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The Future Of Web3 With Austin Hou Of Currents FM

March 03, 2022 Club Management Episode 53
Club Management
The Future Of Web3 With Austin Hou Of Currents FM
Show Notes

Crypto and the world of Web3 are slowly proving to be alternative forms for artists, content creators, and musicians to build meaningful communities and maintain ownership of their work without the hands of pesky gate-keeping platforms stealing a cut of their hard-earned profit.

Changemakers like Austin of Currents FM are leading the way in building a more equitable future for artists. Established in 2020, Austin launched Currents FM as a community space dedicated to music, creation, and curation. Currents FM pledge 100 percent of their support to artists and collectives. The community-based platform also threw the first decentralized music festival in 2020 with its Common series, an online festival in celebration of music art, and culture that connected members from all parts of the globe.

Now, with the power of Web3 slowly integrating into the art and music world, Currents FM plans to extend its community-based ethos to a platformless initiative called Recurrent Labs that will allow for "platformless income and platformless distribution" to flow throughout community members within its ecosystem.

In this episode, Austin talks about the genesis of Currents FM, breaks down the confusion behind Web3 and Crypto in addition to how he plans to utilize the emerging space for  Recurrent Labs.


3ASIC -Centrifugal Force

Alex Agore - Groovesick (3ASIC remix)

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