your character, who you are, so people would just see that. What you say no to what you aspire to, they remark on wow, he's aspiring to something I didn't even know about. And then finally remark on your, what you actually achieve.

And so to your point, they can remark on all those different aspects. 

Mr.Benja: Exactly. And it doesn't have to be necessarily verbal if they say it in their heads and you can watch their actions respond, they're remarking on your presence, your goal, your force, your energy, whatever you want to say. For example, if you say, I'm going to be much nicer to this waitress or, much nicer to people just in general, right?

I'm going to be much nicer to people. If you're at a restaurant. And the waitress treats you extra nice and you're just like, that's never happened to me before in my life. And suddenly you realize that you're starting to achieve your resolution or your goal of being nicer to people.

So it's a way to quantify more, more ephemeral, goals. Like I want to get healthy. It's no, I want to be able to run up. The steps of the, that library and not roll down like a bum. Cause that's what happened last time. And that's actually based on the story I put in my pod last week.

I was on the ground and people were looking at me like, is he okay?

So I actually tripped. I wasn't just out of breath.

That was a problem. I was like, I just couldn't get my leg up high enough. I was too slow about two thirds of the way up the stairs. 

Theo Harvey: Oh man, I know man. Jeez. And then my, yeah, my knees been giving me issues. So that's one thing, I'm definitely personal wise. I'm trying to. Get a little healthier because yeah, it's just been sore.

So luckily it's getting better now since I've been doing some different things, but I love it. Mr. Benjamin, I see the energy in you as well. We're glowing man, I'm getting like you, man. I think I love this time of year, man. This is this, I'm loving it. I'm cleaning up things. Yeah, man, fresh start, man.

It feels regenerate, just feel like a new person and I'm excited about what, what's coming next. So yeah, man. 

Mr.Benja: You staying drama free? 

Theo Harvey: Oh, yeah, definitely, man. Ooh, I don't got time for all that. 

Mr.Benja: The reason I brought that up is because let me ask you this. Did you see the Cat Williams interview from the Shayshae Club with Shannon Sharpe?


Theo Harvey: Are we going to do this, Mr. Benja? Are we going to do 

Mr.Benja: this? We got to talk about it. Can 

Theo Harvey: I just say something real quick? Go ahead. Yeah. I just, man, it's we'll talk about, everybody knows in the world, if you haven't known, Cat Williams went viral for a three hour podcast with Shannon Sharp, a football player among people.

And just went ham on, I ask massive. You don't know what that means on all the different comedians and public figures in black America. But regardless of that, Mr. Benja, I was, when I saw it, I think I sent it to you, but did you see it before I sent it to you? 

Mr.Benja: I, when I'm sometimes I start fast scrolling through X's trending topics or whatever.

And I think I may have seen Kat Williams name, but I did not. Take notice. No, you're the person who put me on it. I'll just go ahead and say it. Yeah. I 

Theo Harvey: think, I don't know who put me on it first. Maybe it was my wife. Yeah. I, she's always a little ahead of the curve. She just, what she does.

So I was like, okay, let me check this out. So I sat down, I said, oh, Kat Williams. But then I started looking, I said, oh, he is wilding. And and then then went viral. So in viral, in this case, for a three hour podcast to get what at this, at the recording, was that 25 million views or 23 million views?

Yeah. It was just. Going through the roof for three hours. Let's be honest, three hour podcast is not short. And for when I first saw it and then I came back a day later and it was amazing how many people took clips from that and put faces of all the people you talked about, looking mad, looking at Kat Williams.

And there was, I don't know who these people were, but they were getting thousands of views, just commenting and reposting the same stuff. It was just like blowing my mind of how people were making money off of this. So anyway, that's my take on it. I guess we're going to do the same thing. I'm sure Mr.

Pitch is going to have the picture. Can we find a bunch of folks? So yes, please and share when you see this. I 

Mr.Benja: see you setting up your video editor already. This is going to be great. 

Theo Harvey: So yeah, do you want to get into, I'll let you start since you already commented in the public discourse already.

Mr.Benja: No, it was just funny to me. It's, we just started 2024 and I'm sitting around like it's 2024. It's pretty calm so far. Then like the radio bomb dropped by Fontmaster Flex.

You got to get on this. And okay. So I'm actually a fan of internal competition amongst groups. That sounded way off, but by groups, I just mean by a certain industry. When. It's the iron sharpens iron thing where you've got two or three or four, four at max groups or people going at each other. You've got IBM versus Apple or, Microsoft versus Apple in the software race.

You've got Coke versus Pepsi DC versus Marvel. What's another one, Theo? 

Theo Harvey: Oh, there's so many shoot Cisco versus Nortel, but that's like an issue specific one. Yeah. I wasn't expecting you to say that one. I know that's way back in my days, but yeah it's so many, man. 

Mr.Benja: The thing with this one, every once in a while, you get these competitions that keep people on their toes, even in music and comedy, Kanye West, and Wait, who was Kanye West going up against?

Not 50 Cent that one time, but I don't know. One time, so 

Theo Harvey: many. Yeah, exactly. Jay Z and Nas, Jay Z and Nas at one time. Jay Z and Nas at one time. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. But, and Joe Rogan, Carlos Mencia, if you want to stick to comedy, but every once in a while you get a, an awesome occurrence where it's one versus everybody, when you get just The scorched earth kind of stuff, right?

Where he puts like these two or three people behind him is that, see these guys? They're okay. Everybody else flames. 

Theo Harvey: And yeah, man. Okay. So so many different angles to take on this. We can talk about specifics of what he talked about. What was your general feeling? First of all, did you listen to the whole three hour podcast?

Mr.Benja: I actually did. I actually stopped and went back and listened to the whole thing for a while. It was on two X speed and. Yeah. His voice at 2x speed is funny, but it was good. 

Theo Harvey: It was, that was amazing thing. It was longer than the color purple. It was longer than a Oppenheimer. Some movies we watched this year.

It was crazy how long it was. And to your point, you mentioned and that's the stuff that YouTube wants, right? They want that, we're talking to put my business hat on. They want that content that keeps people engaged for a long period of time. And that's probably why it went super viral because it was so long.

And everything was a banger. You just didn't know what he was going to say next. And then that was made it super interesting. But I listened to the first half. And I was wilding. Then, and then I tried to find some clips about different things he said. I missed that part. Let me go back. So I finally finished it, yesterday.

And I was just like, wow, this dude, man, he was just. He was just going in. High level though Cat Williams is problematic, let's be honest. I think this might be controversial, but Cat Williams had some issues in the past. Look, we put him on pedestal now, because of this he's talking about.

But, he said some outlandish things. I think he said he was a genius and what he Some of the things I felt were you, some of the things were a little bit suspect. So did, was there anything that just stood out for you? We'll just talk about, I think the way I wanna 

Mr.Benja: frame it, the obvious one is I was reading like 3000 books a week.

What'd he say?

You think I'm exaggerating, but I think that is what it was. Yes. I think I heard 

Theo Harvey: that. I think he said it was in Mensa. He was a genius, a seven, 

Mr.Benja: 3000 books a year. He says, okay. 

Theo Harvey: He said he, he could have it was just a bunch of stuff. He ran the 440 or something. And the 40 yard dash and 4 1 and the highest speed NFL players ever did was 4 2.

So stuff like that. It's some was true. Some was like, Cat Williamisms, and and the people new to him, it seems like a lot of bicycles. So I have a hot take on this, Mr. Benjamin, I have a hot take. I think one of the reasons why he went viral, in addition to all the talking about these these folks, in comedy world, like Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey and folks that we know, that helped.

But also, I think a lot of let's, for lack of a better term, white folks are saying he is anti not just white folks, I think anybody that's more liberally minded, that he is the anti, Dave Chappelle. So you remember, we're not talking about Dave Chappelle, just dropped a new special. I don't know if you saw it yet.

The dreamer and it was on Netflix. It was okay. But it didn't really light the world on fire. Obviously we're not talking about it. And one of the things Dave Chappelle has always stand out was That I'm going to get there. I'm going to land this plane. You're going to see where I'm coming from.

Dave Chappelle has always talked about comedy. There should be no restriction. There should be no borders. I can talk about anybody, trans people. I can talk about, handicapped people, which he did in this special and make fun of them. And a lot of people think that's in very poor taste and he's punching down.

But he said, comedy should have them. That's what we're due. We supposed to push the boundaries. And that's his, take on it. And a lot of comedians and also. The white media, right? They stand by that stance of there should be some free speech available out there and you should be able to say what you want to say.

Kat Williams is saying something different. I don't know if you know in that comment. And then he's always said this too. I read back and some of the other stuff he said in a Friday, there was a. Rape scene that we're going to put in the next Friday, the next, I think that was the one he was in.

We play money, Mike, he said there was going to be a rape scene in there. And he said, I told him, take it out. I said, rape is never funny. You should never, joke about that. And he said, there are certain words, we use at a time we can't use those words anymore. And so there's restrictions about what you say.

And then when I went deep dive, he talked about all these other things about. It's just like playing a basketball game. There are boundaries, right? That's what, you can say and what you can't say. So he's on the other end, right? We got Deshapelle here and then I got Kat Williams just saying, yes, there are boundaries.

There are words you should never say to stay funny and relevant. And so a lot of folks in my opinion, I think a lot of folks really keyed in and now putting Kat Williams up as this bastion of, Hey, I can still be funny, but I don't have to be offensive. And so I think that helped. A lot of movement toward, what do you think of that?


Mr.Benja: offensive is a broad term. Cat's going to be, he's just not going to pick the current labels, terms, categorizations that Dave Chappelle is obviously doing. So maybe, yeah, maybe that's the term, anti woke. We are the anti woke. woke brothers. So we understand this. 

Theo Harvey: So I, go ahead.

Sorry. Go ahead. Let you take 

Mr.Benja: your, I was just gonna say, think about that for a second. The anti woke bros. yeAh, go ahead. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. I was just going to say that it's interesting. He just came out right when Deshapelle dropped his special and then he jumped in on something. This podcast, he's been getting some bangers, some folks that show up and they sit and drink basically.

He's just giggling. And, he has some, he's a pretty smart guy. I don't know if Shannon Sharp, he's a football player, but he was on Celebrity Jeopardy and won. Kudos to him, but it's 

Mr.Benja: funny his way of interviewing. It's not like a journalist. It's not like a comedian.

And those are the two main types, a journalist who goes out and interviews somebody and a comedian who's talking to entertain. But he's just got this. And yeah, he's been a sportscaster for a while. He's calling plays, basically. And he's still got that style of didn't you see what that Didn't you see that happen right there?

What was that about? Tell me about that. It's like the same way when you're talking about football or whatever. He's like, when you did this and cut that way, what made you decide to, you're like, huh, breaking down football. It's just an interesting style to listen to. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Good point. He is doing that.

And he even said that he's calling plays, even from previous guests. Steve Harvey said this, when you, let me cat, you commented on that, you know what he's saying? We're fruiting that. And and then obviously Cat was very verbal. He said, look, I'm a master of the English language and this is what you craft jokes.

And this is how you, it's very articulate. So he was just like right there with. It's a banger the next every moment. And so very compelling. Yeah, to your point. And so kudos to, I don't know. You get that many views, you get a lot of hate too. So I don't know what that means, but I'm sure Shannon Sharp negotiation time at ESPN.

If you don't know, he works on ESPN doing his day job with Stephen A. Smith. It's going to be some big conversations because that thing was so viral that I think Shannon Sharp now is truly on his own platform and he can probably do what he wants. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, basically. And I don't know how much we need to talk about this, but everybody's wondering about getting money from YouTube and podcasts like this, how you monetize it.

So I, he's got his, he's got his alcohol brand and I'm sure there's a pay scheme going on with people either getting on the show or him paying people to come on the show so he can promote and monetize whatever he's doing. But I've heard a lot of some different numbers getting thrown around or how much they think that he made for this one podcast.

And I didn't like all those voices. So I went straight to Bard and asked the Google Bard for the answer. 

Theo Harvey: The AI, 

Mr.Benja: but yeah, they say a high end scenario where you have a high CPM. That's basically cost per click, earnings per click or whatever. You're going to get 250, 000 to 500, 000 in earnings. If you've gotten a pretty exceptional agreement, I'm pretty sure at his level coming from the sports world and flying straight into YouTube, I'm pretty sure he's got something good going on, but yeah, 500, 000 straight out for an episode.

And then monetizing on top of that, building new relationships and yeah, being able to adjust your rates, knowing that you're that platform. I don't know. It's 

Theo Harvey: still an option. Oh yeah, he's gonna probably, from this, he'll probably make millions because to your point, all the other, they have their own social media.

I see Kevin Hart responding to other folks, but you gotta go to the Shay room now to talk about okay, you need three hours to refute everything that Cat Williams said, so you gotta go there. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, who else is gonna run you three hours like that in a comfy couch with the No, it's cool.

I'm proud of him. Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: Nah, and then yeah, I like how we're doing a breakdown business breakdown. Maybe we'll talk about that more, but you're right. 25 million views in three days is exceptionally rare. And so that doesn't even happen. Even Mr. Beast. I don't know. I think it's that to that level.

And and I love how it was something that was more organic than just the. The schemes that Mr. Beast comes up with to get you to click and then, is he gonna die from being buried alive for seven days? I don't care. I think that's, to me, I think that's where content needs to go to more, engagement, but it's extremely rare because it's hard to find people that are that good for three hours.

And that's tough. But anyway, yeah. Did 

Mr.Benja: you see this whole thing coming? Which one? No, the whole Cat Williams thing. Just drama at the beginning of the year. 

Theo Harvey: No one did. Cat Williams is verbal. We all know that. It can be controversial. And, wait a minute, let's be honest.

Let's not put Cat Williams on this pedestal of the bastion of what's good in comedy and who's good and who's not. This dude, let's be honest, was fighting middle schoolers not too long ago, remember? He was actually, spending a lot of time in jail. PLease, Cat, don't come.

Don't come after me, man. Leak this out and cats like, who's this podcaster? Stop coming after me. But so he's got his 

Mr.Benja: problems too, but he's toned down his language. So we'll put a nice halo on top of his portrait. 

Theo Harvey: Oh yeah. I don't, do you like his comedy? Let's, it's subjective of course, but do you like his comedy?

Not so much. Yeah, same here. It was weird. I came, I saw this one as early ones, right? Pimp Chronicles. I think that was it. And it's okay. It's funny. He, he was what? Money Mike, right? And so from next Friday, that's how I knew him. So I said, okay, he's a funny guy, where he speaks, he's a little guy, whatever.

And then he started getting to more political stuff in his later comedy. And I was like, I don't know if I want. Laugh about Trump jokes with Kat Williams. I don't know. It's just don't hit the same, 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, it's definitely a style and I'm not saying he's not good But he's just got a style and you'll come to figure that out with comedians I don't know people on the internet seem to have this on or off.

He's funny or he's not It's yeah, you can say that but it's an art So at some point you're gonna have to get to the level of understanding comedy enough where it's oh no, that guy is funny He's intelligent. I see what he's doing. I see the reaction that person gets. But it's not my style.

We talked about this. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, we talked about this, right? The Chris Rock and Kevin Hart documentary which I haven't seen yet. Because I don't think any of those guys are as funny as they used to be anymore. But that's just my take on it. But he said, Chris Rock said yeah. Chris 

Mr.Benja: Rock said. Yeah, Chris 

Theo Harvey: Rock said being, funny and subjective, but what he said getting people to laugh is not or something to affect.

And so basically, if you craft a joke well, and you practice, you know how to do it right, you can make 

Mr.Benja: anybody laugh. Selling tickets, I thought you said. 

Theo Harvey: Yo, maybe that's what it was. Yeah, I can't recall. Yeah, but no, I didn't say comedy is subjective, or give people a laugh, or something like that. Getting the audience to laugh was not, but we'll, we're quick.

Mr. Bench is going to go ahead and check me on that quote, but we thought that was an interesting quote. But I think it's more of a skill and art to figure that out. And I think Kat Williams does understand that. But to your point, yeah, I may have to check his next comedy special.

I think he has one coming out. So we're going to check it out and see what he's talking about. But cause I think that's going to be a money banger. I wouldn't be surprised if he does a live Netflix show. Like Chris Rock did. I guarantee Mr. Benjamin, we're going to talk about predictions later, but that's my prediction there.

25 million for Kat Williams. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, basically. Let me ask you this. Speaking of 2024, we're just now getting started. Do you have any predictions? I know you like predictions, and I had some, I don't know, I say predictions or thoughts do you have anything you want to go through? Let's just run through a little list.

Can we do that? We got a little time here. Let's do it. All right. First of all, I didn't even know how to categorize this one. Are we okay? How is everyone's mental health? There's like a war going on. People are, yes, too. People are very upset about. Everything and people that are down and somber at the same time.

So it's very weird time. I don't know if it gets better. 

Theo Harvey: This is going to be a crazy time. The presidential election is coming this year, right? So they already got to have Iowa caucuses. If you don't know, that's the beginning of this circus show. So if Trump gets back in there, we know that's going to be like, but I don't know, it's going to be.

I feel it's gonna be different this time, but we'll discuss as we see more. And then also AI, man, the interference of AI in the election, what's that gonna look like? But AI in general I think there was some reports that Even after shenanigans of what's happening with Sam, with Sam Altman, that whole firing non firing thing over at open AI, they still bring in close to a billion dollars in revenue. Annualized revenue. So basically they're growing a open AI, investments in AI systems still impede. So it's going to be interesting to see how that's going to affect us in the next, this year.

Mr.Benja: got a, I got an idea on AI for this year. A little prediction, a thought, maybe we're going to see the first big widespread scare from AI, where everybody's Holy crap. What? Oh, God, that happened. And then you're going to have people just getting, you're going to see a stronger pullback. I don't know.

Maybe somebody throws a rock at a self driving Tesla. I don't know. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, there's a movie called The Creator that talked about that. People are uprising against AI, right? And yeah okay. I wrote it down, Mr. Benja. So you think a scare will happen? In some form or fashion and that would push us back from AI.

I love it. I love it. 

Mr.Benja: I don't know if it pushes us back, but there's going to be some contention. I just, I did say pushback, but actually I don't know about that. There's just going to be a scare, some contention. People are going to fight on both sides and yeah, we make it some, we get, make it some new age hippies out of this.

Theo Harvey: I love it. I love it. All right, Mr. Benja president election. I have a prediction. I'm just going to throw it out here too. Since we're starting to predictions, I will say this year that I don't think Trump will be the go getter that we think he is for excitement for the election. I think Trump is done.

And but then, it, but there will be someone else that would arise up to drive attention. Cause you can't have, it will be a vacuum that someone's gotta, fill that vacuum with attention. I just don't know who that will be, but somebody will rise up and it may even come from someone that was not even running right now, maybe an entertainer.

Heck I could even see cat Williams. 

Mr.Benja: I was about to say you get cat Williams to start roasting on Any, anybody coming up roasting on, what's his name? Biden, the cat will get roasted of Biden on 

Theo Harvey: fire. But cause, but there's gotta be, somebody's going to drive attention. So I don't know who that's going to be yet, but I do feel like Trump, I think he's old news now, people are like, eh, been there, done that, I need a new show.

But, and let's be honest, the presidential election is a show, and so we need a star. So someone's going to rise up, and I don't know who that's going 

Mr.Benja: to be. Bars. Bars.

Actually, you know what? I'm going to write that in the notes. We're going to keep saying that every once in a while. You know it's good when you hear bars. Bars. All right, what other predictions? 

Theo Harvey: Social media, 

Mr.Benja: what you got here? Social media. Okay. So it's weird. I was I was online. I was thinking about, we talked last year about social media taking that turn from being this social thing and to a topic based thing.

I had two big thoughts, one adding on to last year's thought of everybody moving into communities. So you're gonna have these smaller little community based apps where you can just get you and your friends together. It's not like this big outside world. Only thing is how exactly do you monetize that?

And that's gonna fundamentally set up how that type of social media plays out. People have been talking about extensions of. Podcast, like extensions of what YouTube is doing with its memberships. Like you can be a, become a member to somebody like our girl grace from beyond the trailer.

So I almost called it Grace Jones. Terrible. But so you're going to get more of that community action where you're just going to find these bubbles of people doing their own thing and you have. No idea how big it is, until you like walk into a theater and you see everybody dressed up like Beyonce.

You're like, what is this? And it's oh no, they're having a Beyonce movie. And it's oh, okay. You're going to get more of that just happening in weird places. And secondly, this change over of most general social media into everyone's personal media outlet. Now I know we've said this before, but I think we're going to see an interesting shift where you're not just.

You don't go to Instagram to see people. You go into Instagram because that's the new version of television. So you're on Instagram. Like it was television. You're flipping through switching channels. You're not expecting to see real people. You're expecting to see everybody doing America's funniest video skits.

You're expecting to see drama played out, but you're not expecting to see anything. Like it's a magazine stand digital in your hand, basically, you're just flipping through all this stuff. That's not quote unquote real. So I think that's hurting people. I flirted with the idea a little bit last 2 years, but really this year I'm seeing it happening now where it's it's a 

Theo Harvey: magazine.

So if you want to net it what are you predicting specifically? Are you saying more to communities and a more personalized kind of social media would you predicting 

Mr.Benja: what I'm not making a prediction because I'm not good at that. Like you, the, I'm sorry no, I don't know how to, I don't know how to put it into words.

No, it's just like this concept of your phone not being a. Portal to other people and connecting, it becomes like a magazine. So the earlier thing, a long time ago that Gary Vee said about everybody becoming their own little media company, that's it's playing out through Instagram, through threads, through Twitter, X, through Snapchat, whatever.

So how does that play out and how does it. How do you get a prediction out of that? No, I, what you're 

Theo Harvey: saying, Scott Galloway hinted at this too. We all become our own little media bubbles, right? Everything's becoming so more personalized that it's hard, almost hard to relate.

Yes, we relate on a few things, but then, my YouTube channel is so different from your YouTube channel, right? And what we understand and view. So I'll bring some concepts that you never even thought of before. So it sounds like what you're saying is if it becomes so personalized, social media is like, what do you think will be harder to relate?

And the only way we can relate is through, certain key touch points, like a Kat Williams interview or something like that. 

Mr.Benja: I think, everything is just becoming a stage and that's, will we get to the point? Yeah, I guess you will need touch points like that and how we relate to people.

But I'm just saying the platform is completely. You're not seeing anyone's real life anymore. It's already the case. wE're It's the year where I think everybody just accepts that social media is not about your friends at all. 

Theo Harvey: I love it. I love it. What accepts that social media bars.

You gotta say it twice. Bars. Yeah. It's just not about your friends. I love it. Okay. I like it. I like it. Just real quick. So at the Ryan McGann event, he talked about this. Yes. The views help because it gets you more known exposure. But back in the day when you got a million views for something that went viral, you would get 10, 000 followers easy.

He says, now you get a million views. You may, you probably get roughly about a thousand. So there's diminishing returns on this viral content. Now I think people are used to it and it's going to be very hard to get. People to stay connected to you on social media. My prediction is, even though I'm doing it, go all in on tension 'cause I want to grow a little bit faster, but my prediction is that we need to start focusing on people are gonna realize, to your point, social media is not the be all, end all to grow massively quickly.

And the people who are gonna be into, doing the work daily, like you said, the communities, the outreach. Doing that one on one kind of going back to basics, meet people in person, God forbid, and building followers that way. Doing speeches on stage. I think that's going to be the way you draw true following.

You got to have more mix of the real world to grow your social media following and then your social media following would help your real world. So I think people need to realize they need to have both. So I think we're going to see more and more gurus. We're starting to see that now.

Ryan began doing a attention summit and all he does is social media stuff. He just do a free event. And so that's, he know, he realized the importance that he has to be out in the public. That's going to make him more real. And he didn't make it virtual either. So no one could actually come in. They have to actually fly in to go see it.

So I thought that was interesting choice. So I guess my prediction to keep it simple is that Everyone is realizing that social media is not really how you grow. You're going to need the real world to help you grow your social media presence. What 

Mr.Benja: is this real world you speak of?

Yeah, man. It's a, it's an interesting time and yeah, all little social media companies. That's a interesting way of thinking about people, but. There it is. And we previously had our streaming wars, but that pretty much came to an end, right? Yeah, and 

Theo Harvey: Netflix won. Yeah, I know Netflix won, Mr.

Benja, because whenever you go to Netflix, every time there's some Disney's, it's some Disney stuff up there. There's some HBO stuff. I think. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's up there now. So it's 

Mr.Benja: hey man, I'm telling you, they're just doing that little thing where they're not trying to show you anything, but they're just showing you something.

And you don't like, Hey, what was that? That was a Disney movie, just just make sure, exactly. 

Theo Harvey: Exactly. So we will move on a streaming war since that's pretty much over. Do you have any quick M. C. U. D. C. s predictions or anything like that for the future?

Mr.Benja: You know what? Echo is coming out on the 10th, January 10th. I'll know after they make their little, if they've made their turnaround after I see Echo, because that's where they said they were going to turn things around and change. So I don't know until I watch Echo. We'll come back next time. 

Theo Harvey: Mr.

Benja is saying that MCU is back, baby! 

Mr.Benja: Maybe, that's right. D DC is being stupid, so I'm not even gonna talk about them. They're doing bad. They're gonna keep, they're, Dave's gonna have one movie, and the rest of it'll just be weird. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I agree. Yeah, high level of my prediction Yeah, man, I think superheroes are not dead but they need to really re invent a lot of things.

But I will say this I think they're going to replace Kang. Obviously, they talked about it. They're not going to get rid of the movie. It's already slated and they're probably going to replace it with a new actor, Carlos Domingo, that's already out there. He played Rustin. You've seen him in The Walking Dead.

And I saw this actor years ago in the theater, man. He was just a little small little play. I could go up and talk to him, and now he's big time. That's how actors do. Yeah. My prediction is we'll see Marvel, still move on with King. And get that mojo back as well. I'm predicting that MCU is back too, baby.

I don't give up, man. Kevin Feige's too smart, man. I just Yeah. I think he's going to get him to you back on track. 

Mr.Benja: All right. All right. That's all I got. 

Theo Harvey: Man. I love it, man. I love this new format. Hey guys, if you like this new format, let us know in the comment section, but yeah, go check us out. Like subscribe and show versus business on X, YouTube and Instagram, but check us out with our original podcast, Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

And then go check out our website also at show versus business. Mr. Benja, have a great one. Peace 

Mr.Benja: in 2024. What a foe.