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SvB: Ep161 X-Men '97 Updates, CinemaCon, and some Marketing Discussion

April 15, 2024 Theo Harvey | Mr Benja
SvB: Ep161 X-Men '97 Updates, CinemaCon, and some Marketing Discussion
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Show Vs. Business
SvB: Ep161 X-Men '97 Updates, CinemaCon, and some Marketing Discussion
Apr 15, 2024
Theo Harvey | Mr Benja

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja will be talking about X-Men '97, a discussion thread on CinemaCon and some Marketing Discussion from the two gentlemen!

A chill episode indeed so go grab some coffee or tea and tune-in!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Show Notes Transcript

This week at Show vs Business, @the_real_theo_harvey and @mrbenja will be talking about X-Men '97, a discussion thread on CinemaCon and some Marketing Discussion from the two gentlemen!

A chill episode indeed so go grab some coffee or tea and tune-in!


Show vs. Business is your weekly take on Pop Culture from two very different perspectives. Your hosts Theo and  Mr. Benja provide all the relevant info to get your week started right.


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Theo Harvey: This is Show vs. Business, where pop culture meets pop money, with your hosts, the real Theo Harvey and Mr. Benja. Come with all the great information. So Mr. Binja, what are we going to cover today? 

Mr.Benja: Hey man, as always, we got some good stuff, and it's just been good, man. We were messing up with the numbers earlier, and it was like, What episode are we on?

One 60. 1 61. We lost count basically. So it's definitely been going good. We're still keeping it flowing. What we got for this week we're gonna catch up on some X-Men 97 CinemaCon had some news coming out. We just wanna catch you up on some of the Hollywood media and things that have been happening.

We. Also some virtual work stories that are pretty interesting. We don't really talk about globalization too much, but it's been sliding in the cracks with all these discussions we've been having. So I want to get in on that a little bit and, we'll just chop it up a little bit and see what happens today.

How you doing, man? 

Theo Harvey: Man, I am feeling wonderful, man. We are filming this, doing this on a day that we typically don't. So it's a little bit different vibe today, but I'm loving it, man. This is more of a serene vibe when we film this today, but I also, 

Mr.Benja: You asked me, you said, hey, you feeling hype.

It's early in the morning for me and I'm like, hey, that's about the hype. It's going to be all day. Everything

Theo Harvey: will be hyped today. Yeah, I was just looking at it, man. 161, man. We're getting up there, man. He's still got a long ways to go before Joe Rogan. I think he's got 2000 episodes out there, but I'm feeling it, man. They say you don't really start getting good with your podcast and you hit the one 75 Mark.

So we're getting there, Mr. Benja we're getting there. 

Mr.Benja: So Joe Rogan has 2, 135 episodes. 158 of those are purely MMA shows and 58 of those are purely his fight companion shows. So he actually. Every once in a while, he'll just say, this is a pure MMA show. And it's, it feels totally different, but interesting that he has, he just divvies it up like that every so often.

And there's so many that it's just yeah, whatever. Keep doing it. 

Theo Harvey: Jeez. That's what he does. How many episodes does he drop a week? Do you know off the top of your head? 

Mr.Benja: Three a week. 

Theo Harvey: Oh, wow. Three a week. And they're each roughly what hour, a couple hours long. 

Mr.Benja: Minimum is like two hours. I've seen important people, important people, are busy like the rock during a press tour.

He'll come in there and stay for maybe an hour and a half hour 45. So once in a while, he'll get people that are only in for really quick. They got to do something and then they got to bounce. The longest I've run across is like four hours, 20 minutes. Wow. 

Theo Harvey: That's a lot. That's almost up there with that club.

Shay interview with with Kat Williams. So yeah. But you know what, we always talk about this. So you talk about how my week was right. Just dive in deep into marketing, man. The more I realized, man, it's just like, how can I create more content and just create go deeper because the more people spend time with you.

The more likely they're going to know and trust you. And when you think about people who put out all this massive amount of content out there, man, those are the ones who are dominating our industry. You look at Grant Cardone, he was always on, or folks that constantly put content out.

They're the ones that are probably winning right now. And it's this is interesting to me. And it's like the old way of selling. I don't think that works anymore, man. Cause like someone tried to sell me something the other day. I was like, Oh yeah, I'm going to do it. Then I got distracted.

So I do it later and I get so frustrated. Yeah, I get so frustrated when people do that to me. And then I thought, huh, I do that to other people too. It's not like you don't want the offer. It's more like, Something else grabbed your attention. He said, okay, I know what this is. This is a known quantity. I don't know what this is.

I need to focus on that. And I get back to that later. And I was like, Oh, so that's why I can't get frustrated with my potential customers do the same thing. So the best way to do it is just become someone that they see all the time. It's always in the back of their mind. Oh, I got to call Theo. I got to call Theo.

He's got something I want to talk to him about. And then eventually when they're ready, then they'll be like, okay, let's do this right now. So I think that's. It's always been my mind shift lately, but it's been more. So as I've been going deep in the waters on this marketing stuff, man, I can't even tell you, we can get dorky later, but yeah, just how deep I'm getting this crazy.

Mr.Benja: No, it's great, man. I love that. I'm there with you. Jumping back between some of the classics. To, we talked about zigzag, jumping back between some of the classics and then some of the newer age people, what they're learning from today and what they're bridging and how people are doing it.

I've been obviously, about PT Barnum and all that stuff. I'm thinking about how he had this Kanye kind of way of going about things where. It's not a bad tactic. It's just an alternate tactic to the constantly being out there. So like your Walmart, your target or whatever, that's going to always be there.

And you're like, you see it so much, you're like, yeah, let me just go get something from there. And then there's your every once in a while, they show up out of nowhere, the circus, and it's like this big event, they raise the tent. It's like when Kanye shows up, he's yeah, I'm doing this, and this, and everybody's oh my God, who is this guy?

Why does he? And then he'll delete everything from Instagram, Twitter, and then just be gone for, five, six months and you're like, so when I was doing my 20 percent focus thing, I was just like, let me pull back for a second. It's just dip. And I've been hitting individual people up.

Which would what Kanye does when he hits up like tie dollar sign or Dove Charney or whoever, he just hits up these individual people and like confers with them. So he still stays connected. But he's not all out there. So for the, for this quarter, I'm actually going to try that just disappearing and then popping up.

And think I like the way this play goes. Cause I'm just planning stuff. And I'm like, okay, this is when this drops, it's just going to, So I'm trying that out. So I don't know if you've got anything for me recently. 

Theo Harvey: No, I haven't actually, I've been missing the the email.

Mr.Benja: put something in the physical mail 

Theo Harvey: oh, okay. Yeah. May I haven't looked in a minute? I have checked my mail. It's tax season right now, man. I'm just hits that stuff too. So I don't want no more bills coming my way taxes this year. But no, I love it, man. It's good to go back to the old classics too.

Like matter of fact, I was pulling up pull this up. The Ogilvy on advertisement book, right? So I was pulling up and I was looked at some stuff he was saying, and he said that things that these new age guys are saying, he said, you know what, people make an emotional decision first and then they justify it with logic.

And so I was like, dude this came out in 1980. What's going on here, man. So it's like, all this stuff is become more and more relevant for folks and it doesn't go out of style. It's just human nature. Doesn't change. It's just the technology changes. So stuff like that, I'm kind to, Like you said, go back to the, what they call first principles, right?

These timeless principles that don't change when it comes to reaching out and communicating with people. And and then another thing of philosophy I just came up with. I was watching Saturday night live the other this morning, I recorded and watch it. I, that's one thing I still watch Saturday night live.

I don't know why after all this time, but Caitlin Clark, you heard of Caitlin Clark, right? I know even you've heard of her, right? 

Mr.Benja: Who is. I'm sure I have. I just don't, the name's not clicking on 

Theo Harvey: the female basketball player that shoots on the shot. See? Yeah. See, you know her though. And you don't watch sports like that.

It's like almost, but she's permeated the zeitgeist enough. And now she has become a person that You call it remarkable, right? I know that's your kind of your phrase, but someone that draws attention and I just, it dawned on me and said, don't matter what you do, if you can just become a person that draws attention and basically that's either war class skill or the way you just attract people that there's always going to be a door is open for you to do other, be on platforms and stuff.

And here, she's a football player with no, a woman's basketball player, right? This is such an obscure sport. And all of a sudden she's permeated, became. Attention, someone that people are attracted to. So guess what people want to be a part of that process. And so to me, it's man, you could be like the best juggler in the world, people pay attention to that.

Guess what? You're going to be on the next TV show. 

Mr.Benja: Speaking of which, that reminds me of what was it? I forgot who was explaining it. But they were basically saying like in the New York news scene where you have you're big NBC towers and all that. 30 rock and all that.

They've got so much going on what they do. And Grant Cardone was talking about this powers. They called him up and they're like, Hey, there's a segment on real estate. We know you're in the area. You're going to be doing this and this. So we got you booked on one of these morning shows if you want it.

And he's great, I'm in, I'll be talking about real estate and this and that. And then six hours before, Or the night before he was supposed to show up in the morning, they were like, Hey, we want to have you to talk on a, this football thing. And he's I don't even watch football, and they're like, yeah, but the real estate thing, we changed the story, whatever he gets through the studio. And 

Theo Harvey: they told 

Mr.Benja: him like, and they told him like, Hey, we want to have you on talking about this and that he's okay, I have a family. I can talk about children and all that. I can do it from that angle.

And he's yeah. Yeah, the way he was presenting it was like they could have, he could have jumped out of the process at any point, but it was just like, wait a minute. I'm just the guy getting attention. I could go get attention any way I want and still funnel it back to me. It all still works. So that was a prime example of what you were talking about.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, man. Absolutely. So it's like I'm realizing and that's the next phase. For me, Q2 is about obviously getting more attention, more leads into the business. So I've been focused on that. I'm even contemplating writing another book, Mr. Benjamin book, like a buddy what's his name?

The one that you've been deep diving in for Sullivan every 90 days. It's got a little mini book or something to come out. I said, I got another idea that I could probably pump out and just, create a workbook around and, like workshop around. And so to get people excited, cause just having new ideas and content, I think that's the key.

And that's how you become what Daniel Priestly talks about as a key person to influence. You always have to have constant. Ideas and thoughts are out there into the zeitgeist, right? And that people say, Oh, wow, this guy doesn't just talk to talk. He writes books. He's out there. He's on panels.

He's discussion. Now, all of a sudden you become that person that tracks attention and you don't have to seek it as much because people are following you. And so that's like my core, this cute goal, personal goals to become more that key person influence, right? Just put it more.

Thoughtful content out there. What is books, videos, things like that, and also driving more leads into my business. So yeah, Q2 is here. I went deep dive on my weekly goals and, I'm super excited about that. So yeah, man, you need to come down Mr. Benjamin, the Tampa man and may, man, we've got to go hang out with Daniel Priestley and Dr.

Benjamin Hardy, man. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Nika maples too. Don't forget. 

Theo Harvey: Yep. Yep. Maples. I don't know her as well, but I might go check out some of her videos if you think she's worth the listen. No. 

Mr.Benja: I'm just on the writing thing right now. She's a. She was talking about writing. So that's all.

Theo Harvey: Oh, really? Okay. I might check her out then. So I need to might be pure garbage. I don't know

But anyway, so that's what's been going on with me mr. Ben Joe, what about you man? How anything else going on this week for you? 

Mr.Benja: Not mad just as I said, heads down that 20 percent action you know just I found out that like we were talking about Dan Sullivan. I went found some more of his books there's some out of print stuff that I went to eBay and like some random bookstores online had to find a few of his books.

So like all these concepts, man, a lot of them, he just put into little books and just let go. But yeah, I got some out of print books of his, some some more of his PDFs, that he put out there for free that he doesn't put out for free anymore. So they're just floating around the internet.

Yeah, so that's what I've been doing, man. Just deep diving on that and the whole getting the books out thing. That's. I think that's powerful in different ways, not just in the ways we've talked. I think I'm seeing something else that I could do with it. So for the moment, I'm going dark on that.

Theo Harvey: Gotcha. 

Mr.Benja: Gotcha. 

Theo Harvey: I love that man. And then, more I think about too, when you write, it does help you your thoughts into a process flow and communicate a little bit better because now you're writing for an audience. So you're a little bit more thoughtful about what you write. Yeah. And then also it helps you flesh out your ideas a little bit more.

And so when you do talk about this stuff from your book, you've got a complete thought and communication style. I'm a more of an off the cuff kind of guy sometimes. So I'm trying to, get more thoughtful about, some of the things I want to talk about. And then also I think if you really play this out, Mr.

Benjamin, you can really create your brand because you can sprinkle the same themes over and over in your book. And so it becomes like, Oh man, He's talking about this, but it's of a piece, right? He's talking about this version of it. It's the people, the blind folks who touch an elephant, right?

One touches trunk. I would say it's a snake, one touches, his leg. It's It's a trunk to trunk, so it's that's what you become, everybody sees different parts of you, but then it's all an elephant, right? Peace. And so I'm thinking about what's my long term vision, my philosophy of life that could, you know, Books.

But then now they'd be like, Oh, I understand. It's interesting. So those are some of the things I'm thinking about too, because, this is a long term play. You got to play what what's his Simon said, Nick, he talks about the infinite game, right? You know how the long, The more long term that you think, this, the better you have when it comes to business and just in life.

So yeah, more to come on that man. So yeah, man, super excited about everything. So that's been, some of the fun stuff, man, that's been, that I've been focused on. And yeah, it's fun to learn and go deep in this stuff. Like I said, you and I didn't major in marketing and sales.

So this is interesting. This is What we do, 

Mr.Benja: I thought I would ever do what's great to me is running into marketers who don't know what they're talking about, like practically we've gone out there and Oh, okay. I'm seeing this. I'm noticing this. And even in a field that I'm not into, it's like finding those other people that think they're into it just by name only.

And I realized that, Oh, this is a whole different game. I was talking to this person like, yeah, I'm into marketing. I got, got my degree and all this. I'm like, okay, Hey, what do you think about Gary Vee in his position on? And she was like, who's that? I'm like, wait, what?

And then we're talking and it's what do you think about? In my class, I learned that you're supposed to, put something out and this and that Yeah. What about zoom? And she's Oh you can still do a presentation in PowerPoint through zoom.

And this, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I just saw whatever corporate class structure she was in that it was just, it's just fascinating seeing it from the outside. And people who are what was our old term? Bustas.

Theo Harvey: What's the technical term? The scientific term? Yeah, man, we both came from corporate America and we know that corporate America doesn't give you the full scope of everything. Cause Probably because you're just not responsible for everything. You just have one piece of the puzzle. So you never fully understand everything.

You're not building the whole pipe. You got a section of the pipe. So when you are an entrepreneur, you have to understand the whole pipe construction, right? You may not have to do every part super well, but you understand it. And so that's the powerful thing. So for instance, I saw this documentary on freak Nick that just came out on Hulu.

I don't know if you saw that or watch that. So yeah, if you don't know, Freedman was this big party in Atlanta during it was called originally was a black college spring break or weekend or whatever. And It was this big thing that, became more and more something a little bit more freakier than people want it.

And a lot of women, unfortunately got accosted and stuff like that, but it was like a big thing, Atlanta, at the time. And so they went to the history of that and all that. And I was listening to it and I was like, they talked about outcasts, right? So when freak Nick had first started to get prominence in 93, because you remember we came at fam around 94, that's when, freak Nick, they actually, the street team went out there and got samples and gave it out to all the kids.

And the kids would just listen to little bits and pieces of the song and everybody's bumping it because in freak Nick, you couldn't really drive anywhere. Everything was so crowded. Everybody just sat in the cars all day. So everybody was bumping outcasts in their. in their cars. And unique thing was that these were kids from not just Atlanta, but from all over the country, black kids from all the country.

So when they heard that enjoyed it, liked it, they took it back to Connecticut or to California. And then they got it. They exposed everyone else. Oh, you didn't hear about this outcast. And so that's when outcasts really became, known and really Southern Hip hop really became big because of Frick Nick.

So I thought about that. I said, man, that's marketing one on one. They gave him a sample and they gave him something free. So people saw, listen to it. They found their pool of art. Did they knew exactly who their market was, which is a bunch of college students. And they were conjugated in one place as a pool of people that they could.

Conjugate and get out to pretty quickly. And then those people became viral marketers for them in different pockets across the country. And so now you wonder why, I cast was known because it just made sense from a marketing standpoint. And so when you start seeing it, in all the different things you did back in the days Oh, that's how all that worked.

So you're like, okay, now I'm seeing how this works. So yeah, to your point, man, the practicality of running this stuff versus the theory is always way better. Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, man. Two minutes into figuring out how to do a presentation. You're like wait a minute, how do I set up the software? Maybe you got to go fix it.

And okay, I got the software and this and that. Oh, wait, I don't have people on my email list. How do I get. And there's this whole back and forth. You got to keep doing to make sure the whole pipe is working. And would 

Theo Harvey: you say I get to, or would you say so I can, then you say that sick or something like you call it sick 

Mr.Benja: chain.

So I can do this so I can do this so I can do this. And then once you've got all those pieces laid out, it makes every piece. more more acceptable to me. I can embrace each piece more because I know, oh, I'm doing this so I can do that. And it doesn't feel like, why am I here? This sucks. I hate this.

Theo Harvey: I just recently I have built out, the process. This ain't working like it should. So I actually went to the guy who I learned the process from and said, look, how much you charge an hour. Let me just get an hour of your time so you can help me get through this real quick. And boom, we sat down for an hour to do this.

I said, yep, here it is. He said check up with me again. So I was like that's exactly right. You just want to get the product. You got the product, you do the process as much as you can. And if it's not working right, then you go. And he gave me a bunch of other stuff that he didn't even talk about.

In this videos and all this other stuff. So I was like, there you go. Yeah I'm super hype. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, I I recently did that for a web guy. Speaking of Shopify and stuff like that. I was like, Hey, wait a minute. Just get a guy for an hour and he starts talking about X, Y, and Z.

I'm like, Listen, buddy, back on time.

Theo Harvey: And then when I had him, he answered a lot of my questions for the initial thing. I said I got you here. How you do this and how you do that? And he got, I was like cool. And he said Yeah, we're recording this. I'll see you record. I said, don't worry. I still, I'm going to still write notes just in case I don't get all this information.

So yeah, man that's, yeah, that's the beautiful thing about the practicality of understanding this stuff. So yeah, man. Wow. Good stuff, man. Anything else, man? 

Mr.Benja: I know you haven't been all All heads down. You've been taking a little break. You took so much, you were so excited about this little fun moment of life that you actually hit me up and were like, you got to watch this before we record.

And I fought back and I was like, man. I told you I'm not watching X Men 97. You're like, gotta get on it. Gotta get on it. Don't know. Do you actually think I watched it? I don't even know. I was still debating. 

Theo Harvey: You watched it. 

Mr.Benja: I did . Yes. 

Theo Harvey: Wait a minute. Let me ask you a question.

Mr.Benja: Theo has some peer pressure credit here. I can I'll accept it. 

Theo Harvey: It started, from Dr. Chris, he's, ever since we talked out, he's been ping me every day about stuff, man. So I, he pinged me first. I was like, because I was, okay, I'll get to it. I get to it and then, I heard about it and stuff like that.

And, there was some rumblings on the internet. So I went to go watch it too. First let me just say, was it worth it for you to watch it? 

Mr.Benja: Yes and no for your basic answer, I'm going to say no it wasn't worth it because I just wanted to watch it all at once and really soak it in.

I didn't want to do the whole week follow on people, but then because so many people that I'm. I'm around are talking rumblings about it. It's okay, I can't have the, can't have the FOMO. Can't have the, 

Theo Harvey: so it wasn't just me. No, it wasn't just me. 

Mr.Benja: Oh, you're the primary guy. Don't worry. Oh,

the primary peer pressure guy. But no I watched it. People were talking and rumblings were starting to come up. So I was like, okay, it's good that I'm in here watching this. If it was like invincible or something, which I still haven't finished. I would have waited but no I checked it out.

And one reason I checked it out is because they said there were. There are possible spoilers and what I didn't want is to watch it later and have that kind of messed up So 

Theo Harvey: yeah, they were setting some stuff up. So high level. Mr. Benja. Appreciate you Watching it so we can go a little deep.

So everyone we probably will get into spoilers for x men 97 So please be forewarned as we go into this episode. Remember it episode five, and we're probably going to spoilers into all the previous estimate 97 and maybe the previous iteration of X Men, the cartoon series, anime series. So Mr Benja.

Mr.Benja: We're even going to throw in a little on the trailer. 

Theo Harvey: The trailer came out. 


Theo Harvey: didn't see that yet. 

Mr.Benja: There was a mid season trailer that actually had spoilers in it. I thought you had seen that. 

Theo Harvey: Oh, I see that one. Oh okay. You can go ahead. We'll spoil that. I'll check it out later.

Yeah. Trailers you can't spoil too much, but Mr. Benja yeah, man, remember it. If you haven't seen it, go check it out. We don't really do like a recap per se but basically this is based on Grant Morrison's run of X Men about the island of Genosha. Is that how you pronounce Genosha?

Is that how you pronounce it? Genosha. Genosha. This is, yeah, Genosha. So this, it got me confused because there's another island now. What the X Men is called Caracoa Caracoa, but this is the, yeah, this is the original one, Genosha, that we all loved and grew. Greg Morrison, great, comic book writer, but he's put some freaky ideas in every comic book he's ever written, even Superman.

But anyway, he came off his run was after the legendary Chris Claremont. Run and all the great things that care a lot did so he came in and changed things up and he created this whole island 16 million mutants Living, you know peacefully without human beings trying to mess with them And this is based on that somewhat and so they bring back all the characters that we they built up over this time with magneto So first they had the love triangle right between magneto rogue and gambit and we, I think we saw that coming, okay, this is the one that probably going to come to your head and did it come to your head?

Oh boy. So Mr. Benja, that was the crux of them going to Genosha and then being a part of that environment and then getting resolution on where this love triangle will end up. And that's the premise of where we start this whole episode. So when you went in, Mr.

Benja did you get a sense that this is going to be I didn't know anything about going into that. It was going to be something deep, but did you go in thinking that this is going to be a great episode or something unique and different about this one? 

Mr.Benja: Oh, what clued me up, what clued me in was the, I won't call it a full on filler episode, but what clued me in was the Jubilee episode with the Motendo.

And Mojo is showing up in the episode before, cause I'm used to these, I'm used to the serial format now, which is interesting seeing old X Men in like the new serial streaming format. I was like, Oh, look, they went and put in the The in between episodes. So you can just pause for a second on the main story.

And if you've been watching daredevil any of the Marvel shows or whatever, they just always stick in an episode. That's not really part of the continuous story, but anyway, this one was jubilee. And I was like, okay, so we're just going to pause for a moment, have jubilee, hang out, do whatever she does and getting her little love story.

And then suddenly when we come back, I'm not exactly sure why they do that the way they do, but. When they come back, it's going to be a little bit of a banger. So right when I was right, when I was ready to get back into the show, I'm like, all right, here we go back to the action. I felt something. And yeah, the cameos, some of the animation on some parts it was just, it was dense.

That's what I'll say. There was a lot in there and they whipped through it quickly. I actually had to jump back and rewind it 1 or 2 times because I was like, oh, wait, maybe I should go back and watch the episode of. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, it was only 30 some minutes but felt a lot longer that episode I could remember watching it I was like, oh shoot.

We still got enough 15 minutes. Oh, this is a lot of information. But yeah you know We'll go back to the Jubilee episode. That was 15 minutes. And I was talking to Dr. Chris about that. He said, Oh, so aren't you super excited about Jubilee? I said, no, she only got 15 minute episode, man. She's still not a great character.

Then I even went ham. I even went harder. I said, look at dazzler. She showed up in this, like this next episode. What are the cameos? She's a version of Jubilee. What's the difference? Jubilee is from the eighties. Dazza's from the nineties. There you go. I had him crack it up, but I, I digress.

I just, Jubilee is not a great character to me. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, basically. 

Theo Harvey: And they do it too. They put 15 minutes thinking 

Mr.Benja: for 15 minutes, 

Theo Harvey: 15 minutes, show what you can do. 

Mr.Benja: Okay. Wait what episode was the Was the kitchen when when Jean kissed Wolverine, whatever. So was that it? 

Theo Harvey: It was this one. That was this one.

They remember it. There's that to happen on this one. I didn't even get into that love triangle. I, the main triangle was obviously Magneto me. So many Magneto rogue and Gambit, but yeah, they also doing the the traditional one that we all know and love Jean gray and wolverine, but yeah, But what got me for this one?

Like you said the cameos and the first cameo they popped up was a nightcrawler and That's the character that works. I've been wrote shopping this for a while and we talked about it with Dr. Chris. Great character to me is man, the blessing and the curse, right? And everything that they do, he's devout, very devout, religious person, pleasing God.

But guess what? He looks like the devil. Perfect. So it's that's what makes a great character. And then he's always so soulful and he was talking to him and I was like, okay, this is some good writing. So that's what kind of. Cue me in to this could be something bigger. Cause the first of all, this is going to go to your notes to hang out, have a good time.

And then they did that scene. And then they had the whole scene where Magneto was waxing poetic, but how he met Charles Xavier and he zoomed in on the liquor glass while he was talking. It was just like, what is this? Is this an art house? 

Mr.Benja: They got me because I actually thought it was going to be the Magneto turn, where he's like, all right, now I got y'all together.

We all bad guys. And it didn't play out that way. It may still, but it didn't play out exactly that way. And I was like, Oh 

Theo Harvey: yeah, because they had the whole hellfire club, which we know it always up to some mannequins, right? We had the white queen. We had what's his name? Yeah them jokers.

Yeah. You thought he's going to get Magneto was going to get pulled back into, his old, but I like how he talked about that, but that was good. And then the rogue and gambit scene, I thought that was very powerful. It was subtle. It was soap operas, Oh, you can't touch me.

You can't feel me. Love is, bigger than skin touch, but I was like, man, this is pretty insightful. And then you saw the cards he was throwing in right into the. Into the fire. They were the queen of hearts and the queen had hair, red hair. I don't know the hair, like rogue, excuse me, not red hair.

So it was like, just subtle touches. They were like, like trying to build up this relationship as something great. And, we understood where rogue stood. We understood what Remy stood and we understood, Magneto what he wanted. And so I thought that was like, Great stakes, man.

Everything was set. So I'm thinking this is all it's going to be just a nice little, soap opera. But then you got to sit in those, got to show up Mr. Benji. Yeah. And if you read the Grant Morrison run, it basically was what very similar to the little insect looking Sentinel, with the little praying mantis.

Mr.Benja: They called it the Kaiju Sentinel online. Yeah. That sound, I got to give it to him. The sound quality on that guy was excellent. Just the way the laser blast and the gears turning for some reason, it just really made it feel that much more powerful. 

Theo Harvey: I had to watch that again, man. Then when Ro showed up, remember the eyes flat red, in the darkness.

So she's what's that? Yeah, man. So it's just, they set everything up to just be something more very memorable, excuse me. And so that they could be super excited about it. But one of the things that we want to take backseat a little bit, the whole Madeline Pryor, Scott Summers, a fair in the mind.

That was interesting. What are you guys doing? A big floating head, what are you guys doing in this bedroom?

And then of course Wolverine finally getting a kiss from Jean gray. Yeah. They'll be in a little, the dirty Mac of dirt, all dirty Macs. 

Mr.Benja: So to be clear, a lot of people, when we talked about they didn't like Wolverine and they're more kind of team Cyclops in in this new era. But now they're like, yeah, he's always creeping on Jean.

She never really, reflected any emotion towards him. That's out of the window now because Jean was like, Hey, Let me get a little taste. I love 

Theo Harvey: it. Yeah. But let's be honest. If you look at the old cartoon, Wolverine and Gambit can seem a little me too ish, it's like the little pushy little, catchy grabby and all that kind of stuff.

But that was the 90s. And so now they're trying to update it. And the the writer, man he got fired. Beau, what's his name? I forgot his last name, but he's the big guy. He went actually on the internet and just went all ham on on how he wrote this episode and how he wanted to change the characters really explained himself and hopefully he can come back because it's such a well written episode.

But he said he had to update the characters, right? Because a lot of them would not. Make sense here in our accessibility of 2024. So kudos to them to think through that and making a Wolverine and gambit a little bit more easier to handle characters than some of the more problematic, entry into the series.

Yeah. So we got a little bit of Scott and Jean gray kind of thing going on. So that was interesting, but yeah. So we go back to the Sentinel action, man. So yeah, Sentinels do what they do, man. They were Merkin folk. Did you see How'd you feel about that whole episode? I seen where they're just trying to fight the sentinels and everybody's doing the best they can, but they're losing.

We're seeing losses, like people actually dying, that kind of take you, the States kind of start to rise up a little bit for you when you saw that happening or, but again, this is a comic book. Cartoon so we know what happens to comic book tv shows and movies when people die But what are your thoughts on that and how that happened out turned out?

Mr.Benja: Are we talking about the death or just 

Theo Harvey: let's talk about just yeah, how it was just escalating, we saw Callis was a calypso. She was dead, Callisto. Yeah, and saw other folks starting to, not make it. The Sentinel is just going to town now in the comic book.

It pretty much the Sentinel just, killed everybody on the Island. I think it went from what? 11 million. Cause I recently just reread it 11 million X Men and then went down to zero, in no time. Yeah, man. Yeah, I thought it's okay. They're escalating this and we've seen, magneto battle, we've seen ro, we've seen Remy.

I said, okay, what are they gonna do here? And man, they, we saw Magneto, right? Go back into his, his bag of tricks, man, getting that whip, taking that train, making it a whip. And it's starting this get in line , you shall not pass, 

Mr.Benja: can off the gray, that was a that whole scene was like a reverse holocaust kind of thing.

Yeah, he flipped in with the, with the train and, being forced into something. It wasn't like super pushed on, but. There are a lot of people that caught that online. They were like, Oh yeah, there's a whole, the trains and fighting back against the oppression. So I thought that scene played out great.

Theo Harvey: Yeah. And he was flashback to the holocaust, right? Part of his flashback memories was part of that time. And we definitely know why, making it was very super serious about everything. Even the jubilee episode, remember he was a little, she said didn't your parents, everyone buy you something for your birthday?

He said, my parents are dead by the time, do the Holocaust and everybody just went, Oh, forget I asked. Yeah, man. So that was memorable. And then of course, Gambit and Rogue doing their thing and Gambit, man, he, when he charged up that bike, I said, okay, he's progressing beyond.

Cards and he started to, use some other elements. So I thought that was interesting. And then, you saw Magneto trying to, protect more locks and you got leech sitting there. So I want to make a good point. So would. Would Magneto still have his powers, even if leeches there?

Cause this isn't leech power to take away your powers. 

Mr.Benja: There were versions of the comic where his mere presence would dampen mutants abilities, but I think at some point in some stories, he gained the ability to control when he dampens others powers. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. 

Mr.Benja: So I think it's a thing where he, if he consciously thinks about it, his power is suppressed.

I think that's what they're, I think that's what they're doing now. He has to consciously or unconsciously let go. 

Theo Harvey: And he's looking up at, what's Magneto, those big eyes of his just Hey, he says it's going to be okay. Then, Magneto says in German, he says, we're okay.

What'd he say? We're going to be safe now or something sad. And then I guess the force field collapsed and the impression is that they didn't make it. And I said, okay, this is getting deep. I said, okay, what are they doing here? What's going on here? So I started getting a little less, I feel a little something.

And then they had the big thing where, Remy was, on the attack and then Sentinel got them. Right in the side, man. And I thought poor Remy, he's going out, Remy went out like a G man. He charged up the Sentinel of all his might and gave him that last little bit of, remember, remember it. My name is Gambit. Remember it and blew that sucker 

Mr.Benja: up. I always thought they could turn, they could easily turn Gambit. They have certain characters that they could easily turn into like Omega level mutants or whatever. I always thought, 

Theo Harvey: Did you think that when he said Omega threat?

Of course they said, mag, when Ciel saw that mega theft, they saw Magneto. But I thought for a second they're gonna say gambit. Did you think that when they said that? I was wondering. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah. Yeah. And that was, and that's one of those things I think that writers throw in there, where it's still up in the air, Magneto showed up, but maybe they were actually referring to gam.

In his anger or whatever that power welling up. But yeah, really quick. Omega level is basically a class of mutants or superhero that can No, it's mutant class. I'm sorry. It's a classification that they can basically do serious damage to the earth. And that's why they're so seriously dangerous.

Storm, the ones they've mentioned in the show are basically storm and Magneto that they've classified as, Hey, their powers can just F up the entire earth at any given moment. Professor has to be one of those too, 

Theo Harvey:

Mr.Benja: guess not messing up the earth, messing up all the people on earth. I'm not sure he's officially class.

You had to 

Theo Harvey: get the power. If it got out of control could basically, I think, kill the earth. If they, got out of control almost got like level power set. And then also Iceman, that was the controversial one back in the day. Iceman was supposed to. Omega level threat. So but to your point, it's what are those things like, it's a writer's Ooh, I'm gonna make more if he's going to have, he's gonna be Omega level threat. Cause he could be anybody. It's calm down. Yeah. Writers man. Yeah, man. A couple other things too, man. We got cable shows up. And so when cable showed up though, what were your thoughts then when you saw cable say things like, Oh, not again.

We got to get the people out of here. And then, He starts his little time slip thing where he goes back in time. So did that kind of change your thoughts on this episode? The stakes of this episode a little bit? 

Mr.Benja: No, it just brought in thoughts of thoughts of apocalypse. All of the, Variations of stories with the techno organic virus.

What's that dude? Warlock who's basically a embodiment of that thing. It brought in ideas about X force and that whole thing. You remember? Yeah. You remember he put together and actually I forgot X force came in. Cable wanted to step in and was controlling things around the mansion for a little bit.

So with Jean Grey and Cyclops moving out, Cable could come in, bring some new characters in. There's a whole bunch of different angles they could take with it. And I think a lot of that was just good seating where it's.

Theo Harvey: Yep.

So definitely, I agree, man. It's like one of those things where Cyclops, Cyclops and Jean Grey are great characters, but it's really the genes are the best characters. They curate because they have cable and they have a date. Summer is supposed to be the ultimate telepath out there, right? And so that's basically.

If they Nate gray is basically if a cable didn't have the techno virus inside of them. So anyway we got cable show what that showed to me though, be honest with you, Mr. Bender was like, Oh, we got time travel now. Maybe these, all these stakes, people could die, they can come back.

So that's what that kind of hinted to me a little bit. 

Mr.Benja: If you want to get into theorization, people were talking about this episode so much. I kept seeing a heavy reliance on the color green. And I. I thought that Loki was going to make an appearance because I kept seeing all the green show up and, 

Theo Harvey: Oh, interesting.

Mr.Benja: I was like, wait a minute. There's something about this where I honestly thought Loki was going to show up in some form or fashion or hint. But we did get the watcher. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I know. That's what I was gonna say. Yeah. I did you see it? I didn't see it. I was watching I was trying to look through it. Maybe my screen was a clear enough.

I couldn't see What his head is like what the stars make out his head or something. Is it like you've been watching 

Mr.Benja: on the air? You didn't viewing on your Apple watch again. Yeah, this show is great. No no, I actually saw it after, they said they, I watched one of those things you might've missed videos and I missed a lot.

Theo Harvey: Yeah, he said he's coming, and not again, mom, so it was basically cable. Is all in a mix and time travel so he knows what shenanigans are happening But he didn't have enough time this time to save everybody. So we'll see The rumor is he's gonna come back and is that part of the spoiler that we want in some of the midseason trailer?

Do we see something else in the midseason trailer? 

Mr.Benja: Oh, we saw something different. So don't worry about that. 

Theo Harvey: Okay So say the way it's at the end 

Mr.Benja: Perfectly fine with me. I'm 

Theo Harvey: yeah, so yeah, so there's a lot of shenanigans that we can get into with this one So but I thought was really beautiful and be honest with you.

Mr. Benji got me man. I ain't gonna lie It got me when that rogue was sitting there finally he had died, Remy Gambit had died. She finally could touch him right for hands. And she said, I can't feel you. And it went black. And I was like, Oh man, this is emotional stuff, man.

The whole, it's just damn, I'm I got some feels here.

She said, I can't feel you. But she actually had her hands on him because he had died. She could finally touch him. And the whole thing about not touching each other and being together and all this stuff. And it was like, dang, good job, man. You made Gambit go out like a G, man, and that was amazing.

So yeah, I thought it was an amazing episode. When I saw it, I was just like, wow, that was way better than I expected, and bodes well, man, for the X Men in MCU, man. It's got people talking again, right? The mcu so kevin feige's guy's name on it. That must mean something 

Mr.Benja: Hey, man, they might have to may have to rehire your boy and bring him back.

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, man. And you know what? He's from florida. Mr. Benja. I think he's I don't think he went He said something in one of his posts that what's the writer's name? I gotta look him up real quick But he said something about being in tallahassee and he used to go to orlando pulse nightclub, you know So he's you know He's a Florida boy and he came in hard man on this X Men 97 and instead of, going to why he was fired, like a James Gunn situation.

He just talked about why he wrote this episode and he gave references to nine 11 and, and what it means to be different in a world. And it was like a great, I don't know if you, did you get a chance to read that? That the article he wrote on X about, why he wrote the show bowed the mail.

That's the writer's name. Did you get a chance to read that stuff online? 

Mr.Benja: I went through some of it. I didn't read like a whole article you just mean on Twitter, right? 

Theo Harvey: Yeah. Twitter X. Yeah. Twitter. Yeah. So he just wrote 

Mr.Benja: That was the incentive. It wasn't like a blog post or a long article.

Is it? 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, exactly. Okay. But he would just going into why he wrote it and, what it meant and all that kind of stuff. So pretty insightful. But yeah. Yeah, if you get a chance, go check it out. But yeah, man, he was a head writer and he, and they already have season two, I think written from him.

So I don't know. I think they're going to bring them back, man. Cause this is, like we talked about, you get attention. You got to ride with the attention, man. This guy, he's he seems to know what the, what people like about the X Men and he's bringing new insight and he's updating it at the same time.

So for instance, he's, he's switching things around a little bit. Cause I think the emotional fear happened with Emma Frost and Scott Summers. Not with Madeline Madeline Pryor, they're trying to, continue the storyline and he's doing well, man. So I don't know. He might do a James Gunn, Mr.

Benja. They might have to call him back. 

Mr.Benja: That'd be excellent, man. Liking this dude. Just went on his just went on his next page and he's got this saucy profile photo. I don't know if Disney just liked that or something. 

Theo Harvey: The rumor is he's got homie fans. Oh man.

So no comment. Don't, don't go searching out guys. But yes he's a saucy type of guy, man, but he's got talent. That's and he's got talent in his shows. So yeah. I'm super excited about this show, man. I, I'm feeling excited. And like I was talking to dr chris, I don't, yes, I'm watching a lot of stuff.

Like I'm watching fallout. We talked about invincible, but it's I can count on one hand usually once a year. I watch something that's just amazing. I have to talk about it. And so that's why I said, Mr. Bench, you gotta, we gotta talk about it, man. Cause I don't get that feeling often.

But when I do, man, I'm like, dude, we gotta talk about it. This is what we do, man. This is what excites us about genre storytelling. Cause it's stuff that, that we didn't see come in that just, we talked about it with blue eye Samurai, we talked about with Godzilla minus one, we talked about this show, we talked about and, or it's like a few.

But the the one the beef, the epi, that's not really part. Oh beef, yeah. Beef. Beef or the the bear. The Bear. This is the show. The bear. Yep. So it's like these shows, it's like when they pop out, Mr. Benja, that's, yes, I do feel like, man, I want to talk about, because they hitting the zeitgeist and there's a reason why, and it's and you always, and I always, I think there's something we can kinda unpack there potentially, what could be popular?

Yeah, and it could come from anywhere. Like you said, this is a show, this is a continuation of an old cartoon that ended in 1997 and here they're, and they're making it relevant to today. That's amazing. Or, and or telling you behind the scenes of what's really happening on the beginning of the rebel empire or rebel alliance.

And it's wow, who would have thought that? And or the bear talking about a backwater Chicago restaurant, so it's It don't matter what the idea is. If you can just make something that's excellent and this can permit the zeitgeist with so much crap out there to me, that's an excellent show.

Mr.Benja: So it doesn't matter. Just if you can get the attention and bring it to you, exactly. 

Theo Harvey: Exactly. So that's why I wanted to go into detail on that. So Mr. Benjamin, do we want to talk a little bit about so everybody go check out X Men 97. We'll probably check in again at the end of this season.

So Mr. Benj is watching it every week now. So you're in the bag now. 

Mr.Benja: Terrible. 

Theo Harvey: I got you. I got you. You had to reopen your subscription for Disney Plus. You're like, damn it, Theo. Yeah, I did. 

Mr.Benja: Real, real quick though. Do you want to hear about the two things that were in the trailer? Yeah, sure. Let's go real quick.

First thing is not terribly big. It hinted at asteroid M and we saw a lot of the characters from that whole asteroid M on in Genosha. So they're already there for Magneto to pick up and use if he wants to go, if they go ahead and go that route. So there's rumblings of that whole storyline happening, which could be cool.

Cause I really liked that story. And also they they were often the, in the snow looking around, like maybe some weapon X type of stuff and Captain America shield, Shows up 

Theo Harvey: what okay, so they're gonna yeah, it's together in preparation. Why not? We know this daredevil not daredevil, excuse me, a Deadpool movie that's coming out.

Obviously there's going to be a lot of cameos of X Men in here. So yes, so they're probably prepping the seeds for, and so that's also this writer's doing. He's probably was mandated by Feige put these seeds in here preparing it. Yeah. We're going to prepare, we're going to prepare everyone for, we're going to prepare everyone for Deadpool.

So yeah, super excited about that. I love it. 

Mr.Benja: All right. So we spent a good amount of time on that and that's a good thing. Not a bad thing. But cinema con happened and there's just some general information that we're going to fly through really quick. So what'd you get out of cinema con?

That's this news. I didn't look anything into it. I just have some highlights. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, obviously this is the, what the big blockbuster Hollywood studios, they come in and try to convince the cinema owners AMC regal, to say, Hey, this is why you want to get the movies and get excited about the movies coming out.

And as we all know, there's not a lot of movies now because of the strikes and everything. So this slate is going to be. Pretty terrible. So that's the whole thing is it's all these movies, but a lot of these movies ain't coming out to 2024, 2025. So it's one of those things that's okay, sure.

Let's get everybody excited. But one of the things I saw, obviously I heard rumors of was just the Deadpool rule boring. Everybody's happy about that. The Moana too, which we knew from a Disney we talked about it. Iger announced that they're gonna have a one or two cartoon.

They're going to do a live. Action Moana. So they're going all in a Moana and someone who had a little girl when it first came out in 2017. Mr. Benja. That's that. That movie is a banger, man. It's the songs. It was great is a good story. So I'm glad to go more into Moana verse. 

Mr.Benja: And Oh, gosh, they've got to have the rock, right?

Is that happening? Yeah, it's 

Theo Harvey: live action. Yep. Live action. Man, rock don't get money, man. We haven't talked about WWE in a minute, but I've been diving back in. Maybe we'll do an episode on that, but the rock is back, man. He's killing it at WWE man and wrestling again. So it's like the rock and he's on the board of the corporation that owns the WWE.

So he technically owns his name. Like we talked about. So it's like this dude keep winning. And he owns the U-S-F-F-U-S-F-L, which is a com combination of the XFL and the USFL that, disbanded. So he owns spring football. So anyway, this dude, he keep winning. I almost bought some, 

Mr.Benja: I almost bought some papai in the store.

something that shampoo sold to me by a man with no hair.

Theo Harvey: I Forgot what tequila line is he got that too. So yeah, the rock gonna keep running. So yeah, he gonna get that He the DC didn't work out. He tried though. He tried but he's gonna he gonna keep winning Let's see. Was anything else that this interesting ballerina the John wick spin off. We'll see how that does I think the TV show pushed everybody off a little bit from run at the John wick universe So hopefully ballerina kid.

Did you watch that all the continental? You remember that came out briefly? I 

Mr.Benja: That's what that was. I didn't even know that it was the job, the continental from John Wick. I was just like, whatever. 

Theo Harvey: He thought it was a breakfast. Oh, thank you. But Danish is out here.

Danish isn't coffee. Yes. It was, it's been off of of the the John Wick at, the universe, they're trying to expand it. Yeah. So we'll see what the ballerina does, but this time Keanu Reeves will show up for that one. Gladiator 2 are you hyped about a movie that came out, what, almost 25 years ago that they're gonna redo?

No flat area too.

It's got some heavy hitters. Denzel's going to be in it, so I'll, as the first one, he's not starring in it a while, so it must be, has something going good for it. Did you hear about this one? Transformers one. 

Mr.Benja: No, I missed that. One is a 

Theo Harvey: car is, animated show movie, kiss him was worth, it's going to be Optimus prime.

And I think Brian Henry, the guy from Atlanta, he's going to be a Megatron and basically it's going to be origin story, how they were friends. They were best buds. Became brutal enemies, you know back in Cybertron and how that how the Autobots and Decepticons came to be interesting premise I always wanted to know that story.

I don't know. I'm sure it's been written before I just never did the deep dive on the whole story of Autobots and Decepticons But supposed to be pretty good. So that's not coming out to 2025 

Mr.Benja: It's actually a good story. Go ahead. 

Theo Harvey: Oh, it is? Ok. Good good. See, I knew you knew it. I knew you knew it, Mr.

Benjamin. Ha! I knew you knew it. Obviously, Beetlejuice is gonna be a big one. We'll see. Jenny Ortega, so they're going for the new kids, like my kids love Jenny Ortega from And then, of course, Michael Keaton and Beetlejuice. We grew up on that, so it's going to be interesting. And Winona Ryder.

It's going to be interesting to see how that turns out. But last but not least, Joker. How do you say this in French, Mr. Benja? I'm not going to try. Let it do. But let it do. Part two. 

Mr.Benja: Yeah, 

Theo Harvey: it's coming out and this is going to be a musical. They got Lady Gaga. Are we excited for it? 

Mr.Benja: I don't like musicals.

The only one I rock with about three musicals and I won't list them here. We did that before in general. I don't like musicals, but I saw this trailer and it's different. I hit up Andy and was like, dude, we're on something. We're on some different stuff here. And he's I know he's a theater guy, by the way.

That's his thing theater. So I'm actually for it. And this could change my mind about musicals. 

Theo Harvey: Yeah, I hope it does man. And it's a good point. I mean they should have brought this around valentine's day because this is really a love story if it's harley quinn popping up here but and it's a musical it just screams valentine's day, but I digress mr.

Benja Well, man, we went through it, man. So once again, we went all in on X Men 97, super excited about all the things that are coming out for movies. So we get, keep you abreast, Mr. Benja. We're going to end here. So everyone, if you'd like this, please subscribe and comment do likes on. At show versus business on X, YouTube and Instagram.

Our Instagram is popping off. So go set, check out some of the means we put out there. Thanks to James, our reliable VA that's out there doing his hard work listen to us at Spotify, iTunes, or every listener podcast, visit us as website show versus business. Mr. Benja have a great one.