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SvB: Lizzo is quitting the industry? a proxy battle within Disney HQ, your favorite Guru's in town! Ep 160

April 08, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Lizzo is quitting the industry? a proxy battle within Disney HQ, your favorite Guru's in town! Ep 160
Show Vs. Business
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Lizzo is quitting the industry? a proxy battle within Disney HQ, your favorite Guru's in town! Ep 160
Apr 08, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja will be talking about AI battles that are happening with the big dogs like YouTube and OpenAI, a Disney Proxy battle? Lizzo quitting the industry and more!

This is a good one so relax and tune-in!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja will be talking about AI battles that are happening with the big dogs like YouTube and OpenAI, a Disney Proxy battle? Lizzo quitting the industry and more!

This is a good one so relax and tune-in!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is show versus business when pop culture beats pop money with your host the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja with all the relevant information. Mr. Benja, what are we talking about today? 

Mr.Benja: We're talking about all kinds of goodness, but you know what? The most important thing is we talk about what we want to and we have fun doing it as the creative side and the financial side come together Boom show versus business.

I just felt like saying that. We got some news on Lizzo, a couple of deaths in the family, Louis got a chance for Domo. Talk about Disney having a little battle inside little proxy battle going on with money, family support, et cetera, Lucas's name is thrown around. Speaking of Disney, we had a little information on the streaming churn and new strategies for people and AI battles are coming up we've heard about them before, but now.

Meta YouTube and open AI, the big dogs in the ring are starting to actually run a file of each other in certain ways. So it's starting up and we just had some thoughts on AI. Maybe we can talk about that a little bit. I don't know. We'll keep it free. We'll keep it light. And that's about it for me. How you doing Theo?

Theo Harvey: Man, Mr. Benja, I'm super hype, man. I have just been going deep, man, just revamping my business and thinking of new ways to get people excited. And two things that happened this week for me, number one I've been dipping in those Facebook groups. You told me about this years ago and I've never really thought about it as a viable option for my business, but the more I dig into those groups and all are different.

people and congregations of folks. I like, this could be something here. And I, in my market, I deal with healthcare space. And so I've been working with a lot of medical billers and stuff. And so I dipped my toes in some of those medical biller waters and yeah, just added value, man.

And then people ping you, I was like, this is how it works. So I've just been immersed in these groups lately. I think I joined like about 10 groups in the last two days and just just lurking, and then if I can add some value at my two cents, and I think we talked about this, Gary V talked about this strategy, right?

When it comes to Instagram, just added value with DMS Dan Henry talks about this as well, just reaching out and just having conversations with folks. So I'm really been Yeah, I've been super stoked about just Hey, that does work and you just got to just work it and just, don't look to sell anything just add value and build relationships in these groups.

So that's been got me super excited about, some new avenues to go after the business. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, definitely, man. The people are already there. So if it's a active group and you can just come in there talking with them, people will actually point you out sometimes and They'll tag you and say, Hey, ask this guy or whatever.

And I've even found that, they're not opposed to links from your site Hey, I, I thought about this once in the road, a little blog post about it, check it out. If you're interested in learning more about this, that, and that, but I can answer any questions that you have right here if you want, and it just yeah, they're fun.

I just looked up black women in healthcare has 4, 000 members. 

Theo Harvey: Exactly. I might have to go. There's too many. You're neither in healthcare or a black woman, but yes, you can join these groups and get value from them. And it is funny, Facebook will also show you what your friend, the group said.

They recommend to you, they'll show you which ones your friends are part of. So I saw some groups that you're a part of. I was like, Oh, Mr. Benjamin likes that kind of stuff. Okay. You may have forgot about it, but there was some groups in there. We'll talk about offline. Nothing bad.

Some groups. Ooh, spicy. But yeah. So yeah, we I thought it was interesting. So I dipped my waters. My toe in those waters a little bit and start. And also, I think you were big on this too. Yes, school, you have circle and all these other options. But man, there could be value just adding a facebook group right to whatever business you're doing.

And I'm starting to see potentially the value there. Just building my own audience, that funnel into that group and then building them over time and adding value. Now, the challenge is, I don't wanna be a moderator. Yeah. I hate that part of it. You got to sit there. So you may have to get someone to help with that piece of it, but that's something long term because ultimately you just want to nurture this group of folks and add value and hopefully they can ascend up the value chain for something else that you can offer them.

So that's some new avenues I've been thinking about my business. Super excited. And the last thing I want to bring up was that super excited about my mentors, my online mentors, they're having a live event in May. So I don't get any money for this, but offering this, but it's so funny. It was like, I've been doing deep dive on Dr.

Benjamin already. We've talked about him and what he's doing. And then I did a deep dive on Daniel Priestley does oversubscribe key person of interest. And he's got this new thing called scorecards. I've been deep dive on both these guys the last, what year or so then, I've been talking about Myron golden for years.

Guess what? They're coming to Tampa in May and I'm going to be right in the number, man. I decided I'm going to show up for Myron golden's Offer mastery live. And guess what? Daniel Priestly and Dr. Benjamin Hardy will both be there speaking. So super excited about that. So it was like, wow. So this is all three in one room.

I'm just going to hit them up with some numbers and some questions. So I'm super excited about that. Oh, 

Mr.Benja: there's actually somebody else in here. I know too. I'm looking at the list right now of people and Nika Maples actually ran across her. 

Theo Harvey: Nico. Oh, you know her? Okay. That's funny. She was there last year.

So I went to his event last year because it's in Tampa. Why not? I don't know if you can see that blue black background. If you look at the bottom there, there's a bunch of folks sitting on stage. Do you see that? So that was the one I went to. So Mika is right there. She's, the only white lady there.

So she was speaking about, she's one of his students, right? And so it's interesting. She went from a panelist to a speaker. Obviously, they compensate him Myron golden for his time. And then probably he provides a stage for them, to offer their expertise. And so probably what he did was Nat Jones.

She's also there. She's a young lady here on the left hand side. So for the listeners, look. Go to offer mastery live, I don't get paid for this, but you'll see the picture at the bottom there. They were both panelists, but they're now speakers. So that, that, that was interesting.

And that, that, that was a, low key, Mr. Benjamin, in the back of my mind, I have a book out, so I'm thinking, do I need to, get on some platforms more? And so I'm thinking about, really considering my own gold is offer and seeing what that looks like, especially if you can get me on some stages, because ultimately, that's what Dan Priestley talks about.

You need to become a key person of influence, and you have to be in rooms with more people in it because you can sell it one on one. But that's just not going to get you to scale. You got to create some kind of imbalance where more people are listening to you. And then now there's a sense that, Hey, this person is hard to get to there.

More people want to listen to him. So I have to do other things to get access to them. And so I think the speaking piece of it is the next level, what I want to get to with my business. And I think Myron has a key to that. And there's some other ones that I can walk, reach out to, to see what they have.

Cause to me, I think. The best offer would be Mr. Benji, if you can go work with someone and they not only help you, craft your story and speak, but then they give you a stage too, with an audience that way you can record it. You can say, Hey, look, I'm a speaker. That gives you other speaking engagements.

Mr.Benja: What was really cool about being in San Diego was being around comic con people, right? Like a lot of these. Video game artist and production level artists. They would do a lot of 3d work, cover work, and things like that for comic books. In fact, I had lunch with Jim Lee one time. It was weird and out of the blue, my friend was like, Hey, we're having lunch with these guys.

Da. One of them works for wild storm. And I was like, Okay. And one thing led to another and suddenly it's a Jim Lee lunch. And 

Theo Harvey: he's just for the listeners. Webby, Jim Lee, the legendary comic books artists. He did all the famous covers, what Spider Man X Men. And everyone loves him. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah.

Dude can crank out with little work, just bam. And it's awesome, solid. He just knows his stuff. So yeah. And I brought up that, that up to say, you hit a certain point where you start just talking to people and they're like, Hey, you should do a panel about that. And that person calls the convention organizer.

Next thing you know, you're on a comic con panel and I've been on one of those, a comic con panel before it, it was fine. It was just like, you just walk up there, they print out your little name badge and everything, and you're just like, panelists and so much authority comes from that. It's just unbelievable.

Like you don't even have to be speaking. You can just walk outside. Yep. I was a panelist and these kids like, you're a panelist. Yes. Take my information. Send me money, follow my tribe. It's 

Theo Harvey: great. Yeah, man. So I'm a big believer in that now. So I think I've talked about Daniel previously before, but keep her some influence over subscribe.

It's that whole, it's just, And he, his, he talks about this concept of you want to create a tension of supply and demand. So basically, and it has to be transparent. So economics term is, supply and demand curve, right? A lot of times you don't want to one trying to sell someone something and they like, Oh, I have all the power and the knowledge.

So I don't want to buy it from you. I can just go talk to other folks, right? Because they just think you're just one person. But if you switch that and become somebody where it's you know what? I don't really need you, here, this is what I have to offer. If you don't want it, I have other people online.

So he gave the example of, it's a hot day. You're, trying to get an ice cream cone. You look around, there is a cart that's selling ice cream, but it's a line around. So now, people go to try to get ice cream cone. Are they going to discount that ice cream cone? No, of course not. They probably raise their prices because there's so many people that want it.

And so it's transparent because everybody can see it. And number two, so there's no sense of like negotiating a price. Or anything at that point. And so the way you, if you can structure your business like that, and that's where I'm the mind shift is it's just like, how do I structure my business where we become almost like untouchable is yeah, we have this, you can't sign up today.

And he gave him another example. I was listening to his masterclass, Chris Doe, you're of his podcast. Yeah. He had him on his podcast and he talked about, I guess he's more of a designer like you and you was talking about. Yeah, he was talking about like shoe drops, right? It was like, Hey, here's a shoe drop.

Come check it out. That 10, 000 likes, then you go to the website and it's all sold out. But if you want to know when we do the next release, we'll notify you sign up here. And so that's a sense of becoming oversubscribed and becoming a key person of influence. And to me, I was like, man, that is such a better way of running a business because it's like, It's almost like you dictate the price.

You become a monopoly in your own little niche. And now you can dictate what you want. You can make more profits. And so he gave examples of like airline versus Rolex. Rolex has a waiting line out the box, to get access to Rolex. Because they have wait lists, you have to, apply to get a Rolex, all this other stuff, whereas airlines are way more essential, then the price points are they make very little margins three to 5 percent because it's a ubiquitous everywhere that everyone when he's active too.

So anyway, I say that I compressed his whole kind of. Conversation, but like you can tell I'm super excited about see how I can implement some of these strategies to how I think about my business. Because it's gotta be a different way. I think the old traditional way is there, but it's not the same anymore.

People are going to buy what they buy and they only do. And I was talking to and I'll let you go. I know I'm going round winded about this stupid hype. I explained to my my marketing person, she says she just bought some some linen. And she's Oh yeah, I finally bought some linen.

Great job. I said I wonder, I said, did you, when did you decide to make this linen? She gave all these logical reasons. Because of this and it was more cheaper, better price, better quality, blah, blah, blah. I said, was there an influencer that talked to you first when you did your research that kind of swayed you?

And she had to think about it for a second. She said, You know what? There was, I was listening to this influencer and she recommended this product and, I looked at over time and then and then I made decision to buy it. So people emotionally make a decision to buy it first and they justify it logically later.

And I was explaining to her, I said, that's what you want to become with any of business. You want to become someone that people says, oh, I trust what they say. I know and trust. Now I'm going to use logic to justify why I bought from him. And so it's a A key mind shift, a change.

And when you think about business and that's, this is what's this advanced capitalist, right? This is like advanced business one on one, you really have to understand how you can become that person. So speaking, being on a panel, like you talked about, it just levels up the game and the perception.

Of, who you are the man that, that you are bringing that people are like, Oh, wow. Mr. Benja is someone I need to connect to because he's been on a comic con panel. He must know something. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, exactly. And it's funny. I got on a panel at comic con because of because of gamer con you remember the gamer con thing.

So it's like some people owned a theater and we're like, Hey, let's start. Hosting our own little events here. And they started hosting their own little events. I drew up some posters and things for it. And people were like, Holy crap, what is this? And next thing you know, we're having, big dogs come through this little event and that little event, somebody said, Hey, you should talk to this guy next thing, but a boom, but a big it's a great play on the entire concept of social proof, just.

People need to understand that you're socially relevant, and we don't have the facilities to do that just by talking to somebody. Hi, how are you? It's hi, I'm this guy. I'm socially relevant. Dude, I was at E3 and some guy came out the toilet. He just blew it up. But when I saw his name, I won't say who it was.

I was at a video game conference. Somebody came out the toilet and blew it up. And in normal circumstances, you talk trash about this person. It's man, did you do, Oh my God. But I looked at the name badge and saw the people that person left with. And I was like, Holy crap. That's like a big dog.

Suddenly it's like the person's name badge and all the people they're with. All of a sudden I'm like, okay, now that person that blew up the bathroom, I need to know what that person's about. Not necessarily what they ate. I just need to know what they're about. 

Theo Harvey: I love it. I love it. Mr. Benja 

Mr.Benja: everybody's the same until they're not 

Theo Harvey: exactly.

And that's all it is. Just a perception. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, you gotta know how, who people are. And that's one of my key things that I've taken from all of this marketing branding sales study is that just figuring out how to know who people are people, how people should know you. 

Theo Harvey: Absolutely.

What about you, man? How was your week? You had some interesting things going on. 

Mr.Benja: Week was going, is going good. Still doing some things. I went quiet a little bit because I'm working on some things, but that's a good sign. And but I did get hype over the week because I saw this kid on YouTube.

I sent you a link. I don't know if you had a chance to watch it, but this kid was selling candy and chips at school. And it just brought back all those memories. I sold chips and candy for one day. I tried that and I was like, okay, this isn't my game. But then I went on to start flipping comic books.

I started my video game rental business in school. I had a huge video game collection because the entire school was paying for it basically. And it was a flywheel dog. It just kept getting bigger. The more you rent, the more I can buy, the more I can rent out. It's great.

Theo Harvey: You can't let that concept before Amazon. I love it. It 

Mr.Benja: was great. Yeah, just, I just had some great memories of selling stuff at school. And, I try to sit down and create like solely create, but that's not possible. So I jump up and I was like, thinking of a marketing plan for this.

I'm like, oh man, how am I gonna, I was getting discouraged and ended up on YouTube. After about 45 minutes of wasting time. Yes, I do waste time. Sometimes after about 45 minutes of wasting time, I found this kid just selling chips and he has such enthusiasm. He's dog, don't go buy the Cheetos.

Everybody's got Cheetos. You buy Takis, they're cheap. You can charge them the same as Cheetos. Buh buh. They sell buh. And listen, I bring along my own little sauce. So people like to pour the sauce inside the bag of chips. It's great. And he just kept on going and going. And he's talking about the time he got caught, the time he decided to buy from Amazon instead of Costco, it's so rapid fire, so crazy. And this kid's in high school selling chips and stuff. I got hype, man. My, my sales hype is back, man. My marketing hype is back. Thank God for 

Theo Harvey: YouTube. I love you. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. Cause that's like with me too, man. Every time. I'm like, Huh? Whatever.

Then you find something that just inspirational and just gives you that extra push. Because you're right. If someone's just selling chips, is that passionate and give you all these different flavors of how to sell it, how to position it, how to communicate it to his market. Crap. Why can't you do the same with yours?

You have. And so it's almost a no brainer at that point. And so it's you just have to go deeper into yourself and put your big boy pants on. Because, I talked about this before, right? Just this reality, right? What we see is not really what's really going on. It's just what we perceive.

And so we can just moderate our internal selves and not be discouraged. And, we can push through all that. And it's almost, you almost have to become like a robot. You're like, this is what I do. I don't care how I feel if I'm sad. Upset, frustrated, just do the same thing every day, and then pretty soon you'll see the results you change and just grow from there.

So that's what I'm learning more and more as you become more advanced level in your business. You just can't take it personal. Customers drop you left and right. Customers don't pay on time. I don't get, I'll take it personal no more. Mr. Benja. I'm just like, yeah, it is what it is. I just seriously, it's I used to get upset.

It's like, why are they not paying me? Those are all this work we do. Maybe they have a bad time. It's okay. We'll get our money eventually. I used to be really upset about stuff like that, but now I can't be, it's you know what? That's such a distraction to be upset about these little small things because they take away from the bigger opportunity.

And then also, the market's probably trying to tell you something. So maybe, Oh, the reason why they're not buying yet. Maybe there's something that I'm not, I haven't learned yet about this market. So let me figure out what that is. Let me try something else. And so that was to get frustrated too.

Oh man, this is great presentation and they didn't buy what's wrong with them. Are they idiots? No, listen, switch it. So it's almost like I have to, you just. You have to just don't take anything personal. Nothing is personal. It's just all about, signals to understand man, I need to do the process different, right?

Instead of, offering this, maybe offer, some more incentives, man, I need to offer more value because the market will tell you when it wants to buy, you just have to keep changing it till you learn from that. So anyway, so that's, I agree, Mr Bench. It's all about getting hype and staying it.

Engage. YouTube is great for that. If you watch the right YouTube videos, of course, 

Mr.Benja: you ever you ever get blindsided by a certain truth that makes a lot of sense, but you just hadn't looked at all. And it was funny. I was talking to this girl. And I was like, I tried to do X, Y, and Z.

And I'm always having arguments with this guy and we're trying to work together. And and she was like, we're at Starbucks and she's like eating a muffin or whatever. And she's I first met you, you were a jerk. I thought you were real intimidating. I just wanted to leave you alone and never deal with you.

And I was like, huh? It's yeah, I couldn't imagine working with you when you're like that. Cause I was excited. On my, when I'm in my mode, she was like, yeah, I couldn't deal with you. I was like, huh, I get it now that she said it, I could like, stop, look outside of myself and get it. But yeah, man, you don't know what people, what's on people's minds and how they're taking you.

It's a 

Theo Harvey: absolutely good. And I was trying to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, just maybe they're going through a hard time, maybe this is issue. I always try to, Do that and give myself, give them more grace than my initial reaction. But yeah, so I'm learning, just have to, man, you have to evolve because they saying, 

Mr.Benja: Yeah.

So I've been on YouTube, what you've been watching. 

Theo Harvey: Oh man, Invincible, Mr. Benja, have you been checking out the latest Invincible? You 

Mr.Benja: know what? I wanted to wait till all the other episodes finished dropping so I didn't get caught up in the weekly. So I gotta wait till all of them finish and then I'm gonna 

Theo Harvey: go through it.

Guess what? They're done. Okay, good. So you can watch all of them. Yeah, I think I told you when it first came out last year, I went and been binge read, not binge watched, but binge read all of the comic books. And so I know where the story is going, but I tell you, man it's intense.

Just like it was last year. We talked about invincible, the TV show, the Robert Kirkman series about a young superhero. That's, Difficult truths about being a superhero and just like last year it's the same intense intensity in the finale. Like it was not last year, but a couple of years ago with the the big battle that the mean that went around the world, I don't think it's getting a lot of push right now.

I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because the weekly push people are just not talking about as much. I don't know. It seemed like last year, but I just jumped on it. And then all of a sudden this year it got quiet. I don't know. What's the, you're more on these internet X thread streets, Mr.

Benjo. Are they talking about it at all? 

Mr.Benja: I can't remember what was going on around the time that Invincible season two dropped, but I remember it wasn't a big push and there was something else in my mind space that was taking up all the air in the room. Yeah. I'm trying to, I don't think they ever recovered from that initial push and just let it sit.

So now with the second set of episodes coming out, I felt like they just didn't do anything with those either, 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, that's a challenge. So maybe I think what happened to was people caught up on it. The first season was so complete, they did all 10 episodes at the same time.

People jumped back on it. But when you split up seasons like this, but I see why they did. Cause I didn't know these episodes are almost like 40 or 40, 45 minutes long. Animation 45 minutes long is crazy. As a matter of fact, they do a joke in the one of the episodes about how they get some of this.

It's funny. They they talked to a animator in the actual cartoon. He said, Hey, how do you get so many episodes out so fast? And they did jokes and said, Oh, sometimes the artist will put the hand over the mouth of the person. So you can't see it move. Sometimes they do wide shots and they did that in the episode.

Sometimes they use different animators and you saw the animation was different. So it was funny. They did a little joke on how long it takes to get these Invisible episodes out. But yeah, it's a great show, man. I definitely think Robert Kirtman, man. He's got it, man. Between this and the walking dead, this dude is going to be, Eating for a long time, because this is some great stories that you put together.

So he's like a one man band. I think he's what Todd McFarlane wanted to become before he went down the rat hole. Toys. 

Mr.Benja: Toys is big money, man. It's a whole, it's a whole thing. It's not as big as if you make a hit, but it's consistent. It's fun if you get into it and yeah, you can just go off on your own and not do too much.

Of the 

Theo Harvey: normal, you gotta have good stories, man. He's you gotta have good stories. The topic fairly for those that don't know is a great big artist comic book artist and writer in the 90s. He wrote Spider Man. He did that famous cover Craven's last hunt with Spider Man, in the web. And he went off the deep end and just create his own company and, did toys and create a spawn.

But, the story is okay. I don't know. You were a big spawn guy back in the day Mr. Benjamin? Yeah, it was I checked out. It's okay. And then he had three characters. I think that did well. Angel, of course, spawn. And what was it? The clown. Violent. Violator four characters, but that's what I'm saying It's do make some better stories and then we can have more characters of toys that we want to collect 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, he had one of those he had one of those Premises that is like that's good for the first 10 F's 10 issues or whatever and then you're like, okay, where's this go?

And you're stuck, but, he kept running it and I think he just didn't want to make more stories and was fine doing art and making toys. McFarland toys, big wetter toys is now big because of McFarland toys. I don't know if you saw our boy Raphael, he did the 3D Wolverine.

I don't know if you saw that on socials. 

Theo Harvey: No, I ain't seen that yet. 

Mr.Benja: Okay. Yeah, he did a great Wolverine. He did the official black Panther sculpture too. Oh, nice. 

Theo Harvey: Big time. Shout out. 

Mr.Benja: But yeah, man, I'm not I'm not watching anything right now. So I'm churned out. I need to turn back in at some point.

Theo Harvey: Turn in brother. What am I? Is there anything new? I'm trying to watch man. Yeah, it's a Darf, I don't know how you say that but basically it's not a lot out there. I'm trying to watch right now I'm, actually going back to some old shows, but i'm trying to think was there anything that's interesting that came out?

I saw ghostbusters with my daughter the other day. Yeah, nothing You know, they're trying to make it a thing, and this is along the lines of You We definitely need to do this. Was it the entertainment IP index? I think we may have talked about this briefly, but we may have to put that in there.

So they're trying to create a whole IP around ghostbusters. They have, they even have a whole section called ghost corpse. I don't know, Mr. Benjamin, he might be tapped out, but it's only so far you can get with this kind of my, comedy, horror mix. 

Mr.Benja: It's a, it's not a bad idea, but it seems like it's too little too 

Theo Harvey: late.

Yeah. Beyonce, she, the real ghostbusters, that cartoon was fire. I just remember watching every episode. Just man, this is good stuff. It was like, dramatic, they had interesting storylines, development part two episodes. It was really good. I just remember that being a part of the equation, but since that, cause it ran so long to remember it ran like for like years.

But I just don't remember any stories that were relevant. And so it's was it really that 

Mr.Benja: good? Yeah. They were all one shots. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. So anyway, so I think that's the only things that I've been watching, if you 

Mr.Benja: think. So I got this article that That came out from MSN come reading from, I don't know where it was originally sourced from, but, apparently a lot of shows are coming out Ripley fallout on Amazon kaiju number eight Shogun X Men 97 American horror story has new installments.

And this is funny, this article is actually saying, yeah, don't try to have all these streaming services. You need to start churning. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Send that, I send that out to the interwebs and I want to check that out. Yeah, to your point, I guess I am watching X Men 97, but it's is what it is.

This third episode is interesting. I don't know if you checked it out yet, but they're splitting it up. They're telling the same story, but they're doing like featurette stories, like they did with the old episodes. This is Jubilee. Episode. Guess what?

It's a Jubilee episode. So she don't get a full episode. She gets 15 minutes. You think I'm joking? Go check it out. So Jubilee to my point. I know you said, I said this before we had Dr. Chris on, but yeah, Jubilee is not the greatest X Men character and that shows by how much time she was given in her own episode.

Mr.Benja: They're okay. So what happened with her to me is that she was never given a hook of a story. So most characters, you have some sort of tragic hook. Most heroes, I should say superheroes, you have a tragic hook. Spider Man. Yeah. I live with my aunt. We don't even talk about what happened to his parents.

I live with my aunt and my uncle Ben died and I'm a neighborhood New Yorker. I'm just trying to live and make some money off my photography and my science and save some people along the way. And there's this little tragic story about, wow, spider friendly neighborhood, Spider Man. 

Theo Harvey: In my opinion, the best best origin story ever.

Cause in the curses, in the blessing is a curse, and so that, even Batman, yes, he has the curse of his parents dying, but it was almost a compulsion. But it's not he already had the powers. Batman already had the powers. He already had the blessing. He still got cursed.

And so it's not, it's always a reminder. Whereas Superman, he came down and, he just is But, he just has to put it in check. So it's like I'm trying to think of anybody had as great as that's why Spider Man has probably endured the law as long as he has, because probably the greatest intro to your point, if you have a great intro, it's like the rest of the stuff, it doesn't matter almost.

Mr.Benja: I was trying to think of other X Men, but I know the original crew, they get over because. They were the original crew of X Men. So it's Iceman, Angel, Beast, didn't need to know their individual stories. Because, it's hey listen, we were all, shunned from our societies and Professor Xavier brought us together.

That was the glue that held them all together. But then you have somebody who comes later on. It's okay, if you're going to come later on, We need to know what you're about 

Theo Harvey: and jubilee. What were the, what they did? What, but what did they do though? Let's be honest. X Men, if they introduce the character, the way they did was so much mystery, right?

Bishop came, Oh, it was Bishop Gambit. Oh, where's he from? The mall. He's got an accent. Moshiri cable. Oh, who's cable. That's how they, that's how they introduce him. 

Mr.Benja: They went all in on cable. Yes. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. It was just, there's always mysteries, remember they had the ones where they would show a black, a question mark on someone's face.

Who is Bishop related to question mark. And he's Oh, come on. But to your point, you believe she's always been like the audience surrogate. And so it's she's a plot device. Just to introduce you to this world. Number one. And number two, because now she's older and has been around a while, they're just using her as this like internal fun loving girl.

You're always going to be young and she's always going to want to go to the mall hang out, so it's it's almost Hey, she's this character that shirks her responsibility. But like you said there's some, they could do more. I think it's just so many of them.

It's just dope. But this classic ones, Magneto's got some good ones. Of course, Professor X has some good ones. Cyclops and Jean Grey, they always got some shenanigans going on, but I agree, man. It's Yeah, X Men is tough to get that great origin story from Wolverine, but Wolverine saying the issue.

How do I, where did Wolverine come from? We're gonna do origin, Wolverine origin. So you'll know where he came from, right? 

Mr.Benja: I'm not necessarily getting at the fact that you need to know every bit of their history. They just have to be compelling for some reason, and I don't think she was ever given A platform that was very compelling.

So it's a hard problem. For every Deadpool, there's 48 other characters that they tried to introduce that just didn't catch on. So it's not an easy 

Theo Harvey: thing. But Deadpool was a plot device too. Let's be honest. Yeah. Yeah. That's 

Mr.Benja: what I'm saying. It's it's hard to 

Theo Harvey: catch up, mark with my mouth.

Mr.Benja: But he came with the whole weapon X program that we were interested in at the time. He was connected with the new comic book launch of X Force. So we're launching X Force and we have to have a new character come in. It was also Rob Liefeld's 

Theo Harvey: baby. I remember you was so hype about X Force.

You used to go on and on about X Force. That was that and Turok.

Mr.Benja: Don't forget shadow, man. Oh my God. Paddle 

Theo Harvey: man. Yeah, man. You would go on and on by X fours. Oh, x fours. Oh. I was like, oh my God. , 

Mr.Benja: shut him up. , 

Theo Harvey: please. X force comes. Oh my goodness. . But yes. Okay. But I hear your point and we said all that to say, let's go back to what we're watching was that, it's her episode of the X Men 97 to show you how her importance in the X Men universe.

But yeah, those are the ones I'm watching. And then one last thing, Shogun, just not to digress too much. Shogun is another great show you need to go check out. That is really good. It's getting better. But those are the things I'm watching. But yeah, it's not much, Mr. Benja. I wish there was more.

But send me the article. I would love to understand more about how people are Churning out because I'm starting to feel that too is almost like not a lot to watch really 

Mr.Benja: or good quality. I'll turn back in when Westworld returns. Don't do that. It's 

Theo Harvey: a bit. Don't go. Don't go. Don't go in that little crazy loop where you're just on the wall drawing stuff.

Because of Westworld, I see that 

Mr.Benja: break out my clipboard and everything. Yeah, speaking of quitting services and turning back in we were talking about influencers and stuff earlier. So Lizzo, I want to be Lizzo's friend, but not like a close friend. I just want to be Lizzo's friend. But like from far away

you asked me one time what I thought of Lizzo.

And I said that was unfortunate, but I just wanted to say, that's what came to mind. It's like, why did that come to mind? And I started looking at how she's sold. It's, it's not like I ever thought, Patti LaBelle or a lot of these others. It's how she sells herself and it's cringe.

And it's she wants to play off the negative. Anyway, I'm bringing up Lizzo because she says she quit. On Instagram. She said, I quit, I'm done and dah. And I think most people shrugged their shoulders and were like, all right, whatever. And it didn't cause too much of a stink.

And then she comes back on Instagram and walks it back. In a video with lots of cleavage, Lizard 

Theo Harvey: cleavage, the leavage. Wait a minute, that's what had me cracking. I didn't know if you were going to bring it up on here, but in our show notes, you literally put in there walks back, walks to the back of a video with lots of cleavage.

It's that is like, Why is that the defining characteristic of what she talked about in your mind? 

Mr.Benja: Because, okay, she's talking about a serious thing. One mental health, dealing with haters online. Just her whole vibe being about music, negative energy, how we talk to each other. And she comes back and says, when I say quit, I quit giving any negative energy attention, but I'm not going to quit is the joy of my life, which is making music.

I don't know that she actually pushes music. It's it's confusing to me and it's frustrating in a lot of ways. So it just bugged me that she took. As much time as she did to get her face done, her hair done her makeup matches her swimsuit. And I'm looking at it and I'm thinking this message isn't doing what I think you want it to do.

And I honestly can't tell if you're being genuine or not I don't know how much she's pushed music in any major way. She's pushed the music industry genre kind of things happening around it. But I don't know are you trying new sounds? Are you really? Speaking to people on a new level, and maybe she's trying, it's just not working, but dog, these comments were speaking for me, it's everybody says, I thought she posted, I quit for the attention. And energy somebody else said, but wait, she's the one giving off all the negativity. This Barbie girl says she needs to quit wearing clothes that don't fit. And this is from a woman here. So I'm just picking all these comments and this is like a pro black site that posted this.

So her final thing is. I'm not going to quit the joy of my life, which is making music. I don't think that's the joy of her life. Ooh, 

Theo Harvey: Hot take. And you're just going by what she's doing. You're not going by what she's saying. So in your opinion, you think she has a hidden agenda and what's that agenda?

Mr.Benja: It just seems she's out to get attention and come on, dog. Come on. 

Theo Harvey: How much do I let's put it, let's put it plain spoken. I think she's trying to, set, being overweight, of a certain look as a standard of beauty. Which, I don't see anything wrong with that inherent.

Obviously, we're in a different mode now where people are totally against that now. And they're like saying, Hey, does she need to be healthy? Blah, blah, blah. Is she really healthy? This and that. And I think she spearheaded this whole movement of, Hey, we all, big girls need love too.

We all need to, we can still be healthy, even though we're overweight and all this other stuff. And she had a whole reality show about that, but this positivity she put out doesn't. Relate to all her dancers, coming out against her and suing her for not having positivity right behind the scene.

So it's which one of these don't belong is almost incongruent. And so now to your point, she's coming out and saying something that is clearly for the click bait. And then she's, she walks it back and say, I'm not really quitting. I'm just quitting y'all, quitting the negativity.

It's come on. Why did you just say that the first time? It's 

Mr.Benja: tough. If Cardi B were to come out in an outfit like this, as Cardi B looks, if she came out and came out, how she looked and said, Hey y'all, I'm all about the music. I'd be like, not according to this post. If she was wearing, if she was wearing what Lizzo was wearing, 

Theo Harvey: yeah, it's tough, man. Women, I think they get overly judged, though. Let's be fair. And maybe Liz, Lizzo's all, also on the other end. But at the same time, I think she needs to just be more transparent and honest about things, and just be like, look, I'm getting a lot of negativity and hate, may I sit down for a little bit, and not just be something that's so clickbaity.

Mr.Benja: I'll give it to Kanye too. It's no, Kanye is about, Hey, I'm here to make an album, or he'll say, I'm here to make fashion or I'm here to make art. But each of those is in alignment with what he's talking about. He'll even say, I'm here to get people to think or whatever at the time that he's saying it.

She's a bit incongruent. That's all I'm saying. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, like I said, I like her music, I what she, but she's definitely getting some bullets here. Maybe some are self inflicted wounds, on her part, she just needs to go back to being more transparent artists.

Cause that's in the day, man, people. Look at what happened to Doja Cat, right? She changed the whole image. And she was all bubbly and pop and this, she went all demonic and stuff, obviously I'm not letting my daughter listen to her anymore, she was mad cause all her fans left her, but that's authentic to who she is.

Then fine, be who you're going to be as an artist. But I think that's the thing she needs. Eliza needs to just be more transparent with that, cause you're right. I, I'm not on the art side. You're more of the show side of the show versus business. But to me, true artists has to be truthful regardless of what that truth is.

And so you can't, and people need to sniff out untruthness. And then it'd be like, I'm not fooling with you no more. So I don't know. That's just my take on it. 

Mr.Benja: Totally. I don't think Doja Cat is being untruthful. I think she's just being weird and people are like, okay, I'll be over here while you're being weird.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, exactly. That's who she is. That's who she wants to be now and that's fine. Artists can change and evolve. But just be truthful to who you're going to be. And if Lizzo is evolving into somebody that's going to be mean and negative, then be that way. Don't be fake and phony about it. You know what I'm saying?

Look, I'll cuss out anybody. I don't care no more. Actually, 

Mr.Benja: that could be kind of fire. Exactly. Be who you're going to be. I just had an image in my head of Lizzo on stage with some fake body, of some person she's having beef with. And all of a sudden, they talking so much noise that the fake body lights up on fire and she gets out her flute and starts doing the flute dance around the flaming body.

I just 

Theo Harvey: The twerk, the flute twerk that she does. The flute twerk. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, exactly. 

Theo Harvey: Lizzo, see, we're giving you free advice here. Go take it. 

Mr.Benja: Oh, goodness. Sponsored by Dogecat Incorporated. All right. 

Theo Harvey: Mr. Bidger, I got something, man. We're talking about battles and probably about people, throwing flames on folks, man.

Did you know there's been a hot flame battle at Disney right now? Were you aware 

Mr.Benja: of that? I heard some rumblings, but I didn't get the 

Theo Harvey: scoop. Yeah, man. So Disney was involved in a proxy battle on the board. So this is the business side of show versus business, but Disney has a board, these are people who kind of help Disney run the corporate machinations and all that.

So there's about what, six members or so. And Bob Iger as the CEO is the chair of that board. He was now he's more on the board. And so they do what they call corporate governance. Guide direction that, Disney should go. Or recently, because the stock was down and then Bob Iger has been having a hell of a time.

We talked about this in previous episodes of all of shenanigans going on at Disney. They got. They want, there was some what they call activist investors, folks who have money in Disney saying, the board is effing up. Get rid of these jokers. We want to put two of our members on the board, to dictate where Disney can go. So it was run by some billionaires. Of course, this is some billionaire game gaming ship. This is all this is Nelson. I got it here. Nelson Peltz. And then Nelson Peltz is a big time, guy. He's been all over the place, buying big companies, but the name that Nelson Peltz is working with is a name called Ike Perlmutter.

Do you know who Ike Perlmutter is? 

Mr.Benja: Yes, he is the I want to call it. I just called him the mean guy in my just thinking about him, but he was the mean version of a Iger after he left and just was about the money started Making some changes and a lot of people didn't like how he was nickel and diming and became a whole story.

Theo Harvey: Absolutely. So yeah, he was a president of a Marvel right before they sold to Lucas and he was still part of that process. And so he was the one that kind of got Marvel out of bankruptcy cause he was nickel and dime and everything. Marvel had went through some bad times, right? That's why we were licensing.

The fantastic four, we all saw those horrible video, those horrible steals videos of the fantastic four by Robert Corman, right? And that was Ike Perlmutter's business, right? And, that's how Fox got X Men, Sony got Spider Man. Cause they needed the money. Marvel was broke. So when they finally sold to Disney and then Kevin Feige came in and start running the business.

Ike was still part of that process, but he fought Kevin Feige tooth and nail. Matter of fact, he was totally against black Panther. He said, nobody wants to buy black superhero toys. When that happened and Black Panther made a billion dollars, Ike had to go. So anyway, he's still fuming.

He's, he's got money. He ain't hurting. But he's in the 70s, 80s. So what else he gonna do? So he got with some guys and said, Hey, we're gonna go to Disney's Soft. Now we're going to try to go and get some boardship board seats so we can take it over from inside. And so they did this big shenanigans where they were going to try to take over the board.

And Iger, was dealing with a lot of different things. And this is one of the things he was dealing with trying to figure out how to keep these jokers from coming on his board and influencing the direction of Disney. So that's why we saw Iger do a lot of things. We talked about this, he He basically talked about 60 million investment in Disney world to expand upon it and do more with it.

He talked about Hulu and integrated with Disney plus now my stuff that the other Bob one to shape it, one to do Bob Iger pushed it further along, right? Cause he had to make some moves faster. And then he Then he also went to do a bunch of other things and he got Taylor Swift. He paid her some money to do a streaming, concert, basically bought her streaming concert and brought on Disney plus.

So he did all these moves in like less than 90 days. So he can show we're moving forward. And because of that, the stock went up. So when we had, we, I'm calling myself too, cause I am a Disney stockholder full disclosure. You actually get a voting list, right? To who you can vote for. Do you want these jokers?

On the board and so you get your sheet and it's not like a regular voting sheet that you normally see Oh, do you want this person? That person? It says, Hey, do you want this person on board? And but guess what? If you do, that's great because this is who the board wants.

But if you don't, then that sucks. It's so important. So it's almost like I got that thumb on the scale to influence you one way or the other. So in that too, it's just like any voting mechanism. You vote for who you want on the board and the board gives their recommendation and then they also had four other items.

It was weird, man. It was, they had item for more transparency and who Disney gives their money to from a political standpoint. And obviously that came from political reasons. They had some stuff issues around transgender and wondering why Disney was investing so much in transgender education and things that nature.

And and the board was like, no, we don't want any of that transparency vote against that, and so anyway, so I voted. And then they had their call the other day and it was so funny. So they talked, and the board, it was the board chair. He talked, I forgot his name, but he talked and then they gave everyone who was opposed to the board, the two minutes, the guys that wanted a board member, Nelson pelts and the Titan community Titan corporation.

That's the name of the A private equity firm that wanted to get a board seat. He just went on and on. Disney sucks. So many words, Disney sucks. Bob, I got done crap and this is that he went over his time and they interrupt him. Excuse me, sir. Oh yeah. Your time is over.

Please stop. So it was just seeing the fight at that level, it's just funny. It's just a little bit more polite, but it's also mean spirited. And needless to say, I grew one, say he was able to kick those off those guys off his board, but it was interesting to see it played at such a high level.

And so Disney is okay for now, we'll see. 

Mr.Benja: I like how I like how I gave this quote, remind it said, as Iger reminded investors in the video. As we gather today, we stand on a far more solid foundation, which has been fortified by our ambitious course of action over the past year.

We're once again, building for growth. It's like statements like that. You're like, Oh wait, if you weren't building for growth before then what was going on? Oh yeah. Yeah, shouldn't guess. Kicking up the pieces. , I just talk. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Corporate speak, man. But it was so after we did the voting, then Iger did this whole presentation on what they were doing.

So all the investments in Fortnite. Yeah, all the new movies, Deadpool coming out. So really pushing how Moana twos coming out with Dwayne the Rock Johnson, the original cast. And so just really trying to pump up. Disney and where it's going for the future. Outside is this battle that he had to fight.

So it's interesting to see is Disney safe? I don't know, Mr. Benji. I still think they, that they're soft. They don't have enough in it being an entertainment business right now. It's tough. I just see that more and more. Not only do you have technology AI bubbling up trying to take over, but then you also have the big tech companies, get into your business and then also you have YouTube and stuff, really analyzing your audience because YouTube is the most watched streaming service as we discussed previously.

So it's the kids really want to watch movies anymore. Do they want to watch TV? So it's what stories are you telling? That's going to be more compelling. If it's not, if it's out, if it's outside of IP, nobody's watching it. If it's not something they already know about or interested in.

So Disney is, finds itself in a very unique, precarious situation. And so we shall see, we'll keep up to date on the business side of where Disney could be going. 

Mr.Benja: Good. Speaking to AI So this is a funny story to be we're having, we're starting to have an AI video battle come into play where everybody's wondering what's going to be that next level.

And once I think AI video could be a very big thing, but the interesting part here is that you've got meta, you've got YouTube and you've got open AI and open AI has this technology called Sora, which has been putting out little Hey, we made this all in AI. They're putting out a couple of videos here, getting everybody salivating crazy.

There's crazy interested in what this AI video could mean. And this is open AI, a group that's not a video service. I suppose Microsoft has a ton of video they have access to from somewhere, but YouTube and meta, which is Instagram and Facebook, they have all the video data. And YouTube.

The CEO came out and was like, Hey they better not be getting information video information from us. I'm just saying, it's just, they just better not be getting video information from us because that'd be against the terms of service. And it could be very bad. And it's funny, they go back and ask open AI.

It's Hey, where are you getting your data from? And the head, one of the head people over there, it's I don't know. Don't know, so it's just Oh, 

Theo Harvey: Hey, wait a minute. Head of technology over there. It doesn't know where to train their AI models from. Did 

Mr.Benja: she say she didn't know or she wasn't sure where it came from?

But she gave a very dodgy answer. And yes her face seemed I don't know. It was, it's 

Theo Harvey: suspect suss, as the kids say. Nah, man, I think, yeah, it's so obvious that. Open AI has been gathering data for years, soaking up all this data for training, but now that the cat's out the bag, everybody had been locking down their data sets.

And so it'd be interesting to see how open AI stays competitive, in this market cause you saw, I don't know if you saw Amazon just put 2 billion, 2. 8 billion, I think, into at the Morphic, which is a competitor to open AI. They have their Claude. I don't know if you saw their Claude version.

Of chat GPT. It's supposed to be even better than open AI chat GPT because it's a faster model, but I think that's what we're going to see battles of, look, these tech giants look, we got more data than God. We can't let open AI come in here with some shenanigans.

They may have got ahead of us, but guess what? They ain't gonna get this data no more best belief with Google. And Matt, we're Google. We're the ones that came up with the concept of how to create large language models with transformers. So what the hell are you talking about? What you going 

Mr.Benja: to do without our data?

Theo Harvey: What you going to do? Exactly. That's what we're getting against. And so you see Sam Altman, you only saw some of the shenanigans he's up to. He's a leader of CEO of open AI. He's talking about he wants to get 4 trillion to build his own chips. I think there was some secret. I saw something recently about him getting with Johnny Ivy from Apple to create some kind of personalized AI device.

He's man, we gotta. Do something else, the partner with folks that do something bigger. Cause the big guys are coming, cause they just, they like on their own and we're a nonprofit for a long time. So now they have to get, they're not tied.

The only one they're tied to is really Microsoft. Even Microsoft is didn't Microsoft invest in some AI company too? I think they invested in and bought over some AI. There was a big news on that recently too. Yeah, it's AI stuff. Yeah, it was, they got 2 billion for what they were doing and shoot.

If I can get my email up, I can figure out who that was. But yeah, man it's, I don't know, Mr. Benja what's your overall take on the I guess we have a new segment. We don't really have segments really anymore, but new section, we need to call it the AI wars, man. What, where's this all going to end up, man?

It's like these big titans are fighting on this high level. We have no idea how this is going to affect us longterm. And that's what's going on. 

Mr.Benja: We're just getting dragged along for the ride and they need more data than is currently available. And that's all I know. 

Theo Harvey: I agree. This is where we're at right now.

And we're in a situation where I just don't know what they're doing. That's the scary part. 

Mr.Benja: I didn't say any more of that because we're low on time 

Theo Harvey: though. Okay. Yeah, we'll get into another time. Yeah, I can't remember the name of the company, but we'll check it out. Mr. Benjamin. Man. 

Mr.Benja: Real quick, we got to watch out for Apple too, man.

Cause Apple's been, Apple shifted away from their Apple car and now they're going to Apple AI. So we'll see what 

Theo Harvey: happens. Meta is no longer meta, right? Metaverse to go on AI. So yeah, man, this is class of the Titans, man. And I hope to God that this is all going to turn into a mess because they don't know how to get stuff together.

That's my hope because it's like, It's too much money. Billions of dollars. This is ridiculous. But anyway, Mr. Benja we'll talk about it later. Everyone. Thank you for listening. We're going to go ahead and end it today, but look, I hope you enjoyed this. Please like subscribe and comment and show versus business on X YouTube and Instagram.

Listen to us at Spotify, iTunes, wherever you listen to podcasts, go visit us at our website, show versus business. Mr. Benja have a great week. Peace.