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SvB: Ep159 Gen-Z slang is hard to understand, Streaming Wars Update, Acolyte on Disney+

April 01, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Ep159 Gen-Z slang is hard to understand, Streaming Wars Update, Acolyte on Disney+
Show Vs. Business
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Ep159 Gen-Z slang is hard to understand, Streaming Wars Update, Acolyte on Disney+
Apr 01, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja has a special one, talks about how difficult it is to understand the Gen-Z slang, Acolyte on Disney+, Streaming Wars Update, Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison, and more!

This is going to be a good episode, an Easter special.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja has a special one, talks about how difficult it is to understand the Gen-Z slang, Acolyte on Disney+, Streaming Wars Update, Sam Bankman-Fried sentenced to 25 years in prison, and more!

This is going to be a good episode, an Easter special.


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is show versus business where pop culture meets pop money with your host the real Theo Harvey and mr Benja with all the relevant information. So mr. Benja what's going on with you? What's going on 

Mr.Benja: with me? We got some good ones man. Hey, you started that with a little extra fire in you. It's a Easter It's like you were dead a couple days ago.

Now you're alive again. This is great let me tell you We're going to talk a little bit about the streaming wars today. And after that, we got a bunch of little random stuff. We're just going to jump into, got the Acolyte trailer that we were talking about earlier. The Pooniverse. Yes. Winnie the Pooh niverse TikTok ban, open AI is trying to make movies.

There's all kinds of stuff going on. There's some drama in the world with your boy 50 Cent. Yay. Diddy. Yeah. The AI alarm has been sounded. People are getting curious. The Good Times trailer came out and people are talking about the magical negroes, not necessarily us, but others, and the movie. So we'll see where all this leads us, but that's a good little slate, man.

How you doing?

Theo Harvey: I am wonderful, Mr. Benja. But I don't feel it, except every now and then on my knees. I do feel it thin, but I don't feel old. But when I talk to some of my interns, man, it's like we're talking a different language. , it's, have you ever spoken to a 2119 to 21-year-old lately, Mr. Venture? 

Mr.Benja: Yes, actually I hang out at a local Starbucks every once in a while.

And the time I go is the time a lot of youngsters go. And some of them know me from the local art scene. Cause I, I do art events around, so I'll start up conversations and I think I can pretty much relate, but carry on. I want to hear what you got. It's like talking 

Theo Harvey: to them is like talking to the internet.

It's like the things they say is like reading a post. Do you ever get that sense when you talk to them? Yes. 

Mr.Benja: It's was your last paragraph for the last four minutes of you talking? Was that like a meme you just explained to me just with your mouth? What was that? It's dude, it's unhinged.

It's oh, here we go. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. So one of my interns great. And just, helping with the social media and how we can enhance it. It gave me some great ideas on some things. But the way they talk is very interesting to me because it's they'll say something. I was like, what was that?

But the way they said it was almost like they were reading a comment stop, bro, stop, bro. Listen to bro, or it's just are you speaking to me? Or are you just. Are you talking from a comment? It was very interesting to hear them speak and communicate to me in that style.

Whereas like I said, slow down. What was that again? It's just, Oh no, this is just how I talk, I said, Oh, okay. But it was just that, that, everything's got exclamation point or everything is just like a in middle thought with a lot of lingo that. That's new to if you don't know the exact term now, look, be honest with you as a black man, I'm hip to some of the stuff, but it's moving so fast.

It's cause she said stop, stop begging or something like that. Sometimes she used, but I said, Oh, you mean thirsty? He said, Oh 

Mr.Benja: yeah, you get it. You get it.

Theo Harvey: So it's just wow, man, I love it. So they want me to, we're going to do a meme and we're going to give a little shout out, look behind the scenes here. We're going to do a little mean with me doing a notebook where I'm writing down, some notes. And then, her explaining some stuff to me, but then they're gonna speed up my stuff.

Just like looking stressed out, trying to keep up with what she's saying. So it's going to see how it does. We'll see how it does out there in the tick tocks, but it's just, I'm like, this is the one, the few times I literally feel, my kids, their generation alpha, they, I still can talk to them a little bit.

Cause they like kids stuff, but. Man, these kids in the, the internet age, man, they are, that language is changing rapidly. 

Mr.Benja: James, if you're listening, you got to throw up that Steve Buscemi meme of hello, fellow youngsters. It is. 

Theo Harvey: I love it though. I love it. Cause it's you ever get those moments sometimes you're like, Oh man, what's going on in the world?

It's just going to hell and back. He's hold up. This is what our parents talked about when they were looking at us. Yeah. And but I, but it's not so much, I think it's almost like you feel it now, and now that's what being old is about. Being older is about right. You just have this feeling.

It's just oh, this stuff is not good, but who's to say ? 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Have you ever run across the, like you were saying with the comments, the random comment slash statement that's not necessarily directed at anybody, it's just a . I said something and then I heard some people like. That's weird, bro.

You need to, and then there were a couple other comments and I was about to respond. I think, and I'm like, wait a minute. They didn't necessarily say it at me. It was just said, so it was just like this comment stream in real time. And I was like, huh, okay. No 

Theo Harvey: harm, no foul. I think that's how they think now is they just say things and just out in the ether, but it's not directed to you, it's almost, direct confrontation is not something they're good at.

, let's be honest. It's all, around the way around the block and how you communicate now. And dude, 

Mr.Benja: I get called out for that so much and we're gonna talk about getting called out later when we get into Mr. Combs later on. But man it's something I gotta think about.

I'm, we're going into the next quarter, so I'm gonna be thinking about this, as I. Try to not reconnect, but as I put myself out there in a different way yeah, definitely thinking about all of this. You got any planning going on? I know you like Q2 and Q3 and all your 

Theo Harvey: Qs. Yeah, all my Qs and my P's and Qs.

I mind them all. Yes, we Q1 is in the books. So I did some evaluation earlier today. And, I gave myself a probably, I don't really grade myself, but I would say probably middling B I think has some health concerns earlier. I'm okay now, but just some health concerns earlier in the quarter.

So slow down some of my other, my health ambitions and some other things I wanted to do, but overall was impressed with some of the things I did get out with book launch and some other things. So definitely, It was a learning experience. It's just wow. When you think in 90 days, what you can accomplish, you'd be surprised.

You look back, say I accomplished a lot in 90 days. I just have to put it on paper and wax and use that to give me energy. And so now Q2 is here officially Monday April 1st April fool's day, and just preparing for that and thinking now I'm trying to get I'm just so into weeds, but it's so it's like I have my weekly goals.

I have my monthly goals and then I have the quarter goals and sometimes the quarter goals are so detailed. That's okay. That's way too much detail. So let me go back to my weekly goals and go back to my monthly goals. Now I'm going to go back to my quarterly goal and make it a little bit more broader and bigger.

Cause I think I was being stuck in the. These are the, on Tuesday I can call this many people and on Wednesday, you can get, you get so it locked in the weeds, but when you do the quarterly goals and, yearly goals, but right now focus on quarterly goals, I'm trying to think more broader and bigger.

So that's my challenge for me for this year, just to go back in or this quarter. Really think a little bit more more bolder for my quarter goal. And so that's what I focused on. And Oh, one last thing I know you and I don't do it, but maybe we'll start doing it in the future, but I do have accountability partner now that we did our quarter goals at the end of December.

And so we both evaluated that. Then we just had a meeting on Friday. And so we were saying, okay, this is what you're going to do. And so it was funny. I was talking to him. He was like, yeah, this is what I'm not going to raise his money. And this and that. And he whispered the, I said, what's the number?

It's going to be, it was like, some, okay. Number. I said, man, say it with your chest, man. Be loud and proud, man. 

Mr.Benja: And 

Theo Harvey: he challenged me the same way. He said, man, be specific what you want from QT. And so I think, having an accountability partner is good. So I'm going to see how this works for me for this next quarter.

What about you, Mr. Benja? Yeah, 

Mr.Benja: man. Quarterly action is happening. I don't grade my quarters either, but this quarter was pretty strong in terms of just doing that a personal shift. I don't, I told you about, I think I told you about at one point remarkable resolutions where doing something and you don't.

Like necessarily have, I'm going to go to the gym or you have those goals, but what you really want is for the world to actually be able to remark on your situation. And you've put such a dent in the universe that, people are like, Oh man, I was driving and it was dent in the universe. I almost crashed.

So yeah, it's gravitational 

Theo Harvey: pull is pulling me, pull me away. Wow. Exactly. 

Mr.Benja: So yeah, I was going about my business and just earlier today, I went to pick up some things and I got, it's funny I'm not listening for it. Cause I'm not trying to think about what other people are saying, but after I ran into.

I went to pick up some stuff from this guy and he had all this stuff to say. And I was like, okay, cool, man. Thanks. Dah. I'm going to about my business. Jumped back in the car, was driving and I was thinking, wait a minute. He was remarking on my progress and I've gotten to the point where I'm not looking for that remark, but I had to stop and note it down.

I was like, yeah, I did what I said I was going to do to the point where this guy had to acknowledge it. He was just like yeah dah. I'm feeling good about some personal changes and really getting my, my I was about to curse getting my stuff in 

Theo Harvey: order. I was about to cook.

Say it with your chest, man. Say it with your chest. Did you get yourself a A little Hot Wheels car. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, it's actually over there. The guy 

Theo Harvey: remarked, right? And that's your reward. He remarked, you should give yourself a reward. There you go. Yeah, I listen, 

Mr.Benja: I do have them. There's one from another occasion I have right here.

This is a funny one. It's a hot wheels, but it's a wheelchair 

Theo Harvey: for them, man, that 

Mr.Benja: guy in the wheelchair, that guy in the wheelchair is doing so much stuff. And I was just, I caught myself complaining about something and, I'm like, why am I complaining? I've got this, I've got that. I can still do it.

And then I saw the hot wheel, the wheelchair, and I'm like, I've never seen a hot wheels wheelchair. And this guy, I looked him up and he's done all this amazing things on a wheelchair, like a skateboard or on a wheelchair. And I was like, this guy's not complaining. He's out there killing it. Let me grab that one.

And now every time, now, every time I start complaining, I think about this little hot wheels guy right here in the wheelchair. And I'm like, done, keep going. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, he's doing his thing man. One last thing I wanted to bring up to, this is dispatches from the television movie sets, right?

I'm out there watching new stuff. Hey, go check out on Netflix, the three body problem. Have you heard about this TV show? 

Mr.Benja: I've been waiting on this one and people say it's actually complex TV, which is a rarity now. It's, 

Theo Harvey: it is, it's TV still, how complex can it be? But it is hard science.

So bad brush up on your quantum mechanics and entanglement and superposition and what they mean. So that's always good. I was like, Oh man, I understand. I just watch Oppenheimer and I just did quantum mechanics. But it's pretty interesting. It's, I actually have the book. I don't have it with me now.

I was, I meant to read it. Never got a chance to read it. The TV show came out. So I said I guess I'll just watch the TV show at first. It was a little slow to my taste, but it started to dawn on me what they were doing because it's very radically different thinking because that the writer of the story is Chinese.

And so the creative, the author of the book created something from a Eastern philosophy, right? Eastern philosophy, which we in the Western world hardly ever get. So it's very different style of sci fi. It's American characters and different characters from different countries, but it's just very rooted in eastern philosophies and how they think about the world.

If you'd like to think, if you'd like to understand what it means to be human and all that good stuff that great sci fi does, definitely, I highly recommend checking out the three body problem and maybe we'll discuss it when you check it out. 

Mr.Benja: You know what, this topic came up, I'm going to, I'm going to add a new topic in here that I didn't mention before.

Have you heard of the second screen problem? I 

Theo Harvey: have. 

Mr.Benja: All right. As far as I know, there's a, as far as not as I know, but as far as I understand it streaming companies like Netflix have been worried about this concept called the second screen problem where when I first heard about it, I was thinking, oh yeah, your phone, that's the second screen.

That's a problem. They're looking at it from the point of view that no. The phone is always the primary screen and whatever you're streaming, whatever you're watching at home, that's the second screen. And it's a problem that it's the second screen because you're trying to watch a show and you're in the, in your head thinking.

I should check my phone. I'm looking at this. Oh, what's he got to say. So now they've, I don't want to say dumbed down, but they've been presenting streaming shows in a way that you have to say they say things multiple times. They make sure they're very clear. There's a lot of visuals on screen to make sure that, you can't wander off and you always have to look up every couple of seconds.

And this is the second screen problem where it's like, Okay. They have to, they can't go as complex as they would like to with a lot of shows because somebody in the executive chair will complain and be like, Hey man, this is far too, this is far too captivating and engrossing for us to put our service.

You got a second screen problem. So what are you going to do? Make 

Theo Harvey: this easier. I love it. I love it. Yeah. A couple of things we talked about briefly when we talked about, man, I don't know if you remember, was that maybe a year or two back when Zasloff took over max HBO and he talked about lean in TV versus, lean back.

And there's this big issue with, like you said television can be too complex and, you're gonna be focused and sit down and watch it. You gotta be all in on it, right? So I'm more of those kind of like leaning. I'd like to watch shows like at night and just get in my TV shows, right?

And focus on it. But then the vast majority of folks, especially, and this is a study that came out trying to find it right here One clue may lie in how this younger generation values is content. They said more than 74 percent of adults in the U. S. use their phone while watching television, according to insider intelligence.

So basically the younger generation, even more so they're valuing content that you lean back and this all came about because of Netflix's investment in local standard television shows. Those shows that go like suits that goes on for 300 episodes that people would just have in the background.

And the other thing has risen out of this is to be, you heard it to be 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Yeah. Fox taking black culture. We can like, gotcha. And getting all the views, getting all the black views. 

Theo Harvey: That's one case, but two B's also if you call a fast service, so basic is free advertising, type of television.

And so you can just go, download to be, I did it this this weekend to try it out. And they have like over 24, 000 titles, Mr. Benja of things like scandal to Oh, TV shows and movies that you could just sit there and just have on. And they're saying to be is one of the fastest growing streaming services right now, because of this lean back phenomenal and the fact that people, like you said, are, doing this second stream.

So I'm curious, maybe we'll do a deep dive at another time, but I'm curious to say, maybe the path is going to be accepting that people are going to just want to have, dumbed down television, just. On your screen at all times. And the second stream is just inevitable. You're never going to have all engrossing people, especially for this new generation growing up.

They're the ones who are probably going to dictate, how we watch television and the old way of being, all engrossed into the next game of thones and all that unless it's like something that. Permutates the culture, it's a tick tock means and all that, but that's few and far between.

So I think the vast majority of television will probably be this, second stream phenomenon or second, using a phone while you watch the television show at the same time. So I don't know that's something when you brought that up as interesting, I meant to put that in a show notes.

But I'm glad you brought that up because I saw that to be data and how they were talking about that's growing phenomenally because of the fact that the cell phone is a cell phone, people are going to watch, do what they do, be on tick tock while they watch this show. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, it's it's strange.

And I'm thinking this is a young person kind of issue, but I'm, I think I told you a while back that I was hanging out with the friend. This was while I was in the game industry. So that's 10 years ago, we were talking about watching movies and this guy's it's yeah, man, I'm not watching I'm not watching that movie in theaters and we're like don't you want the experience?

It was like yeah, but if I got to watch it, I'm gonna watch it. However I can get it. And later on, I caught this dude just watching, like a star Wars movie on his phone. Yeah, but just like casually and I'm like, and he'd stop it, then go do something else, then send a text or whatever, 

Theo Harvey: I thought you were hurting inside.

You're like, what are you doing? 

Mr.Benja: I wasn't hurting inside. But it did make me realize that the rise of Skywalker. This was much later. It didn't make me realize that the right Skywalker, which I tried to play on my phone just to see, that was horribly designed. If you're thinking about designing for a small screen, it looks beautiful.

I'm just in terms of looks and the way things move in that, a movie on a big screen, but trying it on a small screen, like when all the different starships show up, it just looks like static on the screen. I'm like, what the hell?


Theo Harvey: we've got going on here. Hey it was funny. I don't know if you saw there was a extended cut when Ben Affleck, hit that big Super Bowl commercial right about Dunkin Donuts. There's extended cut of that commercial and he's talking to all these One of them is Charlie D'Amelio, the big influencer and Ben Affleck is trying to explain to her who he is.

He says, Oh yeah, I'm a director of this failing 20th century art form called movies. Do you know what that is? And she's like looking at her phone the whole time. Huh? It's think about that. These movies, like you said, design of, these big budget, like Dune too. Everybody's Oh, it's phenomenal. Or Christopher Nolan. Oh, what he does on film, but is film going to be around? It'll be around, but is it going to be the dominant, pop culture phenomenon? I don't know. 

Mr.Benja: It's so much. It's so much easier to make a series and try to get people hooked on the series and the way I see it, it feels like a series is going to give you so much more bang for your buck.

I haven't really thought this through, but I'm just sitting down thinking, okay, get the streaming service or, you buy a season if you want to go that route, get into the streaming service for a month or whatever, or. Yeah. I don't know anybody who's buying a digital series. I just don't hear about that happening too often.

And then you've got them for at least 10 episodes, which is say, 400 minutes, 40 minutes a show. And 

Theo Harvey: and we've already shown, I was talking to one of my marketing people is what's that? I don't know if you watched the, I read the book. I told you oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly, but he talks about this 11 hours.

seven touches, four locations. So basically that's the way you create so much content that people just, get to know you as if you're a friend is indistinguishable as if were a friend that, you know, in your whole life. And so I'm wondering if television, like you said, having a streaming show or, is better for actors now because you become more known and the more known you are, the more people like you and trust you and will buy the next thing you do.

There used to be old adage. I don't know if you heard this before. If you want to You want to be famous, be a movie star. If you want to be rich, have a television show. If you want to get good, do theater. I don't think that's true anymore. I think. If you want to be known and famous, you probably want to have more content out there and think about all these new stars that they're putting out there now, Mr.

Benja, like Zendaya, Austin Butler, where did they come from? They came from kids television. They were TV stars on Disney first before they went. Become these great movie stars. So I think that may be the pathway or your grande, right? We can name about 20 of them. So I think television is a way to be famous now or, streaming show.

And then also the likelihood of that television show, sometimes movies, we've seen that, but really you have more memable moments if you have a hit TV show, because it's so much more content. Yeah, I'm 

Mr.Benja: trying to think what's the last hit. And I immediately had to throw out the MCU and DCEU, because those are basically series in movie form.

So you still have the same kind of, I'm continually coming back to watch these characters. So I'm trying to think of a movie where someone said, you know what? Wow. I didn't know who that person was. This movie came out and suddenly they're in my mind. And I'm like, recently, I don't know. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Maybe Austin Butler, but he came from television, he did that Elvis thing and everybody was like, Oh, this is a, this is his new guy.

I never thought of him before like this. But yeah. And even the movies, they're trying to, the reason why they're becoming famous is because they're trying to create events and then people, the young folks create memes out of them and get them to spread on social media. But that's the only reason why people are talking about them.

Let's be honest, but what Barbie and or Oppenheimer would not be as exciting or made as much money if they didn't combine them both into this movie, this phenomenon called Barbie hammer. So it's, is. Those are the things. And then they try to do with other movies. It's just, I think they try to do one with paw patrol and saw, I don't know if you saw that saw patrol.

Mr.Benja: Why internet? Why?

Theo Harvey: They tried so hard, man. They tried so hard to make it a thing.

Yeah, man, it's going to be interesting to see where pop culture goes in the next 10 years. I'm fascinated by it, but as long as they make good television shows and. Lean in shows I'm there for it, but this lean out, I'm not a big fan. 

Mr.Benja: You know what? I think if I think they could do some pretty slick moves and integrate the two somehow where it's I like what Amazon does with the IMDb x ray data coming in.

I love it. Yes. I have, I've used that before where I'm watching. I'm like, Hey, this is cool. And then I'm not a hundred percent into it and I'm about 92 percent into it. So I decided to click the little x ray button and then like, all right, and then go back to the show, 

Theo Harvey: keeping the, I look for that.

Every matter of fact, the three body problem could use that, there's a lot of new actors in it. Hey, I know that actor, where's he from? Or, explain this concept to me. I wish Netflix did. Put that in there because I think that would be so I agree. Mr. Benji that you're right It could be like fluffy television, there's x ray there.

So you want to go a little deeper it's almost like you have a little Easter egg for the folks that really want to dive deep. 

Mr.Benja: I'm trying to think of D. I'm trying to think of the show That's in my mind. I want to say it's on a, it's one of those reality shows or something, but as you're watching it, little fun facts will pop up in the corner.

It's almost like I want that while I'm watching my show. So my phone is synced to my TV and it's like watching game of thrones and say, do you know? Westeros used to be run by blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's oh, okay. Oh, that's what they're talking about. You can there's a play there.

I'm just going to leave it to that. There's a play there. 

Theo Harvey: There is, Oh, dropping game. Oh, billion dollar business ideas. Watch out guys. 

Mr.Benja: So speaking of what's going on with the streaming wars, man? What are these services doing right now? 

Theo Harvey: Oh man. What aren't they doing right now? Mr. Benji. So we already said that Netflix is probably.

Is the leader won the war, right? When you got your competitors, leasing or licensing their shows to you is pretty much done deal. It's Hey, we give up. But last we checked out Netflix is about 260 million global subscribers. Disney plus. About 150 million max previous HBO, just under a hundred million subscribers.

So those are the top three. And then you got the mid tier services like Peacock, which is at 30 million and Paramount plus at 67. 5 million. So it does seem right now the smaller services are figuring out like how they're going to survive. And one of the big things is the Paramount and Peacock merger discussions.

One of the big things Sherry Redstone who owns Paramount she's desperate to sell, right? That's basically where her billions were coming from for her family billions. But the stock and value has depressed about like 80 percent in the last couple of years. So there's rumor that she's looking to sell quickly.

And Peacock is owned by Comcast, which is another dying business. Comcast does cable. It's look, two, Terrible businesses. Let's just bring them together and see if we can make some magic. So it's going to be interesting to see what happens to these two services. The challenge there is that Paramount has CBS and Peacock has NBC and FCC rules have said that, you can't have two broadcast company, two broadcasters, CBS and NBC combined together under one business.

Because that's, that could be considered a monopoly and changing, how people perceive the news and all that. But I don't think they don't care anymore. They're just trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. That's called the streaming wars. And so these two companies are really looking to combine themselves and get out of this mess.

And one last thing, Apple, what's the Apple strategy? I think they said it's got about 0. 32 percent total percent of streaming viewership in the U S 

Mr.Benja: 0. 32%. Is that what you said? 

Theo Harvey: 0. 32%. 

Mr.Benja: Yes. 

Theo Harvey: Oh man. The funniest thing, Mr. Benja, guess who's beaten all of them.

Mr.Benja: Let's see. We got our wait a minute. We still talking about 

Theo Harvey: discovery? No. You far off YouTube man. YouTube is being landmark. YouTube is killing the game when it comes to just activity and people watching it by far. If you look at any metric, people are spending way YouTube. So it's wow.

This is where people watch shows and television and get the entertainment now, whereas these all this money that went into even is being even Netflix, right? At least in the U. S. So it's one of those things where it's wow, does it matter to create? Engrossing television. And maybe the best thing would be just get television just always on in the background and the beat to beat to beat YouTube.

I don't know, because that's where that's the next battleground. How do you, how you drive eyeballs, and attention. 

Mr.Benja: It's interesting. We were talking, you were just talking about YouTube and I was talking about reactions. I think I finally figured out a formula for reactions that I want to do.

I was. Looking at a YouTuber or a guy on YouTube and was, no, I was looking at it on Twitch. I'm sorry. I found him on Twitch was looking through it. I was like, okay, this guy's pretty cool. And I went back to his page one time and said, Hey, we archive this episode. Dah. You need to subscribe and click here and all this.

I'm like, whatever, man, I go over to YouTube search for that guy after he posts. After he posts up his thing on YouTube, he just chops down into one hour blocks and reposts it from Twitch to YouTube, and I'm like, oh, I'm never going on Twitch again for this guy. It's just not even an option. . It's just screw it.

You know what I mean? It's, YouTube's just made it so easy and accessible and everybody's there. It's not a hassle. When I was on Twitch, I had to go through menus and then, yeah. Yeah. It was just a. I'm like, Oh, that's a problem. Because once I saw him, I noticed a lot of people were doing that. Go live on Twitch, save the video, plop it on YouTube, screw Twitch.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, man. YouTube has the world market. I wanted to get some actual numbers here. So Nielsen and his January report said that YouTube is once again, the overall top streamer in the U S 8. 6 percent of viewing on television screens. Mind you just television, this doesn't count, Netflix saw is around 7.

9 percent so of all television, roughly about 9%, almost 10 percent of the U. S. is watching YouTube on their television as opposed to Netflix, which has actual shows. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. And 

Theo Harvey: movies. So it's blowing my mind. Like what is the top 10? Streaming service. What's happening right now. So yeah, YouTube is killing it.

And Mr. Benji, I never get, you told me one day you will order prime. I laughed at you. I said, why would I pay for free viewing service? Man, I bought prime so fast. I have not looked back. Yeah. YouTube premium. Excuse me. I said prime. Sorry. YouTube premium. I bought a prime. Don't get me started on that. But YouTube premium, you told me years ago, he said, you will be purchasing.

I said no, I won't. And I have not lived back, man. You premium saves my life. Every time I was like, man, I hated those commercials. Oh, they hurt me so bad. I can't go back. You ever, 

Mr.Benja: you ever go to, you're on like a computer where you're not logged on and you see an ad and it just, it hurts, doesn't it? It's oh, how dare them?

What is that? How did this get through? I thought 

Theo Harvey: it was on premium. Oh, I'm on my other YouTube login. Skip ad in five 

Mr.Benja: seconds? How about no? Yeah, comedy. I love it. But but, yeah, I still wonder about Disney, man. Disney's got this, Disney's been bothering me lately, man. And. After they just keep on messing with me and I don't even want to I don't even want to watch x men 97 anymore We talked about it last week with dr.

Chris. Let me I want to watch it But then once I see that stupid Disney thing come up and now included with Hulu I'm just like are you really I don't care. I don't like you like that so I'll go in for x men 97 But the thing they got me talking about this week with the acolyte trailer, so I'd seen it before You But I watched it again and actually took in what they were trying to do and I got in a little discussion with Andy.

Andy was all mad about the people on the interwebs complaining. And I was like, what are you talking about, Andy? He's they don't like it. Cause it's they don't like the anti wook crowds getting stupid again. This is TLJ all over again. And I'm like okay. I see. I've washed my soul of that pain.

And I'm just like, Yeah, whatever. It's interesting. I don't know if we ever talked about the acolyte trailer. Did we get into that? 

Theo Harvey: No, we haven't yet. Which I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. Cause usually, when it used to drop Star Wars trailer, we'd be all on it. Talking about it, super hype about it. So that goes to say one thing. Look, television on with Star Wars television, you've been, Beyonce's you better than in some cases, then the movie, opportunities. They had some good seasons with the Mandalorian, but they, some seasons were terrible.

They had Andor, which is the high, high watermark, we had Ashoka. And I know you liked it, right? I think I was on mixed bag on it. Okay. 

Mr.Benja: I know you liked it. I said it did a good job of going as rebel season five. I think that's how I was framing it. I, as far as just wow, I really liked this Ahsoka season.

And it's really a solid introduction into the but as far as rebels going eh, yeah, rebels, carry on the storyline there. 

Theo Harvey: Rebels was good. You guys, you and Chris, Dr. Chris told me about it. It was good. But so this is another television show. So I have better hopes than. A movie, be honest with you.

And I like the concept. I like the concept. This is about, Hey, you know what happens when the SIF start rising up and it's set in the time that we've never seen before in star Wars. And I like the actress, is playing one of the leads in it, from she played Rue and what's it called?

The hunger games. Yep. I forgot the name of the actor. She's and I get why they say she's Amanda. 

Mr.Benja: Saul Berg, Saul 

Theo Harvey: Berry. Thank you. So she's a part of that. Yeah, she's very pro black and, she's part of that probably why the anti woke crowd, woke up because they saw her name attached to this but anyway, make a long story short, I think I'm excited about it.

I would love to see a different storytelling. And it's so sad though. It's I'm watching these shows first. I say, is this something I can watch? It's like none of these shows anymore. Even X Men this last X Men I was like, Oh man, I can show my kids X Men 97. I saw this last one. I said, Oh no, they can't watch this cartoon.

So it's even this Star Wars, I'm like, let me check it out first. Yeah. And see if it's something they can watch cause even Star Wars has gotten a little crazy. So yeah, man I don't know about this one from a kid's standpoint, the 

Mr.Benja: acolyte. It's a weird thing. We were talking about Disney and getting more.

Getting more embracing the mature side of things a little more. I don't even know if I want to call it mature. Just, letting down that family vibe. And it's their guards like we're not guarding it so much. We're just letting in a lot more. Combine that with the introduction of Hulu, and I did try out the search test, where I was on my Hulu Disney, and I typed in Pam, yes, Pam and Tommy showed up, and I was just like, I don't know if I like this, it's just On Disney 

Theo Harvey: Plus?

Yeah, when I See, that's When I ran the search That's why I had to put up, I had to put up the the adult password. I was like, Oh no, that's all. I saw echo pop up on my Disney plus. I said, Oh, let me get the password out,

dude. Are you serious? Yeah, dude. Yeah, man. And 

Mr.Benja: now, and now I'm looking at this acolyte poster. I 

Theo Harvey: sent you, I was going to say the same thing. I thought I was going to have to say something about it, but you're the design guy. So I'll let you go in on it. So 

Mr.Benja: if you haven't seen this poster, it's basically like a hard granite background with the words in engraved into it, saying, in an age of light, darkness, a darkness rises, and it's got a, the handle of a light saer.

But instead of a blade being like a light stream of, energy, a lightsaber blade, what's coming out of this lightsaber? The hilt is a streak of blood, so it doesn't make sense. Like in terms of physicality, it's like why would a lightsaber be streaking blood? It just doesn't make sense.

It looks weird. It looks dark and it's almost like Star Wars is trying to be 

Theo Harvey: edgy with this. I know, man. It's blood on the, it's blood on the hilt too. You saw that? It's like literally someone has a bloody hand touch this thing. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Oh, It's like you took a cotton ball full of blood, stuffed it into the hill to the lightsaber, wiped it down the middle of this granite wall, took the cotton ball out, and then took a picture of it.

It's like why did this happen? So that's 

Theo Harvey: my design. But even worse, look at that. You can tell the blood is like the splotches too at the end. It's not all neat. They put little splotches around it. So it's man, it's not just blood. It's messy blood. We're gritty. 

Mr.Benja: I actually think this, I actually think this is a move by, not that someone said this all at once, but I think collectively they were like, yeah, they want it to be all dark and all those, 70s and 80s and 90s.

They're so stupid and dark. We'll give them darkness. We'll make Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: yeah, so anyway, yeah, and does that work with Star Wars that's the question it has its dark moments With obviously Empire Strikes Back with Luke basically get his arm chopped off But it's a hand chopped off, but I don't know.

It's never been What's the word? Gratuitous with this violence, right? Yes A lot of people got murked with lightsabers. We know that and cut in half and all that but we ain't seeing blood this is yeah, this is definitely different. So You could, you 

Mr.Benja: could have done better with a a cave full of Kyber crystals, all gleaming blue and green, and then one red one in the corner.

Theo Harvey: Man, or what about you had darkness, light, and there's a shadow figure in the background of a hood over their head, where all these, these Jedi, sitting in the light, and you got this dark figure in the background. 

Mr.Benja: You could even, yeah, do a play on that classic phantom menace poster, a different kind of play on it.

Theo Harvey: Where you like have two minutes. We got a better poster. 

Mr.Benja: I'm a go over to chat GPT version four and try this out. Make me a poster. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I would just miss man. So I'm still excited about the show, so we'll see what it does. But it sounds like Mr. Benji you're not. You're on the fence, right?

Mr.Benja: No, it's as I told you, man, it's always like pizza, Star Wars is like pizza. It's always good to me, but I will complain if the crust is soggy or if you're trying something silly instead of pineapples and anchovies, how about cherries? It's eh, I don't know if I want that, it's pizza.

I'll try it. All right. You got 

Theo Harvey: more of that? I don't know. Do you want to talk about numbers real quick? How much is Disney making on star Wars? And I don't know if you pulled this up, but according to the security exchange commission or the sec, it looks at companies, books and records.

They said that the. Report mentions that Disney has made approximately 12 billion since purchasing Lucasfilm for 4 billion 2012. So that's about a 2. 9 X return on investment fueled in part, thanks to the box office behemoths like star Wars, the the force awakens. Three x return on your investment.

Not bad. Relative, billions of dollars trying to get a billion dollars out the door. But that's just I don't know if that's just the film or is that also the other lucrative stuff that they sell, which is the toys and merchandise and all that. So I'd be curious to see, that number is a little bit bigger than 12 billion.

They may just be talking about the movies themselves. But yeah, yeah. I think that's decent. It could be a lot better, of course, but Hey, but the challenge is they've only had three freaking movies since they bought it. Mr. Pitcher. You bought this movie in freaking 20, 20, 12, man, that's been over 12 years.

And you'll had three movies. You can weigh way more money. 

Mr.Benja: I don't know how many Grogu dolls we're selling to make up for that difference. Good 

Theo Harvey: point. But anyway, so that's just a Travis and the head still has her job. This is crazy. This is what's crazy to me. The head of Lucasfilm still has her job and she's only made three movies in 12 years.

Mr.Benja: You're gonna, you're gonna need a call from Andy about that. That comment, 

Theo Harvey: I'm here, I'm at,

Mr.Benja: Oh man. But I, I don't know if this this violent or, just take cute things and make them violent kind of vibe is going to continue. But in the meantime. We have the sequel, maybe another entry in the, we need the poo universe. I shouldn't say Winnie the Pooh, blood and honey, Poonaverse entry coming out.

So I don't know if you remember Winnie the Pooh the rights, the copyright went out and now anybody can use that property and develop new properties. And on top of that, some clowns went out there and decided to make Winnie the Pooh, blood and honey. Now that same team is coming up with a followup called the Poonaverse.

And it's going to feature Bambi, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tigger. Piglet, Mad Hatter, and Sleeping Beauty, all in violent, scary glory.

Theo Harvey: This is the meme that we'll not stop giving, will it? We heard about this what, two years ago, because it got into what's it called? It was released into the Public domain we need to poo. And so now it's out here in these streets and then somebody took advantage of it, create trailer based on that trailer, probably got that movie made the first one, blood and honey.

I guess it did decent enough to say, Hey, let's do a. In the meantime, we had stories about fourth graders getting traumatized when a sub accidentally showed this so that helped it. So it's just have meme stocks. This is a meme movie series. This is all it is just there to promote outrage and anger.

But no one's actually really watching these stuff. I 

Mr.Benja: wonder that once again, there could be a play there if there's like a series of to be movies that come out every couple months. Just based on a mean 

Theo Harvey: slender man came out and did his thing. Mr. Benja, stop dropping game. Mr. Benja, just let's just turn the pot off, man.

You just, that's, that is actually not a bad idea. Now I'm like, Hey, what's it? What's Sora drop text, the video. There you go. 

Mr.Benja: Instead of Blumhouse, just call it bum house.

Oh, man. 

Theo Harvey: Oh, yeah. Anything that pops off, man. Like the the Shea Club. Shea popped off. They could have had a movie about that. It would have been like, yeah, that's a great idea. Actually. It might come to that. It might come to that. It's what I do. That's crazy. I see. I see. Good good pull, man.

Good pull. I wonder why you still wanna bring that. I think you just like saying Poonaverse. That's, I think that's just a favorite good word for you. It 

Mr.Benja: sounds kinda naughty too. I don't know. 

Theo Harvey: Naughty. What's next, man? 

Mr.Benja: Hey, girl. Done been all through the Puni verse? No, I don't know.

Just . 

Theo Harvey: Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no. , Mr. Ben. I got transit. I got transition for you, Mr. Benzo on that one. That was, you know who was saying that? At a lot of his 

Mr.Benja: parties. Oh no. Come on, man. Okay. God dog it. I shouldn't have said anything.

Dang it. We can't 

Theo Harvey: do it. You don't want to do it. This is controversial, folks. Go ahead. It is controversial, folks. We're going to get into some controversy. Diddy then did it man diddy. What is going on? Mr. Benji look I don't wanna get into too many details. The other people have done it better than us.

This is just controversy There's a lot of things going on right now folks getting arrested, Sam Bankman free got 25 years for his actions with FTX Diddy's house getting raided both his houses at the same damn time Mr. Benja I know this is controversial for you. Why is it controversial? What, do we not want to talk about this person anymore?

Mr.Benja: See, I've been trying to get out of the gossip game in general. And then this happens and people just start talking like, I knew when he said this and that, take that. I knew what he meant on that album. And I'm like, dude, you wasted my 13 seconds of a tick tock video to tell me that.

Take that meant something else. Got it. And it's just, it's all like clickbait. And then you've got the, first of all, it's overkill. It's. Raiding both of his houses, getting the kids locked up. I don't know what they're doing, if not trying to hide something that he may have access to.

So I think this may be along the lines of Jeffrey secret Island, the Clintons came over to visit. Now I have a weird painting in my house kind of thing. I think it may be along that line, but. It does seem it even, there's a lot of just weirdness going on here. It's like it came out of seemingly came out of nowhere, but 

Theo Harvey: The rumor is dabbling in rumors Cassie, the whole case that she brought to the forefront and they released, I don't know if you read it at all.

I read briefly, it was pretty. Terrible. The, all the injustices that went against her and her time when she was with Sean Combs. And so I think, the fact that he sells that so quick after that was released. And then now, there's this bigger investigations, it's almost like that thread on a sweater.

Oh, what's that little thread, people pull it and they say, wait a minute, this is moving. There's more here than we thought. And so now, there's other things. And then also, let's be honest, the, maybe the Cassie was the last little. Armor, that he was protecting himself with.

And then when she penetrate that armor, maybe everyone else felt comfortable, more comfortable talking now. So there may have been decades where people weren't talking at all. And then when that happened, they're like, Oh, I got some stuff to say. And now, when people come talking to them, they go, I'm sorry.

They starting to talk more. To your point though, yeah, I agree. It's disheartening, but it's not look, man, I always believe there's anything. Yeah. We heard before it was probably true. 

Mr.Benja: Let's be clear. I'm not, let's be clear. I'm not caving for dude. It's just there's so much stuff going on that all of a sudden he puts out, he tried to take down the vodka company basically.

And, he's starts the rock. This is big in terms of wait, you're not talking about Dwayne, the rock. Are you talking about? 

Theo Harvey: No, you said Siroc was P. Diddy. Oh, 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Okay. I thought you came back with the rock. I'm not talking about him and his vodka.

Theo Harvey: But no The rock and P. Diddy were on the island together. Oh no. Who said that? 

Mr.Benja: Meme that son. 

Theo Harvey: What Mr. Biddy. We'll watch. This is going to go viral. This is going to go viral for just saying 

Mr.Benja: that. It better not. But basically this, So he starts fighting back against the system with revolt TV, with trying to go independent.

And he's still playing this game where he's going to play in that ecosystem and not play by the ecosystem's rules. And he keeps on trying to, Hey, take that. I can do this. I can do that. And it's okay, now you're dealing with these large scale, global alcohol companies that make a gang of money.

It's almost on a dare I say gangster level of, business. And then his lawsuit against them for racism goes through magically right after that, all this other stuff starts happening, he sells off revolt really quickly, he moves his hand. It's there's a lot of little bits of information going on.

Little bits of stuff going on, people distancing themselves from certain things, like a little too quickly. It's okay, what's been going on? What's been happening? How much is true? What's not do people just not want to be associated with the name or whatever even Kanye? They start bringing up his old tweets and posts where he was calling Diddy a fed.

It's wait what and it's it's just messy and Diddy's been out of the He's been away from the people for a bit. Like he hasn't really been in touch with the people like he should have been now, all this is happening and I'm like, Oh Lord, here we 

Theo Harvey: go. Order or my only take on this is two things.

Number one I was at the earlier leisure when he did, create that big check, he was trying to do something, positive. And of course those guys are, they said, we never got to check. So that's the whole conversation, right? Yes. But always. Think back to Robert Smith, the billionaire that gave all that money to Morehouse.

And when you did dig deep into Robert Smith's past, there, there's some other shenanigans that went on before he, provided this big gift to Morehouse and became this big philanthropist. So I'm not saying he was a snitch or anything like that. But if you go do the research, you find out there was more to the story with Robert Smith.

And likewise, I'm not saying it could be the same with P Diddy. We don't know when he talked to who about when and what. And so that's where the confusion is. And it does seem when you get on that level, there are some compromises you're making, right? Oh, yeah. Have you ever watched the, what's that movie?

The departed, right? The big twist there is you remember you never saw the part of a Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio. Great movie. That's basically the movie that you seen it, man. The one that with Martin Scorsese finally got his act is I think his move. Yeah, his directing movie.

Pretend I hadn't seen Oscar. The big spoiler alert is the biggest guy there after the whitey bulger type character played by Jack Nicholson. Turns out he's been, he was a fed snitch for 20 years. That's why he was wilding out on these streets, man. It killed him folks with impunity because he was a snitch.

So it's and he was just adamant against snitches in the movie, right? Oh, he's a snitch. Kill him, do this. He was the one that was the biggest, perpetrator, all that. And so I say, all I have to say is, just. You just, we just don't know what was done at those higher levels.

And then now that he's no longer useful, what does that mean? So it's, yeah, I hear your point and I also see the other side too. But I don't know if we'll ever find the truth, but it's probably somewhere in the middle. And we'll see what happens, man. But it's just funny to me. It's like the people who are up there, they're never really good people, decent 

Mr.Benja: people.

It's really disheartening how corrupt, broken, twisted, and just vile some of that stuff is when you start playing around in a lot of these circles. It's there's a lot in a lot of corporate situations or a lot of business situations people may have run across this, where they have so many rules that you can't help but run afoul of one of the rules at some point.

It's Hey, look, I was doing this and I, accidentally crossed over here. And it's that's an illegal right turn. You're not supposed to do that. It's what are you talking about? I'm just driving. It's they have so many rules. You can get caught by something. And then all of a sudden it's okay, I know everybody here at this level does this, but guess what?

We caught you and we're taking you down because of this. Because of what, actually, we just don't like you anymore. Epstein Weinstein. I saw all these videos come up of Corey Felden still complaining that they didn't go, they didn't, that's the name. Yeah. 

Theo Harvey: Videos of him that came up still.

That's the name I haven't heard in a long time. That's crazy. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. He's still complaining that, Michael Jackson got attacked the way he did and other people didn't. He's there were much easier targets that they just left alone because they fit the script and they worked the narrative.

So that's all I got. 

Theo Harvey: Mr. Benja, we are ending it spicy tonight. Oh my lord. Oh, guys, look man, look we just like to have fun. Yeah, we just like to have fun here guys. So look, it's all in fun. . Nothing we say should be taken ass. You know anything that is real or you could take to the bank We're just talking discussing as we do.

So hey guys if you like this Podcast, please and subscribe and comment show versus business on X YouTube and Instagram Listen to us at Spotify iTunes or wherever you listen to podcast, but also visit us at our website show versus business When you get a chance, mr. Benja, have a great week. Hey, man.

Mr.Benja: Happy Easter and peace