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SvB: Disney earning Calls, Social Media updates, Ryan Coogler, AI Watch Ep 152

February 12, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Disney earning Calls, Social Media updates, Ryan Coogler, AI Watch Ep 152
Show Vs. Business
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Disney earning Calls, Social Media updates, Ryan Coogler, AI Watch Ep 152
Feb 12, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, discuss the hottest stories for this week.  Disney earnings call revealed, sports are now being bundled with subscriptions, Social Media Shenanigans, and more!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, discuss the hottest stories for this week.  Disney earnings call revealed, sports are now being bundled with subscriptions, Social Media Shenanigans, and more!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is show versus business where pop culture meets pop money with your host, the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja. Mr. Benja, what's going on today? Oh, 

Mr.Benja: man, things are going on all over the place, the only place you really get what's really going on and what's really good is here on show versus business.

So this week. We've got a couple of things that went down. Disney's earning call came out. Some people went nuts in the street. Some people are losing their minds because Disney's actually talking about making money. Oh my gosh, this is crazy. Even with their subscriber countdown, we're going to get into that.

And the great sports rebundling. Listen, sports is big and we've been talking about how it's been moving around from Amazon to Warner to Fox to all these people. So now we're going to find out what's really going on. Theo is going to be spearheading that one because. And then we've got Ryan Coogler coming in here.

He wants ownership of his next movie. This is a good play. Sounds really good, especially happening during Black History Month and Black Batman Week at the same time. It's incredible. So we've got a verified superhero out here taking ownership of movies. Sounds crazy, but it's happening. Shout out to Ryan Coogler.

And for our podcasting update I said that it's like it's a regular thing, but it's not. We just have so much here and we're going to go ahead and update a little bit of what's going on and we're podcasters. So there we go. Also some social media shenanigans, Tucker Carlson's acting up, Kanye West is acting up, Monique and Shannon Sharpe are acting up and Walmart's acting up apparently, and Snoop Dogg and Master P had to call them out.

So that's that. And we may also have some random bits in there to throw in and keep it a juicy show. Theo, how does all that sound? 

Theo Harvey: Man, that sounds wonderful. Mr. Binja, man I'm not the gamer of this two person crew here. I, I know enough to be dangerous, right?

I go do my little reviews on IGN. It's, oh, that sounds like a good game to play. Don't ever play it, but sounds good. Man, I ran down this rabbit hole, Mr. Binja. I actually watched All the cutscenes before the Suicide Squad kills the Justice League. Mr. Bidget, have you heard 

Mr.Benja: about this game? Glad that you're bringing this up for Black Batman Week.

But no, I haven't actually really followed this game that much at all. I usually wait a little while to see if It gets past the fanboy stage and people dig it. And then I say, okay, it must be a good game, but no, I haven't checked it from that. 

Theo Harvey: Mr. Bid, you probably know more than me. It's the same studio that did Batman Arkham silent.

Yes. Yeah. As it rocksteady. Is that the name of the group? Is that the name of the studio? Yep. Rocksteady. So see, I'm not as well versed in the game world, but I'm getting there. Our lovely, we give her a shout out all the time on his pod grace beyond the trailer, he did a whole review of the cut scenes for justice league suicide squad kills the justice league.

And I was like, what? And I heard so many things rumbling about this and people hated it and all this other crap. I said, okay, let me go watch this. Let me watch the cut scene. Now mind you, it's three hours of gameplay, some gameplay with, a couple of acting with the cut scene. Very weird way to watch spend three hours.

But hey, I was on a long drive. Why not? Just listening. So anyway high level Mr. Binja. This game is very controversial because yes, it features the Suicide Squad, but I guess I can spoil it a little bit. They actually kill the Justice League. The premise is that Brainiac is taking over Metropolis and he's brainwashed all of the Justice League.

And so Suicide Squad is tasked Or, Task Force X, as they're commonly known by Amanda Waller to go after and kill each one of the Justice League members. And I gotta say, man, it had some moments there. I was impressed. It's, it had me interested, intrigued. I went down a rabbit hole, looking at that and seeing, if the villains actually won for a chance and what would that look like.

But yeah, pretty comical. So some see some Batman. Evil Batman was pretty good. I gotta admit, everybody else was okay. Even Superman wasn't that great, the evil Superman didn't really kick it off for me. But evil Batman, when he's no horse bard, man, it actually became a horror film.

It was funny how, how you have different levels when you play video games. The Batman level, basically. It was weird how they did it. And she said, check out the check cut scene, Batman, basically a hologram of Batman gives them a pep talk about being a team and, how you can, win together as a team and then it slowly devolves into the evil Batman okay, enough of that, I'm going to show you the real Batman experience, so anyway, long story short, man, I just, I never watched something like that before on that level, but it's.

It's intriguing. I love, I don't know if you watched Injustice. Do you ever read that comic book Injustice? I heard about that guy, Tom King. Very similar premise, this, and Injustice Tom King, the writer had Superman go crazy, right? And he started killing off, the Joker and then him and Batman squared off.

It was, just if the Justice League stopped effing around, went down to business. Really enjoyed it, man. So anyway, go check it out. If you haven't gone down that path yet, the cut scene path. No, 

Mr.Benja: I just I've watched cut scenes of games before in their entirety, and it's funny for games that I don't really want to play, but I want to be in the mix of I'll sit there and watch them and sometimes I stop.

Sometimes they keep going. Yeah they're definitely hit or miss a lot. And you got to remember it. They're not trying to condense the story. They're trying to interweave with the game. So that makes sense why it's three hours. It doesn't need to be that long for the story. 

Theo Harvey: Do you recommend any cuts?

The other one I saw bits and pieces was what's it called? The last of us, just saw bits and pieces before I went in on the TV show, but do you recommend other Video game cutscenes I should watch on YouTube now. Now that I'm a watcher. 

Mr.Benja: The The God of War series. You can jump in anywhere after.

Actually, any of them should be pretty entertaining. But the most recent ones God of War 3 and God of War Ragnarok. Those are those are good ones. 

Theo Harvey: I'll take your recommendation, Mr. Benja. I love it. I love it. If you're one last thing. Yeah, I guess I am now. That's my thing. Look, we all know there's not going to be a lot of movies and TV shows for the next couple of months.

So I gotta watch. I'm literally like, I'm like, man, I have not seen anything. Oh, you know what? This is my reviews. I used to go into a few things I saw. I did watch. Mr. Smith. I don't know if you heard about that, the Donald Glover joint that he , produced on Amazon. I don't know if you checked it out, but go give it a, yeah, go give it a whirl.

That's my high level recommendation. It is definitely nothing like . The Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie. Joint that came out the controversy for that movie was that's where they fell in love and, became married at that point. And but the premise I thought was interesting and someone who is married, marriage is a war, and, sometimes you don't know everything about your spouse, the two people who come together who are killers, what does that look like? And so it's interesting to see this is a, Donald Glover's takes those more grounded and these people being almost Any, anybody, right?

Him and I think the young lady is Myra Erskine. Yeah, she is, plays his wife, in this role with Mrs. Smith. And so there are international killers slash spies. And so what does comedy ensues, if you will, right? So it's yeah, go check it out, give me, maybe we'll do a little deep dive and, and what's Donald Glover doing?

It's interesting. He did this. He did Swarm, which was that kind of pseudo Beyonce thing that he did. So his post Atlanta journey is interesting, he's doing his own thing, but I don't know if it's really hitting that zeitgeist, like he did with Atlanta.

So it'd be interesting to see what he does in the next couple of years to get back on top, but yeah. 

Mr.Benja: Need to quit playing and hook up with Monkey Park. 

Theo Harvey: What? Oh, Jordan Peele. Yeah, you're right. We should, right? Yeah. I don't think he's really a horror guy, per se, but I don't know. Hey, maybe he, Monkey Paul, Donald Glover, Monkey Paul, Jordan Peele, and Ryan Coogler just become Voltron.

Mr.Benja: Voltronic.

Oh wait, and they could do it for Marvel and the, we don't want to do it for Marvel. We take that back. We're going to, we're going to get Kevin Feige out of the way, bring Kevin Hart in and do it for Black Sands Entertainment and pick up one of Manuel Godoy's stories that's been blowing up the underground internet scene, what you know about Black Sands Entertainment and Kevin Hart Productions and Ryan Coogler and yeah, man, that's full 

Theo Harvey: trial.

Oh man. I love it. I love it. Black History Month. Let's go.


Mr.Benja: you got? Yeah, man. It's I've been working on the site and everything. And, we always talk about the 80 20 and the one thing that you're trying to focus on and knock out. And it keeps moving that target because the more you put in something like, Oh, wait a minute, hold on.

This needs a little more focused. Otherwise the whole operation isn't moving as it should. So I'm doing something and I'm like, okay, the site's up, site's fine. Okay. Now what'll be the next thing that really gets me to that next step? The next logical step, as some people call it, and it turns out it's getting a perfect sleep routine.

And I noticed if I'm doing creative stuff, like purely just, pulling weird concepts out and organizing thoughts and just, then the chaos works for me. But what I'm trying to do right now, I'm like, I need that perfect routine. Just wake up, turn this on, do that. Boom boom. I was like.

I wonder how juicy I can get with this routine. I'm talking like I want to get back to the level where I don't need an alarm and I still wake up at the perfect time every day. I had that going for a very short period of time. No alarm would sleep at the exact same time. Woke up, did you do, I call it robot mode.

Actually, I actually have a name for it. When I get in the robot mode, just get in there.

Theo Harvey: It's crazy. Complete with the sounds. 

Mr.Benja: No, but it's interesting that something that's not directly related to my task has become my one thing, because if I get this right. Then I can cause everything else to flow systematically. It's my mom was always just Hey, listen, eat your breakfast, get your shoes on.

And she knew if I got that far, she could just toss me in the car and take me to school. Everything else didn't matter. Just listen, I don't care if you did your homework. I don't care if you're still playing video games. We can leave the TV on all day while you're at school, Nothing else matters except eating breakfast and getting your shoes on and magically things fell into place.

I'm finding that out now, all these years later, I'm like, okay, if I get here. Eat, brush teeth, make the bed by this time, don't eff around with that, I'll have a good sleep, I'll wake up, I can bang out again. Robot mode. Love 

Theo Harvey: it Mr. Pincher. I love it. Crazy. Keep robotting it brother. Get out there in these streets man, get it done.

I love it. That's right. Helps the 

Mr.Benja: podcast too. Definitely. All right. You ready to get into this action? Let's do it. I didn't get a chance to watch this one, but the Disney earnings call came up, and I found a quote in there that I didn't put in here, but they said they were happy. The people were happy.

Stockholders were happy. Some of the investors, because Disney said they're going to be making money this time. And it just had me laughing. It's guys, hold on. Stop. Everybody stop. What's going on. Investors, we'd like to let you know, we're going to make money. It's like tears erupted, apparently in the room.

I got to go find that quote, but do you have an overview of this whole earnings call? 

Theo Harvey: Cause I, yeah, sure, man. Yeah. High level. Yes. The whole premise of business is to make money guys. You don't want to lose money. This is just, this is show versus business. The basic one is don't lose money.

Oh man, you got Iger, man. He's such a show, man. He's just, just, he's coming in, but look, he's got big fights. We've talked about this a couple of times. He's fighting off activists, investors, Nelson Peltz and Ike Perlmutter. I think we talked about who Ike is. He was the previous CEO of Marvel who famously said, black superheroes don't work basically.

And then went to a black Panther movie. It's just been against marvel all this time. So he's coming back, you know trying to attack So basically these guys are trying to get board seats on disney's board so they can you know control the direction Because they feel like it's not going the right direction which you know, they're not wrong The stock has been beat down and then also on the personal front, i'm not personal but basically it's it is a personal kind of offense where you know, gina Carino, who was fired from the Mandalorian, has a backer, she has, she's basically suing Disney for firing her from the Mandalorian, and her backer is none other than Elon Musk, who famously basically said, F Disney, because They're not trying to advertise on Twitter anymore or X.

So yeah. And then we didn't, we didn't talk about shenanigans with Rhonda Santa. So basically Disney's getting hit in all these different directions. So I had to kill with the big guns doing this last, yes, this last Ernie's announcement. I'm just going to read through these real quick and then, we can discuss, do we think that's going to help Disney or not?

So one of the big things, you can, Get inside to this Mr. Benja. They're investing 1. 5 billion billion for B dollars in the fortnight Basically the game studio I think epic games that create a fortnight. Mr. Benja I know we're going to talk about all of them, but I let's go, let's talk about all of them first, then we'll get into each one.

So that's the big one, right? And we'll talk about that in a second. They're paying 75 million directly to Taylor Swift just to exclusively stream her Eros tour that just basically tore all the records in this concert. He had a movie that tore records up and now they had an exclusive streaming place for the Eros tour.

So Taylor Swift. Keep on winning. Moana 2 is fast tracked to a November release, which it was funny because it was originally a TV show, but Disney said, bump that. We're going to have an animated show, an animated movie coming out around Thanksgiving. So bump all that TV show mess. And they said they're going to invest 60 billion into this Disney parks, which is huge.

And there's rumors that there's going to be another part coming out. And last but not least, we'll talk about a little bit later, but they announced a sports streaming service with Fox and Warner Brothers Discovery. That's supposed to set amazingly this year. That was huge news. So we'll probably talk about that later.

But Mr. Benja, is this enough to get you excited about Disney 

Mr.Benja: again? Nothing gets me excited. More than not talking about Disney. Disney, man, I, dude, I told you once they did that Hulu integration and messed up all my shows and my show order, I'm like, Oh, I can't stand you. Now, it's just. And then they keep sending, they keep putting up little messages.

I'm sorry, hold on. This isn't, I'm like, Oh, whatever. Done with Hulu. I'll never get my old Hulu back. Actually, I don't know if you sign up to Hulu alone by itself right now, do you get a weird kind of Disney esque front end that only has Hulu? 

Theo Harvey: You do? Yeah, I just did that recently.

Cause I wanted to watch an old show. And so I guess I gotta re subscribe too. Hulu again, and it does give me that Disney funkiness, but it still remembered me, remembered all my shows and stuff. So I don't know. And I also had Disney plus it's still somewhat separate. 

Mr.Benja: Okay.

That makes sense, yeah, so it was causing problem anyway. Yeah. Disney it's just the big house of dumb to me. Every all the decisions they make. I'm just like why I hate you. In fact, I want to talk about games really quickly, since we were talking about God of War and Suicide Squad Killers Justice League a little while ago, they actually are getting back into games as well.

That was also mission in there, they're spending all this money on games, but if you remember, they were on a game killing spree a while ago. After they got rid of LucasArts, which made all the Lucas games that a lot of people love Shadows of the Empire, Dark Forces, TIE Fighter, those were back in the day.

But even recently, they were just killing off a lot of the game studios and game action. They had this big, huge open world kind of thing called Disney Infinity. It was huge and people were like, Hey, why'd you kill it? It's Shrug. Now it's like they're bringing it back. So that's a problem.

But, the thing that really that caught my eye was that fortnight purchase now fortnight is not purchased. And they just, I'm sorry. 

Theo Harvey: They're not going to have control over, they're going to have a say. Putting 

Mr.Benja: a, putting 1. 5 bizzle into it. That is a move. That connects in a way that I hadn't seen a lot of people talk about epic games, not just makes fortnight.

They make the technology that runs fortnight, which is called the unreal engine. The unreal engine is what a lot of people are using in Hollywood to run their three dimensional backgrounds, especially. The Dome that you've heard about in all the Disney shows. You mean the volume? Was that what you called it?

Oh, the volume? The Dome that they use. Yeah, the volume. I was just generically saying the Dome that they use. The volume. The volume. Yeah, the technology that runs the volume is made by Epic, so that all ties in back to that. I'm thinking, okay, good, you're going more into that direction I assume whenever you buy.

Whenever these companies are bought, they always look at the technology stack, the the available tools that company has, not just what they have, but who they have and those particular technologies and skills that come along with the company itself. And I couldn't help, but notice that, yeah, getting a hold on to.

That unreal technology at that level means you can stop and say, Hey, you know what, we're making a movie like this, instead of making our movie fit the parameters of your software. We're going to need your software to fit the parameters of this movie we have in mind. And so you can start tilting the scales and how stuff is developed.

So I thought that was pretty cool. 

Theo Harvey: Wow, man that's a high tech. I haven't heard that one before. I didn't know that they made I heard about the unreal engine, but I didn't know that was also the same software for the volume, which blows my mind because that's strategic checkery, if you will, one on one, you're doing two things at once because the angle I saw. Or read about buying fortnite or not buying but investing in fortnite was ip So now, you know as we all know fortnite's famous for all the skins you can wear and the different items you can collect and just you know It's this whole little universe where people are still jamming out and you can put all kinds of interesting characters together So who has a lot of characters?

So the angle was that they can start, impacting, and create a better experience in fortnight with their characters and their kind of lived in experiences and stuff. So people can live in that environment. So what you're saying is it's a twofer, right? So now you have this environment where you can create all these different.

Characters, inject your characters into it to make Fortnite even better and more want people to like, if you want to live in Ironman's penthouse, or hang with the Avengers, you can do that now in Fortnite or will be able to do that. I'm assuming so that makes it valuable. But the technology, to your point, makes it valuable for the real world to create more more imaginative movies.

And so that's that strategy. You make a move and it gives you two things at the same time. I think, Benja, that's always fun, right? 

Mr.Benja: No it's a great move in that respect because, people weren't sure about, Epic's Unreal Engine at the time, but the Mandalorian.

Was based on that technology, the unreal four engine. So they came in there, prove that it could work and have been probably investigating and investing a lot of time into the unreal engine since that point. And now they're like, you know what, let's push this to the next level. Whatever that is, a lot of behind the scenes plays.

Definitely. And like you said, fortnight is not just a game anymore. It's becoming. A sort of a game platform along the lines of Grand Theft Auto. It's not just getting online and playing Grand Theft Auto. You may only jump on GTA online to do the races and get paid for racing. That may be all you do because you just like the racing aspect of it.

So I see that as happening with Fortnite where Disney comes in dropping all their Disney characters into some sort of Fortnite. Fortnite's always doing weird stuff, but yeah, there's even the Travis Scott concert. He's talking about concerts earlier with Taylor Swift. You remember the story we had about the Travis Scott concert in Fortnite?

Oh my gosh, slap a Apple vision pro on that joint. It'd be up in 3d, looking at Elsa and Moana spinning around, talking about snow and sun and whatever nonsense. It'll be awesome. 

Theo Harvey: But I won't watch this. Cause she ain't did me. I get it. I get it. The only thing I want to just double click on real quick was the 60 billion invested in Disney parks.

I live in Orlando and I decided to re up one more year on my Disney Orlando annual passes. I guess I'm a sucker for it. It's just. I just want to see if they do anything different as an annual pass holder. If it did be that goes to these parks a lot, man, they don't do a lot, man.

When you go pretty consistently, almost like once a month, you realize, man, ain't nothing changing. That they're going to do this. And I think they're forced to because here in Orlando, they already did it in LA and California. Universal Studios is creating, Epic world, or I think that's what it's called.

And they're going to have Mario world there and other, and then it. Enhancing that Harry Park kind of park areas, Harry Park, Harry Potter experience there, Universal Studios, so Disney got to step it up, man, they got, they're not the, the big game in the, in Orlando anymore, and so I think this is going to go a long way toward, hopefully, and Bioshock, that's one of their few growth engines, we know they're losing money on streaming.

The parks experiences, these cruise lines, they do, that's where they're getting a lot of money now. And so I think they have to put more money into the, this experiences. So we'll see what that means. But they, go ahead and bite the bullet, man. Go ahead and just make them. I guess the universal has some rights on that with the superhero stuff, but Disney needs, they need to go ahead and make it like a little Marvel world or something, man, get people hype again.

Cause. It ain't hittin on nothin right now, man. I got on two hands. One hand, two eyes are pretty decent right now at Disney World. We'll see. 

Mr.Benja: I would be intrigued if they make an adult Hell's Kitchen kind of resort. Where you're you're walkin around Daredevil and Luke Cage and everybody. Just this grimy resort, 

Theo Harvey: oh, man. There's rumors that Disney adults, right? That's the big thing, right? That's the, people hate Disney adults. And there's rumors that they like to hang out or if you've never been to Epcot they like to sit there and drink and there's a lot of. Place pubs and stuff around the Epcot where you can drink they have this one little trash can that they sit and hang out at and they were mad that Disney got rid of that.

So Disney adults, and then also there's been rumors that there is a Disney website. There's a Disney swingers club, basically. So in groups of people who like to let's say partake in other partners experiences yeah, not their wife or their husband. And so like I said, Disney adults, man, I would be, not be surprised that Disney creates adult only theme experience because why not?

They're doing gambling. Why not Disney go all 

Mr.Benja: in, go hardcore. Now streaming on your resort box, Pam and Tommy, 

Theo Harvey: oh there you go. I have to Disney plus because now they have Hulu integrated and they got more mature offerings. I have to put a passcode on my Disney plus, login.

So my kids have their own way to get in. I have my own way to get in and I have to use a passcode. So I'm telling you guys, Disney after dark, it's coming soon. Watch it, 

Mr.Benja: dad. Oh, last point on this. Just wanted to read from variety here. When they were talking about the, Disney stock rise after wall street rallying around it.

And Iger making moves, there was a quote in there that was a. That was pretty good to me. And there was detail on the call that in particular caught analysis attention. For the first time, Disney stated that its long term objective is to reach double digit profit margins in its streaming biz, which has been narrowing its losses and execs said is on track to hit profit profitability by fiscal end 2024.

That came after Peltz's Triend Fund Management was was waging a battle against Disney board members. He called the media conglomerate to target and achieve Netflix like margins. By 2027, so management fund says, Hey, we want money and Disney was like, we got you, bro. I guess so. I guess that's how it works.

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Like I said, I was only doing this because his legacy that state, if Disney falls apart, it's on his watch again. There's all that book he wrote that says, Oh, right of a lifetime. This is great. Might as well throw it in the trash. So that's number one and number two, he's getting a lot of pressure, to make moves.

So we'll see, man we'll do our continued Disney outlook over the next couple of months. I'm sure. 

Mr.Benja: Oh yeah. Now we got the great sports rebundling sports. We've been talking about it a while back. Amazon getting, it's interesting. I didn't realize how well branded this stuff was. And so I saw this tick tock of some videos going by out some, it was like, it just looked like a sports video at first.

But then I realized what they were doing. They were playing all the different theme songs from the different sports shows, Monday night football, football on Fox and all the different shows have their different classic theme songs. Didn't realize how ingrained that was in me, even though I dropped out of sports back in.

It was like high school. I started slowing down on my sports. 

Theo Harvey: Dropped out of sports, Mr. Benji. You are on path to D1 school status. What happened? You're way into the pros. You had 

Mr.Benja: an ankle injury. What happened? Nah, man, I I got out of flag football and they were like, Hey, you're going to go, you're going to go play junior football JV gonna try to get for that.

And I'm like, look, man, I did the flag football thing. It's okay. But I don't know. There's this chess club over here. And there's the math leads. I don't even the math leads, but they seem to hang around a lot and not have to go to class, nerd, 

Theo Harvey: but you know what, I was a secret nerd, man.

Cause I would go to in the morning, I had to get a super early. I don't know. My parents made me do this, but to learn ham radio, you remember how to learn Morse code and how to do that? So that was like real nerdy thing. I used to I wanted. Get advanced in algebra. So I took a class in algebra over the summer.

So I just, I can be in geometry in eighth grade nerd stuff. But then I was always a basketball and track guy, right? So I would play basketball all the time and, played on for the high school team. And It's weird, man. Yeah. It was a good, it was like that secret nerd, turn around. It's my book.

Oh, anyway. Totally understand. Yeah. Did you want to get into this real quick? Let's see. Sports, man. Look it's look, the reason why this is so hype, Mr. Benjamin, you need to get a little bit into it because man, sports is pretty much the only live thing that we all agree on now. And, football, as we know with. The whole Taylor Swift thing shenanigans is becoming bigger and bigger now, and if NBA is getting bigger they're trying and all these streaming shows streaming streaming companies are trying to get more sports platforms. And another big thing driving this is betting.

These young folks are betting more on sports. So I see why sports is becoming the last great entertainment space for all of us. And then don't get me started on. All the shenanigans going on with just the sports casters and the the sport, tell, every sport guy, we talk about Shannon, Shannon Sharpe, Shay, they had their own podcast now.

And they're talking about each other getting messy. And we saw Steven A go off on another, sports podcaster. So it's it's becoming this whole big thing becoming like our big ecosystem of entertainment. So that's. So I'm making a case for show versus business to talk a little bit more about sports, Mr.

Benjes. So that's why I went on that tirade. That was my little mini rant for you. Rant for one. So anyway, let's discuss. So Disney, Warner Brothers, Discovery and Fox just announced they are launching a joint streaming service this fall and moved out potentially create a must have bundle for sports fans.

Here's what we know. The three companies will own each own one third of the new product, which is being built from the ground up and include access to all the content that airs sports such as ESPN, TNT, FS1 ABC, Fox, and others. So that's including NFL, NBA, March Madness, Major League Baseball, pretty much all the sports, except for those that show up on CBS and NBC.

This is very reminiscent of what happened to Hulu. When they came together and bought a bunch of books together, it was very similar kind of strategy. Warren Buffett's discovery, Max, HBO, Disney, we know about them and Fox. They couldn't agree on how best to use the platform and what is going to happen next, but we'll see if they move as fast as they say for this platform, which they're trying to launch in the fall.

We'll see. So Mr. Benja, the question I have for you is how much would you pay for a service like this?

Mr.Benja: Where are my Chick-fil-A vouchers ? I think I'll, I think I got six of those. I can trade in for a month or less . 

Theo Harvey: It's it's intriguing. Go ahead. You had a thought on that ? 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, actually I would pay. No, honestly, if I was looking into the service and I really wanted it right off the bat, I would say for basic intro, I'd pay 49.

99. Wow. Okay. Yeah. If I, if they were like, Hey, listen, we got sports plus get it. Here's what and they're like, here's the basics. I'm like, okay. Yeah. Wow. That's a lot of sports. I watched NBA, NFL boom. I'm down for it. How much? 50 bucks. All right. If you make it a sweet package.

Where, you're not messing around with some stupid ass Disney plus AI UI, I'm sorry, user interface, then that I'm for that, but yeah, 50 bucks I'd pay. 

Theo Harvey: Interesting. Yeah. Cause that's the rumor. They're trying to figure out what's the best price point. For consumers now, right?

Let's be honest. Yeah, I'm paying what 13 bucks a month or so for Disney plus, who, when I turn it on 11 bucks here, I'm sure that's going to be bundled. So what, what other, stuff do I have to buy in order to have it? And basically what we're doing is creating a, another cable bundle, right?

Because the traditional cable is dying. People don't want to pay that 200 anymore, whatever it was. And so now they're trying to create another bundle, which is called streaming, right? And so it's funny to me but the rumor is I think I was in some podcasts and they're saying 49.

99 seems expensive. And it does to me too, to have, cause you got to think all these sports and all at the same time and to try and make some sports, a big thing like pickleball or, spring football. So you can, Oh man, there's always sports to watch, but really let's be honest.

It's football. Playoff football, playoff basketball, maybe in season basketball, some MLB games, if you like that team and what's the other one we're not going to get wrestling on that. So I think the other big one would be, yep. That's pretty much it, man. Maybe about five or time, five times a year, a big March Madness five times a year is the only time, it's like really big for sports.

And so I don't know, man, it's I think that I'm looking at somewhere around like 25, per month, and cause you got to think you still got to get CBS and NBC, which have NFL packages. So you're not going to see all the sports. So that's going to be disheartening. Okay.

Mr.Benja: That's what I was wondering about. What are the, where do you start adding on with Hey, if you pay this much, you'll get the CBS branded extra shows or it starts to get messy because it is all over the place with all these sports. And. It doesn't have soccer. Is that what I'm hearing?

Theo Harvey: Yeah, that's a rumor. Don't know be honest. I don't tnt has some soccer. I thought an fs1 does but Yeah, you know you tell me I don't know how popular in the world. Yes. It's very popular here in the states. I don't know 

Mr.Benja: You know out here and when I was in san diego, it was pretty doggone big there were days Where you would just be going about your thing.

You're like, Hey, where is everybody? And they're like, Oh, they're getting ready to watch the game. And I'm like, wait, it's seven o'clock at night. We're all just hanging out. What do you mean getting ready to watch the game? No. They got to go to sleep, take a nap. Cause they're going to get up, watch the game overseas.

And it's a whole thing that extends into the morning. So people are watching some overseas game early in the morning and then drinking during the day. And it's just, it's a whole thing. But I went to a house full of people watching a soccer game at two in the morning and I was like, huh?

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I saw that too. I was it was years ago. I was in New York staying with my wife's cousin and we were there at this place and then someone knocked on the door and said hey, how you doing? It was like early, like two in the morning. Yeah. I'm about here to watch this soccer game. So he came in there and just, that's what he did.

And yeah, it's a big thing, but also a lot of those soccer teams and games, overseas. I think they have their own kind of. services. So to your point, if there's a way to integrate that to this three headed monster bundle, if you will, I think that would be huge. I think they're thinking through all that, man, but I think it's very ambitious to try to launch something in the fall.

Another angle someone said was that this is smart by, Warner brothers And Disney, right? Because number one, they don't have an exclusive streaming type of service to provide sports like CBS and NBC do Paramount and Peacock. So this is smart to do that.

So that way now they can always, you know. Go after these sports rights a little bit more aggressively because these sports rights is the right to display the sports on your streaming or your streaming channel is getting more and more expensive, right? And a lot of them by themselves, we already know they're bleeding red.

They can't, they don't have any money. Because they spent all this money on content that no one wanted to watch on TV shows and movies on their streaming services. So now they need to come together and, hey, we'll bid for NBA. Yeah you're charging us 10 billion a year or whatever to stream these games, but we can afford it because it's all three companies coming together.

Interesting to see. I know we don't talk about sports too much, but I'm fascinated by how we're going to watch sports. People were pissed though, be honest with you about Peacock when they did the the playoff game on NFL. People were like, what the hell is this? They were upset, man.

The Chiefs, the Kansas City Chiefs playing, playing on streaming service. And the rumor is there's going to be more games right next year for that. So they just going to try to train the populace there. The future of sports is going to be on something you pay on a monthly basis. And that's really what we're going.

Mr.Benja: Did you see the there were a lot of mock ups done for speaking of sports, just getting it into something that's not cable TV. Did you see the apple vision pro? Vision for racing and they did a racing demo, but there have been VR demos of other sports viewing experiences out there.

I don't know if you've seen any of those. No, I haven't. 

Theo Harvey: No. Were they good? 

Mr.Benja: They were excellent. I don't know if you remember, like with baseball, they used to have these websites where you could basically just see the little lights and all the numbers on the side of the screen and the lights would tell you who's on what base.

You'd see all the different numbers and everything running around. There were like these little widgets you could have in your website so you could watch things. And it was really cool. It's OK, you should be doing your work and watch things in a little widget on your website. And that kind of really didn't go too far.

But now with the Apple Vision Pro, if you're watching a game, you can jump down to crowd level. You can change camera positions like you're back up in the stands. And then. Not only that, you can look at a screen like you're watching the game on a screen, but then you could have, you could be pulling up little stats data from the characters, like trading cards.

You could look at for F1 racing, you could look at a big overview of the track and see the little Mario Kart heads running around the track to see who's in what place. There are a lot of programmers and developers really wanting to capitalize on this next level of sports technology and.

It's all available. Like, all this data is available. They've been tracking the locations and positions of characters, the ball, the puck, and all this other stuff for all this time. It's just not out into the public technology sphere as an API, meaning something you can program into and get. But, I am really thinking that there's going to be a big play, and I hope, hopefully it makes a big splash, because I really would like to see.

That type of technology improved the whole sports game. 

Theo Harvey: We'll see. We didn't really go into the vision. Did we talk about vision? Yeah, we did talk about vision pro last podcast. Still beta product, basically the reviews are in very expensive. You're gonna spend 3, 500 for vision pro.

You might as well went to the game. So we'll see. It's one of those things that, that price points got to get a little bit lower to make it worthwhile. And then also the app developers have to enhance the sport experience more. But I think you sent me something about the T Pain concert experience, that looked like, and yeah, it's got promised, but like I said it's still, I don't think it's there as people think it is, but we'll see.


Mr.Benja: Oh, gosh, man. Fortnite concert, Fortnite halftime show when you're at your Apple Vision Pro. You're thinking everything is everything, then all of a sudden Godzilla comes into the stadium. Oh my god! It's the Apple Vision Pro Godzilla, 

Theo Harvey: no, you know what that reminds me of? That 2? Yes, you read the whole scene.

They're playing sport. They're playing on the court and you got like everybody, you got, Harry Potter going crazy. You got all these different IP characters popping up, just doing crazy things in the stands. That's what we're coming to. That's what we're getting to. Yes. Oh, yeah. I don't know if that's.

to me, sports watching, I'm watching the game and we got, a character for, some Wahoo from Tom and Jerry over here in some, I have a pan, it's come on guys, they focus on the game 

Mr.Benja: unless you're Taylor Swift. Oh, I'm gonna tell you my mother. Watched sports way more than my dad did, and she didn't even understand most of the games that she was watching.

It was phenomenal the way she watched sports, but so that whole side of things exists where it's oh, yeah. Oh, 

Theo Harvey: yeah. They've done studies on this. Black women are notoriously over indexed when it comes to sports relative to their population. So they watch way more sports than you would believe, especially older black women, they get into those games, man.

So I don't know, maybe just like seeing young things on the court, but or the field, but it's a thing. It's a thing. All right. So 

Mr.Benja: what's Ryan Kugler up to? 

Theo Harvey: Oh, man, Ryan Coogler, man, the great director of Creed and Black Panther, man, him and Michael B. Jordan are concocting something, man.

They're concocting something. And this is good. This is, a little black history story. Looks like Ryan Coogler wants ownership on his next movie. He managed to get a lot of film studio business executives upset because he's trying to do something that hasn't been done a lot. He's basically looking to have ownership rights for his next movie.

Rumor is it's going to be a vampire type genre movie. And so basically the goal is he wants to secure ownership of his film as part of the deal. So basically it's something where after 25 years, he'll get access to the movie for himself and his heirs. And this is very rarely done. Unless you bring in your own money, like a Matthew Vaughn, who did the Kingsman series, or Quentin Tarantino, who's just Quentin Tarantino, you very rarely, even Christopher Nolan doesn't ask for ownership of his movies.

Cause you gotta think these guys are building up these streaming services and this IP think about Harry Potter, right? They just want it. access to that whenever they want to go back into the well. And for instance, maybe re release Tenet, right? Without asking the permission of the director, right?

And so Ryan Coogler saying, yeah, that's fine. You guys can have it. But after 25 years, I want my masters, right? And parlates in the language of music. Basically then now I can use it, my or my heirs can use it as an asset that can be either sold again or licensed off to streaming service, or maybe having the original characters used as they see fit and different type of processes.

I don't know. And but the problem with that is they're paying Ryan Kogler to make the movie, to they're taking all the risks, right? Ryan Kler, all he's doing is directing it. And so with the idea. But they're giving me all the money to do that. So it was a flop, there'll be like we spent all that money and we got to give you ownership later, man.

So I think this is an interesting concept. What do you think about this from a business strategy standpoint? You're more the entertainment guy. Does, would that incentivize you as a creator to know that eventually this is something I'm going to own, so I'm going to put my best stuff in here.

Mr.Benja: No, that's a terribly great incentive. And in fact, the best creatives at any studio that I've ever seen, they usually have some thing that they want to extract or get from a property. And the more ownership you have of it, the more important it is to you. There are certain parts of. Red Dead Redemption that I will take extreme pleasure in no matter how sad the game is or how great the game is.

It's whatever I'm like, yeah, I want that part to be great because I was in there doing X, Y, and Z and I see it every time. The game gets re released or replayed. I'm like, wow, that is still my technology in there doing its thing. So when you're talking about the level of ownership, that, that takes it to the next level.

Where you're really trying to create legacy. It's not only something you owe to yourself. It's not something you owe to the job. It's not something you owe to the studio. You start to get into this, legacy things where it's no, this is really yours, man. And when legacy, I don't just mean creating something that people want to see and that will last a long time.

It's, you've got the, it's this artistic idea of, I'm making my mark in the world and it's known as mine. There's not this thought in the back of my head where MGM is going to come in and, make James Bond plushie dolls that I don't approve of. That's not going to happen. Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: I like that aspect of it.

Just trying to have ownership, and incentivizing and then that's power, right? For the future. He's thinking, he's not a a real estate investor, right? He's not a a business owner, he's had his own business, his assets are his ideas and his art.

And so to have ownership for his heirs, that's awesome, man. That's Very forward thinking and especially, him and Michael B. Jordan getting together, it's going to at least get some eyeballs and and it's smart too. He's making, he's not making one of those kind of Fruitvale station, right?

Where it's just this is a serious movie, you need to watch this movie, but it's more Hey, it's a vampire movie. So I'm thinking. This is a genre movie. Vampire's gonna be around for a long time. That's smart. He's trying to think, okay, if I create something that's gonna be popcorn ish, people like the characters, I got comic books, I got other movies I can make off of this, I got TV shows, my people gonna be eating for decades, right?

Yeah, man, kudos to him, man. Brian Coogler, man. I gotta hang out with this guy, man. He's just, just a brother from just around the way, man. Try making the Hollywood and he's doing his thing. Love it. Yeah, for 

Mr.Benja: sure. For sure. All you want to get into the next one? 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Yeah. Let's get, let's knock out these, bro.

A couple of these real quick. 

Mr.Benja: All right. A couple of things showed up in the podcasting world recently, but the big one was Joe Rogan's new 250 million deal, and you might be thinking, wait, didn't they just give Joe Rogan like a hundred million for getting on Spotify and being exclusive? Yes, but now they're gonna give him 250 million to not be exclusive.

That's the short of the deal There's probably a lot that's going on behind the scenes that we don't know and understand but yeah 250 million to keep doing what he does basically and Funnel his work through Spotify, but now it's going to be kicked out again to YouTube Apple Music What are the other?

Amazon, it's going to be kicked out to all the big platforms, and that's new, and you're wondering why do we get paid more for that? DJ Academics, who was also who was also given a bunch of money by Spotify, he had a bunch of insight on this and said hey, listen, the way they're working it is now that they've got all the product in one place, And people have to come to Spotify.

He, what he's saying is that after all this time, they've gotten all the people who are going to convert over to Spotify, they've gotten websites to make Spotify, the default podcast link. They have their audience. They have the big group of stable of creators, Joe Budden, academics, Joe Rogan.

Michelle Obama was on there at one point. I don't know if she's still on there or not. They have all these creators now. Creating podcasts. So why would they give that up? It's they've got the people they need. So now if we push something out into YouTube or into the podcast space, we can.

Leverage our advertising distribution into those other platforms. So now you talk to the advertisers and Hey, listen, people, aren't just going to listen on Spotify. They're going to listen on YouTube and Apple music as well. So we can make special deals with all these other podcast outlets, make ads specifically for them, or, in the, in a certain direction based on those platforms.

That's the play that academic stated was probably happening with this new deal. So it's Hey, Rogan, if you stay here, do the same thing, we're going to blast you out to everybody else with this new ad structure that we've got on ads and distribution structure, just keep doing what you're doing and we'll pay you, 250 percent more.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, they also said they got a front minimum guarantee to Joe Rogan, plus a revenue share agreement based on ad sales. So he's incentivized to sell more, ads to get that going. But now it's brilliant. The rumor, not the rumor, but Spotify is not profitable yet.

It's been around for a while. I think they're just close to profitability. So they're just like everybody else, man. They're looking at, okay, how can I use these assets I have and do more with it? And Disney was the same way or Warner Brothers Discovery when they licensed out. Their movie catalog to Netflix, right?

So that's why you can see it. I Aquaman there and all the other DC movies. Yeah, kudos to them. Business one on one, man, look at your assets and see what you can sell. If it's not nailed to the floor, you can sell it.

Mr.Benja: And yeah, also in podcast news, apparently the Jason and Travis Kelsey podcast hit number one at one point. And I listened to it, it's a very sports heavy podcast, but obviously, but just the fact that Travis and Taylor Swift can cause this sort of, little storm of activity that pushes that is enough of a storm to push their podcast up to number one in the charts.

I thought that was great. I was up in the comments a couple of days ago, just reading all the comments and what people said on their episodes and yeah, it's a lot of. Non sports people, obvious Taylor Swift fans in there. Oh my gosh, I love these guys. They're so fun together. What's an extra point?

It's wow, this is great. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. I'm the backlash is coming. I'm part of the backlash, man. I feel it. It's just it's brilliant play, man. Whoever came with this play. Sports, Eagle the Eagles, that's who Travis that's who what's his name?

Jason Kelsey plays for, they just, were in a Super Bowl not too long ago against his brother, who's against, so already popular in the football world. If you watch sports, you already knew who they were and respected them. So fine, they created a little podcast, which a lot of these sports guys are doing now.

No great deal. And Kansas City was doing okay in football, but as soon as, Taylor Swift came in there, man, she came at the right time because she had a movie to promote. It does reek of just this corporate synergy that got bigger than even they imagined, right? It's okay, let's just do this, see what happens.

And it blew the hell up. And so they're both were like, I guess we got to keep this going. So now, the rumor now it's gotten to a point where now, Mr. Bidger, obviously she's in Japan right now. She's gonna fly. We're filming this right before the Super Bowl. She's gonna fly there to watch the rest of the game and this big whole, global they're probably gonna have someone tracking her plane to make sure she arrives there on time.

And then the other rumor is, a lot of Trump supporters are upset if she. That she, there's a conspiracy saying that she's going to come out and announce it, to go vote or go vote for Biden. And so there's a whole shenanigans around that. So basically she can sway geopolitical outcomes just by getting on the plane or saying something as simple as go vote.

And so it's getting to, that's a lot of power, man. What's I saw that from a, some movie or something. It's Oh, Michael Max, you remember Michael Max, the, all his the nation of Islam. We're there at the hospital and he said, we just want to make sure, he's okay. And they said, yeah, he's okay.

And he just put his finger up and you point it and they all turned to the left and walked out. And someone said, no man should have that much power. And I'm like, no woman, no, no celebrity should have that much power. So it's going to be interesting to see how this turns over time. I can't hit the game.

I may hit the players a little bit, but I can't hit the game. I can't hit the game. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: My, my mom would be eating this up.

All right. So I guess to round this out, we got a few social media shenanigans going on. I'll just run through them real quick and we can talk back and forth. Tucker Carlson interviewed. Putin over over on X exclusively. I think it's up now on his website as well, but I'm sure no one visits his website.

They're all going to watch it on X. Monique and Shannon sharp had an interview on club Shay. Shay. It's looking like messy podcasting again. Everybody's up in ours about what Monique said now, who's going to be next on Shannon sharp show. That's what everybody's thinking. I don't know. I don't know if you ruined or.

Blew up his brand with this one. Kanye West releases an album that was pretty much marketed only on Instagram, which was odd. Usually he jumps around to a couple of different places and you'll see him doing a lot of different stuff, but this time he just kept posting stuff to Instagram, deleting it, posting, deleting, posting, deleting, posting, and suddenly it's album release, listening party at a stadium.

And a bunch of people show it up and say, wait, it's here. It's here. And yeah, I looked up in the morning today and new album promoted like exclusively on Instagram on my phone. It's okay. And Walmart is. Is they're trying to keep this, keep us down by not releasing the Snoop cereal. Snoop dog and master P have a cereal together and it appears that they post the post company wants honey bunches of those to sell more than Snoop cereal.

Any thoughts on that? Cause we're running out of time, but that's some stuff. 

Theo Harvey: CO inspiracy, man. They don't want Snoop out here getting this.

See, they try to cut me off, man. They try to cut me off. They don't want Snoop to get this cereal guap, man. Big cereal is out for Snoop. But anyway yeah. Let me a couple of things. Tucker Carlson. I literally just googled this and looked it up. You told me about it last night. I checked out a little bit.

But the rumor is that's. That's a doppelganger. That's not really Putin. So that's the rumor now. So just, there's nothing sacred in the social media streets, man. You can do something, you can have someone's face talking all that stuff and people call Cap all day. So I don't know, man.

It's one of those things, but Tucker Carlson, I don't know what's he doing, man. And then Monique, man. Messy. I she's always been messy. And I get, some of the things I believe, is legit. And she's got a true gripe. But it's getting to the point where it's just oh, come on, Monique.

It's everybody hurt you. You know what it's like? It ain't funny. If you meet an asshole if you meet an asshole today, meet an asshole tomorrow, meet an asshole on Thursday. The way, maybe, it's you're the asshole, right? It's get to a point where it's like everybody does something wrong to her.

And so her and D. L. Hughley are going on this big back, back and forth about who said what and when. It's just this is getting dumb. I don't know. Shannon Sharpe, what do you think? Shea, Club Shea is, you think he, you think that might be the, that he might, she might kill this format?

Because. I don't know. He may have had a chance to get somebody else Steve Harvey or somebody else. But now I think, I don't know, Monique may have damaged that a little bit. What do you 

Mr.Benja: think? I think at this point he needs to get somebody or he needs to score a big interview right now. That's not based on the messiness.

If he scored something with, a Michelle Obama interview, it's Oh, wait, what's this? Oh, you mean the guy with, okay, this is interesting. This change of pace, I'll check in and you need to hit hard with something that much more, not even interesting, but that much more attention grabbing and serious.

If you want to pull somebody back from the edge of all this messiness, he's doing not him, but he's bringing onto the show. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I think this, it's fine when you had, cat Williams is an anomaly, right? 60 million views and, it's funny when it happened. But unless he could get one of those guys that he talked about on it, like a Kevin Hart or something like that.

And get out of that, man. Do something else. I agree. All right, Mr. Benj, I think we're going to end it here. Everyone, thank you again for listening to the podcast. We do this every week. Please subscribe, and comment at ShowVsBusiness on X, YouTube, and Instagram. Listen to iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts, go check out our website, show versus business.

All right, Mr. Benjamin, have a good one. Peace.