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SvB: Super Bowl 2024 Review and All about Marvel Ep 153

February 20, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Super Bowl 2024 Review and All about Marvel Ep 153
Show Vs. Business
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Super Bowl 2024 Review and All about Marvel Ep 153
Feb 20, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, discuss the hottest stories for this week.  They are sharing their thoughts on the recent Super Bowl 2024 Sunday from ads to controversies, Marvel and Comics in general have a lot happened, especially with the new Deadpool movie coming out this year and Madame Web flopping.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

The guys, @mrbenja and @the_real_theo_harvey, discuss the hottest stories for this week.  They are sharing their thoughts on the recent Super Bowl 2024 Sunday from ads to controversies, Marvel and Comics in general have a lot happened, especially with the new Deadpool movie coming out this year and Madame Web flopping.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo: This is show versus business where pop culture meets pop money with your host, the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja. Mr. Benja, what are we covering today? 

Mr.Benja: Oh man, we are going to be covering some bland backgrounds and some awesome backgrounds and it's going to be great because podcast hosts need to keep evolving and doing great.

Greater and greater things. But as far as stories go this week, we got some Super Bowl thoughts. Super Bowl went down last Sunday and now we're just now getting around to all the ramifications of it. Stuff going on with Usher, the unspoken of Kanye West Beyonce. It's, there's enough going on. And of course commercials, Duncan and all that.

And we also have an MCU update, surprisingly big on MCU news. Suddenly we got We're going to pull back a little information from Thunderbolts that we never released before. Madam Web is coming out a fantastic for casting X Men 97 trailer. So good little stuff we can talk about with that. Also, we got our AI watch.

AI has been doing things as it's been doing since. Since Sam Altman became a household name, but now AI video is creeping me out. I was about to say creeping people out, but I don't want to speak for everybody out there. It's creeping me out, so I may have to get some stuff off my chest, Theo. And we may also have some other stuff, but how does that 

Theo: sound?

All right, man. I love it. I love it. I love it. Mr. Benja. Mr. Benja, I got a question for you. Okay, go on. When's the last time you got in a fight? 

Mr.Benja: I, I yelled at some cat and I thought he was about to throw down, but then he just walked off in a huff. And some people took me by the shoulder and said, you should walk off too.

And I'm like, all 

Theo: when was this? How long ago 

Mr.Benja: was this? That was like two years 

Theo: ago. So I literally almost got in a fight two hours ago. Oh man. 

Mr.Benja: Are you yelling? Is that why your voice 

Theo: is a little Oh, a little bit. So I think I told you I've been coaching my son's youth basketball league at the YMCA.

Youth sports gets a little heated. Yes. Youth sports get a little heated, man. Especially as the kids get a little older and we have a scrappy team. They're a little smaller than the rest of everyone else in the league, but we play hard, man. We got heart. Last games before this game, we were like two and one and we won them in the last like a minute because, we just played good defense, get the ball and win.

Teams got hard. This game was tough, man. They kept following my guys. They were crying, sometimes you forget, these little kids, they act tough, but they skin their little knee or bump down. Oh, there's the little babies. My son is eight.

And so most of the kids are like nine and 10. So anyways, a lot of kids got a little hurt. The other team was playing a little physical coach. 

Mr.Benja: That's a big difference. Now we're talking about kids, talking about eight and 10. These aren't 

Theo: Yeah, so that's why my son is not playing as much as he probably wants to, but he's got to get a little bit bigger, he's hanging out there a little bit.

So anyway, we, in the heat, refs, miss fouls, stuff like that, which fine. These kids are traveling a lot all the time and what they call double dribble, dribbling the ball all messed up and all that. And then we have this, the other coach getting very heated at the rest.

And so he put his bid in and then I put my bid and said guys, rest, call it both sides. This dude comes at me and says, man, shut up. I was like, Oh. It's like that. So I told I said, I call time out to my team. We're gonna beat it. We were down by five at that point, six at that point and being down by five and six when you're playing, nine and 10 year olds.

That's like almost being by 20 because it's hard to get a bucket. And the guys they came back, man, they came back tough, man. And they, and even though there was scrapes and they were, they the team, our team was complaining about not getting files and all that. We'll come back and beat them.

This is the second time we beat this coach and his team. And I'm dapping up. And then I said, one coach is assistant coach. That's Hey, man, we're good. He said, good. Then I went up to the other coach. Hey, we're good. No, we ain't good. I said, what? And then that's when words were spilled. And so you had things like, you don't know me.

We can get started now. What's some of the, what's the, what's some of the, what's some of the classic ones, saying that they get. Hit me is the one that's when it's, yes. Oh, you ready to get started? Oh you're going to do something. Those are words that was said by both parties, me included.

And then you get the whole, hold me back, that hold me back scene, right? Did 

Mr.Benja: you have, did you bring up, 

Theo: What you don't do? Yeah, pretty much. Yeah, that was the other one. See, you gotta do all the classic lines! What you gonna do? What you gonna do? What you gonna do? When you don't know me, you don't know where I'm from.

I'll see you in the streets. It got there, Mr. Bridget. Oh man. And and, part of me was like, Somewhat laughing now, but also part of me is just it's for the kids. We gotta, keep respectable. But so anyway, big long could do and just saying that guy is no longer coaching and because of the heated anger.

I was proud of my team. They They came back and won. And I asked him, I said, Hey, God, you still feel that pain? You still fed up? No, I'm good. I said, Okay, see, that's what winning does. No more crying. They were like, Yeah, we won. We beat them. I said, Don't you feel don't want doesn't that wind feel so much sweeter?

And so I send the I sent a long text after that, after I talked to the YMCA, Okay. Executive directors, they don't want that kind of stuff to happen. And also I am in Florida, so we have to be careful where, because things can escalate, unfortunately. After we talked to the YMCA director it looks like that guy is no longer coaching anymore, so that won't get escalated.

And then now the next step is, I just sent a text to the to the families and just let them know, thank you for. Dealing with the kids and stuff and I had it and told them this shouldn't happen again. But yeah, man it's disheartening, man. I forgot how heated these things can get.

And I was like, oh man, I see why I don't like coaching No more . It just get physical at, did it get physical? It could have. It could have because, we were in it Joe's face and then luckily. Cooler heads tried to hold his back and then he, was now that he hold, held back, you know how it is now.

He really won't go after you. I said let him go, . I'm right here. 

Mr.Benja: I'm right here. That's the, I forgot I'm right here. Yeah, I ain't going nowhere. 

Theo: Right here. I ain't going nowhere. I'm right here. Let's go. Let's go. . You don't know me. And then I got to speak. Course people say coach speak, some people not as much, but say, Hey coach.

Go. Go that. And my, my got a few on me, but it's all good. It is what it is. But at the same time, in retrospect, I probably should have just been a bigger man and walked away. But, it's just interesting. You just think you beyond that sometimes he's just man.

Escalate pretty quickly. What happened? So he just, like I said, Mr Benja I guess when you put yourself in different situations that you forget about, because when I was in play college, high school ball, get into a little scrapes here and there and stuff, but you forget man that you just never too far from, those trigger points.

Mr.Benja: Does Florida have a, I forgot what you call it. It's like a consensual combat law. Do they have anything like that? 

Theo: I have no idea. Is that a California thing? 

Mr.Benja: No, I know that certain plate, I know that certain places have like a consensual combat kind of thing where it's like, Hey, listen, everybody, is everybody good?

All right. We're just going to. We're just going to scrap for a little bit, once somebody says I'm done, then they're done and we stop it. Is that okay? No charges. It's cool, man. Go boom. Two people throw some fist and it's like, all right, man, if you, I'm out of here, screw this there.

And no one can get charged because. They consented and everybody was like, cool, 

Theo: I'll have to look that one up. That's very professional. That's very cordial. That's cordial. I love it. That sounds like a California idea, man. Central combat. Are you okay with this? Are you ready to fight? Yeah, I'm ready to fight.

Okay. So what you gonna do then?

Let's get through the formalities first sign this NDA sign this 

Mr.Benja: Okay, I thought it was consensual combat it is mutual combat a term from wikipedia now a term commonly used in the united States courts when two individuals intentionally and consensually engage in a fair fight While not hurting bystanders or damaging property.

There have been numerous cases where this concept was successfully used in defense of the accused. 

Theo: In 

Mr.Benja: a notable example there's an MMA fighter, Ben Fodor. He hit the headlines for actually getting involved or two people agreed and they're like okay. And the Seattle Police Department actually, their officers actually didn't intervene.

I'm sorry, I'm trying to skim this really quickly while reading here. But yeah, the Seattle Police Department was there and they didn't intervene and people said the police should have been charged and they were like no, they said they were all legal and apparently it was legal or they let it go. 

Theo: I love it.

I love it, man. Thank you for that. I wish you could have been my legal representative right there. And then you could just told them, say, Hey, everybody, just I need everybody to sign these NDAs real quick and we can go. But anyway, so I digress, but it's just funny just to see that you just wow, that was interesting that what was that escalated fast?

And yeah, man, it's you never too far sometimes from your trigger point. So fair warning, everyone, stay away from the trigger points. If you can help it, if you see yourself turning red, man, it's, it can happen so quick. 

Mr.Benja: I got, I don't have anything that intense. happening, cause that's fun, man.

Every once in a while, you gotta get hype. I'm not advocating, mutual combat or anything, but yeah, put a little cayenne up in that, 

Theo: up in that B. Put some salt bae on that. Little cilantro. 

Mr.Benja: So I was I was checking out your boy, Benjamin Hardy, as I do. And he caught me with this phrase and he was like, yeah, Dan Sullivan.

So I'm like, okay, but he mentioned somebody else. I was like, who's this other person he mentioned? And whenever you really want to learn something, or at least I do, whenever I hear who they reference, or who they got it from, or who they hang around with, or you like see pictures, like who's that guy in the background?

I always want to look to that guy. Because whoever's in the foreground is spending all their time in the foreground while somebody in the background is actually doing stuff So I'm always looking for the background guys Anyway, I found this old podcast from 2016 where Dan Sullivan the business and entrepreneur Guru trainer coach is talking with some other guy Joe polish I believe his name is or that's somebody else but he was talking with the guy and it talks about The whole concept of procrastination and things that bother you.

And I was like, oh, okay, this is interesting. Cause I procrastinate on things and things bother me. And he's got this concept of using procrastination as a way to figure out what to do next. And he calls this podcast, The Joy of Procrastination. I don't know. Did you get a chance to listen to 

Theo: that? Cause that was it.

I did not yet, but that's definitely on my to do list. So break it down. It's 

Mr.Benja: interesting. So without the hardcore academic study of, Dr. Hardy, Dan Sullivan and this other guy go in deep on a lot of these concepts from actual practice out in the field. And one of the things was Dan told was like, why am I so upset with this thing?

I'm procrastinating on. Why does it bother me so much? And then he and his friend had this idea that, Hey, listen, the things we really enjoy and the things that bring us a lot of money, we jump straight into. So what is procrastination telling us? And he went, there's this whole long process. In fact, it's enough of a process and thought.

To have, a year's worth of podcast episodes. So I'm not going to go through everything in it. 

Theo: Also, wait a minute, hold on. The podcast is about what? 50 episodes or so. 52 episodes. It's the 

Mr.Benja: joy of 

Theo: procrastination. So I don't know. So it's pretty long. Wow. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. It's definitely got enough to go into it.

And I see if you're Benjamin Hardy or somebody hanging around with all these people how you would have just enough content for like ever, if you're just hanging around with them, but the idea that gave me was, when I was little, a lot of times it didn't like going to school, not because of school, just because of the stuff involved.

It's like my mom would be like, got to make sure after school, you go talk to Mrs. Nichols and do this. I'm like, Oh, Mrs. Nichols, I don't want to deal with her, okay. And then make sure that your lunch and Oh God, I have money. Why can't I just buy the school lunch? Why do I have to take this, make this lunch, make sure you, and there was all this stuff, right?

Like I already studied for the test. I don't need to bring the notes. And there's all this stuff and it was kids stuff and it bothered me and I didn't like dealing with it. I just wanted to. Study on my own and go to school without all the stuff so I'd procrastinate and That stuck with me for a while.

Just that idea. Why am I procrastinating on that and Dan Sullivan broke it down He was like, yeah all these little details and things. They shouldn't be a problem, but somehow they are and If you start looking at them, maybe you can get rid of them change up the idea a little bit Move things around and sometimes it's little things.

Sometimes it's big things and Even brought up the concept of sometimes you shouldn't be doing it. Somebody else should be doing it, you know to our who not how discussions there's basically some kind of leverage point that you need to insert into that procrastination to Get you to where you need to be and I did a simple thing now for a while now I've only been eating one meal a day.

I was doing that in the middle of the day Like around lunchtime. So I get up, do some work, then around lunch, I'll have a sensible lunch and then make my way through the evening and just have a snack, the little effort of just taking my midday meal and pushing that to the end of the day. Oh my God. That whole procrastination thing.

I'm like trying to figure out. Why don't I, why don't I want to finish the rest of the day, after I eat in the middle of the day, it's I w I just want to goof around. And it's not that I was full, but for whatever reason I was procrastinating that time of day thing with the one detail, I moved that to the end of the day.

Man, during the day I'm proactive, I'm doing this, I'm doing that, and I have something to look forward to at the end of the night. I'm like, man, it's gonna be great. I'm gonna sit down. I'm gonna really eat. It's gonna be awesome. I would be in my bed like a fat pig, just, snoring and it's gonna be great.

Theo: So what was the thing you were procrastinating on? Was it the meal, preparing the meal 

Mr.Benja: or? No, whatever. 

Theo: But the meal was in the way of you. So it was an excuse to procrastinate on the other tasks you had to do. Is that correct? Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: So I would eat and then I find myself, taking longer and longer to cook.

And I'm like, Hey, maybe I should cook with this. Maybe I should try this. Maybe I should go to the grocery store. And I was having fun doing that thing in the middle of the day and it was causing me to not get to my core work. Cool. Cool. I would extend, I'm supposed to, I don't need that long to cook and eat.

It's just pretty quick, but Bob do what I got to do unless I'm eating with somebody. Yeah. When I'm like on my structured meals, I just get in, do it and be out. But having it in the middle of the day, man, I'd start watching TV while I ate. And then it's Oh, I can binge watch. I can do this.

And it was messing up the rest of the day. I would just procrastinate on whatever the end of the day had for me, putting it at the end of the day. I get mad. I start shuffling my feet around 12 o'clock. I'm supposed to, I'm used to eating at that time, but then it's get that shit out of here. Back to work.

Boom. Productivity, son. 

Theo: Nice. I love it when I think about that. Definitely. So Dan Sullivan just saying procrastination is a good thing because it's a signal and it helps you unpack what the true problem is. Yeah. I like that. Because I experienced it to all the time. It's like, why do I want to do this thing?

And I think we had a long conversation. Remember about the who not how about sometimes So why am I procrastinating on getting a who, hiring a who into my team? And then remember I said, okay let me back that up. I was debating it with you when we did offline. I said maybe it's not so much.

I do need a who, but maybe I don't need the who to do the job yet. Maybe I need a who to teach me what to do. And then I can hire the who on to do the what, does that make sense? It's like you go backwards. Sometimes you need a who, because you're right. I'm like you a little bit. It's I have to understand the process at least enough.

So I can understand who to put in there because it's a new process. Yeah. I think sometimes I procrastinate too is because I don't have the, I don't know what to do. So that's a signal to me that maybe I didn't just need a who to train me on that. And so I found out who I've been doing a lot with Facebook ads lately.

And I found a who on Dan Henry's site. And he has his own little, his name is Hernan and he has his own little, school community, of course. And so he's been breaking down a lot of things. I was like, Oh, that's how this stuff works. And so it just opened my eyes to like, okay, this is how I can run, Facebook ads more effectively than ever thought before.

And it's so much clearer than when I tried to run it a year ago, I was like, Ooh, that do this. And this happens. Ah, I lost all this money. Ah, it doesn't work. So to your point, Mr. Benja and I appreciate we had that back and forth. The procrastination opened my mind up into, where I'm missing with my who, not how.

Mr.Benja: Yeah. And and that's why I sent it to you because it. When you listen to it, it'll relate. It may open up a can of worms or it may just be enough for that one episode. But no, these were thoughts he was having back in 2016. So that was 

Theo: really interesting. Was that before the who not how?

I don't know. Did he come up that concept before 2016? I wonder if that was the beginning of it. He did not 

Mr.Benja: mention, I don't think Benjamin Hardy was on the scene for who not how at the moment. But Dan Sutherland was very clearly pointing out all those concepts. He's like this. I need to find somebody to do this.

And, and he didn't have, he didn't have the words who not how, but that's what he was expressing. 

Theo: Yeah, I think the principles and the workflows and, everything was already there. He just had been hardy put it into a thoughtful process. But yeah, I agree. Okay.


Mr.Benja: As I said, Dan Solomon's on this thing and this may have been where you got some pushback from because I wasn't pushing back on you directly. But he's got this whole concept of just like leverage in general, whether it's a person. A technology, waiting on the right timing for something to be released.

So he's got this whole thing on just leverage in general. And I think it's been boiled down to who not how, which is very catchy. It's 

Theo: just, Okay. So you say the who is basically if you unpack it as more to the who. And what that means. And that could be a bunch of other things. No, I love it.

I'll definitely unpack it. Ultimately it's about the games you play. To get you moving. Really look, it's all go, it's simple. It's not hard. It's basically 10 X let's be real. Hit it right. If you can do more, you'll be more, but the challenge is how do you do more? And that's those games you play with yourself, whether it's been Hardy, changing your past, gives you energy to do the future or thinking about the who they can get leverage to do the work for you or getting the who to help train you.

All it is helping you to just do more. Yes. So I think that's the key. So anyway I digress, but Mr. Benjamin, we're gonna write a book one day, man. We're going to distill all this and we're just going to say wisdom from the cloud, 

Mr.Benja: we'll get we'll get Benjamin Hardy to act like he wrote it.

Have everybody fooled. 

Theo: No, how about this? We'll call it Benjamin Harvey. We'll put a pseudonym. And so people think it's Benjamin Hardy. It's a pseudonym of our name as a mix. That's not the word, but it's the mix of our name. Who these, 

Mr.Benja: who these black jokers? I thought this was about Benjamin Harvey.

Theo: So anyway, I digress. 

Mr.Benja: Why does Benjamin Harvey have two pictures? Were these taken at different locations? It's beautiful. Namaste. 

Theo: I love it. 

Mr.Benja: I love it. Speaking of doing a lot and doing more really quick black history moment. You pointed out this Lanny Smoot guy. I didn't know who this was until I realized this was the guy that some of my Disney friends have been talking about for ages.

Lanny Smoot from Imagineering. Imagineering is basically Disney's, brain trust for creating. Great human interactive experiences. I'll call it. I don't know a better way to describe what Imagineering does, but they create all the stuff like when you're going to Disney, you see the animatronics, you see the different technologies they're putting into play.

Some of it makes it into movies. Some of it's just for research and development, but Introduce this guy really quickly. 

Theo: Oh yeah. It was black history month lane smooth is an imagineer. He actually came from bell laboratories. Which is, I worked with is basically I'll shoot of AT& T, the telephone company slash cellular surface now.

And great inventor who was. Instrumental and a lot of early patents around electric, electronic planning, camera prototypes and things that nature. And I think the history was, if I remember reading on some of this is that he helped Disney with some of the work he did with his camera.

And I guess it was able to allow people from home to change the angle of the television program. They're watching at will. So basically a bit, like stuff we do remote control cameras, but you'd be able to do that, back in, what? Okay. In the early 70s or late 70s, 80s, and that was amazing technology.

So Disney said. We want you come work for us. And to your point, being imagineer is like basically you write, it's a weird kind of title, but it's for lack of a better term, like a product product market manager of interesting things that people say can't be done.

And you pretty much go off into Wonderland and create something that Disney could potentially sell or position in their parks or studios. And so this guy, he's just been with them for so long. And Lenny did has over 75, four patents alone at Walt Disney. And and that, in addition to the ones he had Bill as 106.

So some of the things he'd created was the Madam Liotta, the ability to float in the seance room at the haunted mansion. So that flying air that you see, if you've ever been there before, that's floating around. He did the magic play for interactive game experience on Disney cruises. I don't know exactly what that is, but I may have seen it before.

And he was the one that created the realistic retractable lightsaber that you saw debuted at the star Wars galactic star cruisers. You may have saw some YouTubes of that word. Ray was the actress that played Ray had this retractable lightsabers running around. That's so realistic. I gotta get me one I think I forgot the executive.

I think he had one one time at the Disney event So so yeah, very instrumental guy, just very and Innovator man and someone that we need to highlight and celebrate. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Very recently, he was responsible for the hollow tile floor. I don't know if you've seen the guy walking on the, there's some tiles on the floor and they're made of little rollers.

And basically the guy's walking in place because the rollers are allowing him to 

Theo: stand still. Oh, okay. That's what that is. Okay. I was wondering, yeah, I know what you're talking about now. Yeah. So it was like, they pop up and he's just I'm just walking, walking. So 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. For V. R.

And some certain types of filming applications. I don't know if you've ever seen like behind the scenes where they have people walking on a treadmill to make it look like they're walking in the background is just a video or 

Theo: something. And the volume is just moving behind them like they're moving.

Yeah, I've seen that. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. So this This hollow tile floor, make that possible. Some VR applications for it as well. And you could also, put a cup on it and have it roll to the other side automatically. It could be interesting for factories and things like that to move stuff around just any imaginable way.

And his, one of his patents made BB eight come alive. 

Theo: So very cool stuff. Yeah, definitely. So black history strong. That's right. We 

Mr.Benja: got to send him one of our black Batman week plaques. 

Theo: There it is, Mr. Benja. That's what we need the bat behind us. Every time we talk black Batman, weak, black,

I love it. I love it. Get working on it. 

Mr.Benja: Oh man. And speaking of getting sold stuff The Superbowl is here. Biggest commercial exposition, televised exposition of commercials in the world, I believe. I don't believe anybody's even close, but yeah, Superbowl's here. So talk to us about the Superbowl, Mr.

Superbowl man. I didn't even watch it. 

Theo: So did you watch it? Let me ask you that. No, I didn't. 

Mr.Benja: I didn't bother. What? 

Theo: Not this year. You're such a binger. Do you watch it? Is that something you watch? 

Mr.Benja: I have. Now I do not. 

Theo: Wow. Okay. It's one of those things. You want a few because this was the most watched program ever in the United States, averaging around 123 million viewers.

Yeah, that's the most it's ever. It's shattered last year's mark, which is 115 million. So this is the most watched Super Bowl ever. And yeah, absolutely. You're one of the few people now, Mr Benjamin in the country that hasn't seen it. Let me just tell you for vast, if you're talking about the game itself, it was boring.

It wasn't until the fourth quarter when things got spicy and went to overtime with the Kansas chief, Kansas City Chiefs, overcame San Francisco. So it's if you look at the game itself, it's mirrors 2020 where Kansas City Chiefs beat San Diego, and we know what happened not too long after the Super Bowl, four years ago, COVID.

So anyway, people were, is this, pretend for something else. But anyway, I digress. Game was okay. It was pretty interesting at the end. If you like Super Bowl, it was, We do have another goat and I think that's Patrick Mahone's, but since it's not a sports podcast, maybe we'll start one.

Let's talk a little bit about the business side of some of the entertainment, entertaining commercials, Mr. Benja. Did you watch any, or you have a sense of some of them that were interesting that you heard through the interwebs? 

Mr.Benja: So the only one I heard about was the Kanye West 30, what you call the 32nd selfie.

This had me cracking up dog. I, it looked like a prison video, somebody just got like an old Nokia cell phone and was just hiding away in the dark like they just escaped from prison. It's Hey listen. So Kanye West basically announced that he had some things for sale on his website, but the presentation was so authentic, so bad, so funny, so unplanned.

It really did see it. This is Kanye. So as I said, Kanye is a walking art project. That doesn't mean you like the art. That doesn't mean the art is good. Just means he's walking art project and he's interesting. But he was basically like, yeah. So we spent all the money getting on getting the commercial placement that we have enough money for the commercial.

So I just got on my phone and said, Okay. I'm going to tell the people that they need to go to the website and yeah, that's it. And the website like flash, dude I was cracking the hell up. Over that and I don't know like some people said that was sad to see him do that Like I don't know if it was sad or awesome or whatever, but it only showed in Miami and Chicago 

Theo: Okay, I didn't know it was only select places, but he still spent a pretty penny some upwards I said it was like maybe about seven million to two Put this out there, but Mr.

Benja, how much did he make? How much did he make? Numbers 

Mr.Benja: say that he made 19 million off of his 32nd selfie. Boom. Yeah, 

Theo: boom. That's the, and so people want to laugh at him and joke, but man, that's a power brand baby Kanye has a brand. 

Mr.Benja: And these were products that were in general already made, just hadn't hit high distribution yet.

But yeah, it was that commercial. I've never seen anything like that. Never. 

Theo: He has a strong brand still, regardless, of what you may think of him and his views, but people, and I think, we're at a point now is you probably want intense hate and you probably want intense love and that's the only way you're going to make moving numbers like that.

It's you can't, if you milk toast, you're not going to move anything. So Kanye has intense love and intense hate. So when he puts a selfie out there, he can make 19 million. Whereas, everyone else got to put a funnel together and make sure it leads to a book first. And then people got to get to know your BSL video sales letter.

And then they get access to your, your webinar. And then they get talked to you live for an hour. And then they they say, I don't want it. Then you got to go give them a five, five day challenge, just all these things. And then they got to see your ad on YouTube and all this other stuff, like eight times.

And a year later, they love you. Whereas Kanye's been building his brand for 20 years and it's like he can put a 30 second selfie and that's why Alex Helmose went all in on influence marketing as a business person. 

Mr.Benja: Was there anything else? No, that's it. Bruh. Alright. So along with this people always talk about the Super Bowl performance and what went on like The artists who get paid and everything.

There was a lot of talk about Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Usher, Taylor Swift. No, she didn't even perform. But how did these people end up like what's the play with all of these celebrities getting involved with the super bowl, the performance, the halftime show, how does it play out for them? 

Theo: When you got 123 million people watching the Super Bowl, all eyes on you.

This, you better sell something. You got eyeballs, you sell something, but you ain't got nothing. I'm gonna find something to sell. Usher, the big thing with Usher. So I knew his show was did you see the show at all or just, or you heard glimpses of it? Did you get on YouTube? I saw him skating around.

Yeah. I went to the show, I think I talked about it back in November and yeah, I figured it would be good because number one, he's around our age. So he's a super shape because he's doing these performances like three or four times a day, and he's, and part of the performance is skating.

So I put a bet out there. I said, Oh, she's going to be on skates. And I won cause I knew he had to put that in there. And I, but the challenge was he only had 13 minutes. I was like, dang, can he change that fast? And he did. So yeah, I thought, he put on performance, which I thought, but it was like, his songs are so short, but was he promoting he's got a new tour.

So after his residency, he's going world tour. And and he had a new album that, you know. Yes, happened to be out, he happened to push it out right before the Superbowl. So there you go, man. So that was just something, they knew he was going to have it. Typically Rihanna was strangely enough, she was Rihanna, like I'm trying to think any other Superbowl artists, maybe Beyonce was the only one that's promote I'm talking pre Superbowl artists who, go out there and perform.

Maybe JLo had something. She seems a little markety, but yeah I sure was ready. He had something he was trying to sell. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: So check. So I was speaking to usher. He's got, he had a big connection with apple music. I don't know if you did the dive into that. Yeah. So he was connected with apple music and apple music did the whole, they were, it was like by apple music presented by apple music.

So they even had, if you go to apple maps. They had a, sorry, that was my beep. If you go to Apple, if you went to Apple maps and went to the stadium, you could actually fly inside and see like little lights and stuff going on. And it said Apple music, like on the field. So they did a little Easter eggs and all kinds of stuff, but yeah when. Before the show, during the show and after the show, usher's face was all over apple products and it 

Theo: was like yeah, just to be clear, though, I did some quick research because I remember the L. A. Halftime show. They also said apple music. So in late 2022 N. F. L. Announced that apple music replaced Pepsi as a new presenting sponsor of the period for the biggest event on that on annual T.

V. Calendar. So every, I think every Going forward, every halftime show is going to always also always be Apple music going forward. So at least for the foreseeable future. So yeah, there you go. 

Mr.Benja: Screw you Spotify. 

Theo: Yeah. Pepsi, Pepsi had it for years. You remember the big commercial, the Michael Jackson commercial in our timeline, that was run by Pepsi.

Famously, his hair caught on fire. Young kids, you don't know that. Go look it up. Michael Jackson before your time, but go check it out. Yeah, it's interesting. What do you think? So then of course Beyonce didn't perform, but she had a great commercial is the Verizon commercial about because she break the Internet.

And guess what? She tried to break it again. It was after the commercial launch in the commercial. She says she's launching new music and guess what? She had new music at the end of the commercial and it was a country album. Surprise. And that was crazy. I thought that was interesting and people choo Beyonce for stepping on Usher, but hey good for Beyonce, let folks know I got country album coming out and now Beyonce's going country renaissance part two 

Mr.Benja: That was the big part of the play right there for her. It's okay. Why are we talking about Beyonce? It's do you think she should be doing country music and then all of a sudden you look up and you're Oh, there is something to talk about here.

Theo: Oh man, I was cracking up, man. You saw all these black girls and women out there started doing line dancing with hats, all of a sudden I was like, Oh Lord, Beyonce can't make anybody do anything. Yeah. I'll see you in a video. I said to my sister, who's a who may or may not be in a beehive. Please don't sting me.

But I said, this is going to be you. Literally it's just the, the hat. In the deep, I was like, Oh my goodness, go ahead. Beyonce and the rumor conflict can come back. Oh man, look at you. And then just hilarious. Who's now, I just think all these country hip hop songs, but anyway Jess hilarious, who's now in the breakfast club.

She talked about part three, maybe a rock album. So it looks like Beyonce is trying to, this she's in her experiment, her late stage experimentation phase, the Beatles, they did some crazy stuff, but good for Beyonce. She got 30 million dollars for that commercial, right?

To promote her stuff. So she didn't pay nobody to do that. Good for her. That's business, smart business. Taylor Swift real quick. She didn't have anything, but, she was still, she had announced, I think, at the Grammy's that she's has her next era album. And then also the big new, we didn't talk about this yet, but, maybe we did last week, but Disney, I had to, they had to roll out the red carpet to.

Everybody and let them know all the great things they're going to do to keep the investors happy and Disney stock. And one of them is they're going to stream the arrows tour, the errors tour that just happened on Disney plus exclusively. And she was there to promote that as well as her relationship.

With Travis Kelsey the football player. Mr. Benjamin, before Taylor Swift, did you know that Travis Kelsey and you know who Travis Kelsey was as a non, sport watching guy? No, you know who he is now, right? Oh, 

Mr.Benja: you know what? I'm going to be one of those people. I'm like yeah, that's Taylor Swift, dude.

There you go. It worked.

Theo: So anyway, and then I don't know. You said something here about Alicia Keys, but Hey, Alicia Keys look fabulous. I ain't gonna lie, man. I think the music, her singing voice, you heard that, right? The rumor there was that she could not, that she missed up the first note and they cleaned it up with AI.

Yeah, that was a big rumor there. 

Mr.Benja: No, there are people on Twitter cause this is a place where you get all this dirt. No, there are people on Twitter who had the original. I said, no, I recorded it live. Here's what it sounded like when it first played through. Oh, okay. 

Theo: Yeah. Didn't sound good. I, cause I've been, yeah, shaking on Alicia's keys voice for years now, so I don't know what it is, but yeah, maybe she has a vocal, but yeah, they cleaned it up real good.

But what, you had something about what she's promoting. 

Mr.Benja: No okay, yeah with Alicia Keys, the whole thing with her freakin Usher freakin on her Usher kind of gets a little close during dance performances and yeah he rolled up on Alicia Keys. I don't know how planned it was, but it seemed like artificial buzz because right after all the people are like, Hey, what does Swiss Beats think about this?

Hey man, I'm working on this. 

Theo: And Swiss Beats is Alicia Keys husband, right? Yes. They have kids together. 

Mr.Benja: Yup. So he's online talking about, Hey, listen, I got this big new art show. That's happening. Everything's happening over here. There's this other thing. Listen, man, I'm not that he's scheduling podcast appearances.

I'm like. What is this 

Theo: man? Ada boy attention. Don't matter how you get it. Just get attention. People looking at you. That's your rubbing on your booty. I can sell my husband's art show. Whatever. Yes. Let's get attention now. Let's get interest desire. And then people can act and buy my stuff. So yeah, it's just Taylor's oldest time, man.

But yeah, she looked good, man. I always like had a little thing for Alicia Keys, but yeah. Yeah. But Usher, man, he grimy, man. Now you heard the rumor, the whole Kiki Palmer, that whole issue. And then you go to this concert, man, it's luckily me and my wife and my brother in law and sister, we were like up in the rafters.

So he couldn't come up there, but he'd be in the stands. Just singing and grinding on random women, and of course there's always some celebrity woman in the crowd and you've seen the YouTube videos for that. So there's just, I guess that's his shtick now. Good for him. Yeah, it 

Mr.Benja: definitely is. Oh, and speaking of getting the attention, Kanye West, he actually sat in front of Taylor Swift.

Theo: That's a rumor. That's the rumor. Okay. 

Mr.Benja: The rumor is that she got him kicked out, but the part is that I think is true is that he actually sat in front of her. So his box area was right in front of hers. That's the part I think is Legit. I don't think it, I don't think that she had him thrown out cause he was just walking all around the stadium anyway, 

Theo: just going to different places.

The rumor was that was him in the mass, but it was actually I am at first people. Oh, when Usher performed, he had everybody. It was like, he basically said two, two words from each of his songs. And that was it. Before you get into the song, you're like, Oh, that was little John.

Okay. Kudos to him. I love it. All 

Mr.Benja: Got any more in the Super Bowl? 

Theo: Nah, man. I think we're good. Oh one thing. Dunkin's. I just wanted to put that out there. Oh, yeah. Ben Affleck, man, he went all in on this commercial with me last year. He talked about Dunkin I'm a Dunkin fan. But this is too much.

But I guess that's. You just stand a comedian, right? If you're going to do a joke all in. So he's got the sweatsuit he put in Matt Damon. Now you got Tom Brady and Ashley putting out music talking about ice coffee. No, 

Mr.Benja: even if it's a, even if it's a bad idea, you go all in and you have it.

You have it sit prominently on your shelf as bad idea. You don't try to hide it because you try to hide it. It's just, 

Theo: just go all in. If you go do it. And they're doing it, man. Matter of fact, the merge, I almost got it. The the little I don't know if you saw the Duncan little onesie or whatever, sweatpants, sweatsuit it sold out like in minutes.

So yeah kudos to Duncan, I'm pissed business one on one. Now they got all this money to get Ben Affleck, man. You know how much the coffee is going up, man. It's 2 extra. And then I used to remember paying for it. It's 3 a cup for a medium. Yeah. It's crazy. So there you go.

I guess 

Mr.Benja: All right. So now I know we haven't talked about the Marvel cinematic universe in a while, but there's some updates. There's some things we got to jump into and get over. And trailing off from our Superbowl discussion, the Deadpool trailer came out or teaser. What are you going to call it?

Did you see it? I did. Yeah. What'd you think? 

Theo: I liked it. Ryan Reynolds this is his shtick, so I enjoy what he does. It's interesting. Take it. I guess I'll spoil a little bit if you haven't seen it go online, but looks TVA from Loki. And quantum mania, I think they showed a little bit of it as an entry point to get these Fox properties like Deadpool, maybe fantastic four, maybe X Men entered into the MCU or yeah, Marvel cinematic universe.

So they actually had him go to TVA and get introduced to the Marvel, to the Avengers. And so I thought that was interesting. So yeah, but it's going to have the same R rated. Sensibility that we've known and love. So I put this as a debate to you, Mr. Benja. Someone put this out here.

What are your thoughts with Deadpool not entering the M. C. U. Are we gonna see Captain America dropping F bombs now? 

Mr.Benja: You can have Captain Black American Falcon drop F bombs, but I don't know if they want Your clean cut Steve Rogers dropping their bombs. 

Theo: Meet me outside. I'm black. Meet me outside.

What you gonna do? That's what he's gonna say. 

Mr.Benja: Roll up on the shield, y'all. Watch what happens. Except he won't save y'all. He'll save the thing. 

Theo: But, Marvel has been very narrow, right? In their, basically PG 13, right? Right here, now Deadpool puts it out here, right? With the R ratedness.

So could the event, the next Avenger movies, could they be a little bit spicier, right? So that's the question. 

Mr.Benja: So to me, I don't think that'll happen. I think we're going to end up with is Deadpool acting as this, maybe. Okay. So you've got like the. The Marvel Spotlight, is that what they call it?

Marvel Spotlight, where you have the Echo, Daredevil, and those characters that can do all the grimey er stuff. And then you have the standard MCU, which is, people flying around doing their thing. And maybe you even want to have a fourth? I skipped the third, maybe even want to have a fourth where you have the kitty stuff like Ms.

Marvel Hulkling and the lighter fare for Disney plus or whatever, but could Deadpool carve out this weird new hybrid almost of a Hugh Jackman, a Deadpool, we're talking about Logan, we're getting into some heavier stuff. That's a little more. I don't know. I don't know what the word is for it yet, but not like just gritty and dark, like Punisher Daredevil kind of stuff.

So I think he may have a, his own little needs that he can cut out. 

Theo: Yeah. I think there was a attempt in comics, the kind of edgier stuff, they would have that Marvel Knights imprint. Where they have the street level guys get dirty down and dirty, cutting people and stuff like that.

So I could see them or, the, when you're talking, I was thinking maybe the TV is entry into the MCU, but then once he's done his mission, he's going right back to his universe. So it's that's why you will not going to see that that craziness anymore, because the two universes will stay separate unless there's a big event.

Like maybe secret wars to bring them all together. So I don't know. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. If they keep them well sequestered and separate enough as sub brands, then I think you've got something. Cause don't forget, you've got blade coming still 

Theo: and stuff like that. A lot of issues with that one, but yeah, hopefully we shall see real quick before we move on, but what'd you think the meta commentary in the trailer, he's Marvel Jesus.


Mr.Benja: Deadpool level. 

Theo: Yeah, that's what you do. But, is it true? Is he, will he save Marvel, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, him alone? No I 

Mr.Benja: do not think he saves Marvel. I think he, at the most, puts the rest of Marvel on its toes, because Marvel Disney is only screwing up because Marvel Disney is 

Theo: screwing up.

Okay. I did the impression. What I got was that Marvel Jesus means that he's going to come in and say Marvel to put it back on top, right? Oh, no, I 

Mr.Benja: think that's the point of what he was saying. I agree there. I'm totally with you there. I just don't think that it's as prophetic as he's making it sound. It's just guys, get back there.

Start writing the good stuff again. And we will keep Deadpool off in the, dude, you can't, Disney cannot have Deadpool running the show. That's what I'm saying. They have executives sitting back saying this crude, shriveled up guy is supposed to be a hero and cracking, dick and fart jokes.

And they, it just, that to me is so off brand that they won't allow it to succeed more than the other stuff. They'll have to 

Theo: bring their game up. I'm just saying money trumps everything. Deadpool, Wolverine ends up making a billion dollars. I could absolutely see Deadpool become the next Nick Fury.


Mr.Benja: happened? Reddit around. Hey guys, 

Theo: hey guys what's up? Are you X Men? Come on. The rumor is, this is gonna be like the entryway to X Men but anyway we digress, Mr. Benja. Something else got announced. Oh, yeah. X Men 97, right? Do you want to talk about that first or do you want to talk about the other thing?

But we talked about X Men 97. Yes. A continuation of the cartoon that was beloved by you, me, and maybe a certain doctor friend of ours. I got hype, Mr. Bitch. I'm not gonna lie. I surprised myself. I haven't seen this cartoon in I don't know, 20, 25 years. And that na. I got hype.

What about you? Hey man, I 

Mr.Benja: was just waiting on that gong.

I like the animation. I went back and watched some of the old X Men and I was still with it but I'm like, yeah, this is a little dated. And the stills, didn't look that advanced. So when I saw the stills, I was like okay, we'll see how it comes with the animation, the flow, the voice, the audio, man, when I saw Wolverine sprinting down the field and then Gambit jumps on his back, 

Theo: that's why we were friends, Mr Benji.

I'm like, that's why we were friends because I felt the same 

Mr.Benja: way. I'm like, Hey, he's a regular human. Just like you, how you just gonna ride him out? Let's charge 

Theo: y'all, Benji. Nah, it's proof. We're friends, Mr. Benji. It's like, when I saw that Yeah, you're right. He's scared that they got to get the action side.

Here goes Gambit. Then he charges up the it's his fist. And then he pulls out his his thing. And then now they attack. I was like, Oh my God, that's just too hype. I had to watch that eight times, man. I almost passed out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So anyway, as you guys can tell, we're pretty excited.

That'll be good 

Mr.Benja: stuff. Oh, but you were mentioning the other shoe that dropped. The Fantastic Four casting. So they're not playing around anymore. We got a poster. We got a cast list and it's Pedro Pascal leading the way with Mr. Fantastic. I didn't want this to be the way, but he's the guy they're going with for Mr.


Theo: I like it. Sure that could went some other way, but Pedro want them checks, man. He was working in Hollywood for 20 years and got nothing. So I'm not mad at him, man. Get your paychecks. He's in Marvel. He's in Star Wars. Excuse me. He's in DC. He's in Star Wars. Now he's in Marvel.

Get them checks, buddy. He was in last. in Game of Thrones. And he was in, yeah, Last of Us and Game of Thrones. So it's dude, give him his checks, give him his checks. Who else you got on this cast list? 

Mr.Benja: Vanessa Kirby, who I really don't know of, 

Theo: Joseph Quinn. You know her, man. That's the cutie. And she was in Shobbs and Haw Hobbs and Shaw.

You didn't see that. She's the blonde hair kind of British. 

Mr.Benja: Hobbs and Shaw. She sounds like somebody who would be assigned on a cast list, random cutie for action movie. 

Theo: You've seen her before though. Yeah, she was she came to fame doing some British show or something, but but okay. But I know who she is.

Yeah, she's good. Yeah, so I know her. And this other guy too, the next one on this list, I guarantee you know who he is. I don't know. Just when you see 

Mr.Benja: stranger things, not that far. No, I dropped out before he showed up. Oh, okay. Yeah. 

Theo: He showed up in the later seasons, right? Yeah, the last season that just dropped, he played I can't remember the character's name, Eddie, everybody loved him, man.

And I didn't know who he was at first. I had to look at him up. I said, Oh, he goes, he looks totally different. He's got like a mullet. He's the one that had the hell fires, shirt that everybody wears now. Yeah, so he's good at storm. I think so. He's got, you got somebody, previously played, let's be honest by Chris Evans and Michael B.

Jordan. So he's got some big shoes to fill, but I'm sure he can handle it. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Yeah. I'm actually glad they didn't pull back. Hey, it's multiverse and pull one of those characters in. That would have 

Theo: just been too much. They just might. Mr. Benja, they might. When secret wars happen, all bets are off.

Come on now. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. And we got Ebon Moth Bacroc. 

Theo: Yeah, he was also an and or I don't know if you saw that and the bear, of course, but yes, and or yeah, good character actor. Great guy. But, being the thing is basically, a voice job because, I'm sure that's going to be CGI.

You don't know. The thing is basically a rock monster. But anyway, the rollout of this was interesting. Came out on Valentine's day and was a cutesy little. Art poster that they put out there that got everybody excited. Are you excited about fantastic for number one? And what do you think of the marketing rollout quickly?

Mr.Benja: They're doing it. It seems like a relatively soft rollout, like they're just, sprinkling out a little bit of information. They don't want too much to blow up. I think that the strength of it was just on that casting and making people know that yes, it's coming out. It's a strong film.

It's got backing behind it. I think that was just enough of a confirmation so they don't need to mess with getting in front of Deadpool getting in front of X men 97 or anything else that they've got. They're just like, Hey, listen, we've still got stuff coming. Please don't get mad at us. If the Thunderbolts goes bad or whatever.

We've got this coming. 

Theo: Like I said I'm still on the fence x men. I get everybody loves the x men. I definitely see that blowing up, but the fantastic for, I don't think, I don't know how that would work in our society. It was the first, marvel, that's their. The first family, they were the first comic book that Marvel put out.

I get their love there. Spider Man's up there, but they never, at least in our generation, I don't think they were something we talked about all the time. No, but I don't remember ever talking about them in college. We talked about a lot of stuff, Mr. Benja. We didn't talk 

Mr.Benja: about the galaxy either.

Yeah fair point. I always bring that one back because I think they can do good with this. And they seem to be from what little I can tell. They seem to be trying to make it. Like they made the Avengers. I don't see that with the Thunderbolts. Like I just see them goofing off at the Thunderbolts yeah, whatever, man, people leave in people, you 

Theo: know, not 

Mr.Benja: really happy about it.

It just seems like a corny afterthought, but fantastic for the 

Theo: fantastic for it. Let me just put this in here real quick. Fantastic four has already had three movies, two movies. See, one, one was a sequel. And then the third one that flopped sad. And no, I take that lie back. There's been four movies, Mr.

Benja, the terrible Roger Corman one. Remember that one? You go on YouTube and you go look that up with the thing and all that. It's just terrible. So like I said, the fantastic four, it doesn't have good stock. Unless they come up with a great storyline, that's the thing I, and I don't know. And to your point, Pedro Pascal, does he give you off, genius level vibes.

I see John Ker, Kerensky. I think he was the one that everyone's thinking about, but. You need somebody that just portrays he's like the smartest guy in the room and I don't know Pedro gives that off. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, see Pedro, I just didn't want him there anyway, but nevertheless, I think he checks.

I think he can pull it off. I think he can pull it off. Especially if you make the other three characters look boneheaded. It's dude, I'm a high school jock. All right. Hey, I'm an engineer. All right. Hey, I turn invisible. I don't actually know what Sue does in the stories. 

Theo: Turn invisible and put you a bubble.

She's the protector. In terms of 

Mr.Benja: her job, there's a driver, there's a high school guy, and the 

Theo: But it's genius, man. Stan Lee's genius and characters. Let's think about it. Mr. Fantastic, he stretches himself too thin. So he's always doing everything, like you said, Johnny storm, he's a hothead just irrational.

So he's going to be on fire all the time. Stu storm is the mother. She's protecting everybody and she doesn't want to be seen. So she turns invisible. So it's it's amazing to me. Yeah, it works. Yeah. So I get it. You know what? 

Mr.Benja: And people asked a while back if I thought the the Fantastic Four could work.

And I said, they made the Incredibles work, and that's this. Okay, good point. And I was like, family baby, get that family together. 

Theo: Okay. Good point. We'll see. It's just, it's tough, man. If you gotta, yeah, it's got, you gotta really care about the people. The 

Mr.Benja: only thing is later on, I don't know how much they're going to do it in this movie, but they go really outer space weird.

And if they're trying to go outer space weird right off the bat, I don't know. 

Theo: I don't know. Yeah. It's gotta be grounded. Yeah. It's gotta be grounded. So Mr. Benjamin man, this has been great. I love talking to you. And as you can tell, our time is up this time. So everyone, thank you for listening.

Please like subscribe and comment at show versus business on X YouTube and Instagram. Listen to iTunes, wherever you listen to podcasts. And you want to check us out on our website, go to show versus business. Until next time, Mr. Benja peace.