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SvB: Ep158 X-Men '97 is back! Disney making more moves, Poohniverse is a thing

March 25, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Ep158 X-Men '97 is back! Disney making more moves, Poohniverse is a thing
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Ep158 X-Men '97 is back! Disney making more moves, Poohniverse is a thing
Mar 25, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja talks about the revival of X-Men from the 90's with a very special guest, Dr.Chris.

Tune-in on this fire episode as this is going to be a 3-way panel discussion filled with hot takes and insights.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja talks about the revival of X-Men from the 90's with a very special guest, Dr.Chris.

Tune-in on this fire episode as this is going to be a 3-way panel discussion filled with hot takes and insights.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is show versus business where pop culture meets pop money with your host, the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja with all the relevant information. So Mr. Benja, what's been going on? 

Mr.Benja: What's been going on. We got some good ones this week. We've been talking some noise. X Men 97 came out. We're talking about Disney Warner.

They got a good deal with Marvel and star Wars with some weird stuff came up. The Pooniverse. Yes. Winnie the Pooh universe. We'll get into that. The Acolyte trailer came out and we are all magical Negroes apparently. We're going to talk a little bit about that movie. Maybe we'll get to it.

Maybe we won't, but even more importantly we have a third, we have a guest here. A third panel in the slot. Theo, who 

Theo Harvey: is this? Yeah. Who is this? Dr. Chris. Pop culture extraordinaire physician for the people, man. What is going on with you, man? How are you doing Dr. Chris? You would just introduce yourself to everyone.


Dr.Chris: I think the moniker Dr. Chris says it all, to be honest with you. No, for real. It's an honor to be here. I'm looking forward to talking some X Men 97. It was great to go back to the nineties, and I have some pop culture prowess. I'm a child of the eighties and the nineties. And so that's when all the greatest shows came out.

Like a different world I'm sorry, transformers oh, Voltron. Let's not forget, let's not forget Thundercats. And X Men is right up my alley. I appreciate you guys invite 

Theo Harvey: me. Absolutely. Absolutely. So just side note all three of us went to the best college you can ever go to for undergrad, Florida A& M.

You can see my diploma there and I'm wearing a shirt representing we never were all roommates at one time, but we've all been in the same room multiple times doing Various video games. So yeah please, 

Dr.Chris: please 

Theo Harvey: be in the room. All 

Mr.Benja: three in 

Dr.Chris: the room at the same time.

Theo Harvey: Phrasing, phrasing. So yes We know each other for a long time over. Wow. Oh my goodness. 30 years. Yeah. Almost 30 years. Three decades in, 10 toes down. Yes, we do it all. Yeah, we're going to get into it. So yeah let's get right into it. Mr. Benji, what is going on with X Men 97?

Let's talk about it. What is that? So what? Do you want to get into it, Mr. Benja? I know you're the No, I didn't see it. 

Mr.Benja: I didn't see it. You guys saw it. You're going to have to bring me up to speed. I don't mind if you spoil. Apparently, there were only two episodes, so So far. 

Dr.Chris: So far. So far. We are looking forward to Wednesdays now.

Mr.Benja: Yeah. The Wednesday night drop. Exactly. I hadn't seen it, but this was one of those shows that came out and people were thinking, Oh what's going to be the next Marvel show? What's going to be the next star wars show? What's Disney going to do next? And when this was announced, people were wait, we're doing X Men again.

We're coming back with that. Okay. And they were pulling another nostalgia play. And that's pretty much what all Marvel and all Disney Star Wars was for Disney as a nostalgia play. So they did an even deeper cut and said, let's go pick up on that cartoon, re reintroduce that and see where it takes us.

And I think people had fallen off the radar a little bit with the whole Marvel thing until they started seeing the animation and they started the new. The new remade theme song came out and people were like, Oh, okay. This is about to be a thing. And it's getting some traction out there. I'm happy to hear that.

As I said, I didn't watch it yet. You guys can spoil all you want, but I'm hyped that it's hype and you guys have seen it. So let me know what you think about 

Theo Harvey: it. Yeah, let's deep dive in that a little bit real quick. This is show versus business. So we talk a little bit about the business aspect of entertainment.

So one of the things that's interesting, Kevin, fight, his name is all on this. Strategically, we know Marvel is looking to enter the MCU is looking to introduce mutants. Into the M. C. U. So this is very strategic play to start that, the prepping. We saw a little bit in some of the previous marvel movies like dr strange, right?

And others. So they're going to see more and the marvels, right? I don't know if you guys saw that the end tag at the end. So they're doing more and more of this Hey, means are coming because Kevin Feige is a master strategist and marketer. So he knows what he's doing, trying to get people super hype for X Men again.

And why, what better way to do that than, let's do a nostalgia player, right? Let's take it back to the nineties. And. And go back to an old cartoon that we all watched multiple times and knew all the storylines and bringing back a lot of various voice actors. So it just even when you watch it, you takes you right back to where you were, Saturday morning, with your Cheerios or whatever you eating at that time pop tarts.

And just, wow, 

Dr.Chris: I'm in high school again. Pop tarts in the forties. 

Mr.Benja: Hey, yeah, you're right, man. But, 

Dr.Chris: but to your point, man, the business aspect of it the probably the biggest investment they had to make was to get the rights to the X Men X Men's opening music, right? Those voice actors aren't going to cost as much as these expensive actors that, that need more and more money as they do more and more movies.

And animation. They, it is drawn, but it's like a combination of 2d and 3d animation. So it's not really, it's not going to be the multi million dollar investment that a live action movie 

Theo Harvey: requires. Yeah, good point. That's a fair point. And it's also a quick way to test the waters to see which type of mutants people want to see too.

I think also, right? Because as we all know x men is like, what do they talk about hundreds. So it's and this is, a lot of the X Men, we can go into the comics, right? The Core Five, right? The original, but the TV shows are like the ones that a lot of people grew up on, like Gambit, he's now part of the original, which is was it Beast?

Let's see. Oh, see, I'm going to do my bona fides here. It was Beast. It was Jean Grey, Cyclops, Angel, right? He doesn't even show up, really. And then who was the other one? 

Dr.Chris: Morph morphs into Angel. That's 

Theo Harvey: a good point. He sure does. We'll get into that in a second. But so anyway, so this is the show that, got us all, all hyped about X Men.

And even before that, of course, I can't remember. Mr. Benjamin, you may remember Chris. Was there another X Men show before this? So this was like the first. Major cartoon one. No, 

Mr.Benja: I remember Iceman showed up in the spider man as amazing. 

Theo Harvey: It's amazing friends. That's right Iceman Yeah, yeah, she was a mutant too, quote unquote, but I never seen her again 

Dr.Chris: The other I mean they're good they're gonna be very liberal with the way they use the mutant moniker Moving forward, I believe, I think, 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I think so, but there's some cool mutants out there.

Maybe we'll get into it. Let's get into Mr. Benji, we're going to go ahead. Do you want to get the spoil territory now? So we can just talk about me and Dr. Chris liked it. We can do that right now. Get into it. Yeah, I want to know your impressions and all. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So first of all super hype about this, my expectations going here was super hype.

And then when I saw that, the trailer for it, the expectation got even higher, I was like, okay, this looks, it's pretty good, little juicy. And then I went in, so with high expectations and then I watched it. Man, it's really good. I liked it. I really liked it. And I like the storylines, even though it's still got that hokiness to it.

That 90s kind of vibe to it and color scheme. And if you were at the comics, they did the, they did one scene where they're on the basketball court with their cutoff jeans and their little, the midriffs. 

Dr.Chris: Yeah, with his shirt off looking like he's in Top Gun. You 

Theo Harvey: know, remember that?

Remember that comic book, Mr Benji? I don't know if you remember this, Chris, but there was that it was a famous comic book with a cover where they were all at a basketball court, right? And they would just had their shirts off and bikinis and everybody. That's what they did. Remember in the 90s, all the comic book art?

We had big breasts. All the women had big breasts. The guys had all eight packs. It was just like, yes, take it back to the 90s, baby. Yeah, man, that, that got me excited. Yeah Dr. Chris, what were your thoughts when you watched it? Were you hype going in and did that hypeness maintain as you watched the first two episodes?

Dr.Chris: So just as J. R. and I spoke about the live action of Avatar and how people have been disappointed with that because they had expectations going in. I have chosen to mentally have zero expectations going into these new reboots because if you bring the nostalgia too much, you can find yourself very disappointed with something that's not the same quality as what you experienced when you were younger.

The beautiful part about this show. Man, they came with it. It was perfect. Like I, I came in with zero expectations and I was brought right back to the nineties and being in 10th and 11th grade about to move on to college and join, enjoy the show when they brought out the the opening scene.

Now they changed the opening scene a little bit. There are a few, there are a few other people, like Gambit wasn't part, Now it was a dude that absorbs the energy. Bishop wasn't part of the opening scene before, and they put him in there. And Morph wasn't a part of the opening scene before, I don't think.

So they changed that a little bit. But as soon as I heard the new music, and then I gotta say that opening fight scene was fantastic. With with Cyclops. Who knew Cyclops had those kind of chops? Because I thought he was just the leader. They could blow some stuff up with his eyes and he was always crying.

No, I need my glasses. I lost my glasses. But this time, he wasn't crying about it at all. He lost his glasses like, I'm so scared. Just eh. Blown it all up. And that happened in both episodes. Both episodes he lost his His visor and he was chill about it. He took that beating like a champ in the second episode, but he wasn't crying about losing his visor.

So yeah, no they did it. They did a good job just bringing us in with the intro. 

Theo Harvey: Mr. Benji. Yeah. You haven't seen it yet. The intro the theme music, right? Yeah. At the end, they have the both sides clash. Charles Xavier with his little, circle of bubbles pumping out his head and you got, Magneto with his fist and they all come clashing.

You just like, Oh, I'm back. 

Dr.Chris: They had a little guitar riff in there too. 

Theo Harvey: That's right. Yeah, they switch it up. And then some of the scenes are a little different. I think that the scene from the first and second episodes, the theme song, they have little scenes that look different from both, right? Just give you a little different taste.

But yeah, perfect nostalgia play, right? Music is the best time travel instrument, right? You just go instantly. You can hear any song, right? You go instantly back in time and they knew exactly what they were doing with that. You can't mess with that in that intro, man. That's probably, I'll be honest with you.

Let me just say this real quick. I think that's probably one of the things that they messed up with avatar, the live action. You gotta do the same intro, man. I don't care what you do. You can't change up the intro. You gotta have Katara do the prequel and you gotta have Earth. You gotta have the people doing that.

They do a little bit, but you gotta have it almost exactly right so that people can just get transported. But anyway, so yeah, what were you gonna ask? 

Dr.Chris: I think we can all agree that DC has had a stranglehold on the animation side of things in terms of what they've done with their animation and their animated movies.

Do you think the people over in DC, James Gunn probably not, but do you think the execs over in DC are like shaking their boots? After seeing what they did with the X Men this time. 

Theo Harvey: I don't know, Mr. Biddle, what do you think? 


Mr.Benja: so mad at DC. Oh God. Every ball you've been fumbling it, throwing interceptions stepping out of bounds, DC has just been having issues and animation was that one area we thought they could, maintain their, their maintain their ground.

But now it's like X Men 97 and people are Oh, what's Marvel doing with animation? So yeah, 

Theo Harvey: they had, what was the other one? What if too, that's getting a little play actually. Yeah. What 

Mr.Benja: if is is solid. 

Theo Harvey: So 

Dr.Chris: DC mess. The thing about what if is that they. They tie it into the live action stuff, right?

I think I wonder if they're going to try and do that with the X Men animation, or if they are just saying, Hey, this is what we're thinking. And then they're going to create something 

Theo Harvey: else. That's a good point because if you saw the marbles tag you remembered who popped up beast. And what version of beast was it?

Yeah, from the original X Men series. So it looked like, Hey, real talk, Kevin Feige, even though he started MCU, he was a associate producer on both those X Men. Properties of the Kevin Feige has been around for a minute, he worked as he was a small time producer then he wasn't, Kevin Feige with the hat, but he was, he was there and so he knows those storylines and those actors and the characters, when it comes to the movie form very intimately.

It'd be curious to see MCU properties, we already saw beast popped up twice, right? So we, I'm assuming we're going to see beast. Coming up again in the movie version of x men. 

Dr.Chris: Oh, so this year they are gonna try and With Deadpool coming out. I'm sure they're gonna have plenty of cameos From the x men and Deadpool, 

Theo Harvey: right?

Absolutely. That's the room. I've never yeah. Yeah, that's what they're saying It's gonna be no spiderman. No way home, right? You know with yeah Going back to the stars, not only just bringing back Hugh Jackman is excellent as a Wolverine, but there's a lot of actors who gonna pop up here, Hey, I'm here, for good or worse.

Holly Berry popping up at storm again, I think that's mixed reviews. Do you know what happens when a toad gets struck by lightning? Best line ever. Yes. You 

Mr.Benja: know, I guess there could be a play there because there was some, there was. There were interesting things in those X Men movies.

But they 

Theo Harvey: really weren't. No, I was playing seriously. What would you like to see pop up again? In 

Dr.Chris: days of future past, Hallie had very few speaking lines and that was perfect. Perfect. Accent or anything. Sorry, Mr. Benji, 

Theo Harvey: go ahead. Yeah, but what were you going to say? What do you think is the the things that they would take out of the, you're right.

What they were in the early two thousands is perfect. Obviously Wolverine was the best thing out of that. Let's be honest. So that's why he's coming back for Deadpool, but 

Mr.Benja: They've already pulled back, as you said, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, and then they pulled in they pulled in Patrick Stewart's his old self, they had rolled him out in the, it was a good role, but, you could tell that he was, he's aged since he did the first role.

So it's okay, what else can they pull from this that people enjoyed? There was the Quicksilver, they, people enjoyed him and they brought him in the wand, avi for a hot second. But that 

Theo Harvey: wasn't a part of the original one, though. I'm talking about the original movies back in 2000, early two thousands.

'cause Quicksilver was in oh it was more. Days of fused to pass. Okay. I see what you're 

Mr.Benja: saying. That, that one when they did the slow motion scenes that every slow motion, super fast motion teams, whatever you want to call them that he was involved in, no that's why they put him in WandaVision and everybody's lost their collective minds when they saw him, they're like, Oh, here comes the crossover, that energy is still there.

So you start bringing in little elements of that with the whole multiverse thing. And. Yeah, it's just, and we've got plenty of time to actually seed all that stuff in because the X Men aren't coming up right away. We've still got like Fantastic Four and if they're going to do anything with Kang and all that, they still got to get that out of the way.

So we've got time for it to build up. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, that's a fair point. So as we go back to the episode itself Chris. Do you remember any of the storylines before that point? I didn't. I guess I could have went back and watched a couple before I got to this. Before 

Mr.Benja: you do that, they ended with the whole season with what's his name, dying, right?

Dr.Chris: Yeah, Lelandra taking him to back to her planet, because he was going to die on Earth. You're talking about Charles Xavier, right? 

Mr.Benja: I can't remember how it 

Dr.Chris: ended. Oh, yeah. Charles, I don't know how he got, I think there was an assassination attempt on him and he was dying and the only way for him to survive, if you guys remember Lolandra, she was from some planet several light years away.

They, he mentally called her and said, I need your help. And then she came and took him with her. 

Theo Harvey: Chris, Dr. Chris, I gotta ask you, is that off the dome or did you actually have to re watch 

Dr.Chris: it? Oh, I re watched it about a year ago. I re watched all of the X Men about a year ago. No, this isn't my no, 

Theo Harvey: That's not straight off of it.

That's impressive. In episode 22, that's when Kyle Xavier, he 

Mr.Benja: saw Prep time, baby. Give him prep time. He 

Dr.Chris: can't be stopped. But I haven't rewatched it since I watched it a year ago, so I didn't remember that. And I also 

Theo Harvey: remember that he didn't die. He didn't die in that. Is that correct? No, he 

Mr.Benja: didn't. Okay. So I'm looking at the ringer.

They gave a quick synopsis here in the 97 series finale graduation day. Professor X is nearly killed by Henry Garrick. The his only chance to be saved is this next alien technology. So he leaves earth as beloved X Men to travel the far reaches of space. It ends with a touching farewell between Xavier and his students.

And it's also a cliffhanger conclusion that has plenty of mileage remaining. So they are picking up exactly where they left 

Theo Harvey: off is what you're saying. Technically not. Spoiler alert. So let's get into it. Didn't they, isn't he dead? They're pretty much saying he's dead in this now.

They didn't say that. I don't think so. 

Dr.Chris: No, I know. So the the news, the media thinks that he's dead, the media thinks that he's dead. So when you heard them say that he was successfully assassinated, the media is putting that out there. And also, who did you say tried to assassinate him?

Whoever they went to jail to see, Geirik. Geirik thinks that he was successful, but but nobody else in his circle. Believes 

Theo Harvey: that he's dead. We'll talk about that too. There is a will and testament, right? So it's , by all 

Dr.Chris: he's basically dead 'cause he is not there. Gotcha. But I think that they, there's an opportunity for them to bring him back and they 

Theo Harvey: will. Yeah, they will. Yeah. They, how many times have they killed off? Professor X. In the comics, Mr. Benja at least 100 times. So yeah, he dies. He comes back. They all do Wolverine. Yeah, everybody dies and comes back.

We'll say they're going to hint that I think with this next episode Jean gray, but we'll talk about that later. In this, the first episode, like you point, I guess they're reintroducing all the characters again. And so I think they're doing a course correction on Cyclops because he did come off as a little bit of a punk, even in the movies.

It wasn't that great. Even the comic books he didn't see. Basically he got all the girls though. He got Jean Grey. Was he get all the girls want to get with him? But Other than that, he was just lame as a character. Like you said, my glasses, those are my glasses. I need my cool red sunglasses.

They're going to kill you. So they trying to, I think they're trying to course correct on that. Cause he can come off a little boy Scottish, but yeah, I like that revamp, you want to get into that fight again, like he was just, I guess if 

Mr.Benja: they make Captain America cool, 

Theo Harvey: they can do Cyclops, good point. Good point. That's pretty much it. That's a good analogy. I think you're right. That is a great analogy. That's fair. 

Dr.Chris: Yeah. But with this episode, the episode starts out with this group that's collecting mutants, right? Collecting mutants, and they say that someone is paying them 10, 000 a piece for mutants.

And the only, it was either going to be Trask who I think, Is still alive in this or is it going to be Mr. Sinister, right? That does, and the only reason that brought back to mind for me is because in the opening credits they showed Morph and they showed Mr. Sinister in the opening credits, 

Theo Harvey: I'm like, oh, so maybe it's him.

Did they show him or did they show, I thought it was in Shadow and you saw those things. In Shadow. 

Dr.Chris: Yeah. And Shadow. It's the only, cause, cause that was a big, that was a big thing with the 90s show was that Morph got, was killed by Sentinels, they thought, and then it turned out that Mr. Sinister had been experimenting on him, right?


Theo Harvey: Yeah. Yeah. Mr. Sinister cool character in the comics. And then, what do you think, Dr. Chris? I 

Dr.Chris: think, I think he's aptly named because for you to do all these experiments on on, on on mutants and think it's all good. And you think you're doing the best for a few. I think he's aptly named.

Is he a cool character? I think he's a pretty. I think he's a pretty evil character. Yeah, I think they should keep him around. Yeah. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Yeah I thought he was for a name like mrs Sinister, he should be like the ultimate big bad for the x men, but he never is He's just always in shadows doing machinations and it's yeah, I never like cool design love his design But when you get his backstory, I think he was some aristocrat, English, English time.

He's just, Oh, I just like to experiment. I'm like, come on, dude, do some direct action, man. He never wants to confront you. He's always behind the scene doing stuff right now. What's his name? 

Mr.Benja: Are you about to leave Mr. Sinister? 

Theo Harvey: No. What are you about to say something about Mr. Sinister? I 

Mr.Benja: have a, I have a theory about him, but if we're not done with him, carry on discussing and then I'll throw in the 

Theo Harvey: theory.

No, go ahead, throw it in there. 

Mr.Benja: Alright you remember the Eternals, right? The Eternals movie? You have to. Alright, I think that they plugged this character in there, I sent a link to the image in there, I think they wanted him to possibly be a Mr. Sinister as he evolved. Experimenting on things, trying to figure stuff out.

If you notice the colors, the thing on his head, and he has all the little striations in his muscles and everything. That's totally Mr. Sinister's vibe. Just putting that out there. If a couple of years later, he comes in and shows up in the movies, I'm calling it. So that's a that's 

Dr.Chris: a modern that's a modern take on Mr.

Sinister, is what you're 

Mr.Benja: saying? I believe that's what they were going for. That leaving that possibility open. You 

Theo Harvey: see, we see the picture. Yeah, I see it. I see it. Yeah, I could name this guy, put him in a lineup. I wouldn't know a thing. But sure. But yeah, I see that. I see the color scheme, but yeah, Mr.

Sinister was always cool to me somewhat, but I felt he was, obviously apocalypse is the best. All time. Of course, Magneto, but he goes back and forth, but apocalypse is probably, he's got best of both worlds. So confront you and beat you down, but he also is doing the machinations, right?

Kind of what's his name? Shoot from Avengers. Who is a big, bad Avengers? I'm drawing a blank. I should know this. Yeah Thanos the same way. That's the best villain. You got to confront people and you got to do stuff on the background. And Mr. Sinus is always in the background. He's never like out there, swapping punches with Wolverine.

Oh, he's going to get physical. He's 

Dr.Chris: going to. Somebody that he's manipulated is going to jump in front of him as your punch is going towards 

Theo Harvey: him. Yeah, which you know, it makes yeah, good point. So anyway, we digress but more if I forgot about morph I thought he had died in the first episode of the X Men cartoon back in the day And maybe I dropped off watching it when I you know, what kind of cock cuz it was still going on when we're in college yeah, I may have dropped off watching. I think spider man still had my attention That was going on too But I forgot morph had died, but then they brought him back and like you said, they found out. So that's why he shows up in the intro again. So that was cool. And I think the big storyline when we were did they just 

Mr.Benja: leave that as they brought 

Theo Harvey: him back or?


Mr.Benja: Mr. Sinister was supposed to have brought him 

Dr.Chris: back. Yeah, you never see him die in the first episode, they just wind up leaving him because they're like, we have to go or we're all going to die. I don't know, I don't know if Mr. Sinister was working with the people that were dealing with the Sentinels and he was like, give them to me, I got some good stuff I'm gonna do.

But it became a major plot point in later seasons in the original cartoon. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, that was, yeah, that was the thing because he showed back up exactly like Mr. Sinister had stuff to do with him and he couldn't remember or think straight and Mr. Sinister was in the back like, yeah, I got this Morph kid. It's wait, what happened?

Theo Harvey: Yeah, and 

Dr.Chris: some of those, Morph was going back into the the the ex the school. And messing with the danger room and trying to kill people. He was 

Theo Harvey: angry. Oh, wow. Okay. Cause they left him behind to get pretty much tortured by Mr. Senate. Okay. I vaguely remember that storyline. So they put him in the title and a new one, like you said, is a Bishop because I would definitely remember that was just the days of future past was a big storyline, right?

Or, they introduced Bishop and even the nineties Bishop. So once again, we're going to do this a lot of X Men cool character, Mr. Bishop, 

Mr.Benja: man. You know what? He's always a he sold the people out. That was his job to sell people. I don't know if 

Dr.Chris: you're going, yo, go ahead.


Mr.Benja: I don't know if you remember me. That's, that was his thing. He was like capturing mutants and selling them and jumping across time and bringing them back. And he's yeah. And then the Sentinels were like, Hey, we don't need you anymore. And he got all pissed and he was like I'll go join the X Men.

And I was like, come on, buddy, you over here selling out to the man. Jerry curl. The big old 

Theo Harvey: M on his eye, the big old M. 

Dr.Chris: Apparently that's a tat like a a brand. That's what I'm saying. 

Theo Harvey: That's a pretty terrible place to get a brand, man. Yeah, I thought it just. Excesses of nineties, man.

This is they take all the eighties and nineties Oh, look at these models. Look how they dress clothing. Let's just make a character like this. And they just put Bishop, cut cables like that too. We'll talk about him later, just like big biceps, big gun, that's pretty much it.

As a Jerry, we 

Dr.Chris: were, we were. Pining for black characters back then, too, though, right? So if I saw a black character in a cartoon, I'm like, all right, I got, he's got my boy. You gotta back him up. And they sent us a 

Mr.Benja: sellout. They 

Theo Harvey: sent us a 

Mr.Benja: sellout. Hey, they want a black character.

How about 

Dr.Chris: this one? When when you go back and watch the whole cartoon, all the exposition that Storm does when she makes the, makes rain and thunder and lightning come is hilarious. All the extra words that she says, it was like, can you just strike someone with lightning, please? I think, and I think and that's what happened to Halle.

She had all these things. She had to try and ham it up and say what was happening the way that they did in the cartoon. It just does not work. It's corny. No 

Theo Harvey: live action. Yeah. Yeah. Good point. So anyway, so Bishop and Morpher are in the opening credits. And so we, the first episode basically just does a day in the life, them fighting since, and they introduced Sunspot, right?

The mutant was, what's his real name? Da Costa. What's was it? Robert, Rob Roberto Da Costa. Da Costa. Cool cool concept. Cause he's just a rich kid and that's how he was introducing what the new mutants, right? Mr. Benjamin, if I remember correctly, just this rich kid from Brazil that just, has a good time.

And he don't want it. He said, I don't want no part of this, man. Yeah, I got money. Just leave me alone. I don't remember. 

Mr.Benja: I just thought he was cool as hell because he just sucked up all the light in the room and turned into this. Black 

Theo Harvey: visage. Yeah. Yeah. Little 

Mr.Benja: sunspots popping up around 

Theo Harvey: him.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Cool character. I think so. Yeah. Yeah. Design was cool. I don't know what he did. I don't think he had a major storyline. I can remember. That was interesting. But I thought that he was, they did that in the first X Men movie and in the cartoon, Jubilee was in the, what they call it.

The audience surrogate right to introduce us to this world. Sunspot was similar, right? He comes in, I don't know what's going on. I'm just a rich kid. Leave me alone. And he's introducing to this whole world from his perspective. And obviously Jubilee is part of that. Now cool character for me, Jubilee is not a cool character in the movies or in the comic books.

She's just a cool kid that they said, Hey, look, she looks like a girl from the eighties. They went to the mall a lot. I just, I never really liked her. 

Mr.Benja: I remember you. Like poo pooing on her. Oh man, what's she going to do? Throw fireworks at us. Get out of here. I actually remember 

Theo Harvey: that's fam facts, fam.

Chris, what does that back me up here? Is Jubilee a cool character when 

Dr.Chris: you throw fireworks? She is not a cool character, but they can do something with her. Similar to what they did to Cyclops, because I did not know that Cyclops could move himself around the room by by, by using his laser beam to do that.

And he, they did that in the first the first episode. I didn't know that he could stop himself in free fall, 9. 8 meters per second squared and blast his eye beam down to the ground and stop himself. 

Mr.Benja: Screw a parachute. I did. I did see that 

Theo Harvey: clip. That clip. That was cool. Oh yeah. That was cool.

Cause it was like, they're all like, they blew up the plane, the Sentinels and they're all in free fall and they just woke up. Oh yeah, I can fly. So rogue and stone fly off. He's don't get everybody else. And then, oh yeah. And then more. Morphs into angel. It is. I'm good. Yeah. And it's, I'm good.

Dr.Chris: All right. Good job team. I'll see you at the bottom. You never know if they could do something like that. Would you believe? We don't know. And they can do anything with these characters. Jubilee's powers could evolve. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, they never really, They've done it in the comics now, there, there's this whole concept called Omega Level, right?

Certain mutants who are super powerful, they're almost like god right? And Storm is one of them. They created a character called what's the gold balls, Mr. Benja. I think that was his name or gold ball. I'm going to look it up. Was that, was 

Dr.Chris: that a reference that you was making when she's what is your power?

Can you throw? 

Theo Harvey: Yes, that's a reference. Yes. So there's a, so I don't want to get too deep into this. This is where the deepest, that's 

Mr.Benja: the funniest thing I've ever heard in a while. 

Theo Harvey: I'm just talking about, I don't think that's his name. Fabio. 

Mr.Benja: Fabio Mendina, 

Theo Harvey: yeah. Go. That's his real name.

That's his real name. Fab. Yep. Yep. Sure. It's gold balls is a mutant with a superhuman ability to project at high speed gold colored, non viable ball shaped eggs. So the reason I bring that character up, cause yeah, that was a reference Dr. Chris, that they brought up. They made this character super powerful in the new muse in his new release in a comic books.

Cause now It's a way for mutants can be resurrected anytime. And it's, and they made it a sense that his eggs are actually, his balls are actually eggs and they use that to create new mutants. So basically he's like this, I'm a deity where he can create, help recreate any kind of mutant.

If someone dies on the battlefield, he just. Pops out one of his balls and they hatch another mutant wild. They wild and all while it out here, dude named gold balls, man, out here dropping eggs, making music.

Dr.Chris: If you're going to give me a gold ball, at least family for me, please. I want to scramble 

Theo Harvey: or hard boiled. I love it, man. So anyway so that's, these mutants are doing their thing. Like you said, they can Jubilee could absolutely be powered up in this series. So I'll be curious to see, but all she did in this first episode was dance, which I guess was cool.

Dr.Chris: Dancer was like this while she was throwing fire.

Theo Harvey: It wasn't you, Chris, Dr. Chris, but. Did the eyeline seem a little weird? They were looking, when I was moving like this, when I was like, Oh, they could have worked on that a little bit better. They were trying to put more emotion in their faces. Mr. Benjamin, when you see you'll notice you can't unsee it.

It's almost like AI created their eye movement. How are you creating? How are you doing 

Mr.Benja: by 

Theo Harvey: the time I get to it? Yeah, there probably would be. So anyway, the big reveal on the first episode is there's a will and testament, which. I thought meant that Xavier has officially died. But to your point, Dr.

Chris, that could just be wish or something that they're going to, retrofit later, but Magneto shows up and so he takes over the X Men because we'll Dr. Charles Xavier has wielded that he will take over the X Men. And that's we end the first episode, man, needle, good character, cool character.

Mr.Benja: Oh, hold on. Before we get into that. So this is a, this 10 episode series. It's all a contiguous story. Is that what you're saying? Okay. So it's all meant to be just one big story. Okay. It's 

Dr.Chris: contiguous with the comics from, with the cartoon from 92. So this is basically season six.

Theo Harvey: Okay, cool. Okay. Clone wars, when they brought season seven, like a continued continuation of that. But updated, cause this was in what almost 30 years ago. So yeah. So yeah, Magneto always thought it was a cool character. They could do so much with him.

And then I liked the fact that they always juxtapose him as basically if you think Charles Xavier is Martin Luther King, Magneto is Malcolm X, by any means necessary, we're going to take down. And so now put him on the side of the good side, which they've done multiple times in the comic books.

gives it an added layer of interesting, mix because at the end of the day, he doesn't care for human beings, but because of his friend, Charles Xavier. So I always thought that was interesting concept. So Chris, Dr. Chris, you and I have been friends, Mr.

Benjamin, what if we just came at crossroads? I believe, people should eat eggs on Tuesday. I don't believe that. And we just create these armies and we're fighting each other. And, you beat me up a couple of times and I beat you up. We're still friends. We playing chess.

This is what I would say. 

Dr.Chris: I think it is the definition of true friendship to be able to have disagreements and arguments and understand that you all are different people, you think differently, you have different experiences. You process things differently and just accept each other for what it is.

Now is this an extreme version of that in that if you take everything, you Magneto is trying to just murder Charles sorry, buddy, you 

Theo Harvey: chose the wrong side. Sorry, man. We still play chess on Tuesdays. All right. I 

Dr.Chris: think 

Mr.Benja: I had the rockets and you got in the way. Why didn't you leave the 

Theo Harvey: city, the whole city limits are gone.

Good. Why are you 

Dr.Chris: there? But it's a testament to what I would call true friendship. So they're more than friends. They're brothers. And the way I see 

Theo Harvey: it. 

Mr.Benja: You know what? I think the closest I've had to that was a guy I tried to get fired from a job. And, 

Theo Harvey: We were both This is your friend, not a guy.

This is a 

Mr.Benja: friend, right? Yeah. We had lunch together 

Theo Harvey: and everything. Using our analogy. 

Mr.Benja: Friend, had to go. I was just like, look, man, this job's not right. And I need to get this guy out of here. And he was doing the same thing to me, too. But, we saw each other at E3 one year. And we were just like yeah.

Talked, hung out and it was like, Oh, this guy's still here. 

Dr.Chris: So that's a little bit different. That's a great, that's a great, that's a great story. That's a great story. But, and I think, but I, but this is different because you're talking about philosophies. I think just a better example is two people up until 2016 were great friends.

And then one supported Trump and one supported Obama or one supporter Clinton. And that clash, like the complete polar opposites in the way that they see the world and they're supporting different, but they're able to remain friends 

Mr.Benja: through that. That's a fair point. 

Theo Harvey: I think that's a great, I think the documentary 

Mr.Benja: different at that point.

Yeah. I don't know if it's associates or, long held. friend. I don't know 

Theo Harvey: something just, but I can see the point where you just don't bring that up with your friend, right? You like hanging with them. Y'all go bowling or whatever, but he's I'm not even gonna go there because I know what he's gonna say.

And you can't keep it at that now because they did. There was a documentary on max about the insurrectionist. That's all that. And the what's her name? Pelosi's daughter. She's a Documentary. And she went to all the insurrectionists house and just introduce, said, January six people who stormed the Capitol and she went to their house and just talked to them and they were regular people until that day, friends and everything.

And they just got caught up in the moment and now they're branded as these insurrections, right? And so I think, they people human to human, you connect to people. I always thought this to, not to get too philosophical black and white, one on one. I think we can get along with anybody.

But it's like when we're in aggregate and we're part of a crowd of folks, then it becomes stereotypical. This is all white people act. It's all black people act. And it's okay, so to your point, Chris, I see your point. It's like they could still be friends. To have, but is extreme because yes, they are throwing missiles at each other and I don't think I would do that to my friend, but I don't know.

I don't have mutant powers either. But yeah, so Magneto comes up across to the fold and I thought that was a cool, and the second episode, just continuation of the 

Dr.Chris: second episode, I did want to bring up their fight against the signals and master mold. I thought that was a really well choreographed fight prior to Magneto coming to the house.

Theo Harvey: What'd you like about it? 

Dr.Chris: I like to see them work as a team and I thought that the animation around that was very easy to follow and very clear which I think previously in the previous cartoon seeing them work as a team was a little bit more, less chaotic, cohesive, a little more chaotic.

This time it was very 

Theo Harvey: cohesive. Oh yeah. The one that got me that part where they got me hype on the trailer was when you 

Mr.Benja: see, let me guess you talk about when Gambit jumped on Wolverine's back. Is that there yet? Okay. Yes. That 

Theo Harvey: was the high one. Yeah. You just see Wolverine did the Gambit jumps on his back and just, they just charging up and he's getting his pipe.

And then the other part you don't see in the trailer was, I think morph turns into the blob. And then Wolverine jumps on them and then takes out the Sentinel. Master mode. He takes out master mode. Oh, he takes out the main, the one that creates the sentinels. But that's a whole nother concept, man.

I, I got to get into the, what's happening in the comic books. They actually use master mode to create a new race of mutants. And then they, so anyway, I digress in the comic books. They get wild. They'd be wild. And yeah, so anyway, Yeah, so that was episode one. So yeah, I agree that the the animation is a lot better and crisper, even though it still has that hokiness of the nineties.

But you can tell they actually put some effort into updating the style and how they display action, which they should, should animation has evolved a little bit, 1997. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. And I found people actually were arguing about the claws and charging them up. And that actually gave me a little reason to look back into lore a little bit.

That's actually a thing that Gambit does when he charges up. It doesn't have to go like full power to the point of something exploding. It can just transfer kinetic energy. So if he like charged at one of his cards. And added it to a house of cards and all of a sudden they all pop up in the air.

It's not like the card has to explode and die, it's just kinetic energy is trapped in the card until it gets Until it hits something else. 

Theo Harvey: So technically let's do this real quick, but we already know the answer Wolverine. Cool character. Absolutely. No, no doubt about that. A lot 

Mr.Benja: of new cats don't like them.

Like the new the younger kids, millennial rocker. Cause he's just a, he's just an angry little man is what I heard him 

Dr.Chris: call. That makes perfect sense. Based on for that generation. Yes. They're so sensitive. 

Mr.Benja: Why is he so angry? Why doesn't he leave Jean alone? Can't he tell? He's got it. She's got a man.

Theo Harvey: He's so toxic. 

Mr.Benja: Exactly. A lot of kids don't like him. I'm glad you asked that question. What? 

Theo Harvey: Wow. By 

Dr.Chris: far the most popular mutant and they don't like, they don't, 

Mr.Benja: maybe that's why Cyclops got the push that he did because they were like, let's change this narrative a little bit. I don't know. 

Dr.Chris: Yeah they didn't really focus on on, on on Wolverine and Gene's relationship that much.

Theo Harvey: I don't hint at it, but they never really had a relationship. He just had a thing for her, right? Yeah. He had I take that back in the comic books. Yeah. Yeah. But in the comics, yes. There's a version of Gene Gray that he did have a relationship with, but not the Jean Gray. 

Mr.Benja: In the cartoon, it was all about Wolverine rubbing that little picture while he's lying in bed.

You've seen the meme, 

Theo Harvey: you know what I'm talking about. He's stroking 

Mr.Benja: it. 

Dr.Chris: Oh, Phoenix. Imagine Wolverine in the age of AI. Creating an AI Jean Grey that he just, he uses as he needs to, 

Mr.Benja: he got to do all that man, just roll up in the danger room when everybody's right, but 

Theo Harvey: that's the thing about Wolverine makes a great character because even though he's so gruff and I'm, was he always say I'm the best at what I do, whatever, which is basically killing folk.

Did you guys ever read Wolverine origins? Like how he came to be? I think so. You remember how it was, you remember, you didn't read it. They went in the 1800s, right? He was growing up in a little small Canadian farm and there's, you thought this one cat was going to be the Wolverine cause he's the big gruff dude.

Oh, there's going to be Wolverine terms of fine. Come to find out it was the farmers. Sickly son that ended up being Wolverine. And he was like the sick kid, always like reading books and just nerdy. And then, he got mad one day and that's when you saw the claws pop out. He's Oh, that was Wolverine the whole time.

And so it is hard. He's probably just that sickly little kid, but he's got to put on these airs. And, and obviously he goes through so much pain with what's the opera was it what's it called weapon X program and all that. And or when remember that in the comic books where Magneto took all the animated Animanium off his off his skeleton.

And they had that picture of him with just that metal all around him. He's just ah, and pain. And so he's always gone through a lot of pain. And I think to me, that's what makes him a cool character. Cause he's come from and there was a one time they dropped an atomic bomb on Wolverine and he survived.

So it's he goes through so much feeling factor 

Dr.Chris: is ridiculous. 

Theo Harvey: That was dumb. You thought that was dumb? 

Mr.Benja: They keep on making ways out for him to survive. It's he drowns, he can't really ever drown. It's no, at some point his body's just gonna give up.

It's, if he chopped his, he got pulled in half once by the Red Hulk, I think, in one version. Yeah, I saw that. Yeah. So at some point it's gotta be like, 

Theo Harvey: Come on, dude. Atomic bomb. You can't kill him! You can't kill him! 

Dr.Chris: Hey, have either of you watched the last the latest episode of of 

Theo Harvey: Invincible?

No, don't tell me. No, it came out. I haven't watched it. Yeah, I watched the first episode. I didn't watch the second episode yet. So I'm going to check it out. But yeah, so it sounds like there's some more stuff like that, but but yeah Wolverine, cool character, Gambit, cool character or not.

Definitely. Absolutely. Yeah. He says a little, like little Pepe Le Pew, he's 

Mr.Benja: also 

Dr.Chris: You don't know. Where his loyalties lie per se he's in the guild of thieves and 

Theo Harvey: yeah it's just funny. The mutants are the way they create characters, they it's like they created they drew them first and then they said, let's give them care.

They're giving character traits. Cause it's it makes no rhyme or reason that how gambit is like, Why is his eyes always red? It's just, he's got that little, what's that? Little helmet looking thing where his hair to pop out. He's got a little, he's got his cloak. It's who, who is like, guys, I gotta, they had a fever dream.

I'm just going to draw a character.

So anyway, but yeah, cool character. And when you talk about his power set had maybe you guys know better than me. Has he done something where he had to take the kinetic energy, like something like that? moving very fast like a bullet or maybe and did that and knock someone out with that.

Have you guys seen it? Remember any storylines like that? I can't remember he's done anything like remotely cool for his powers beyond the card tricks. And so 

Dr.Chris: it might not be his powers that people are into. It might just be his, the air that he portrays. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, he's just, he's 

Dr.Chris: just a chill, the chill character that's okay with getting his energy sucked out of him by Rogue, okay, speaking of Rogue. Just take it all. 

Theo Harvey: Speaking of Rogue, cool character? I 

Mr.Benja: think she's misused, or, not I don't think she's been given like enough meat, at least in the animated series. She just always seemed kind of corny to me. And I'm like, you could do this character a little better.


Dr.Chris: I thought it was cool that in the second episode that she was able to take the knowledge that the doctor had and treat Jean and take care of Jean. I thought that was cool. So maybe they're doing a better job of that. Her inability to have human touches was always a plot point.

In the 90s cartoon and it got and it I would say it got a little old. Cause that was always her thing. I can't touch anybody. I just 

Mr.Benja: want to be held to 

Theo Harvey: the exit to


But yeah, I thought she was overpowered too, but she was, she, cause she always saved the day, man. She was always flying in, helping everybody. She was always the strongest, they even had this because she absorbed Ms. 

Dr.Chris: Marbles 

Theo Harvey: powers, but that's that. But then, so how long she touches them is how long she keeps their powers for, because she has that power set for like decades.

So it's but she, that's because Ms. Marvel was 

Dr.Chris: in a coma. Yeah. And they will, yeah. So I think they don't get their power back then. Then she keeps, 

Theo Harvey: yeah. Good point. Yeah. So like I said it's. It's a little iffy about her power rules the rules of our power, but yeah, you're right.

But I think that's the, it, I see what they're trying to do with her. See, they don't do it for all the characters. If they do it well, their power should also be a blessing and a curse, right? And so I think they did that well with her. Not all the, Wolverine, his healing power, that's a curse too, right?

Because they always try to, Break them apart and do all that, but he has a strong healing factor. So he always comes back. And so I think that's, if not all the X Men get that, that's the, that's why they're probably not as memorable as some of the ones that we talk about.

But yeah, so the, in this one episode, Mr. Benjamin's second episode, really, it's all about Magneto and his trial for humanity, which is really good. I thought that was just a good juxtaposition of, his philosophies and, what he felt about human beings. And then the process. Storm and try and protect Magneto from getting shot by the executioner, which I vaguely remember from the comics.

This is some meathead that's trying to kill off mutants. She ends up losing her powers from a bullet from his gun. And yeah, so yeah, storm is off the board, at least for now. And so I thought that was interesting. Storm, cool character or not. Yeah. Yeah. Just a goddess. 

Dr.Chris: Again, we didn't have very many black characters.

I thought her Frohawk was fantastic. And her power set's amazing. 

Mr.Benja: Does she still get the vibe that she's a leader in this version? 

Dr.Chris: Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah, she goes in on the on the the people that are, the UN. When the Mutant Haters I, what's the name of that group that, that that comes 

Theo Harvey: to Friends of Humanity.

Dr.Chris: FOH. Friends of Humanity come to come after Magneto while trial. Fh ? 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, . And they have a cap. I don't, I can't remember the cap color, but it was not, it's green. Ain't it Green, yeah. Yeah, it's green. 

Dr.Chris: But she tells she's barking commands to, to, to the UN, tell them you need to get your people out there to help the other X Men.

And then one of the dudes is like, who are you to tell us what to do? She's shut up and listen, if you want to live clown. Yeah. So she's definitely 

Theo Harvey: a leader. We'll see where they go with it, but you're right. It's not to me, black characters and definitely a super powerful one as that.

But you're right. It's very airy about everything she does. And so it doesn't come off as nearly as cool. Cool. And, as they think it is, but when she did lose her powers, I thought it was interesting where she's I can't, she knows, she knew lost them right away. She said, I can't feel the breeze.

I can't, I don't feel the weather patterns or the climate. And so that's when she's almost disconnected from the earth. Yeah. So I thought that was good concept. And then and then at the end, I guess they hinted that Rogue and Magneto got a thing going on. I think that was in the comics 

Mr.Benja: Magneto was once going to offer up a, he was like, I can touch you because I can create a small force field around myself and that freaked rogue out.

And she was like, oh my gosh. And he's we can do it too. And she was like, Oh my God. And it got all weird. 

Theo Harvey: They're going there. They're going there. It 

Dr.Chris: didn't seem weird in the cartoon here. Nice. That's for sure. Gambit was upset. Gambit's all dropping his head. I'm 

Theo Harvey: sorry. Yeah, he's in the 

Dr.Chris: shadows.

And that's spooky, man. You watching people like that? 

Mr.Benja: He was creeping. Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: he was creeping.

It's girl, man. She came from an older man and it's tough. Sugar daddy gonna take care of Rogue. Rogue said, I gotta get that sugar. Sugar. I gotta get that sugar. He's got all Charles's money. Yeah. He's got a whole asteroid. 

Dr.Chris: He's got a whole 

Theo Harvey: asteroid, man. That dude got money.

Anyway. Yeah. Magneto also rescued 

Dr.Chris: the Morlocks in this in this show, right? 

Theo Harvey: Sure did. The Morlocks which is never cool characters to me but it was cool to have some weird characters. The Morlocks. 

Mr.Benja: That was another point of contention. I walked in the room one time talking about This Morlocks, this is awesome.

These conferences are great. I love the Morlocks and Theo's over in the corner,

waiting to go in on me about the Morlocks. Oh man. He didn't like the 

Theo Harvey: Morlocks. Do you know what? That's awesome, man. That means I'm consistent in my opinions. I love it. 30 years. I have not changed my opinions about the Morlocks. 

Dr.Chris: So they've done a good job, in my opinion, of making some characters that you have questions about whether or not they were cool, making them more Morph's abilities, the way he used them in the fight against the Friends of Humanity, fantastic.

Fantastic. He turned into Lady Deathstrike, he turned into Colossus, right? Who was the chick with the swords that he turned into? 

Theo Harvey: Oh yeah, I liked her, man. Psylocke! Yeah, I'm like, dude, but where you get the swords from where you get the swords from? Come on, right? Are they part of his fingers?

I don't know 

Dr.Chris: if it gets knocked away. Do you lose your fingers? 

Theo Harvey: But yeah, that's a cool character to cyclocke. I liked her. I liked her. And then they finally ended. Oh, go ahead. 

Mr.Benja: I wanted to end this and ask some other questions before we head 

Theo Harvey: off, but yeah, I think we went all in on X Men this, but it's all good.

We'll catch up on the other stuff later. So yeah, then they ended it with a little cliffhanger where, Jean Grey is about to have the baby or she does have the baby and they named the baby Nathan Nathan Summers. Yeah, I know. We'll get into that later. Oh, that's right. Yeah. So yes it's a lot of history there and we'll get into, but I think they're going to get into faster than we thought because the cliffhanger was, there's another Jean gray that shows up at the door.

So now we're going to get into all the shenanigans that we know and love about mutants and their storylines. So yeah, overall great two episodes. Yeah, I'm super excited about the season and where it goes. Side note, 

Mr.Benja: I really liked Cable 

Theo Harvey: in Deadpool. Yeah. Charles Brolin did a great job as that kind of gruff, no nonsense kind of guy that you think Cable should be like, and I don't know if they're going to bring him back.

What'd you think? You think he's going to pop up in Deadpool? Absolutely. 

Dr.Chris: Absolutely. They're going to bring back as many characters as they can, except for the ones that killed off. 

Mr.Benja: Give me them chicks. They'll bring them back 

Theo Harvey: too. 

Dr.Chris: I thought you got chopped up in the tree chopper.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, that's a cool character. It is definitely a cool character. Cable which, that's a whole nother shenanigans, man. 

Mr.Benja: The thing that hypes me about this is they've got so many arms that they could reach out from this. You start with cable, you start to get into X Force. Alpha Flight, X Factor, The Reavers, there's just all these ways to branch out.


Dr.Chris: Yeah, it's true, but I think the real Theo Harvey's point Cartoons are a perfect way to test that. And so they might introduce something in the movies and say let's play with that in the cartoon and see what people think. 

Theo Harvey: So you think this is going to be ongoing, Dr.

Chris? You think they introduce these characters and they're going to keep this show going? I think they could, they should. Why not? 

Dr.Chris: If not this show, they'll have some spinoffs, but animation is such a cheaper way to fail than live action. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. And that was part of the idea behind some of the live action was the way they could try out some stuff and pre introduce characters before they're introduced in the movie.

So I think that works out great. I think you're right. 

Theo Harvey: Absolutely. Absolutely. So yeah. Mr. Benja, Dr. Chris, I think we're going to probably end it here. We went all in on X Men 97. So Mr. Benja, are you going to go ahead and watch it now? We spoiled everything and more, but are you going to renew your subscription and do it?

Man, the 

Mr.Benja: real Theo Harvey. Listen I think I do wanna watch it, but I don't know if I could actually bring myself to do that. I don't know about watching it weekly, man. That's, that, that's one of those commitment things. I'll do it, I'll do it for Hot D house of the Dragon, hot D , 

Theo Harvey: but I don't know about, not the Chris you watch hot D.

House of the Dragon. I did not watch it. No. Okay. Yeah. So you're not a Game of Thrones guy. Oh no. I 

Dr.Chris: watched Game of Thrones. I read several of the books. That was a, that was a slobbering.

Theo Harvey: So I'll 

Dr.Chris: eventually watch it. There's so much content to watch. So I'll eventually watch it. 

Theo Harvey: Okay. Yeah. Maybe we'll catch up again Dr. Chris on maybe at the end of the season when the hot ni hot 97. See, I'm mixing Hot D . It's mid 97 together, but when x mid 97 is over in a couple, about another month or so, maybe we'll bring you back on if you open to it and just talk about the seasons.

Hey, this was fun 

Dr.Chris: guys. I appreciate you having me. 

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Dr.Chris: out guys. Appreciate you.